Monday, 17 June 2019

The Blame Game

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Carbon diversion or carbon false flag is the means to obscure the active harming that is actually current so as to persist in a  'sustainable' business model - as the business of possession and control.

The blame game is the projecting away or 'outsourcing' of pain and consequence for enacted fantasy at expense of true account and relation. It translates as power struggle by all and any means, to effect someone ELSE paying the price.

Investment and addiction to power to avoid and evade pain of loss of possession and control works a negative agenda of division set up to rule out true with-ness in true worth-ship, by asserting and establishing self-reinforcing patterns of conflicted polarised identity.

The true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.” (~ Alan Bullock).

The article above is seeking to weave the carbon dioxide capture of outsourced corporate environmental guilt into a mob-driven self-righteous hate. You are being made into a proxy weapon by a mind seeking power by deceit. It has nothing to do with saving anything but a mind, and society founded in fear, hate, and deceit.

All of which are the natural consequence of identifying in self-illusion or 'masking' at expense of what then becomes feared truth. The attempt to deal with guilt or manage guilt within the worth-ship of guilt as power or control is only going to redistribute toxic debts in complex shifting packaging and presentation - AS IF something real has changed.

If we are to deal with where the problem is located then we have to recognize and release the intent and attempt to use guilt (and denial) of others as a means to 'feel better about our selves' or mitigate our own denied and obscured and displaced pain.

Invoking the 'victim' as a call for vengeance is the oldest trick in the world - because a world set apart and against you was MADE by such a 'mind'. Self-judgement underlies all 'other-judgement' but blame is an EFFECT of denial and rejection and not a true cause. Response-ability is re-cognizable to freedom to feel and know truly and so release the false to the embrace of the true.

Only the willingness to suspend judgement can actually SEE anything. The mind of judgement operates tyranny as a selection and rejection of exclusivity and denial. It is a tool by which to divide and compare - as if from outside or apart or 'set over' the lives of others. Addiction or fixation in seeing others as hateful and unworthy is both an attempt to dump our own hate and fear judgements on them and a justification for the sustainability of hate and fear (control) as a business model (possession - or survival in fear of loss).

The lie is pervasive to the world's thinking and frames language so as to assert itself in place of the true.
It has been called the deceiver, the devil and in psychological terms the ego, but it is itself a deceit or illusion by which to experience through a lens or 'mind' of separation.

The capacity to notice the device and use of the 'mind' is the freedom to reintegrate and align in unified and unifying purpose instead of the reactive or conditioned purpose of possession and control - that results in the weaponisation and marketisation of 'getting' for private agenda, that grows conflict, debt and powerlessness under self-illusion.

Hate always seeks a target so as to psychically and emotionally discharge an intolerable pain. But pain recognised as a need and call for healing undoes the mind of vengeance. 
The human 'world' is running on grievance seeking vengeance that is largely the hidden power of denial.

The belief that putting out of sight is putting out of mind is an error that blinds and binds to a surface appearance or masking over the denied. The out of sight is still active within mind but placed outside the realm of response-ability by the power given to judgement.

The realm of the mask is the personality. The struggle within personality is the acting out of inner relational conflict onto others and world. Lived and suffered, defended and died in, as if true.  Identity conflict is a lack of identity in search of a self. But that which identifies you perfectly is yours to extend, share or shine, and recognize in others and world. A false sense of possession 'creates' an idea of lack - and makes it real to itself by acting from it (from mind) instead of the flow and flowering of being.

What you give out is what you get back, and if you then give in the measure of what you get back you become self-conditioned by definitions or judgements you are unaware of as the cause to such effects - which now seem to be cause outside you by others and world.

It is not your function to judge your brother but it is your function to extend a true with-ness or you forget who you are in false witness AND teach awry to a similar proclivity in others. No one can live to the wholeness of another but that they accept in for themself.  There IS a sense in which all our projections and denials 'come home' to the mind that thought to get rid of them, but NOT as a damnation or destructive payback of life as Divine Vengeance. But this is up to you, because to heal is to allow the hateful or the feared to be brought to awareness so as to be translated or undone to a truly discerned appreciation.

The call to hate and war masks itself in 'saving and protecting' from evil. But unlike the Call to Joy, it delivers you unto evil. As long as this outcome is believed to be a sustainable sense of hidden or private self-agenda, will it be given allegiance and sacrifice as your 'survival'. But it is a living death that seeks and sucks on life so as to seem to have it - but for itself apart and alone.

The casting of mind is not only projection 'away' as if there is an 'outside' but the casting director of a script in dramatic or mythic narrative identity set out as self in world of personae, props and themes. All the characters and themes are drawn from Mind to become 'who you are in role' within the script. Waking to the scriptmaker, is freedom to accept a script of awakening in place of the script of forgetting.
Illusions are not killed or destroyed, but undone or released of the capacity or employ in hiding truth.

Investment in illusion fears to 'die' with them and so resists their undoing as humiliation and pain of loss. Shifting within the 'dream' to align with waking, offers transitional steps in the release of what hurts us, to a true and truly shared appreciation or worth-ship. Owning the fears and hatred in our heart is a moment through which to realign in the call to heal - which becomes stronger and clearer as we release the call to hide or deny and sacrifice.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Under a false sense of protection

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Many people seek to feel secure or protected by powers or shields that convey a psychological belief in benefit regardless that the protection is false. So if one dies of chemotherapy it is assigned to the cancer. Dying of AZT was assigned to AIDS. Reasonable estimates rate the adverse vaccine reactions to be extremely under reported - and hence assigned to something else. Likewise many people seek to heal or help others by offering well intentioned or believed support that may help or may harm - or both. Some people seek to take advantage of others fears and promote fear so as to sell the answer.

John D Rockefeller (the elder) sold crude oil as a cancer cure - as a travelling salesman (Nujol) before changing it to a constipation cure, run as a settled business. 'Rockefeller medicine' is another term for pharmaceuticals. The financial, energy and oil cartels and their extended networks of dominance and influence became more powerful than any government or regulator and effectively farm human sickness, debt and war through back doors in politics, science, education and any other sphere of influence. It isn't just seeking profit, but runs captured revenue streams and a captured mindset or socially engineered society. It is now seeking total energy control through the back door by means of socially engineered environmental guilt. The basis is that corporate lawlessness incurs toxic consequence that the population are induced to pay for in scarcity and deprivation as in sickness and war.

However, many of such a public are induced to do so under a sense of averting a greater evil, and thus mitigate their sense of guilt, hate and powerlessness by rituals and beliefs that serve the corporate agenda's capacity to persist in lawlessness (fraud, corruption and pollution) as part of survival of a 'sustainable business model' providing access to the status and privileges of wealth and networks of influence. Lawyers working for big money or financial power are drafted to set up a regulatory capture of society such that nothing can really rival or compete with a cartel power or power class that only seems to compete - or only competes in limited agreed arenas.
'Competition is a sin' - Nelson Rockefeller.

Corporate alliances and combinations are not in and of themselves an evil - so much as becoming effectively out of range of any real accountability save token sacrifices to maintain appearances or plausible deniability in the face of adverse publicity.
And all of us are for the most part almost completely dependent on corporate services and management for almost all our needs and wants not least by the use of technologism to set up apparent expansions or progress that turns to dependency and powerlessness.

i write to sketch a bigger picture than good v evil - because much that seems good is a false promise that turns sour, and much that seems bad is simply choosing not to give allegiance to the current set of 'good ideas' or narrative assertions. If ideas and actions demand sacrifice of freedom in exchange for a presumed or promised benefit or escape from penalty of pain of loss - then they are false.
If vaccinations were as safe and effective as they are asserted to be, there would be no fear of critical investigations or scientific accountability. Easier then to forcefully assert the science is 'settled' or that a consensus exists that sets deviation as deviant. This is entirely a political ruse or manipulation that masks in science so as to assume a mantle of authority.

Part of the nature of corporate and institutional investment in a scientific model, is a defended identity set against threat of change rising from new discovery, while paying lip service to science, service or communication under fear of loss activated into patterns of evasion and denial.

By the way children do not choose to vaccinate - still less babies newly born. This is a parental choice that is increasingly socially and even legally mandated by a one sided 'debate' - ie there is none allowed, encouraged or supported. Vaccine 'hesitancy' and 'vaccine preventable diseases' are part of the mind-control or PR that seeks to frame the issue in such a way as to disallow any other mind than what is inoculated into the public. 'Post truth politics' is the dark arts of deceit and manipulation - all in a 'good cause' of course. or rather always justified by being set against a greater evil or fear. The mind is ingenious in the art of evasion and self justification.

“No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is NEITHER TO CONVINCE NOR EVEN TO PERSUADE, BUT TO PRODUCE A UNIFORM PATTERN OF PUBLIC UTTERANCE in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.” ~ Alan Bullock, in Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Attributed to Mark Twain

Slow down, you move too fast!

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This is an excellent witness to the deceits of the mind set against the knowing of the heart - that can only be felt or rise as awareness in silence of unconflicted being.

The mind gives power to the mind (thinking) and generates 'realities' of its own spin that effectively phish the identity of giving attention and focus there. Invested identity in the false and conflicting generates a 'negative creation' or anti-life experience of struggle against unified awareness as the expression of the wish-belief of possession and control.

While the human 'world' is an ever more complex defence/entanglement of debt and depletion set under the marketisation and weaponisation of 'possession and control' - it remains at root a mind-spin given power - or in old terms a false god (self or reality). However the only true release of a false god is in wholly attending and aligning in the true - while the temptation to deny, attack and hate the false is its secret source of fuel - because a negative attention is no less supportive to its reinforcement than a positive - and thus the 'politics' of polarised identity-entanglements is the battery or fuel cell from which to induce allegiance, conformity and compliance to the hidden framework of 'separation' or mind-dissociation in its own fragmentation.

Todays OG post resonates with my morning reading:

Inner Teacher: Today I want to tell you how to awaken from the dream. It isnt a mystery, and anyone can awaken when he is ready. He simply will not awaken  until then, but his time dreaming can be spent preparing himself to be ready. This  is the purpose of devotion. Devotion is willingly awakening to what has always  been true by leaving everything else behind.

Devotion is a slow process. I do not mean to say it will take many, many lifetimes  to wake up through devotion. I mean to say that devotion is a slow process now in every moment. It slows time by slowing the mind. And with practice,  experience becomes richer. You might liken it to enjoying a fullRflavored meal  more when each bite is taken slowly and held in the mouth while you enjoy the  richness of its flavor. This is how life becomes when the busyness of the mind is  absent and does not interfere.
The mantra will help to slow the mind and pull focus inward, which is devotion.  This is because the Heart is within, but the mind is without. When one is focused  on the Heart, one sees all things from within. One enjoys all experiences from a  point of certainty that is within. But when one is focused on the mind, one is  focused without. Without is a delusion of chaos made by staying without and  refusing to live from within.
So as you see, you do have a choice.
~ (Teachings of the Inner Ramana)

How does the mind terrorise (itself) into NOT slowing down and connecting?
By emotionally conditioned sympathy or antipathy or fear framed manipulation.
Regardless the 'science' of any assertion, its framing can be discerned by anyone who is awake to listen rather than already reactively invested.

The mind aligns in true function as the embodiment and expression of the heart of true or whole desire - which is the need to give, share or extend itself as the current or movement OF being - TO Itself.
Blocking function generates dissonance or pain such as to sooner or later ripen a crisis of awakened responsibility. The ingenuity of the mind in packaging toxic debt in complex instruments of seeming value or appeal is that of avoidance and delay. We are running out of time - and of consciousness - as a willing sacrifice to denial seen as power of possession and control. However, the deconstruction of the self-illusion serves its illumination AS a self-deceit (regardless the actors and agencies involved).

Looking Within AND Without as one - is the releasing of a spell or fixation in 'Without' - as the escape from conflict within. Conflict within is 'separation trauma' however packaged and presented to a narrative continuity of the will to persist in self-evasion' in the name of image and symbols of the true that thereby become hollow and destructive or life denying.

The drive to validate (or vindicate) our 'self' stems from a sense of self-lack pictured out in fig-leaf thinking in fear of exposure to truth - and renders 'truth' in terms or frame of illusion. Wholeness is not attained by division given power.

While much could be said about the development of an 'anti-life' sense of power from denial, it will mostly feed the fear of pain of loss of life rather than re-mind a re-membering as one with Life.
But it may be that until the cost of a mis-identification is truly FELT and known as an insanity or meaninglessness - it will not be released in the Call for sanity that is natural to being in dissonance.

Trying to 'wake the dead' is futility, but aligning in and attending the Living is the gift or release and being released of a futility. A living death is an unconsciousness of life under a substitution of thought, feeling and experience that is an identity or worldview. A golem or robotic set of reactive conditioning to systemic control set under tyranny of believed and perceived necessity or 'survival' under threat.

The true nature of the 'threat' needs to be re-evaluated from a willingness to accept healing (wholeness) - by which the simplest movement of curiosity finds answer that the most ingenious complexity cannot allow. The 'mind' would short-circuit or subvert this as the intent to frame itself as a directive to fix others perceived as lacking - instead of leaving the bait to such reaction hanging, and let the moment  and movement be from wholeness and gift wholeness. Regardless any addictive fixation in thinking. learn to give disregard for what no longer speaks for you or serves who you now recognize and accept yourself to be. You have this freedom as you give this freedom. But this releases the ILLUSION of possession and control to free willing - in place of manipulative overriding of the will by fear and tyrannous dictate that becomes systemic denial of all that truly Lives and Moves.