Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Mythic self

 Comments into an article on Myth and Modernity:

As soon as there is self definition, there is a differentiation that generates or creates experience.

However, differentiation within a unified consciousness is more of a vibrational resonance - that cannot be directly translated into terms of a segregated consciousness, because it Is You, rather than something happening TO a someone presumed to be you.

The differentiation of a segregating intent is the basis of the story self. A self-construct that uses mythic or story continuities to assert its narrative as the central character framework that defines and filters a seemingly private experience.

The personality construct is a vehicle through which to experience the physical or externalized 'reality'. It operates as self definitions and beliefs, feelings and thoughts - with the experience reflecting this activity - much of which is unconscious or filtered out by the surface persona.

Choosing in a sense, to be defined by our own story rather than the energetic reception of That which is prior to the operation of a segregating prism, makes story the nature of our self and reality.

Drama of personae, cast amidst scenes and props that embody and reflect a will to power; a wish that things align THUS! - which then unfolds a multilevel Script of infinitely rich reflection - all of which reaffirm and uphold the 'identity' of the central character in a process of unfolding transformative changes.

The uncovering of the perspective beyond the drama is sometimes called self or Self-Realisation. The motive of the reintegration of Consciousness is that which stirs, wakes, reveals and uncovers the self and its world-reflective experience and identity - from a Unified Perspective that is essentially timeless.

Myth and stories reflecting the outgoing or segregating movement provide the dramatic frameworks for developing and growing themes and specific abilities; 'Man as a process of becoming'.

These are recognized or 'known again' as qualities of being.

Mutual reinforcement is the sharing of core beliefs and definitions such as to 'agree to focus on self-segregating consciousness'. In this sense our subjective sense is always already communicating itself as the presumption and assertion of a separated 'will'.

The symbol of Jesus is the idea that this 'will' can be discerned and truly accounted for, put aside and so make way for a Universal 'Will' which is not other than the undistorted communication of Being unto Itself. In this 'story' Man does not become the Light, but yields coercive distortion to the Light of an All Pervading Awareness. An awareness that the mythic 'self' forgets, usurps and denies in order to 'know itself' as judge or determiner of reality.

The mythic or symbolic aspects of our experience in the world can thus serve the discernment of the structures and devices by which such 'divide and rule' consciousness appears to replace 'Unify and extend'.

"Go forth and multiply" is not an option - but WHAT we each choose to extend and propagate will be the nature of our experience.

The reintegrative capacity of consciousness is the capacity to discern directly what is resonant and relevant to the current unfoldment of unique signature vibration. When we are aligned truly, all else is aligned to our clear appreciation and there is the capacity to move within an overall flow rather than assert a coercive will in ways that exacerbate struggle and pride.

Resonance is a different order of 'knowing' than rational construct. The knowing in the heart can guide and support rational activity instead of being usurped and enslaved or denied by it.

Private - I - sation of true relational service

What ACTUALLY occurs as a result of privatisation tends to be a corporate asset stripping and downsizing that turns LIFE into CASH into DEBT.

What is called for is a RE-alignment with true purpose.

WHAT is HEALTH? - and our individual and collective responsibility for promoting and extending it? What is the remit of a NHS.

Be aware that the taxpayer funds a system that pours money into a racket that makes us sick and herds us into managements systems for an ever more mechanised and medicalised definition of human being.

Our thinking is sick and needs to be reevaluated at its foundation. Consciousness responsibility is first awakened consciousness - but the word conscious is now presumed or applied to conditioned mentality that is indeed a mechanical and manipulatable system.

The coercive manipulation of human being is practised at many levels, as if second nature, and without recognition of its true costs and illusory benefit.

Those who believe and act out 'dog eat dog' = Human Being are only able to deliver forms of war in various disguises of 'balancing interests'.

The heart knows better, but we (generally) don't trust it because we are not in control (coercion) nor hold its ways to account (control). BUT the true and tangible presence of compassion, caring, of offering a genuine service and embodying cultural values in shared purpose, is SELF EVIDENT and needs to be the CONTEXT in which our various skills, abilities and decisions are brought into play.

However this requires a significant EDUCATION from the mentality that acts lovelessly (without true self-responsibility) and demands that others with drugs and hi-technology support it's habit.

A process of education is not coercively applied but willingly embraced and SHARED. Mistakes are PART of and true opportunity FOR LEARNING! Blame culture is anathema to growing trust, facilitating genuine communication and healthy outcome - but is the inevitable symptom of a fearfully coercive and manipulative mentality. LEARN from the symptoms for they are messengers for the heart's realignment.

Political Bankruptsy

The current set of ideas in orthodox political thought are as bankrupt as the financial system that subverted and distorted them from their original inspirations.

Such 'politics' is a politics of perception modelling and management; the art of masking and manipulating one's actual agenda, which is one of fear, power and control.

Uncovering this aspect of our human conditioning can support the idea that we are a machine running according to laws that can be determined and thus used to control society in ways that 'save us' from the evils which frustrated or undermined 'progress'.

This idea seduces those who themselves have not owned their own fears and who cling to identities of control that select and project particular evils that are then to be eradicated.

Behind the idealists are those who fund, nurture, subvert and infiltrate, so as to use the self-blinded to serve a power agenda - which has absolutely no allegiance to the ideals excepting while it serves their interest to seem to do so.

The systems that are supposed to eradicate or defend against evils have become systems that propagate and perpetuate them. They become 'rackets'.

But whereas a few bad apples can be flushed out, systemic corruption is a pervasive mental blindness that defends against being exposed.

The appeal to government to protect us from our fears, brings a kind of governance that 'manages' our perceptions and 'protects' us from our true freedom.

Only the willingness to own our own fears and move through them, allows freedom. Freedom is being who you are rather than attempting to fit into what you are not. The latter does not support health and well being, it can only fail, over and over again.

The freedom within God to experience your own meanings

When someone thought that my using the G-word invalidated my person and thus my comment as silly, I felt to invite another perspective for using the term "God' to point to ineffable truth that is forever beyond the mentality and perception of argy bargy.

The attempt to use "God' as weapon loses all appreciation of our true nature. It doesn't change our true nature.

- - -

Insofar as I use 'God' as a term, it is never as a coercion or as an object of belief. Not as a special or separate power acting upon a world of powers.

In order to discern the meaning of anything rather than simply replay one's own script, one has to be able to put aside one's own script and truly listen. If you bring willingness to listen you will encounter you're own bias, your own fears, and the 'gods' or definitions and beliefs that give you a sense of self, of reality, of justification!

These conditionings effectively dictate and direct the surface conscious persona that is thus provided.

IF you challenge and question all such dictates you will come to see the fears that they served to hide, and you will be free to choose to protect them or release them. It's up to you. But while you effectively give your power away to 'gods' that substitute for your will, you sleep in the dream of the world.

A world in which dumping 'sillyness' on another, gives a 'special you' its sense of validation. But I tell you you do not need to get your validation from the world of division and one-up-man-ship, you can receive it directly as a movement of your being; through you to your world, to your brother.

Give as you would receive because they are one and your will is done!
But whereas a personal will may reflect your private experience, Universal Will reflects a truly Shared Existence.

The private will is 'engineered to fail', and "Thank the Grace of our Being" this is so. Coercion is not the way Life unfolds its own fulfilment, but if you want to try it, go ahead!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Why is there something rather than nothing?

The Institute of Art and Ideas at has videos of discussions on ideas.

"Why is there something rather than nothing?”

The illusory proposition takes the form of a question. Like a phishing scam, a statement in the form of a question sets a frame from which reaction is in a sense programmed by a mistaken or usurped identity.

There is Something; Fact.
Though Something is not 'there' rather than or in distinction to Something Else 'here'.
Nor does Is ever become 'was' or 'will be'.
Is Is. Is is all that Is.

What seems unapproachable to the mentality of a separated self-sense is richly reflective as an already knowing. But the knowing of being is in a sense eclipsed, by a diversion of attention and desire.

"What if nothing were as it really Is?"
This question is a fantasy for Everything IS as it Is and the idea of 'different than Is. is 'is not' or non-existence; nothing.
Pursuing the fantasy idea, and giving attention to the idea of nothing as if it were an alternative open the mind of choice. For one can release the fantasy of 'different than' or one can further attend to the experience of 'chooser' in division. Attending to such fantasy yields a personal experience of a distorted reality... within the Consciousness or awareness that Is one's existence.
The apparent alloy or adulteration of Is, with fantasy results a polarized experience of love/fear, life/death, embrace/hate, self/other, consciousness/matter, matter/space.

The presumption of a separately segregated private mind or self is the 'precious' image or concept of self generated OVER AND AGAINST fear of loss - and non-existence or death, victimhood and subjection, enslavement and meaninglessness.

The mind in its drama generates drama as the basis of an ongoing distraction of temporary darkness of ignorance within which to persist in acting out the idea of itself it has 'created'.

But beneath the mind is the perfect or uninterruptable embrace of Consciousness being All That Is - which cannot be separated from or objectified... except in concept... as fantasy in the mind.

The question "Why is there something rather than nothing?” can be FELT as the arising awareness of Is to its own welcome.

The questions that rise from being are the vanguard of their own revelation, but to personify the question by 'taking it to mind' makes the question separate from the answer and require or necessitate a process of mind upon the matter in question. As is readily observable, mind operates as an construct of thought systems of conflicting ideas to which are applied rules of congruency and continuity - (though facts are never invited to spoil a good story), each unto their own defended 'truth'.

Yet embracing and pervading the realm of personal experience - and insinuating itself as a process of reintegrating consciousness - is the movement of wholeness unto itself; the recognition and appreciation and gratitude of and for existence ITSELF.

"Why is there something rather than Everything?".

Because the movement of consciousness within is reflecting a facet of totality as your Now, that is exactly expressing the ideas personal and collective, conscious and unconscious, that extend or project the unique signature of love - of what you are giving attention to and embracing as your self.

That we have agreed to be mutually distracted in a fantasy of fear and division has not changed the Law or Nature of Consciousness Itself;

What you give out is what you get back.

Meaningless ness is the condition in which mind can come out to play in determining its OWN meanings. It is also the condition in which one recognizes the fruitless and releases its futility.

All of what is created as experience can be opened to a greater perspective or one can persist in asserting a segregating coercion in the desire for power over Life.

A true integrity embodied, and thus shared, rests in the power of Life.

Trying to fit Life (others, self and world) into our wish, yields an isolated sacrifice of all that Lives You to a false god unrecognized as such.

"Why focus in the head instead of abiding as the heart?".
Because a sense of evil, threat or loss has made you homeless - and KEEPS YOU SO.

Innocent curiosity is Free. Beliefs demand allegiance. Releasing false allegiance moves to more inclusive beliefs  and to the freedom from any need to believe. The movement of being is only 'hidden' from that which would hide itself - yet even this within a larger theme of creative discovery.

(further comment)

The nature of this interview gives a very loud voice to Krauss that corresponds to a 'loudness' of assertion - with capacity and willingness to interrupt in a self-certainty or 'self-righteousness'. Kraus energetically 'dominated' simply because he was actively confrontational and assertive and the others tended to submit or align - including the moderator.
If nothing = lie then all that is required to make something out of nothing is to assert it forcefully enough to destabilize and realign to it.
But the illusion of 'somethingness' is revealed when the distorting force is released or removed and the original undistorted clarity reveals itself.
Clarity in this sense is not a lie - but a direct awareness or recognition... accepted, welcomed and abiding as.
In this sense Existence is no thing. because 'thing-ness' arises as the object to a point of view. Unless One differentiates, one cannot experience point of view. Thus differentiation arises from self (reality) definition. However, note that the term exclusive is not necessary here. One does not identify exclusively within differentiated reflection, unless one seeks to excommunicate or reject or deny a part of one self.
Who or what is kicking who or what out?
A split mind experiences itself fragmented as legion - as a full cast of personae operating seamlessly in a continuity of action and reaction - as if self-becoming and self perpetuating. Time and space serve to keep a fleeting now from the Eternal Nowing, to keep out 'there' from being Total Presence... until willingness for the game wears thin and is no longer worth the candle. No longer worthy of giving your Light to.
When that which had been turned inside out restores its original nature, there not the nothing-ing of one's existence, but its redemption to a true foundation. That is to say only the lie of nothingness is undone of its appearance as a 'something' and is clearly seen and thus an illusion is revealed as such rather than employed as a frame of reference. There is a shock on discovering your brother is your enemy no more!

What doesn't occur to scientists is that the 'redundancy of God' is the redundancy of 'self.' There is no separate God = there is no separate or originating self.
What is the self that is presumed to have 'evolved' as a rational capacity to 'understand' the Universe? It is presumed to be the apex of a nature that is separate from, observing and and acting upon this nature.
This is given a series of props for acting out in the physical sense of existence - that is to say manifested existence. Manifestation is a local specific rendering of non local or universal potentiality - AND IS IN NO WAY SEPARATE FROM IT.
The idea of belief of separating off from a Living Inheritance is the 'forgetting of the Father' for the manifestations of a splitting prism that likewise seeks to get for itself. This is the idea of getting nothing from Everything which cannot actually succeed because the very identification and attempt of negation, denial and self-asserting power depends 100% on that which it denies.
The Idea is the Universe - and not separate in any way from the Mind or Consciousness of which it arises.
But the segregative 'mind' renders and redefines consciousness as a tiny trickle somehow operating within material and organic limitations to which it is powerless EXCEPT by the development of its own abilities, chief of which is the cunning use of force and guile as self-justification for its own (separate) existence.