Thursday, 15 May 2014

Austerity: self-attack within the deceit of power

Parliament told austerity policies 'undermining' UK

The Westminster elite is undermining the case for a United Kingdom by failing to tackle gaping inequalities, Parliament has been told as MPs called for an inquiry into the Government's austerity measures.

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"To see illusion as it is, rather than to see illusion through an illusion, is to wake from the dream".

The set-up for the scam is financially orchestrated. The 'rationale' for opening up the remaining commonwealth to disaster capitalism seems then unarguable, but it is because the terms within which choice is made have been predetermined.

I feel that we don't see this because our own minds operate the same kind of deceptions. That is to say, the world we see is an unrecognised reflection of our consciousness, individually and collectively - for Consciousness is BOTH.

The polarized struggle of the 'individual against the collective' - is an illusion of power within which we experience ourselves segregated and disconnected from our true nature, and in a state of perpetual war for survival (on our own terms).

The engagement and hope of 'winning' of such a war operates as the depletion and further disintegration of order, such as to increase the fearful demand for command and control that set the scam in motion.

The split-mindedness of such polarisation is that we do not recognize we do this unto our Self - but instead identify with a secret 'elitist' agenda that is unconscious of its fearful programming by dint of its self-righteous justifictions.

The result is a distorted perception (and resultant identity thereof), whose filters of definition and belief effectively block recognition of the situation as it is.

While we choose to operate FROM such a basis, we are not free to question or challenge its authority. Of course to challenge anything set in motion to bolster a fearful LACK of authority will trigger defences that will frame such enquiry as heretical or subversive. Know that one's conflicted struggling sense of existence is ALREADY evidence of a subversion 'passing itself off' as The Version.

In order to be in receipt of a current version - and discern what is relevant and resonant with what and who you truly want to be - is the transformational honesty that lays down or puts aside self-specialness.

Our true power - and glory - of individuality is known only within relation to another and to our relations with the 'All' of the World.

The transformation from 'prodigal wasteland' to true and rich abundance is a turnabout away. To turn from an elitist exceptionalism of a segregating mentality to an Embracing Humanity, is a grace whose timing rests on willingness and not wilfulness. But the cost of wilfulness is being laid bare with every unfolding of the drama of 'power' let loose upon the world.

Will is what you want, even if pretending to be who you are not. We can not 'escape' our choice, and do not need to. We only need recognize our will to connect again with a living choosing - as which we are free to choose anew. The play of victim is the first deception whereby to become as one is not. This is not 'easy' territory to reclaim - but neither is to be victim to the ravages of fear and guilt in a world gone mad.

Rising to the challenge is Life Force Awakening. Reacting to the bait is choosing to persist in unconsciousness. Austerity is coercive - but learning how to do more with less is opening the door to a true abundance. It is all a matter of focus and purpose. What Do you want? Free Will effectively Creates you AS this Expression - but what we choose can pre set the terms of all successive choices if we set such choice as a lens through which to serve private agendas of an un-shared nature.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Wandering Who?

Having just read Gilad Atzmon's book 'The Wandering Who', I feel to honour it.

I feel that much of what Gilad says is not for especially for Jews but for humanity - for anyone who desires to reintegrate from a warring segregated self-sense to a genuinely shared humanity. I appreciate the way he has chosen to formulate and express his ideas and observations. Without engaging coercion or indulging self promotion - nor a rigidity of self-denial. In that sense I feel he embodies what he writes about in the way it is shared.
Thank you Gilad!

I had thought to re purpose a reply I sent to him - but it became too convoluted!

Perhaps I will come back to this - for within it is also a reflection in our consciousness, of ideas that are both victim and victimizing, giving rise to clever thinking that uses both to assert a self specialness at another's expense - which is a denial of the humanity of another and therefore of oneself.

Embracing humanity must also embrace THAT we do this in one way or another, but it need not continue to choose it, join with it nor demonize it.

Humanity has been separated from its Source Consciousness by religion and then by humanism and scientific rationality. But this 'separation' is a perceived 'reality' and cannot actually occur or be true, even though we experience as we perceive.

In the attention/experience of our world there are significant issues around Jewishness that are highly polarized and not open to public discussion or debate. This is an indicator of coercion and fear in our consciousness and amidst such confusion, negativity can be contagious. Gilad's book speaks from and to an embracing humanity and towards reclaiming our sanity and wholeness of being.

Private agenda overriding Shared Interests

Why we are on strike over plans to privatise the Land Registry.

 Government's secret proposal to sell off the Land Registry could lead to mass job losses and erode transparency. There's no evidence outsourcing public services ever works
"...In a truly astonishing move, a government agency faces being changed into a commercial company so it can avoid the very controls the government brought in to protect small businesses. This shows how poorly thought through the proposal is."

No. It shows how on purpose it is. Regulation that obstructs the extension and expression of power is to be undone and regulation that denies any other power or possible power is to be put in place.
Rationale is no longer the mechanism at work, if rationality presumes a conversation and shared understanding. Persuasion, coercion and guile are at work - and these are backed up with force.

When the goalposts are moved everyone else carries on as if the game was the same - but it is not. The 'disaster capitalism' that transforms wealth into hollow debt for the momentary high of a momentary few is a logical outcome of its fundamental psychology - as is the manipulative intent behind it.

People do things because they can - and because it seems their interest or even duty to do so. But what they do arises from their definitions of themselves in relation to their world - their relationships, their situation - and this will be self-reinforcing unless there is an adjustment in which a greater reality plays a part instead of being usurped by a disconnected (and disconnecting) mentality.

The war against the public sector - is against governance of people by people;  a war on communication, trust and sanity - for if money and force and guile determine all things, then there is no such thing as genuine communication, an extension of trust nor any honesty in which anything at all can be known. All then is chaos and war - and this IS the foundation of the blind who 'lead the blind'.

If a man steals a kingdom, they call him a King. The stealing of our minds will lead to those who demand they be called gods. Much of human consciousness is extended in our cultures that embody their values in our institutions.
The foundations of our culture have been replaced by clever thinking that is designed to obfuscate clear knowing.

'Big society' means big business 'governance' via a hollowed out and emasculated state. Politicians and economists are presenting an ideological front that has no substance, legitimacy or place in our heart's allegiance and some of them and media too, know this, but seek to be high enough up the pyramid to escape the flood of destruction they are helping to bring about.

For anything that gathers or organizes in any way that is NOT aligned with the 'capitalism' of the power cartel of vested financial and corporate interests will be targeted, infiltrated, subverted, smeared, attacked and neutralized.

I put quotes on 'capitalism' because it is only using the form of capitalism - as it uses the form of anything it can subvert to its purpose.
What is 'it' that would rule our minds coercively? It is something that does not belong in us, that we are inviting and accepting and thus giving power to.

The world is reflecting our consciousness back to us - but a segregated and dissociated fearfulness seeks to interfere with the signal so that it can persist as a self-specialness at the expense of all else.

Monday, 12 May 2014

The passing of an age of futility and isolation?

A Point of View: The paradox of growing old

Mary Beard's BBC magazine article reflects on age and care issues. I feel there are universal issues of which age and incapacity brings out specific forms. As always, I look to communicate foundational appreciations rather than seek to tweak the mechanism.

- - -

The foundation for supporting and embodying a truly human culture is one of shared worth. Unless we can receive and accept a true sense of worth ourself - we cannot recognize it in another nor automatically extend true worth through such recognition.

And so we have developed inverted schemes for 'adding' worth via manual interference. All power struggles are ultimately war within oneself.

No kind of 'moral' coercion or scheme for engineering behaviour via 'incentives' can achieve more than hollow compliance.

Our thinking - whether religiously or scientifically derived - is the child of a generally unconscious foundation - and kept so, by desperate attempts to defend our thinking and and control our perception.

The disconnected sense (from Life) is associated with coercive will and its resultant reactions. Life Itself remains present but untrusted - because it is not 'under our control'.

We can let our foundations be opened to awareness as part of a desire for a true sanity and peace. And then we can learn anew to receive and share in true worth - where before we judged, colluded and justified ourselves apart from our worth. For within it - there is no call for the mental convolutions of justification.

Compassion embraces without reinforcing identity in victimhood. Sympathy 'joins' in reinforcement of victimhood.

Our Consciousness embraces all that we are and have ever been - but we have tended to choose victimhood because it gives us the illusion of power to disconnect and separate. While we want such power, we will be blindly victim to its cost.

The presence of another is a gift and a blessing to share in. The mind of power knows not 'gift' nor 'blessing'. But that is a choice and not the coercive imposition that proceeds from using it.

We do not hold a culture for the reintegration of our consciousness and so often struggle blindly in futility and isolation. Yet whatever the scenery, the underlying learnings are of releasing what actually does not belong and accepting ourselves as we truly are ... in and of Consciousness.

The forms our 'lessons' take varies for each of us - and at different times in our lives - but self-honesty is our integrity and when fear is given power ... and thus concealed, we lose sight of who we are and what we know - and make it weak and unable to communicate - for we have believed ourselves worthless and act as if it were true.