Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The BBC on God and disasters - again

The BBC on God and disasters - again

I've seen it before on BBC news site. After a calamity - in this case the earthquake in Haiti - they run a story like "how can God allow such things to happen". A bit of philosophy and a couple of churchpeople's quotes.
Why does God allow natural disasters?
I decided to add my comment - to see if in a nutshell I could put anything forth that might suggest a different way of seeing. But as the presumptions of self and world are already so unquestioned, I don't know that I can in fact say anything that can make any sense to those who haven't begun to awaken. But below is what I wrote.

Human interpretations of Creation, (God-being-all-that-is) have made up and believed a self and world experience that - at its root - expresses a separation from the intimacy that feels and knows and is the oneness of Creation.

The lens of this separate sense is so fundamental to human experience, that very few realize it is a deception - and fewer still awaken from it. However, to see the presence of love - and to be the presence of love - realigns our experience with unconflicted Truth.

Rather than mythologise God to fit human fancy - why not ask in the stillness of the heart - what is the truth here? - and be guided to act from a connected sense of the desire of your own heart revealed?

Love inspires miracles - or shifts into alignment with a Living Truth whose nature is evidenced here and now - not in another world.

So yes I am saying that what we call life, the world, our self can be seen in an entirely fresh Perspective. 'Adam's sin' was a sleep of judgement.

Nightmares can become a goad to waking - but so can a dream of a life without really sharing love.
Compassion is willingness to encompass - include - identify with the Spirit in your brother and the world we share.