Saturday, 19 December 2015

What about Meme?

In the Internet Era, It's Harder to Make Memes
By Anthony Wile

My response:
What are 'memes'? Self-replicating idea given belief?
Untruths serving hidden agenda that 'take' and become a basis or foundation of response and reaction - thus framing the narrative?
Are there 'positive memes that operate symbolic truths regardless they are not in a literal sense 'true'? In other words are there outer events or circumstances that trigger or activate deeper archetypes of an integrative consciousness?
Are the ideas that in effect are the currency definitions of our communication and agreement anything that can be gotten to capture or attract agreement and belief - or will idea that do not have support in a deeper inherent purpose of Life dissolve or fade and require bolstering or propping up with a coercive intent - whereas ideas that are aligned with true purpose need no force of will (force upon will) to make them 'true'.
The idea that truth is what we make it is the idea that might is right, though clearly each of our experience of Life - and our collective result of mutually reinforced definitions and agreements is what we make OF it. But 'it' is before us or prior to the meddlesome mind that can believe its own spin and thus spin off into painful and conflicting 'realities'.

The persona is a mask that operates different levels - one of which is to mask or hide from our self - or at least the self we fear to know. And the surface that projects away from self in hiding from and presenting to, others and the world.

Concepts of self and world operate a conforming, filtering and rejecting prism upon the Life that is both transcendent of concept and immanent as the original movement of being.

Rather than use insight to increase hate and blame of those who are found to be manipulative upon us, we may expand it to the recognize the core distortion in which we participate and propagate no less. That does not mean not to address lack of integrity - but rather to seek to do so from a shared integrity rather than a mirror reflection claiming righteousness.

The illusion of power can be withdrawn and disappears when its props and fa├žade is exposed. The power of illusion is of accepting and choosing ideas and perspectives in which the power of Life is consciously appreciated and extended or shared, and reflected in the culture that grows in alignment with it. True currency is not spun out of pretence presented as true. commented to the main article:

"Generally when it comes to statements by authorities these days, one can surely follow the old dictum, "trust but verify." Fortunately, the Internet lets us do so. We should use it for these purposes, among others."

Unfortunately, most people do not bother to make the effort.

Rather than 'trust but verify' I would say 'listen to but verify' - and my discernment is the final word in this wherever information comes from. There has always been a very strong movement to let others lead whenever it seems to suit us - and the hate them and assert a kind of leadership over them by invalidating and 'knowing better than they do'. These are two sides of a coin.

This can be put as playing the child-dependent and the adolescent-independent in such a way as to avoid the adult presence of communication of equals.

This can also be seen in the 'left' seeking to be protected and the 'right' seeking to be free of any constricting imposition.

People come to invest and believe their own spin - but they are not the mask they wear - and so whatever the mask 'does' is not the true communication of the true presence beneath it. learning to read what is beneath the surface is a different kind of listening than merely judging someone as unworthy or invalid - which then blocks further possibility of communication.

Human beings are fragmented consciousness where compartments operate in specific conditions and triggers according to the survival needs imprinted or conditioned in that one - or that group or organisation.

But survival in terms of fragmentation is the denial of communication in the assertion and protection of a partial truth or falsehood.

If the USA openly admitted its involvement and propagation of destabilizing influence in the Middle East - or anywhere else for that matter - it would see itself very seriously breached and weakened in its ability to persist in influencing outcomes favourable to its most powerful lobbies. The nearest you get is an admission that mistakes were made or sins of omission.

What is said in public is different from what may be said in private is different from what may be thought in private is different from who you are.

Living an example of congruity speaks not just in surface terms but as a tangible presence. Then the words of such a one hold more power than spin because they are not persuasive or coercive - but communicative and informative. I am not saying one's presence is a better way of manipulating outcomes - but that manipulated outcomes are dishonest.

The Internet may become much more polluted with disinfo, Subverted to all kinds of polarized bias, and such a means of surveillance and punishment - as to have lost its honeymoon period. Therefore to cultivate discernment - which is the natural result of self-honesty, is the primary sanity in a flood of lies and half truths primed with fear and guilt agenda. This does not set in identity politics - but stays open to what is being communicated beneath the distortions and to 'read between the lines'.

I wonder if 'most people' have the wherewithal to operate outside the spell that they are under. One can only reach those who are open enough to be stirred from such a mesmerism. To 'most people' anything you say will be taken in different meaning to your intent and used as ammunition against you. Free willingness is there to awaken - but an imposition upon the will has almost smothered it.

Communication and Humanity

This from the Media Lens Forum
Guardian "Comment is Free" censorship
on the issue of comment allowed or disallowed in Guardian and other sites.

I feel that the lack of opportunity to comment in any 'news' site that has commenting is a clear indication of disallowing either open public comment or to give room for issues to be raised and voices to be heard.
Denying voice is not usually considered censorship when there is a broad support for it - ie: denying a platform to the far Right. (Denying voice to any perceived threat to dominant reality paradigm)
Some subjects - such as Israel and anything associated with Jewish power agenda are considered out of bounds - and that is not helped by rabid hate messages - real or manufactured - that arise within any arena of denial. For it goes with the territory. Anti- Semitism is a necessary device to make 'terrorists (haters) of
Whenever coercive assertions of narrative deny other voices, blame and hatred arise.

I would love to see (and so I seed) a culture for humanity grow that honoured communication and practised expressing their perspective and arriving at outcomes without resorting to the dark arts as exemplified by Shopenhauer's "28 ways to win an argument" - which was originally titled otherwise and compiled to educate and pre arm towards recognizing when tricks are being employed and so not take their bait. However, I feel that a love of truth and a willingness for self-honesty opens a discernment that is native to us - but which has been covered over and distorted by the confusions of identifying in persona, and that is to be able to feel when someone is coming from an unloving disintegrity - and I use the word unloving to include all hateful forms of apparently rational or apparently communicating device.

Reclaiming language FOR communication - releases the use of it for war. It may seem that one surely has to fight for truth - but I feel that a poor choice of words; one stands or abides in truth or at least in willingness for truth.

I have found that anything arising from a truly shared communication will be an honourable outcome and that the only way that this can occur in is through a true presence extended. Not some perfect blameless faultless 'presence' but an honest sense of where we are at right now and a willingness to receive new information and perspective, whilst not withholding our own. Blame culture actively suppresses any healing potential.

Whenever I see true willingness embodied I am inspired - and so Corbyn inspires me by his unwillingness to sacrifice his presence to presentation - and is therefore embodying Humanity rather than a PR puppet. So I have more trust in him engaging in a genuine debate than those who learn to play the doublespeak of appealing to some narrative while operating hidden agenda - regardless whether they are covering their arse, lining their pocket or in cahoots with soul-less agenda that holds humanity in contempt.

Anyone who embraces communication in the way I suggest will find it transformative. At least that is my witness. I believe that when our minds are allowed to be blind to hate agenda disguised in self-supporting narrative - we become a part of and supportive of hate agenda at large. Much of this is very subtly disguised.

I can and do attempt to write in ways that link the consciousness within to the reflections of our world without. Power seekers have great insight into our guilt fear and shame triggers - but they cannot use this to free themselves and others because they are unwilling to look within and challenge the 'narrative' script of conditionings that considers that weakness or opening to threat of exposure by which power is lost.

Quality forum communications have willingness to share rather than predisposition to pre-emptive attack. Just as fake financial trickery is being exposed as less than worthless (costing the worth), so the currency of fake communication can be brought to light - without inciting hate and blame.

Our Humanity is at stake if we do not reclaim and extend its witness. While anonymous Guardian Staff posting may be a siege mentality amidst an increasing sense of hostility from those who don't conform to the tacit narratives that they are in effect complying with, we can all notice that self-protective urge to avoid exposure to an expected hateful rejection within ourselves. That is a point worthy of more awareness and discernment - for to go forth in a un-owned hate - will assuredly be picked up on and reflected - identified with and suffered.

No problems with having hateful feelings - apart from of course that they are intolerable - for it is the directing and acting out of such hate onto the Living that doesn't allow greater insight into our part within the trigger that the outer situation activates. I hate THAT hate operates so invisibly and unchallenged in the name of love (protection) or respectability - but most of all and firstly I hate it when I let such deceits rob me of my Life - of my tangibly felt presence in living the day at hand. I hate what seems evil in me - and so much so that it is censored from my surface awareness by being denied, pushed down or away in projection upon the world of others. I don't want to give that much power to evil in me - and so it has to be censored from operating as my own thoughts. Mindfulness can feel the difference and the more such responsibility is acted upon - the more presence is regained from conditioned reaction.

Whilst the narrative of rational power over Life has been of a 'rising' to the apex of evolution, consciousness in its true sense has been robbed from within. Not least by the corruption of the role of guardianship to prison guard.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Feeling our way of Health

Heard of the Glycemic Index? Forget About It!
Kelly Brogan, M.D.
Kelly Brogan is a bold voice for integrative approaches to health. The ariticle above is a call to get in touch directly with our body and our true feelings and not to give all power away to external charts and models of how anything is supposed to be.

My comment:
Human consciousness has become negatively conditioned and defined. Instead of a feeling presence of discernment and natural spontaneous response, we are (generally) fear averse and database driven - that is - we filter everything through a database of meanings derived from past interpretive experience. Some of this is near the surface and we can catch it in act and notice that we have such conditioning - and so we can re-evaluate it and make it part of truly conscious acceptance or find it doesn't belong in us or make any sense for us and drop it for what does. Other core definitions and beliefs are much deeper and we don't know that they are there - and yet they effectively generate our template through which we experience and interpret Life, the world, ourselves and others.
If some of the covering core guilt and fear issues can be cleared, then there is a greater capacity to trust and challenge fear-based definitions or apparently negative meanings or outcomes.
The idea of being able to simply tune in and know what you need to know when you need to know it, includes what you need to know synchronously coming through a book or a web page or a relationship or any kind of inner or outer agency of unfolding - perhaps via generated health crisis.
Getting our basic health so as to be free of pain and conflict enough to more clearly live from a sense of wholeness of being, allows a blending of intellect and intuition - as suits are particular needs according to our makeup, the themes we are exploring in this lifetime and the choices we are aligning with as our self.
Living FROM Life is totally different from struggling to avoid pain, sickness and death - which comes naturally without struggle when we are connected or integrated. The liability of 'seeking health' is the tacit reinforcement of sickness or lack that the act of seeking will reinforce - IF coming from a fear place rather than a freedom place - even if there are fears that come up as part of the clearing out of old patterns that do not truly serve or resonate with who you know yourself to be.
Dr Brogan is making a good point in not using health-seeking as just another way of NOT really being the true presence of You. I might add that what is so simple to write and too simple for our conflicted and convoluted minds - is neither easy, pleasant or desirable to those who just want to force Life to fit their demands and conditions as to how their Life to be and just make consequence go away or hide so they can persist in being out-of-true and seem to get away with it - for as long as they can. Self-honesty reconnects us with intuitive discernment - and in the ever fragmenting informational - and disinformational  complexity of Life - we NEED discernment. Practice makes perfect... or one grows an ability be using it. Healing the split of head and heart is the core unity of our true individuality. We are not just a body - and our conscious love and embrace of the body is more honouring than making it a slave to a disembodied wilfulness.

Beyond Question and Answer

4 Compelling Reasons Why the Only Answer is to Question

You get where you are coming from.
The ego's questions are always 'proving' or restating and reinforcing the ego-identity.
The heart's questions contain the answer they seek.
Bringing our mind to the heart is noticing that our questions can be refined and purified to truly speak for the heart instead of usurping and denying true desire for a busy surface identity.
A true question is a desire for answer and a willingness to open to receive it.
An actual listening or receptivity is involved.
A relationship is opened.
The true nature of answer is always beyond form even though the form may be a key part of its outer practical benefit.
The true answer might be felt as 'You are never alone' - and the forms that love takes can be infinitely reflective in uniquely experienced specificity.
Human concept tends to give all meaning to - and grasp at - the form, as if to possess and use the answer for himself/herself - but that is no longer the purity of the Gift - and so the connection  or presence is 'lost' to a mind that struggles...

Leaving the Pharm

Pharmaceutical Marketing Supported by Deceitful Clinical Research

When Big Money works a power agenda of regulatory and institutional capture, it becomes a network of key influence, not only to establish a protected ongoing revenue stream, but to shape the way we think. The conditioning we receive as our 'education', like the conditioning we receive from our mass media, is a skewed distortion.
It is said that the 'devil' is subtle, howbeit we are deceived, and a modern way of putting this is that hidden fear and guilt play a key role in setting up a surface diversionary persona, which is a manipulative attempt to deny and control Life. Being out of true with our Self - our Life - is a dissonance that feeds sickness on various levels, In significant way the manually allopathic interventions operate the persisting idea of power over Life - as if from a mentality outside and superior. Indeed the presumption is of a marketplace of the power to enable us to manage, persist and prevail over the feedback of due consequence that is not recognised as part of the whole - but as 'evil' or 'enemy' to eradicate.
'War on Life' is an absurd and self-defeating notion, yet fear and guilt - and corresponding rage and shame become exactly this.
Not only is it insane it is defending such insanity AS if it is Self or Life - and usurps the protection due to Life for its own parasitic influence. It really is within our thinking and feeling as a result of deeply conditioned beliefs by which we define who we are in relation and reaction to any and everything.
The problem is significantly that we do not recognize the problem - for it presents itself in ways that allow no healing - only ongoing management or struggle and loss.
Loss is deprivation, and this becomes a sense of disconnection from Life. Restoring a direct and tangible communion or connection within Life is key. This is not a conceptual matter. But what we conceive in our heart we give birth to at some level and if our heart is denied in favour of loveless strategies of the victim/victimizer dynamic, then that is what we 'unconsciously' conceive and give embodiment to.
Science or any other human endeavour, is only as trustworthy as the integrity of those who use it. The idea that systems or mechanism can be set up to relieve us of the responsibility for conscious attention is by definition subconscious conditioning (learning).  But to be usurped by hidden agenda of manipulations that work through such conditioning is deceit. Housecleaning is in order. If it truly doesn't belong to you - (align with the truth of who you feel and know yourself to be) - stop carrying it around or using it. Make room for a wholeness of purpose of a reintegrated being. This is a complete shift of perspective. Health is re-awakening to Felt Perspective from a distorted and denied version of existence.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Science and Experiential Consciousness

A Brain On LSD Looks Like A Psychotic Brain, Says New Study

A brain on LSD looks a lot like a psychotic brain. Earhart-Harris says that these images of a brain on LSD look a lot like a brain right before a psychotic episode. In both cases, neurons that used to work together start firing out of sync, and neurons that normally wouldn't work together suddenly do.

A brain on LSD is self-absorbed. The scans showed that the electrical activity of the brain slowed down substantially, mimicking the sorts of wave patterns doctors see during visual hallucinations. This led the team to believe that a brain on LSD is "tethered more to the internal than to the external world."

I love that phrase 'internal world'. Whatever the 'external world' is, any capacity to participate 'IN' it - in character, as it were - is dependent on a range of events of aligned purpose.
Is 'inner world' a direct experiential communication of such purpose? - but mis-perceived when experienced and conformed to the framework of artificial outer-world 'unity'.
LSD can open experiential perspectives preverbally of many aspects of multidemensional Cosmology - which is why the stories of tech innovators using it (including micro dosing) to open insight that can contribute to the frontier of rapidly innovating evolution of tech.
However, there are other similar and more natural substances including DMT which is secreted in the pineal gland - is it not - as a matter of course?
The realm of Consciousness is of course the realm of inherited psychic and emotional CHAOS - that a large part of the surface mind (external reality) seeks to LIMIT and CONTROL. Indeed there are suggestions that the brain is a Limitation device - although that also allows a very particular focus within Everything At ONCE!
But accountable controllable reproducible conceptual theory maps and models are already setting a range of parameters that filter and distort what can be 'found'.
Coming back to the idea of purpose, the 'what for' - as far as science is concerned is simply persistence (survive and procreate). Coupled with the sanctioned purpose of prevailing to procreate and persist - we have the exact basis for the psychopathic financial and corporate globalism that scientists probably are not perhaps aware of - being somewhat focussed in their (scientific) tools or specialities.

I'm not averse to ANY discipline serving a true Humanity - (which I regard as inherently purposeful) but the accretions of scientism around true scientific curiosity and endeavour has accumulated a particular ignorance and arrogance. Perhaps some exposure to experiential and somewhat chaotic 'reality' is missing in modern scientific careers?

PS - because of the imprint of terror, guilt, fear and shame that is pre-loaded as part of the human template - in various ways and degrees in various individuals. The 'regression' or exposure to the primitive or infancy states of consciousness is EXACTLY where the trigger for psychosis activates, and psychosis is one of many strategic reactions to the trigger state. A key insight being that the attempt to CONTROL reflects immediately as a CHAOS that then escalates and reinforces the need and justification FOR control. This 'control mentality' then becomes the protector of the 'war against terror'. If perspective is not regained the mind splits or fragments - and attempts to unify the sense of personal control grows the capacity to operate as 'a cohesive unit' out of many conflicting purposes or 'realities'. All of this is already reflected and study able as our world - but is not connected with inner 'reality' - while the non-physical or non local is discarded, rejected and filtered out - because its acknowledgement implicitly illuminates arenas of dependence that the control mentality finds insulting or a trigger to rage and a desire to manually replace it with its OWN systems.

Signal and noise - and a strange gait

Report of discovery of large object in far outer edges of solar system incites skeptical reactions

I read quite a few comments (to this article) and offer another criteria for discerning signal from noise. Whenever a poster resorts to attempts to invalidate or attack or denigrate others - there is an unwillingness or incapacity to actually communicate.

There is (always) more than 'factual data', there is the interpretation of that data - which is never without agenda. Self-honesty seeks to an openness without merely conforming to pre-existing known or hidden bias. But human beings are not given to self-honesty when they have investment of identity, status, and security at stake. And so the competing of asserted 'realities, models or paradigms' operates like any war, in a world predicated on war - because self-honesty is met with ridicule, demonisation and denial.

The undercurrent emotional conditionings that rule the mind of those who must be perceived to be in conformance to be credible, respectable or acceptable operates a kind of scientism that is presenting itself as a form of coercive agenda

Experts discover new gait pattern among top Russian officials
(researchers study video of top Russians and find 'gunslinger gait').

A kind of cloning is readily observable in terms of acquired traits, for the forms or behaviours of influence propagate by induction.
If there is felt to be an advantage - then certain forms are adopted as part of one's persona - which is a kind of meta-communication - through which identity can be masked and allegiances can be indicated.
If there are enough videos going back, the researcher might discover if Putin is a primary seeder as one might expect. When Hilary re-emerged after losing to Obama as part of his team - her diction had become a clone of his.
In fact once you tune in to this - it all shifts to reveal a masquerade

Monday, 14 December 2015

Ism Isn't a True God but Idol-ogy

Socialism, the God that Failed – And What's Coming Next

The above links to political comment on the 'death of socialism' in terms of its original inception or inspiration at least. For versions of it are becoming hardwired by technocracy via financial and corporate leverage.

Gore Vidal, the recently demised American writer, once famously quipped that the US economic system is "free enterprise for the poor and socialism for the rich".

I find isms to be rationalized attempts to map or formulate and then control or apply accordingly - and as such they are all 'dead' whereas the actuality of relational event or communication is alive. The sacrifice of individuality for presumed or assumed collective good is itself a further development or expression of the sacrifice of true nature for the identity of compliance and conformity. This mask or persona is part of being able to survive and operate within physical existence - but within the core template are imprints of guilt and fear that effectively deny and cover over the core being - and make perceptual multilayered distortion or 'mind' as an interloper to relationship and communication.

All such conditioning manifests in and as our lives, our relationships and world in repeating recognizable patterns, now generally accepted as 'the human condition'. Most thinking operates within the dictates of such conditioning, but insights and illuminations are bleedthroughs or openings of the mind to a greater perspective. Some come to question their surface reality and uncover the conditioning, so as to be free of it - but many seek to use it to gain personal advantage over those still unaware - because they themselves are under illusion of being free of it while it is running the script of their supposed conceptual and perceptual superiority in the terms it sets.

Collectivism (of any brand) is one expression of the identification within conceptual identity that denies Individual free willing - because free willing is always truly relational. Individualism as an ism or identity is a conceptual framework to which relational being - our Feeling Awareness - is subjugated and subjected to denial thereby. Not that conceptual models, maps or frameworks cant play a role where they are fitting - but the contextual agreement to use them is a relational outcome of communication in the largest sense, not a coercive trick or pressure of force.

The elitism is the idea that only the elect - the chosen - or indeed those who have chosen, are fit or worthy and the unworthiness of all else is required. Being inherently self-seeking and hierarchical, it does not integrate EXCEPTING in common antipathy to anything that threatens its 'free will' - as interpreted in terms of defending NON-relationality or a state of seeming separate independence.

Identifying power elites as unfair spoilers of the game for anyone else is still within the strategy of coercing outcomes rather than arriving at outcomes through relational willingness. Trouble begins at home and trouble abroad is a ruse to divert attention from disclosure of a kind that

would result in transformation - free willingly - in the truth of an open perspective. To the gamer - this is pulling the plug on play and so all players of every variation will play to prevent or delay this occurring - even choose death rather than let this occur.

The only way free of addiction is to restore perspective experience of wholeness and dare to find out what the outcome is of such a willingness. It is said that there is no communication with an addict until and unless they bottom out - because whatever they say or seem to agree is able to be triggered and replaced by the subconsciously operating  persona - that cannot be rationalized away or communicated with excepting by living a new and consistent pattern of actions from the trigger places.

A deep and pervasive cultural distrust of our Life, our nature, of receptivity, and the Feminine Principle of Feeling awareness is part of the self-castrated male aspect seeking to regain and assert a sense of lost potency by separating off from and imposing blame on Life - and making war on it as if there could be a winner!

There is no way to wrap or map Life in concept and make love or be love with it. It remains a private fantasy in which to worship a kind of death as victorious while presuming to rise above the abandoned gross and weak unworthiness of Life. But all that does is store up 'treasures' in hell. For what is rejected and denied is forever part of You and only your relational balance with all of who and what you wholly are will make a heaven of it. Investment in judgement is investment in Face and if everything is focussed in your Face book then you've forgotten Who you are until you lose face. However disillusionment is just another illusion of face unless truly opening from self regard to a true relational responsibility. If you are not vigilant to establish and maintain a presence of awareness then the mind will spin you into old patterns of reaction and you will not even know it - or will struggle in conflicted mind as if you are as it's thought narrative frames you to be.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Proof is in the Pudding

After watching a movie about Gore Vidal's life I dropped into a youtube discussion on  God and stuff and then enjoyed making a few comments.

- - -
# 1 Main comment:

Our self-definition is our usually unconscious core beliefs as to what and who and where we are in relation to any and everything - for so do we perceive and experience ourself to be.
The 'add-on' beliefs are part of the identification within the persona that is a construct of such beliefs, feeling, thoughts and their acting out.
If one truly believes something then it is not coercively initiated but freely accepted and lived.
Reducing everything to forms or concepts - as if then to discuss toward an outcome of any clarity is backwards. For the Living Context is the relationship arising from a shared purpose or desire. Without such relationship, communication is rendered into weaponry of competing assertive identity.
Thus a world in which war of destruction, misery and loss of all kinds is perpetrated in the name of God or Love or Freedom - or any other 'Divine' or innate quality to a balanced and unconflicted movement of being. Only such qualities can be Wholly embraced - yet the idol or image or concept of them is accepted instead OR ELSE!
Gore Vidal is correct in discerning that a god of coercion is unworthy of our capacity to know true and free will.
However, Babel is much more than a fragmentation of tongues - it is where even the parts of the mind cannot communicate or serve common purpose - for the simple act of using its capacity against its true, innate or 'Divine' function.
Not that we are 'punished' for such act - but that such act is self-limiting, self-sacrificing and self-punishing WHILE the act is persisted in. Of course the mind in a posture of independence and opposition is already a story and from such seeds come endless dram to account for and justify the original premise - of being somehow outside and apart from the Whole, as the power of a different Cause and wielding different effects that testify a hidden powerlessness seeking power and validation for ITSELF apart and alone. This is the tragicomedy of our Personae as well as the Great Game that can be played in almost infinite variations excepting that core elements of drama are integrally woven with evil of threat or loss that then gives a different meaning to the pre-condition, and thus a movement to overcome or escape the threat or adversity. To be exclusively identified in character may seem very fulfilling as the peak experience to the fragment that identifies in winning - but the provision of such is an increasingly denied and abandoned supporting cast of 'otherness'. Hence the awakening drama of the Prodigal Son - of the recognition of wretched self-illusion and its wasteland of spiritual poverty - from which the impulse, memory or prompting grace of one's integral or 'Divine' Inheritance, inspires a purpose that meets a truly shared response of Life - rather than crony and phoney alliances of the tacit attempt to use others lovelessly.
Whatever anyone thinks they believe - what they do and be manifestly present as - tells the true of it. The identity in persona or mask is not our true Cause or Being - but while we are in the physical experience it either serves purpose or fragments in an imagination of self-specialness - by which a filtered and distorted 'version' of the Whole reflects a partiality associated with sin and thus denied or hidden.
In a sense it does not matter what your personal way of re-integrating is so much as the experiential and relational event of giving and receiving a true Humanity. I articulate here because I have joy in the invitation to Feel from a deeper Perspective - not to assert 'my' truth or 'the' truth. But we can all recognize what is truly resonating with our current sense of who we truly feel and know ourself to be - and often we do so after recognizing what we are NOT. IE Not accepting of a coercive, victimizing, or mechanically loveless existence. That such a pattern is so pervasive in our world suggests that we are as individuals, accepting and believing and serving such a purpose - or we would see and share a different world - and of course there are examples where we do - but many deceits that play on the conformity of appearances of love and respectability - particularly in defence against a sense of being reviled, rejected or ridiculed - or indeed even more extreme forms of hateful outcome.
To religionists Gore Vidal may seem the ungodly - and therefore less 'moral', but appearances can and often are deceptive. True moral integrity is quite unselfconscious and calls no attention to itself - indeed it claims no self specialness - not asserts false modesty - being thoughtlessly embracing of the true Qualities of the moment at hand.

- - - #2

Ollie Phelan commented generally:

But Religions should be criticised , especially if they claim to know the truth . When a scientist does an experiment , he repeats it about 100 times to see if hes made an error . Then when hes satisfied he sends the results to another HUNDRED labs to replicate the same experiment and look for faults . In the end , the experiment has been tested , scrutinised , criticised , and dissected for mistakes a thousand times . THEN ......its published for every other scientist and peer to read and criticise . Religion says " NO , no testing our ideas "

To Ollie Phelan and all:

There are all sorts of signs that many such sci-truths are not as reproducible as presumed - along with corruptions of the peer review system and indeed institutional corruptions of The Establishment (sic).
But I get the gist of your point and it has a good point - because if one is a lover of truth then one need never fear critical debate. However, you are aware, (I presume), that language can and generally is used to assert 'narratives' or interpreted 'truths' so as to undermine, invalidate or discredit the rivals - by fair means or foul.
Insofar as The Individual relationship within a spiritually unfolding Life was subverted and corrupted to social control of State Religion - then that is a wielding of power over Individuals in the disguise of serving a Group Identity to which the Individual is sacrificed and conformed.
But the innate Religious or Spiritual Sense is an Intimacy of Life that no man can IN FACT usurp or break asunder - but only deceit of guilt and fear can rob one's true Inheritance OF.
Whereas up to a point one can test the grosser aspects of the 'material world' with scientific method - when it comes to uncovering and illuminating truth within our own Consciousness OF event, relation or inner qualities of experience, the only guide is the love of truth. We do test out our ideas and beliefs - for that gives us the life we fruit as their result. But I only need look to the qualities that you extend to discern 'where' you are coming from. If you demonstrate an honouring willingness to communicate - I don't need to know the particulars of the belief system that serves your freedom and desire to do so.
So Vidal tested the idea of a coercive victimizing 'god' and an inner honesty found it did not match his sense of anything worshipful. Basically the idea that the evil within us must be burned out or nuked is the dominant idea in the world today. And science is largely on board with supplying the technology to 'serve humanity' - but scrape away the sugar coating and the same old god is sacrificing the Way, the Truth and the Life as it has since the original imprint that we are still conformed and conditioned to reenact. It subverts the teaching of Jesus into such a sacrifice - but that is still stuffing New Wine into old paradigm!

- - -#3
Pedro de Almeida said in general commenting:
God and religion are two different things for sure. Religion is humans tricking humans and God is Humans fooling themselves. Religions can be disproven and God does not exist (until proof otherwise =P)

To Pedro de Almeida - and generally commenting:

And the idea ''Humans' is God fooling Him/Her Self.
Existence cannot be proven excepting anything and Everything (physical or non physical) - without exception - embodies such quality of being regardless any other meaning ascribed to it.
Hence one of the 'Names' of the Source or Cause and Totality of All That Is is... I Am That I Am.
So while it may be true to say God does not exist at the level of things or objects separate from the Subject - its simply true that one cannot say anything about G-d at all - or one inherently makes an image or form of G-d and participates in the insanity of self-concept at war with its own true Nature. Such a painful, threatening and corrupted or evil sense of self as then reflects is the basis for the Heavy Denial of Consciousness and the Deep Compression into a seemingly separate and temporarily ignorant escape from deep inner conflict.
What is it that drives people? It CAN be a joyous spontaneity of clear purpose - but in almost total now it is the engine of fear and guilt, blame and shame, anger and aversion to pain. THAT is the 'religion' I see the world sucking on and conforming to - regardless the surface differentiations of 'identity politicking'.
But I don't have to use the word or symbol G-d to point to what I mean by it. I can test and challenge the false religion (template) and drive out the moneylenders (that which has no true belonging in the Temple), to make a receptivity through which Life - beyond name and form - can prove itself - or rather Fruit Itself as my own shared contribution.
Anything can mean anything if one is not honestly grounded in one's own Life - hence it does in a crazy world that thinks its thinking is genuine currency. Hollow forms and empty ritual are the mark of attempt to cover or escape a loss of love. The more people act as if loveless is natural, the more they sacrifice their core Innocence of being to prop up an illusion of power.
One cant get a meaningful answer from a meaningless question. Knowing what to ask is probably the hard bit - because deceits frame everything in such a way as to deny any real choice or ability to question.