Monday, 15 February 2010

The compatibility of Science and Religion

On the compatibility of Science and Religion

This was posted as comment to the following article in the Guardian:

Are science and atheism compatible?

The predicate 'thinker' that Descartes equated with being is the fantasy mischief maker here.
Whatever Truth is, is as it is.
This regardless of how our mind apprehends, maps or interprets. Man in soul-less would-be control, seeking to validate his own judgements as the effective determination of reality, is delusional. Why?
He becomes possessed by his own thought so as to deny the unified consciousness of being. His heart is set on his own thought and image.
There is a fundamental ignorance in human reality that is not entirely unwilful - though it is effectively held unconscious. Such mechanism of mind can be observed in action to discover a common mentality to almost all human experience that could be called the human conditioning. It can be described in either psychological or mythical symbolic terms.

Archaic religion has externalities which are easily identified as being in common with any other societal grouping. But it also holds aspects of a relationship with(in) reality that is forever hidden from the mind that separates from life in order to control it for private ends.
Regardless of the ingenuity and magnificent achievements of man, the underlying issues that are not addressed within his mind continue to reflect as an experience of meaninglessness, suffering and conflictedness.
There is ALWAYS opportunity for renewal in Spirit and there is Always opportunity for the expression or sharing of a greater love as acts or kindness, service and creative endeavour of all kinds - regardless of belief. Unless of course one is determined to believe a knowing fiction because YOU want it thus.
The mind that 'gets off' on controversy is attracted to the juice of conflict and has - as yet - little desire for truth - whether in the realm of the manifest or in the realm of non-local 'Life, Mind or Being' that is always the Presence and Condition That lives all things.