Saturday, 17 August 2019

Self illusion is the world we make and believe

Self illusion - collectivised - is the world that we MAKE (believe) suffer and die in as real.
The nature of the 'other-deceit' CANNOT be separated from the 'self-illusion'.

The 'end of the world' can be see not as a physical subjugation or destruction but as the end of the capacity to maintain self-illusion as the cover story for hidden agenda.

The freedom to persist in self-illusion is limited only by the pain of meaninglessness and loss of love, freedom and power to a substitution set in polarised and polarising struggle.

Noticing the patterns or strategies and device of manipulation and deceit is the opportunity to uncover them in our self - or rather bring them back into the realm of freedom as the choice of whether to persist in their identification or release a mis-taken identity in willingness of a fresh-take.

Voting as a symbolic representation of open communication and extension of trust is a manipulatable system and NOT a true outcome from an honouring of communication.

Notice that war on communication USES the form of communication to shut down or frame allowable reality. This is inherent to a mind override or overrule in reaction to a breaking or divided heart. Pain in the heart is intolerable, and the mind is invoked and distorted in function to protect the separated sense of survival from the re-living of terror or trauma. But can ONLY do so as the repackaging or redistribution of toxic debt in shifting forms of war, denial and sacrifice under which a sense of relative escape is enacted as the dream of possession and power regained in  substitute reality enacted upon the body of self, other and world.

Fear of losing such power and possession as we believe we have drives a sense of justified opposition and attack on anything associated with threat. This can be falsely framed by feeding division and inflammation so as to generate an energy source from the polarising of oppositional charge.
The true threat to peace of wholeness of being is deceit passing off and accepted as true.
The true threat to a false sense of righteous hate is Open and Honouring Communication.

Communication rises within and from our own hearts. The mind may serve as an alignment of focus as a unified expression or it may assert and posture in substitution for the heart, or as the power to break and make your kingdom. But where you choose to listen for the truth of who you are is up to you. While we vote for the mind-in-its-own-spin we choose slavery or tyranny under the belief it is freedom.

Freedom to be the love that we are is  innate to THAT we are. Freedom to conform or coerce compliance to mind-made rules is to confuse the forms of living expression with a the meanings we set and thus grasp at and become entangled in a dead structure.

'Let the dead bury the dead' by looking up from the dead concept to living ideas that restore, realign and reintegrate what all the king's horses and all the king's men can never do. A false frame rules out a true resolution until by the grace of noticing, we are prompted and moved free of an internalised forgetting.

In fear of pain of loss, we are all triggered or tempted to fight and flight. While serving a bodily function this is no basis from which to live and move and have or share our being. And the substitution of the dynamic of conflict for the felt quality of aliveness of creative or relational expression is a false flag.
Honour the survival mind for its role in serving you to this moment, but don't give it your heart's allegiance  in denial, sacrifice and compliance to its dictate.

Fascination with conflict and guilt is like unto a spell, addiction or mind-capture.
Freedom is not within it thinking but in re-cognising its frame as a habit-pattern that is now in the realm of choice - regardless the appeal or assertion of compulsion.

If all 'choices' result the same insanity in different guises, then the choice for insanity is being enacted in seemingly different forms. If insanity is the undermining of wholeness of Reason (as distinct from a technologized rationality), then what we give to one we withhold from the other. There is a Choice beyond the frame of conflicted and polarised identity but to anyone identified within such thinking it will seem 'outside or beyond' them. Yet in truth we put our self out from Communication by withdrawal, withholding and judging from a private agenda set against and over the living. While we WANT this to be true, we fight from or hide in its false premises.