Monday, 24 February 2014

Sugar sweet and deadly

John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about sugar
A British professor's 1972 book about the dangers of sugar is now seen as prophetic. So why did it lead to the end of his career?

This example - as large in import as it is - but points to the distorting influence of making money with disregard for human life.
Ultimately - it is true - we are responsible for what we choose. But we choose out of the information from institutions we have given trust to.
Surely if something were that bad for us it would not be allowed. There would be outrage at its sale or application! ...Who then speaks for us?

I suggest that allegiance is no longer due to institutions that do not extend value us. That merely use us or manage or shape our minds to fit corporate or political agendas that care not for humanity.

Addiction arises when an external agency substitutes for an internal connection - or indeed temporarily stuffs a hollow disconnect with stimulation.

Sentimentality is not full and free feeling. Bitterness is part of the range of experience.
Modern life is deadly to us in so very many ways - and so it is time to make a fresh start from a true sense of life lived and shared.

Another article in the Guardian - also on sugar - prompted this comment from me:

Science seems to point in whatever ways the most powerful vested interests of the day dictate. I don't mean actual science - but funding the appearance of science that can serve as disinformation.
Scientists are not immune from peer and patron and media reviews - and if one publishes unwelcome truths, one will often be ridiculed, rejected and shunned,
Truth is the first casualty of war - which indicates war is something deceptive does it not.
War on our mind is carried out both as an inside job and as an externally experienced coercive intent to predate upon us or prevail in breaking or manipulating our will.
There's a good article on Telegraph on the author of "Pure, White and Deadly" and the cost to his person that accrued from practising honest and compassionate science.
Responsibility for our consciousness cannot be outsourced - don't give power to anyone else to usurp your own decision - for it is your own decision that you suffer or enjoy - regardless of "who or what made you do it".
Unnatural thinking results in an unnatural lifestyle eating unnaturally processed foodstuffs. There is a lot of what does not belong in our minds, our lifestyle and our diet (on all levels of receiving life). Blame is one of the toxins that keeps us in victimhood, powerlessness and anger or bitterness.
We have the power to wake up and make changes based on our own authority. We need take none over others, but can join together in our own science of observing and honesty - uncovering our bias, our fears and our negative core beliefs that express a disconnection from Life - from our own life!
Sweetness and light is adorable - but a superficial glossing over the issue is a kind of self-deception that can only store up trouble while pretending it isn't something to bring into our responsibility of choosing.
We tacitly and automatically communicate our beliefs. Disconnected people teach disconnection. Kids learn it from us in large degree.

Grieving and healing

Have the British forgotten how to grieve? says the headline of a Telegraph article

You will trust your life and yield into its guidance or your social conditioning runs it for you. Of course one can flip in and out of both.

There is no right way to grieve because everyone is different.

If we leave our business unfinished, we carry it around until we finish it.
But no one will open to what they are not ready - nor accept and move on.

"Move on' is a full willingness to embrace the now and look forward from a sense of connection.

We none of us control life. Never did. Never will. But the heart has a wisdom we cut off from in our self-vanities.

Honouring that someone is in our life need not wait on their passing - but at least in joining to honour someone who we share, the love that they are IS shared - regardless their 'faults'.

Perhaps the dead disappear to our sight because we cannot bear the light. We see but darkness and absence.

The public figures are symbolic to our times. Can one grieve for who one does not know? If one has been truly touched - why yes.
How much of grief is about our self - our own life - our own desires and perhaps broken dreams? Most. But relationship is the love in which we know we exist. Our private thoughts do not give us life - but only seem to hold something back from Life.
Learning of Life is transformative. We are not as we thought. But then, how shall we think, see and act? From a more deeply honest connection? With the love we have shared in our step? Why not!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Control the whole world? Power is a drug!

Which Corporations Control the whole World? February 21, 2014

 Curious that the only phrase uncapitalized in your post is 'the whole'.

When corporations have served purpose they will be rendered powerless just as everything else that has served its purpose. Now I have read that in an old document and can see that, from the perspective of an established single global power, ALL possible threat of influence would be neutralized.

I'm not sure about the 'assets' in the article. Financial assets are not so much possession as flow. When Dubai had a crunch point not so long ago it came to my attention that the financially rich have the largest profit flow and therefore the largest debts.

I speak as one who has never learned to see these wonderful clothes our Great Leaders wear - so I don't know what the control is - so much as a racketeering mentality that blocks the development of anything that they/we do not believe is in our interest or are more afraid of than excited by.

Behind the corps is an shadow body, and behind the shadow powers is a shadow. The racket is all about maintaining darkness in which an illusion of light can be used to seem to fight or escape the darkness. Unless we face our own shadow and its false lights both, then we invoke and give power to the 'protection rackets' that keep us from what we are afraid or feel inadequate to meet.

One of the things about many powerful people is that they want something enough to be highly focussed on it and not to let personal fears or inadequacies block them. So they move through territory of consciousness that most would pay to be protected or insulated from. So they may well see others as weak, self-conflicted and cowardly and not see themselves in others - or decide not to see themselves in others because to do so would be counter to their invested identity.

Corporations have their own power dynamics. Shareholders and markets can significantly 'control' their range and focus, as can those who control the supply of debt.

The idea of control is itself worthy of enquiry - especially in a world that is systematically coerced into increasing 'out of control' or fearful scenarios in which a very few are seen to be gaining from everyone else's loss.

Surfing the wave is a balancing of all the forces in the living moment. This kind of control doesn't presume to make or control the wave. That kind of control is vanity - though it has the rush of a hit in its moment. Power is a drug

Rule from the shadows - psychology of power - time to draw the curtain?

Said Washington76: On the Daily Bell
Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power - Part 1 Time we to look behind the curtain

The Wizard of Oz comes to mind. It was the dog who pulled the curtain.
Who was the Wizard of Oz behind the projected persona of power and dread?
Someone who'd gotten lost and then gotten more lost in taking on what he could not in fact live up to.

The psychology of power is the psychology of powerlessness - for who but those in fear of their powerlessness seek to wield forcefully what they neither believe they have nor understand.

If they had it, they would not fear losing it, If they understood it they would trust it rather than asserting force of will upon themselves and others.

The power that aligns and unifies is not trusted by the fearful who seek to manually manage what nature already does. Does the brain (or the heart), force its will upon the body? No. All of the parts share a unified purpose. But if one denies the body its full sustenance and submits it to stresses that accumulate further blockage to its natural functional renewal, then not only will the functionality and total communication of the whole dis-integrate - but that elements of the body will begin to function lawlessly - that is - as if they were isolated growth mechanisms that attack and seek to prevail OVER the health and renewal of the body. Self interest of a unified purpose mutates to self-interest of an apparently rogue element.

The key psychology is of disconnection from awareness of Source - for this is the basis of what is now called 'the human condition'. Every 'life' at some point expands beyond the consciousness of the body - even as entering such a highly specific focus serves as the 'birth' of a consciousness within such physical experience - which to some degree or another is also the 'forgetting' of who and what you are and what moves you to engage and embrace this experience.

All of us have known a sense of the illegitimacy of powerlessness that the physically identified self experiences and have raged at the Universe. This sense of insult rage does not abate so much as retreat in order to then more ingeniously strategize its own will to prevail. The will to power may work passively as much as aggressively - but it makes an interlocking alternative script to a truly intimate communication. The realm of action and reaction feeds polarized identities to its protagonists.  Who rules this realm must protect the idea from which its power stems and keep the curtain drawn: the disconnection of the physical consciousness from its Life Source. The simple truth is that such disconnection - were it possible, would be your non-existence, yet direct awareness of such connection is the non-existence of the independent power - and thus we worship death in life as power and fear the Life Itself as our death. This is beneath the view our fearful mind allows.

"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things"

Washington76 binra • 3 hours ago

Another words you did not want to view this and assume you are the all knowing without participation? Do have this right?

I watched the first 5 mins. I like Adam Curtis documentary stories. I like their lack of moralizing or telling us what to think. I agree that psychology is the 'dark art' when used to manipulate and control others rather than to shine a light for all to see. But you know - most don't WANT to see - they want their mind supported just the way it is.

I might get back to watch some more. I find the narration weird - what's with that? There's a market of at least attention for dark facts and dark insight that has an undertone of disturbing dissonance. I accept that we are disturbed by the breaking of our model of reality - but I do not stop there.

What I wrote above is not in judgement of you or the vid you linked. I write whatever comes up for me as a perspective shared. It may be dense, and lacking in qualifying protocols of normal conversation - but it is not offended by what you offered. It joins with you. There are many threads in a tapestry and people can tune in or out of what they feel moved to join with.

When a post gives a linked video without any accompanying extension of communication, it does not communicate as much presence for me. I told you a couple of things of why I resonate with Adam Curtis documentaries - which are well worth watching and freely so online.

I feel he approached the way ideas propagate and structure the society, and though there are persons through which these ideas spread and jump from one discipline to another - that view come closer to truth for me than the worship of the ego in its power.

When certain parasites infect a host, they influence its thinking. In a way I see that our consciousness has been hacked and that we are being led to our collective death, because the disconnect we interpret as death is the basis of a parasitic control thinking. It invites us to give up our sovereignty for the illusion of power rather than maintain a clear vision on the power of illusion.

Fear of loss, fear of death, fear of pain and injury to the body and mind - these things are known and exploited by promises of power and protection that actually keep us in the fear of losing rather than the wholeness of going for what we really want in any given moment. Who has the right to keep us in fear framed perspective? Answer, whoever we give the power to do so and then suffer as if it was theirs and believe we are denied.

We have broad agreements to not hurt each other - but there are many who do not share that agreement, or who turn a blind eye when the hidden hurt they support comes to their attention.

Or who cannot hold with their integrity when their own position feels directly threatened.

Shame is the demand to keep secret. Who hides in shadows must fear the light. Yet it is light that the shame is undone. There is a difference between shadow deceptions and discretion. But only those who honour life know what it is. Honour gives privacy to that which is honourable, and some see and sow generously where others see their own hatreds reflected. Every moment is a unique situation. I know nothing but the situation I am in now. (Though I can still fall for the illusion of knowing that blocks or diverts me from knowing what I need to know now. Such illusion is the human expertise).

Washington76 binra • 8 hours ago

It allows me to share the same article in different forums to simply altar one letter. Otherwise the system will not allow me to share it in different discussions where it can, and will apply. Do you make much of a living as a philosopher?

I imagine that you have encountered a spam/cross posting defence that is designed to limit or protect the system for communication, from noise.

Everyone places what they value on the altar of their beliefs and has their reward in accord with their investment. My appreciation of the living word rather than the dead letter has not been weaponised or marketised, so as to become a someone or get something special. So the Living that I embrace is nothing that is not available in essence to anyone who uncovers integral worth and who follows their heart's discernment. The form our lives take is not the meaning they hold and share, so if the form has become the meaning of your world you will be hostage to those meanings you have invested in.

Everyone's life holds the exploration of themes at various levels within the richness of reflection. The human perspective sets value in ways that invalidate most of what it is to humanly experience this... living... moment. When people use the term 'reclaim your power', they dream of impacting the world, as if the world's meaning is to be impacted. This power will never inherit the Earth because it invalidates its divinity. There is an unseparateness that an integrated consciousness naturally expresses and is aware of, before and beneath the suggestive insinuations of 'divide and rule'.

Making a living is often confused with getting something  - out from a belief and fear of lack, or with becoming a something in one's own right as acquiring or achieving self validation - again supplying a sense of lack. I have noticed these core beliefs or definitions of self-lack and am uncovering a foundation that does not share such distortions. Any such life-experience has intimate value as undistorted expression of joy, but it is the uncovering of the intimacy itself that restores a sense of tangible communion or connectedness as the foundation rather than the goal.

There are times for roots, for shoots and for fruits. "getting man" imagines a self that just suckles on fruits without true roots. It sucks the life out of him while he makes a living because he sacrifices his joy for a fearful or negative sense of him/herself.

I give what I can because I can, to that which I hold true or valuable. Its a moment by moment thing. There's no money in it - as a separate translated framework of meanings, and so there is the willingness to rediscover or give welcome to a direct reflection of wealth by which to regain an integrity of communication - in all aspects of what communication/relationship/exchange can mean.

Instead of 'what's in it for me?' there is 'what is this saying to or inviting or offering the reintegration of my consciousness with the whole - and with its Source?'.

Is it better to have never gone for or lived what moves your life and to die in hedge of securities than to risk into uncovering who you really are - even amidst the often conflicting or confusing human experience?
Was it Socrates who said 'an unquestioned life is not worth living'? Is this not to say the mere seed or dream of a life is not the worth of its realized potential? The disturbing reality shift that is under way is the conditions for questioning and challenging everything we think we are or know. But you still have to want sanity more than you want (to make a living out of) repackaged confusion.