Saturday, 6 June 2020

Expanding from a 'Prison Planet'


If you can expand this a non-physical aspect that takes symbolic forms and representations with a physicalised model of a Greater Reality - then you escape the 'prison planet' notion.

In another comment here I referenced the hind brain - also known as the reptilian brain. This has direct access to survival needs and in a sense 'super powers' because it can operate without self-doubt. But you don't need me to tell you it is primitive, blind and predatory in and of itself.

I see that there is already a lockdown and masking of off a split-off bubble of self-isolation into the 'physical' existence - (as represented in the idea of the Fall, or The Separation). As an introduction of self-doubt and self attack this generates a self-alienation - FROM which our true or greater nature is perceived as threat to our bubble reality - excepting as we can generate mythic structure of gods, laws, and powers, under which we both lockstep tribal identity and fragment into warring factions.

The reptilian mind is not in and of itself demonic - but serves at the base to hold for physical survival or continuity of self. Our identification with the physical as a distancing and protection for privacy set against feared exposure is also a lock-in to a weakness, sickness, ageing and death, and thus to a hatred of the body and world for failing to live up to our fantasies or creativity split off from the power of love - which is power of one in all - and recognised by synchronicity rather than contractual agreements. As being rather than as a product of doing or commodity of getting.

An alien will, is generated from the 'othering' or denial of LIfe.
This is different from recognising and living the richness of differentiation and diversity WITHIN life and operates as the mind of judgment - set AS IF apart from and OVER what it has judged. In this is both the false LORDING IT OVER of control mind set over fear us SUBJECTION under terror.
Welcome to the mind-framing or matrix of the 'Separation' which is very real in its effects upon the mind of its allegiance but cannot in truth have occurred.
The pattern of this is shown in the way we are defined, trapped or limited by reaction or by our defences - rather than by the actuality.
The belief in threat operates AS the threat unless challenged by a willingness to discern what is truly present. Acquired and inherited belief-defences operate a 'prison planet' set in isolation from its embracing Field of Sustenance and Support. Such is the investment in fear, that no or little awareness is free to notice anything - let alone a freedom to choose NOT to give allegiance to persisting in its identification as your own.


The body makes its own DMT every night. So do you mean that the idea of taking it in waking state may be a deceit? Search your own heart. The truly harmless are not setting out defences of fear by which to attract shadows.
Manually overriding our life is perhaps the original psyop.
Expanding or opening to a true embrace in life to recognise a basis from which to align in freedom and trust - and return to in simple willingness when recognising a false path has been running in your name.


Corporate entity is legally defined in terms that make it a social evil.

Who is the 'we' that has a democracy? (UK?)

Insofar as we have access to laws that are upheld, we may use them to limit and expose lawlessness operating ilegally - including through the corruptions of the law.

But democracy as the captured and controlled mindshare of corporate intent is a fear driven ad captured mob.

Democratic can mean shared to all or extended to all - or participated in by all. Private agenda masks itself AS IF for the good of all, so as to protect from a truly democratic transparency and accountability.

So I am talking of working principles - not idols.

I welcome your further illumination of our means to control the controlling class - does it address the mindset of self-specialness in private or bubble self-interest in everyone?


I see the downvotes and while I don’t do ups and downs I feel to join with your warning against being hypnotised.
If ‘we’ want to stop giving power to Gates and co, start by NEVER propagating their messaging as free PR – and this operates most readily in many in the ‘WARNING’ that we have to tell everyone – which in fact operates as conditioning the expectation as a passive sense of its already a done deal.

Corporates are driven to prioritise and maximise profits.
Business in its true form is our livelihood. Life is mutual exchange by nature regardless we made derivative currencies of representation (money).

Governance is largely lost to corruption and capture of its regulatory function by an overwhelming disparity of financial leverage from the corporate and financial sector. Self-governance needs to be included as part of the whole idea of governance. Because it IS part of it.

You put a similar meaning to what I hold succinctly in stark terms. (I only qualified the gist of what I felt in yours).

IE: I also see the law as protection against frauds and deceits – that may and often do, of course also result in killing people. IE: Marketing as ‘safe and effective’ when demonstrably not.

We, They, You, He, - does not speak for me!

Well you shot at the wrong target there Carey, I said we EACH make of it what we will. Your response absolutely proves the point I made - which is a truism - BUT may invite or prompt curiosity as to WHY we make of it what we do - or WHAT FOR - ie what do we (believe we) get out of it.
Pronouns can be tricky, 'one' can seem removed - even if One in All is the nature of Existence. 'You' can seem to be TELLING another from some point of presumed authority. 'I' can seem self-obsessed and irrelevant. 'They' invites a 'we' by inference. We can share in a propensity or potential but can also - as you are rightly vigilant against - presume to speak for others.
'He and she' only apply to gender assigned nouns - without current gender deconstructions or inventions coming into play.

I recall when we first started using your argument in group communications it had power - because a generalising and co-opting delivery was being used as a masking in which to both hide agenda and hide from open communication.
I have no desire for either of those and so I am fully willing to engage with you on any point of any issue I raise.

Once a legitimate response to vague or wooly rationalisations seeking approval has been mapped into the mind of subconscious reactions, your kind of response becomes a de-facto spanner in the works to ANY use of the term 'we' regardless of context.

If you follow this, you get a sense of how communication between feeling and caring beings is filtered, distorted and blocked - to be subverted as an evil or operating as denial and undermining of the RIGHT to communicate or share.

WE EACH have our own patterns and predilections or pet identifications by which to participate in such an 'evil' - while maintaining the role or presentation of righteousness. Because you rightly feel 'wronged' by another's presumption to speak for you. But are you simply actively seeking to TAKE OFFENCE - so as to find a shadow against which to shine in opposition?

I write densely - but with a care to the nuances of meanings that could be misconstrued - such that everything is filtered in OUTPUT - not in receptivity.
In this I release inhibition against love by bringing a love of what I am speaking as I am speaking - and increase conscious inhibition of harm - even or especially when invited to irritation.

That many are self-isolating from love as 'threat of contagion' by lockstepping in denial of consciousness that unifies in collective harm, is part of my daily life - and I have to make of it what I will - or bring what I make of it to a Universal Will.

I have no interest in living your decisions or of influencing you in any way that is not your own will. In this I contrast with the agenda of a new world order, who seek to manipulate you by using your own mind against you - in exchange for a hit of righteousness and revenge.

Looking at the Masking Mind

There are always different ways of looking at anything.
But any mind fixated on an externalised experience to which it is subject while seeking to control, is in a self-isolating split-off or bubbled mind-control set in polarised opposition to its own reflections - not literal reflections of imaged form. but the reflected nature of a self-conflicted image.

So if our world is reflecting back all these active themes in the intent to manipulate and control - writ LARGE upon the Screen of our World (in which we are free to see differently). Is there any fruit in zooming out from reaction in its own terms, to look or feel within - which is to notice or allow into our consciousness not just the surface appearance in terms of their acquired or asserted currencies of meaning, but our own acceptance and choice of such such currency in framing our perceptions and reactions.

I note that covid offers an extreme example of where the reaction of defence is greatly more destructive than the fear - which may also be recognised as misplaced or falsely flagged to a normal cycle of respiratory disease - which is not proven to be CAUSED by virus or bacteria, which are produced by cells under toxic stress.

So in this way, we already have symbolic masking diversions for toxic conflicts which include strain of constant fear as well as environmental derivatives of social organisation - such as medical or industrial outputs.

My point is we have a seemingly automatic built in masking against conflicts that seeks to outsource or encapsulate and remove from active exposure, what we are not currently able - or willing - to clear or resolve.

The psychic dimension of our body-mind is therefore lost to magical masking by which to NOT know what is currently ruled out or suppressed by an overriding command of fight, flight - or indeed the 'freeze' of a traumatised dissociative surrender in alignment to the power of its subjection.

So the willingness and capacity to look at or see and appreciate something differently - as a result of transparency within our own body-mind to the field of energetic qualities that are embodied as our psycho-physical experience - is that of free attention in the field of awareness.

Abiding as free attention is what I call abiding as the heart - and this is the opposite of virtue signalling in that it is unselfconscious to judgements as a flow or receptive navigation of discernment within the moment - rather than imposed mind controls upon the moment - (that are actually dissociated imaginations and expectations given overriding priority).

Enforced masking identity under threat and coercion (itself masked as 'doing the right thing') inevitably provokes oppositional identity, as if NOT wearing a mask is our salvation - and therefore operates the overriding of free awareness by reaction.

The issue in dilemmas of what our life in the world seems to demand or require and our life in truth - which is not IN the world of self-isolated, separated masking others and things, is referred to by Jesus' answer to a trick public question as to whether it is right to pay taxes unto Caesar. But if our attention is fixated or captured by reaction to externalised forces, things and powers, we are unmindfully already 'lockdowned' in a choice to mask against the fear within - by casting out the conflict into any manufactured ruse or convenience of temporary escape.

And as a mental override of the feeling being of a true desire or 'will' we see it and react to it in everyone we meet - and by contagion of a split or broken communication brings a like response that makes a world - set in idols of defence over feared chaos - such that the living creative potential cannot be recognised in a newborn consciousness already denied.

Why we do what we do as the purpose we embody is in the meaning accepted and lived in our own hearts with no call to justify or apologise. But without an alternative perspective, Caesar runs operates sides of every conflict as the mind (of) control - set over the heart's knowing - which is not coercive - but commands allegiance by the recognition of truth.

Fear and control are two sides of a currency of conflict. You don't need to coerce yourself to do what you love or be who you are - but may have to become aware of the blocks set by fear and its suppression, that demand sacrifice of wholeness to protect a masking identity. Re-learning the difference between the masking of invested self-image and the true movement of our being, is the revisiting of old fears and conflicts in order to release them as self-reinforcing fulcrums from which to operate from.

We cannot preset what the heart should be - without subverting a true movement to a private agenda. So in the moment at hand, pause the reactive mind and ask or listen or feel within as a willingness to recognise any true quality of being - for where one is - they all are - unless the masking idol of the form of one is used to override and exclude the others.

Comment #2 to gezza potts

It is 'unreal' and that may be enough to wake the clear intent to align in a reality that reflects truth, rather than persist in parleying or struggling with an 'unreal'.

The net operates entanglement by reaction, to result in entanglements that paralyse or lockdown the capacity to move. This is my sense of what occurs when we resist evil rather than resolving the conflict in our own heart and mind.
Why are we doing this?
Because once we deny ourself for a mask, the mask runs in our own name, perhaps without ever releasing our grip so as to set up a rigid structure of identity to die in?

I wore a mask while doing the insulation in my loft.

On another level I have a presentation to myself, and another to the world - which changes according to relational qualities.
When I meet others I extend some quality of recognition and acknowledgement of being - irrespective of their masking status, social presentation of opacity or transparancy.
That's another way of say I look for transparency as the function or service of the masking persona or adaptive mind to the human experience - and of course I meet challenges that wake me up from thinking I know! Meeting terror in the supermarket was a shocking experience that I had to expand to find compassion instead of reaction. That's a growth curve to rise in while fear-agenda seeks to flatten.

If you let insanity be insanity - there may be a release of burden. But as long as we are set in trying to wake it up or appeal to it for reason or demonstrate its unreason, we give it power of agency to infect our mind.

Insanity is a state of dissociation.
The fundamental environment in which fear-fuelled insanity falls away to restore present connection and communication is one of being accepted as we are - this is felt as being loved, but any attempt to do 'love' is felt as some kind of manipulative demand - which it is.
What if our life is not about perfecting the classroom, but of learning to be the love that we are - as distinct from anyone's 'ought to be'?

Virtue signalling makes a hollow within us that sucks 'evils' in by the very belief it can mask them OUT!

Now there is a moment for pause and wonder!

Thursday, 4 June 2020

A psychopathy in our own heart and mind 

(The current meme of psychopathy as a replacement or adjunct for 'evil').

I sense that Alien Disclosure will in fact be the exposure of a psychopathy in our own heart and mind.
Not about 'Them' at all.

There is a key to looking at the fear and no longer identifying (in or against) it.
This is the gift of love to the willingness to receive it.
To the fearful this may seem a paralysis because fear identifies as control - and love does not coerce its own.

Insofar as we meet lovelessness, hate or psychopathic dissociations is a matter of energetic correspondences.
The opportunity is to release who you are NOT.
If we identify over and against what we are NOT - we are still needing to draw it in as part of our self definition.
Innocence is not the ignorance of a child to its unconscious fears, but the very nature of wholeness or indeed holiness.
As such is a gift of Spirit and gifts are known in the giving and receiving - not by possession and control.
The inner and the outer as one - is a synchronicity of being.
There is no forcing the flow of being - but to receive a reaction of like kind and not recognise our gift to ourself.
The experience of the broken mind is that of denial and attack replacing love as a sense of self-survival in a bubble, defended against feared truth and seeking 'allies' for reinforcement - yet fearing treachery in others as a result of a past set in betrayal masked over in wish to re-enact the restoring of what was lost in fantasy played out as a narrative overlay.
The capacity to dissociate from inner dissonance IS cognitive dissonance and persistence in self illusion invites the fight-flight blind intelligence to the fore.
When the reptilian 'brain' is given control to serve a hate or fear-driven drive to dominate -it by passes the inhibitory checks and balances of a greater Consciousness - and in that sense usurps or short circuits the heart of the wholeness - to assert wholeness as self-exclusive.
Everyone has some experience of being gapped or triggered to rage - hot or cold. But the very nature of the experience is of operating from a place that is forgotten in the instant it releases to restored presence.

The idea of understanding so as to identify and release blocks is different than seeking to define in order to control - even under masking in virtue. Virtue is in the qualities of being and to release the blocks to awareness of the qualities of life is to open an innocence of being. We all have an inner psychopath that can come in and squelch our joy in being. This is to say we all have areas of self judging rejection.

If you can allow even a moment of love and life into your heart - in this or any moment of willingness to come present - then you are not in the darkness that many live in and from as the only reality there is. Nor can anyone tell another what they are not yet willing or ready to accept. But communication operates vibrationally regardless of outer signalling and if you are being the presence of you - others have to negotiate that. Insofar as we want to help others - without being healed, we can attract people who use that to serve or prove their own beliefs - such as that nothing can possibly heal them. But also of giving people what they think they want while taking from them what you want. When this fits together it seems a special love, when it falls apart it exposes special hate. The bubble pops. Then is the opportunity for self-honesty - rather than remasking into a lock-down bubble of grievance.

Holding open the presence of the 'Field'

I choose not to give attention to 'BBC' or flashing clickbait ads.
I am indicating that disintegrity can be mapped out - without demonising.
Why the last bit?
Because what we demonise we assign and attach to as negative charged meaning, rather than disregarding as meaningless. I am aware it operates as an intent to assert and frame meanings - but I don't resonate with that set of mind as true.
Is 5G a weaponised attempt to physical isolation from our Greater Field of being? As a maintaining of the self-isolating lockdown of human consciousness under the mask of control set in fear of disconnect, pain and loss?
The mindset of control is itself a cognitive dissonance and seeks to mask out or deny its own dissonance - not least by projecting onto our relational world - our field of relational being.
If it were possible to pull out our own Created or Innate Connection so as to be safe in self-isolation set against change - we would do it - while our identity is invested in fear as protection, defence and salvation from the ultimately feared.
And so we self-destruct in all kinds of rigidities that become the structuring of our consciousness and world.

However, if the only truth in lies is our believing them and giving power by reacting from them as true - then the results of lies are merely the reiterating of a mistaken identity.

The Idea of the 'Field' as the true basis of the specific expression or embodiment is NOT the denial of the specific - but the context of its wholeness and being. Holding open the presence of the 'Field' - by any name, Name or simple direct and intuitive faith of the movement of our being - is the willingness to align truly - rather than set terms and conditions that become identified as a non negotiable set of demands. None of us wants to relive hated and feared experience - but if we are blind-set in conflict evasion as a way to buy time against a feared inevitable - then we actually bring it on by the very means of our attempt to 'escape' ourselves.
The idea of aligning true is innate to our being and not a morally coercive imperative set in OR ELSE!
But of course if we align against what we fear to be true we are already judging and reacting as if truth is what our judgement sets. The simplicity is that any willingness aligns the restored awareness of being truly moved - (which includes being stilled of conflicted thought and feeling) in place of a forceful attempt to move the truth, driven by fear and the natural instinct for protection.
I write this into the realm of the masking world, but every willingness to let Life In - as a movement through us rather than by a seeming capacity to deny and control Reality - is within the Field we all share - regardless the configuration of our self-definitions and strategies of survival. But if you had to choose Life to defeat fear or evils - it would not allow wholeness of alignment - by reason of the negatively demonised exclusion.
To choose Life just because. May become available as a real choice when some of the fear-driven narrative spin is released from our attention and therefore from our valuing. But Life Itself moves, when we no longer get in our own way.
The capacity to become conditioned by what we give attention to and make identity in by emotional reaction, is part of our consciousness that can as well be retrained to what we truly want rather than what we DONT want! But the temptation to reframe 'truly' in another version of a self-asserting narrative can operate without a moment of stillness of true discernment. In order to uncover 'true, I have to listen and look - with the heart - and in some instances recognise that some purported 'communications' are simply toxic by reaction - and so I watch my reactions and grow in a diversity of connections and reflections that reintegrate rather than persist a dis-integrity seeking to save itself in vain.

Fear seeking escape from itself
A Conspiracy Theorist Confesses

The propaganda of repeated assertion is 'Vaccines are safe and effective'. If this was obvious it would hardly require aggressive marketing. However it is the claim that requires evidence or proofs not its questioning. Note that the original act of PR is the frame the narrative in its terms. Such as to usurp or substitute for truth or any process of willingness to uncover truth.
Whether there is ANY safety or efficacy to the administering of vaccinations is open to question. But the marketed and invested BELIEF in authoritatively proscribed protection against FEAR set in unknowns, is itself a repackaging of fear into denials that are then defended as necessary and moral sacrifice.
Poisons that are qualitatively poisons are not a matter of dosage. The belief in poisons as purging medicine, and sacrifice as mitigating punishment or retribution is ancient.
It is possible to destroy our consciousness, and immune functions incrementally, and we do - including via the insidious attempt to protect a bubble of consciousness from its fears, by manually taking over their immune functions by means that block its natural pathways of expression, so as to result in new symptoms of breakdown of function. That are then defined in the cover story of new conditions requiring more manual intervention.
The mere fact of over 4 billion dollar payouts for the few who get through the arduous hoops of the vaccine injury 'court' is proof of risk of harm.
Safety then is being defined for a control concept of a herd to which individuals are sacrificable.
And the measure of efficacy is simply the detection of antibodies - which do not confer lifetime immunity from any designated disease, and so are repeated under the term 'booster shots' every one of which is a toxic assault on the body and the acquiring of neurotoxins and foreign proteins and genetic materials generating immune disregularisation or immune-deficiency and auto-immune dysfunction.
Vaccines thus decrease overall resilience to disease and death by all causes while instilling and reinforcing medical dependency which is become medical slavery under the illusion that FEAR is a pathogenic virus - such as to deny any science as to what viral and bacterial expression is and does - as functional health.

The conspiracy is not merely of amoral salesmen set in working their target, but works the mind of FEAR seeking escape from ITSELF. The doctor-parent WANTS the role of helper as part of their own validation or vindication set against ills, and the child-patient WANTS the doctor's treatment to make the fear go away. The salesman wants to train the doctor as a pharma technician to systems centrally set by regulations such as to disincentivise a doctor patient relationship - and in fact 'sell' the patient to the pharmaceutical or biological 'standard of care'

This pattern is recognisable as the abandonment of trusted duty to a corporately captured state leverage and can be applied to many other breakdowns of social function and resilience. IE: Politicians, Media, Educators, Science.

Fear induces us to sell our integrity and thereby our true relation with others - for a protected bubble. The means to generate fear are of conflicted self identity - such as false or perverted self interests that can be errors - but once denied and hidden under masking cover story or narrative diversion - operate a shadow dissonance that can runs in fear of exposure and can be leveraged or even set up by 'honey-trap' tactics so as to effectively control or call forth compliance. The extension of favour and privilege is then directly associated with unspoken knowledge of who 'protects' you.

The masking persona over such dissonance is itself cognitive dissonance.
And the pattern is both within the mind and between minds.
The 'necessary' lie by which exposure to FEAR is evaded - but always reinforcing itself and demanding ever more 'boosting'. The set of fear as the driver of its own 'mind' is NOT LOOKING, or dis-owning and thus self-denying. We have all lived experience too terrible to relive - so much so that the mind is employed to ensure we NEVER do. This is a source of power to refuse or deny what we are unready or unwilling to accept. But it is power set in opposition to feared life, feared truth and thus in masking substitution for life truly lived - which is not a matter of overcoming or acquiring anything - so much as being truly moved - and knowing ourselves in the extension or embodiment of the act.

The idea of eradicating the hated and feared is not workable but does the thing we hate in others under mask of moral righteous superiority. One evidence for this is to look up from the identity-reaction and see the world we are making. Hate and fear are no longer able to be 'hidden' or masked over. Its all coming up - just as its all breaking in - but really - it has always been here in ways that were masked over and deeply defended.

The idea of healing or resolving conflict is massively denied by its personalized physical representation, but in truth is the movement of our own being to a mind that had become lost in its own masking spin. But this can only be through acceptance of our self as we are or our reality as it is - and not as we spin it.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Race to Destruction

Steve: I don’t subscribe to the belief that entities are racist, nor do I accept what the term ‘racist’ implies. ‘America is racist’, the police are racist, Whites are racist etc is all part of the destroyers narrative. Only individuals are ‘racist’, and even then, they may well not actually be racist. They might simply be objecting to having their country taken away from them.

I join with you in not accepting false currency.

The term has been degraded to undermine whatever meanings it once had by the uses it is assigned and exchanged in as currency.
A hatist, might be the term to assign anyone who must be righteously hated.
The circular nature of this should be starkly evident.

Identity is the basis from which we live, relate and exchange.
Fear and its masking operate hate as justified defence of self-invested identity.

Self and 'otherism' is also self-alliance or lockstep with others as the 'self-group' set against 'other-group'.

We are identified truly in transparency to truth - and so there is a self given and received that is rightfully mine and yours. There are freedoms of association and communication such that we feel where our current boundary condition operates as the balance point for a coexistence. 

When denials and exclusions operate in place of balance points that serve the whole, the denied will seek to break through the walls of their denial, and the fear of being denied strengthens the walls against being denied. The walls are in our psyche that then manifest in cognitive dissonances normalised.

The set of the hardwired masking identity.

Whatever else is going on, I see a deconstruction of self and world.
But is this a power of malevolence, or a Compression phase bringing to seed all that is harvested from the cycle and valued - as the qualities from which a new expansion arises?

So amidst this fear, pain and loss - and hate - is the heart's prayer as to 'what is the truth here?' and NOT as a mind-spinning in its own pain.

How else to release the spell of a masking mind-trap?

Link to Video
Chris Hedges is not alert to Covid-19 AS the 'real looting' - and is under the spell of a narrative investment that masks against letting the truth in - as if truth that undermines invested identity is some kind of virus.
I don't say this to invalidate him.
Capitalism was captured by cartel monopolism that re-rigged its own banking and regulatory structure to become a globalist capture and control system though broad spectrum dominance - which never was about merely military - but acquiring strategic and effective control over every arena of social influence.
Deceit operates behind a mask - including a mask of victimhood.
Deceit is coercive.
The rewards of deceit are deceit.

Race is a more virulent virus than the corona type.
I did 'look up in dictionary' for 'race' and among all the definitions was nothing relating to variation within human species.

Self set against 'other' in competition, conflict or war is somewhat linked with  being set into a forward motion that generates a groove or hardwires a pathway of flow.

It was in an ancient Hindu text that I read, where there is an Other - fear arises.

Jesus' two emphasised commandments offer the way to undo fear, judgement and its progeny.

But fear is the basis of contagion - or dissonance sets the vibrational correspondences that operate a masking distortion over the face of love.

I celebrate creative diversity - but deplore enforced and weaponised 'love' that actually represents a fear and denial of hatred in our own hearts.
Until we uncover this as a self-honesty, it drives the mask of the attempt to 'love'.
While the 'mask of care and concern as paramount' generates a blame, shame and vilification that denies the possibility of an honest communication. Not least by polarising identity in conflict as righteous love!


Yes hate MUST have an object for affliction.
Just as love must have an object of affection.
We cannot extend the qualities of love without a relationship.
As another comment of mine on this page suggested - the inducement to righteous hate is a masking of hate as love. This operates a reversal in consciousness and a world made backwards.

If the release of a lie is also the release of the hate that fathered it - then something true moves - and knows itself alive.

A wish may not seem hateful - but if it is given protection against truth, how could it not set up a curriculum?

Those who weaponise the lie also offer an education in exposing it.
But if we are merely baited and triggered to self-destructive thoughts and acts, then we are not willing to learn anything but what we already think we know.

# 5
Kathleen Lowrey
“Whichever side you’re on, I’m not on it”
That sums up every feeling I have had over the past several days

I also feel this - but I also feel to side with freedom and love of truth in anyone no matter what alloy of error or mind-capture (identity) under terror.

“I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.” ~ Malcolm X

So is truth a 'side'?
Is truth 'against' illusions or lies - as a retribution or 'battle'?
Or do lies battle ONLY with themselves - in masking as truths, set in frame of possession and control?

To stand in integrity rather than seek the mask by which to seem to have it, is transparent to the truth of who we are. If this is challenged - we may discover more about ourselves.

You have to live with yourself and if that is a lie - you pay the price it demands as your protector. But truth makes no demand you be what you are not! And when another accepts you as you are you feel and recognise love.

Our demands that others be as we want - extends our own self-denials and judgements.

'Release and be released!' applies to the heart's recognition it is no longer trapped in a loveless mind. The mind then automatically aligns in the heart awake and offers perspectives from a basis of unified purpose and will - that automatically 'sides with' a like quality in others - even if it is hid under a bushel.

Monday, 1 June 2020

Terrors from the Deep are very real in their effects

The above link is my post to the theme.

For reasons of posts being blocked (but not by Dr Malcolm Kendrick the blog owner) - that I have found a way round, for now - I have many posts in heath related themes in

I don't feel at this point to bring them all in here - there are many other posts also not brought in here - and so this blog offers a sample of an integrative perspective that may resonate to the intuitive recognition of others in the same spirit that moves me to write or give form to qualities, meaning and potentials that our acquired mind generally filters, masks and distorts in self-reinforcing loop.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

I keep my choices open

Would Marx have flowered without the support of the banks?
Funding is support. Fear drives funding and support for what love would never freely choose. Is that true?

I keep my choices open and while all kinds of framing perspectives can arise, they have to find a peace of heart to abide in me as stepping stones.

The idea of growing something new from a felt movement in the moment at hand is not a set of rules, of systems or identity survival - so much as willingness to release what doesn't serve by going to the well of being for how to see and respond - or whether to give attention there.

Too much charge differential will lead to a breakdown of the system to a discharge event and rebalancing of the system. But the core or centre of any system is its fulcrum or zero point.
While Archimedes joked of a place to stand by which to lever the world, modern mind is wedded to having to do so to keep up on the hamster wheel of its own 'progress' - having suckered under the belief it was over and apart from life - and so suffers self-isolating lockdown under our own rules.

Slowing down the wheel is not dampening the system of its core dynamic - but releasing the frictions of superfluous conflicts and chatter to receive a fresh update on what is going on.

Living on the rim is a surface of impressions and placeholders taken as fact - without reference to the whole - that the centre holds.

There are two choices I see, one is defaulting as ACT NOW OR ELSE!
The other is pause from reaction to connect at the heart.
One way to tell is that love is NEVER coercive upon its own.
Fear is always coercive and one test against hidden coercion - which we can self-inflict - is the relaxation of our gut.
Fear shuts down consciousness as an acute body-need to fight or fly.
If we let our reptilian brain default our choices we will always be lock-downed in either or - until we bring on the very death our faithful survival reflex was designed to prevent. It was never intended to be the Seat of Consciousness by which to live and grow our lives.
There is a place for it - but not as a replacement of the heart's intelligence.

It isn't only capitalists who are alert for opportunity - but anyone with enough free attention to notice paths of opportunity as they arise. However self-interest can be rim-defined rather than hub centred - and so opportunity for genuine communication is a noticing and attending to the signs of life. There is a sense in which the amygdala-captured are dead to their life by defaulting to a denial of consciousness as Notional Security - but the underlying truth that comes to my mind is 'release and be released'.

What if all the force of the denials that we suffer comes ultimately from our own - but by the very nature of denial ... hidden in a world that cant keep a secret forever. Nor would anyone in hide and seek wish to never - never - be found. Reality will always break the mask sooner or later - and we have to learn to accept and rediscover what is - and not limit our mind to what 'should be'. 
Using reality to find a true centre is finding the balance points. Monopole-ism seeks to usurp a living moving breathing dynamic of change and challenge. Not just in its icons, but in their followers. If others war on you, such as to force you to engage in active defence, act ONLY to bring the war to a close such that a process of communication can be restored. Or else the mind of vengeance takes monopoly unto itself in eradicating the disease.
Yet here's the rub... we know that eradicating war or disease of fear-conflict is the undoing of  the basis for our 'power' and so we identify in masking pretexts of wars and salvations by which to keep the enemy alive - for without a hate object, the ego HAS no function but to serve a focus of attention and desire.

How does the mind get the power to trap itself excepting we belief it offers freedom in notional security made in secret and under plausible deniability.
IT will not tell you a way out - because its job description is that there be no way out - while offering all kinds of targeted 'ways out' by which to lock in.
That is why I invite pausing and yielding the mind to the stillness of being in the wordless heart. There is movement arising from the heart as a wholeness of being. It has your name on it because you are integral to this moment and not a sin or stain upon it.

The Necessary Lie as the mask against a feared truth.

'The Necessary Lie'  is the mask against a damning reality - or more accurately - the mask against a feared truth.

Feared truth is ultimately an oxymoron or self-contradiction. The masking of the inner from the outer is the action or event of self differentiation - from within which chicken and egg, or cause and effect each generate each other.

The pattern of Self-evasion masks as one of discovery and dominion - running as possession and control. We are all in this apart-ness, as the very sense of self in threat of lack-driven needs.

The lockdown  has a quality that I associate with the ego - in telling reality to do what it is already doing.
In that I mean that the fraud of a corrupted Economy is in any case crashing - but the manual or narrative management of this is the intent to control its contraction to the maintaining of the controllers - who are insiders to the corruptions that spread through the whole by design.

I hold that Resets are part of the way life works - as periods of compression in which contradictory elements can no longer be held and choices have to be made. I argue that simplifying to qualities of life would address what we truly share the need for being. Felt qualities of life are primary needs that rational quantifications rule out, and render as systemic data - such as healthcare service provision - (sic). However fear of pain of loss is lockdown and masked off from all higher conscious function and can only sacrifice or limit and contract towards 'survival' as FEAR-defined controls.

There is no love in it - and this simply means it is unworkable and destructive to life - no matter what masking of fear as 'authoritative'.

How then to address the fear that HAS been invoked or summoned from the deep of ancient conditionings? This is what is ongoing as the masking of the self-evasion in 'new' clothes as everything shifts to overt and authoritatively sanctioned fear - and guilt - as our biological predicate - against which a new manually overriding bio-tech god must draw off our remaining funds, resources and allegiances to 'protect us'?

The pretext is a virus, but the predicate is fear.
Anyone researching virus or germ theory will discover that it represents a leverage of fear that vested interests were unwilling to yield to a true account - and this includes the many who WANT their condition to be assigned to invisible magical panacea - so as not to have to feel and address the true cause or causes where they are. Which drives the panacea pedlar to take on the profits AND the psychic emotional energetic of those they think to be 'saving' or 'salving' or slaving to a market model that seems to run on a law of Nature. "The ignorant demand Unconsciousness" (masking from truth in narrative reality bubbles).

My sense is that buying into selling ignorance - ie purveying mainstreamed deceit - is itself a self-blinding deceit. And while I would LIKE there to be some sign of Intelligence at the Heart in some part of the 'Powers that be' or Principalities of this world, I find no love or joy in their visions - which are fakery by which to sell the consolidation of control as a systemic blind obedience. This puts them in the role of Satan relative to Job - that is as the provision of every kind of temptation to obey and succumb to the FORMS of meanings as denial of Life and its Source. As if forms and images have built in meanings  - which of course under fear - THEY DO.

So thanks for a clear article on revealing the lack of factual basis or substance in the pretext for a globally orchestrated shift to a new control centre - new in the sense of overtly claiming power rather than the leverages and corrupting influences that have built up within the host over a century and more.

The issue of Fear-defined power and the Power in Life is within our identity - and therefore repackaged and exported to our relations and our world. We have to live this 'territory' to be found in who we truly are - and we hate it. But if we give our identity to hate we are not delivered from it - but pile up more debt in pain in exchange for momentary self-satisfactions.

I want a life in which we have freedom to come out and play - in ways that can be serious fun, as well as lighthearted gaiety. This is absolutely ruled out by ruled correctnesses of guilt or victim based virtue signalling. I am open to supporting each other in moving through identified fears. I am not moved to set those fears as a cage of loveless denials upon everyone else - in the name of 'care and concern'.

If a lie is masking as another's protective prop - do I need attack them for it?
No - I need align in transparency to truth - as I can discern in the moment at hand.
If another seeks to rule or deny me by the lie and the father of it - I need give to Caesar only what is due unto Caesar, so as to give to God all that is due to God. These two SEEM to be in conflict - but does truth battle with lies - or do lies battle only within themselves? In other words a version of truth is made in image, symbol and concept to set against the judged or denied 'evil'. Each is derived from the other as an expression OF conflicted Self - which I often refer to as a split mind - and which Jesus referred to as a 'house divided'.

A house divided cannot stand and yet the polarised identification flip into each other - never recognising a common error that conceals a unified source.

It doesn't work to pretend away our fear, or to covid it over with figmented regulations masking shame of self-lack into an isolating suit of armouring controls. But an intensely defended mask has all the power we give it - regardless that truth gives freedom to know and be our life.
How do we get to give acceptance to lies that have no real place in our hearts?
Is it not in the frame of the necessary evil by which to avert a greater or more terrible outcome?
Is that a patterning for the unconscious or plausibly deniable 'creations' of the mind as 'cock up', victim of circumstance or 'following trusted orders'?

Pattern recognition is implicit to consciousness. But templates can operate a lockdown in a mask of seeming to think, choose or react - when nothing relational has actually occurred. Howbeit our past repeats itself. There is an intuitive pathway to save time such as to recognise a deceit as a deceit and not take the bait. To emotionally react is to invest identity and be effectively phished by identity theft.
One invested, we protect our investments as our self - until and unless we are willing to revisit and hold to a true or just accounting - which rarely happens under attack.

Once we collapsed into shock - I felt to look into the structure of its patterns. It is easier to get into trouble than out of it. Not because illusions actually become true, but because we become more invested against their exposure and defend them as a blanket or blind self-protection.

For most who read here the shock is primarily associated with force majeure by institutionalised coercions and deceits rather than novel invisible threat of contagion. (Either of which can mask an 'act of God')

NOTE - I checked for spelling force majeure - and found this interesting covid legal related link

Rules, Rationalising and the Scoundrel in its System.

in response to the themes in:

(Quoting Bertrand Russell as an authority by which to give weight to a blanket judgement of my writing and therefore my voice -  while feigning interest).

I do not suggest you need change your rules - or your chosen master.
But I knowingly choose not to obey them - or him.
In my own freedom I choose the words and phrases that offer a good fit.

In any specific relationship, I feel for shared willingness as the capacity for exchange. If we were to exchange in a mutual willingness to develop a relationship - then some kind of vessica-pisces of our commonality would open an arena from which mutual appreciations and challenges might arise. But if you demand I fit your specs?  No.

Bertrand Russell desired to rationalise, simplify and shorten the human population. But as he is a master of clarity - he presumably does not count for a scoundrel but by the god of his own luck gets to proscribe everyone else's condition. (It takes one to know one).

Every thought system or body of thought expounds or is derived from its premise. Look therefore at what ideas or where as acceptance, you are coming from - because you will arrive at your starting place no matter how you travel. You presume to judge under pretext of feigning interest. What is it you want? For something behind the mask moved to come out and prod me.

If you are convinced my prose can be condensed and still convey the meanings - surprise me! Felt meanings - like an un-carved block of qualities and potentials - are given form. The 'open secret' is - ask in love and be answered in like measure. I don't see that you have asked me anything, but I mark your judgements and share on the themes they express.

If you do not share in the movement of curiosity of the question, then an answer is not for you, at this timing. Nor do I suggest it should be. You can ask your own question from your own heart and listen for the revealing of your own answer which may come in unexpected ways and expand the questioner from the lockdown of their own mask of conditioned beliefs.

This could be called 'thinking' - as the willingness to serve the heart rather than presume to lead in its name. But not everyone is willing to look upon their own thought or indeed the  'scoundrel' within, but until we do, we are driven to find fault in others and use it to signal our own relative virtue. This is very different than engaging in moral judgement of blame and shame. It is a willingness to look, listen and learn of a different Master. To align in the heart free-willingly is to recognise the deceit that had masked over truth. (Or the 'truth' that rationalised in place of a felt and shared living).

Rationalising life, usurps and masks as Reason.
Such is the 'luck' of the scoundrels who have set the trap of rules and regulations for others to be locked into masking for conformity.

I write for no pay or institutional requirement, but you can 'sack' me by no longer choosing to use me to serve as a foil for your rationalisations, set as rules for life.

But freedom to be myself is a gift to your own freedom to be yourself.
Who am I writing for?
For an active willingness, instead of a template substitution for heart and mind.
Questioning everything means nothing is put out of thought or censored from being brought into awareness. Anything else indicates a template of conditioned and identified beliefs running as a masking identity. No blame, But let curiosity move.

Attempts to rule out the scoundrel hide the scoundrel in the system itself.