Thursday, 24 October 2019

Scary Clown Propaganda

Allow that there is another layer or facet to subliminal programming; namely subliminal prompts to awaken.
All deceits offer an education in the undoing of their device - but only to the decision to wake up.
Reaction within the frame is always NOT looking AT it.

Allow that the mask or persona can start out as a jest or a playing out and dressing up - but when the mask WONT COME OFF! - the nightmare phase kicks in as a struggle to survive within the mask, seeking sustainability of the mask. The mask can be seen as ego, or matrix or false thinking given power. The underlying recognition is key - not the forms of delivery.

Be aware that terror symbols guard the mask against disclosure while guilt of persisting in sin locks you in its substitution for life. Those ‘who know not what they do’ are successfully masking and masked off from love by the mind in its own spin.
For a perspective on my use of 'sin':

"When a fictional aspect of personality is face to face with true existence, such questions arise as: ‘Who am I? How can my projections and inventions be integrated with reality? How can these self- generated factors—unsupported by reality—be made real?’

Existence exposes truth, and it can be a great defender of your own truth if you allow it to shatter that which is not really you. However, if you persist beyond your challenges and revelations to enforce your invented reality with intentional deception, you will enter the world of sin. Sin is a much simpler thing than you may think it is. It is just the force and mischief used to instill and empower invented realities. To the degree that you have made such investments, you have moved away from God.

“In the ways of the world, a great deal of energy is spent on judgement, which is nothing less than competition for dominance among invented realities. Judgment is a cruel, childish game of egos, competing for position. The sly, unspoken intent is that he who succeeds in sustaining a judgment is above judgment. That is not true. The fact is, the ego cannot and will not forgive. Withholding forgiveness is the ego’s assault against life.

Love does not judge. Only the ego judges, and through judgment it will perish. Your love will sustain your immortality, for love knows nothing of judgment." (From Jeshua in  'Love Without End' by Glenda Green).

The word God is not as important here as is love of truth.

Truth is an inner recognition of outer synchronicity. Not a separated form, image, concept - which can so easily phish the unwary as a way of masking off our Inherence with a false inheritance.

Another meaning of apocalypse is a revealing. If we cling to our invested illusions we will resist the revealing of self-creation to a true Self-Awareness. But there is a deeper purpose in the 'compression' back into seed potential.

Follow where you find resonance - and leave what is not for you at this time. Thanks - but no thanks.

There are foundational ways to realign and navigate the 'Shift' - without which we only experience 'Shit'. Thaey have always been true - but as the pressure rises (resistance), the need for a true conductivity becomes our fundamental need - or to put it another way - we are stripped to reveal our fundamental need. The masks of fearful evasions may be intensified but they are seen now as masks.

The function of illusion by definition is to pass off as true. Seeing illusions AS illusions is no longer a basis for identification in acting FROM them as true. This OPENS the way for Life to reach us more directly. Because we are not so heavily engaged in reaction to a past that is not here.

Note to James. Consider releasing emotional incredulity (you can become somewhat repetitive in this) in response to the actions of the un-Reasoned. The presumption of rationale may be correct but everyone operates the strategy of their own survival in the frame or terms of their current identifications or definitions. Nor do any of us let ourself know what we are unwilling or unready to know , yet.

'What would I have to believe to have the experience I am having or repeatedly meeting?' - can be productive. It can also extend compassionately to others who labour perhaps desperately under false belief that is not recognisable as belief because it is their reality EXPERIENCE.

Dissociated personality facets are unReasoned - where Reason is wholeness and Sanity and not merely a rational layer set OVER unreason or chaos of inner conflict - so as to block or lid over what is not allowed to be known or owned - at this timing. However that does not mean we cannot be curious and grow willingness in discovering WHY or what the blocks or inhibitions are supposed to be protecting us FROM - and whether in fact they are now recognised and accepted true - regardless the past that set them in one way of another.

“The stupidity is strong in humans”.

Stupidity is given power by the wish to limit, reject and deny.
And project away from self to 'other'.
Who may be offering a perfect lesson in self-forgiveness.
What if everyone else had already Woke - but left their roles in your Script for your own willingness to awaken - there being no other way than willingness to accept reality as it is rather than through the frame or lens of what we thought we wanted it to be.
I offer this to myself - and not to pick on you.

Releasing judgement to a true discernment includes a willingness to notice how I can frame myself in powerlessness by my own accepted and acted out definitions or core beliefs - invisible and unrecognised to a reactive habit of a world I think I know.

Nitinol - A New Free Energy System

Nitinol - A New Free Energy System

(Documentary from 1982)

Energy may be free as infinite potential already gifting awareness of Existence - but sources of energy for physical exchange into work done have to be accessed according to availability. Receiving and giving is different from getting or losing. The mind of definition can degrade a true exchange to a private sense of power and possession. Energy can 'go to our head'. False glory feeds the pride before the fall and a boom and bust economy can become the energy economy of destructo-capitalism - as a parasitic feeding upon destructive responses to dissonance of fear, conflict and limitation as the ordering of a top down sense of control over (and feed off) loss that is diverted to 'others', to the environment, but which embodies as a loss of heart, vision, relational feeling and recognition of worth - in short to a mechanisation or robotisation of a usurped human heart (wholeness and balance of being).
The archetypal polarisation of order and chaos served a past that is not here. We have the wherewithal to find order within apparent chaos and grow or flow with it. We also have the ability to recognise where order is generating chaos so as to know where to relax it.
But the binary polarisation of order as good over chaos as evil works the negative or segregative movement of 'forgetting' unity - without some facet of which the physical experience cannot be engaged in.
Finding the balance of the inner and outer is the key to sustaining life rather than seeking sustainability of the lie that sets them apart and against each other. Form follows function. But form is not in itself cause or determiner of function where the quality of meaning is a transcendent resonance or matching recognition. Form based reality can phish the mind to lose identity TO a sense of loss of love, loss of power and need of defence against a dissonant experience of existence or hostile World.

The department of energy wants to find new means of energy so that they can bury it in patents and keep it from the people, so that the energy companies can totally deplete the natural resources of oil and coal.


Not to deplete an abundance of oil and coal - but control of energy, via 'peak oil' oil wars and cartels, and persistence of the fossil myth as mainstreamed consensus dictate. With CO2 as the false flag to demonise (regulate) carboniferous fuels as agents of doom and crippling guilt - and therefore a new wave of righteous terrorism - global energy and speech and behaviour surveillance and control comes in through the IoT and 5G+.
The algorithm is of possession and control set against fear of loss as loss of power and of life. The mind of such a ruleset knows not having and being are one and so seeks to get its very sense of existence from the undermining, disempowerment or denial of others.
Fear of extinction bred a rebellion against Natural Order as a mind polarised in denial of its own fear and fear of its own (projected and unrecognised) denials.
If we want to find a true escape from such a vicious spiral, we have to bring an un-natural but learned habit of conditioned identity to natural law - instead of seeking to force fit life into a sacrificial model of sustainability for possession as control set over self, life and other.
Energy is a potential. Resonance is in synchrony. Drawing from Infinite potential in resonant purpose is not set over and 'against' or framed in problems derived from such a setting. In this way, interference and dissonance are feedback that serves our 're-tuning'. 
Originally, interferences and dissonances were used or interpreted for the expression of forces and densities. Identity in enforced or coercive density seeks power to survive or prevail, but that which truly identifies us is not reaction. Stillness is a quality within all things that 'thinking and thingness' hides. So our inherited and acquired 'thinking' needs become itself observed from the curious willingness not to auto-run its configuration so as to 'check in' at a deeper, higher or prior quality of resonance that may be beyond belief but is not beyond acceptance to a willingness to suspend active disbelief.
The movement to wholeness or reintegration is its own flow and pathway of undoing polarising illusions as identity of exclusion.
Awareness of subjugating and sacrificial systems of order serves questioning their authority, veracity and workability. But often to become another version of the same thing in more complex forms.

So I write to invite a deeper sense of systemic thought disorder - that can be owned and changed in our own sphere - rather than polarise against its social political derivative expressions - that largely run autobotically.


Having now watched the video ;-)
Engdahl's 'Myths, Lies and Oil Wars' provides a background to the political development of energy cartel as a dominant globalist agenda.

I was reminded of the biological phase changes that Ling and Pollack (I read Pollack's Cells, Gels and the Engine of Life) uncover as a much simpler and more accurate account of cellular function - and which Pollacks 4th Phase of Water - brings into our appreciation of the physic world rather than the model of established physics institutions. Though his work vastly understates EZ water implications in my opinion - and I understand why.
Magnetic qualities extend in ways that I haven't explored very much - including paramagnetic qualities which may play a vital role in biological energy exchange for at least plant life.
The idea of restoring to original form under certain conditions is a very resonant idea. It corollary being the conditions that have to be sustained to maintain a distorted form. I tune into that in terms of human 'original' nature. I see the physical also reflects pointers and reminders to an 'implicate order'.

Climate fear as socio-political leverage

Tony Heller is very good for uncovering documentation of past events and news that belies the hysteria inducing assertions being pushed as mainstream news, education, and alongside a mission creep of regulation that is unfolding inexorably towards mandate.
The narratives that people believe in different sectors may be different and yet the means is deceitful and the outcome a system of controls based on targeted and directed blame and penalty as a basis for an energy economy with global and granular controls under an Internet of Things that extends to control of speech and behaviour as the engineering of thought.
Tony Heller also reveals all kinds of statistical manipulations and distortions along with many evidences that belie the claims to CO2 levels as the cause or forcer of either warming or climate change.
Crony capitalism is merely consolidating its death grip on life under the facade of reigning back 'capitalism', industrialisation, energy use and of course population.

Different people are induced to support or at least not object to an agenda that elicits their sympathy over and against a perceived evil - and so the 'Left' hate capitalism as if profit from individual endeavour is itself corrupt, 'Greens' are trained to hate themselves (human beings) for a despoiling that is corporately and financially engineered - by a system of plunder and control that outsources toxicity out from its cash account onto environment and populations - as both physical toxicity of biocides and psychic toxicity of deceits by which to induce sacrifice of self and society to the reinforcement and sustainability of an unaccountable and sealed system of laws and controls put beyond reach of any democratic ability to change.

Somewhere beneath all appearances I trust that each is being made aware - at heart - of the choice they are aligning in or accepting for themselves. The mind of 'control' of life as the feared unknown is also the fear that denies life in belief that it must remain hidden. Ruling out life is a way of death - and at some point this can no longer be masked over as security or protection or indeed progress.

Prophesy as a predictive energy reading

I understand prophesy differently. More in the sense of an 'energy reading' that taps into probabilities  - the professing or prophesying of which may itself then shift those probabilities from a shared integrative recognition and change of heart and mind or a segregative fear-fulflling reaction. In other words the 'vision' is the result of an inner intuitive resonance.
Alarm or dissonance is a natural alert to a need for attention - but in the 'boy who cried wolf!' is the misuse of the communication of alarm. Climate alarmism is maintained as a persistent manipulative intent targeted at 'Chicken Lickens' of those whose fear can be used to generate a movement that seems protective but operates fear as unconsciously self-fulfilling prophesy of being delivered unto evil under belief of saving from it.

Whereas the boy who cried wolf used up his credibility and was then no longer given heed or help in need, the boy who cries climate disaster is a powerful network of prediction and control operating behind the scenes of human seeming as the establishment and possession of control as power of leverage, influence, funding and the means to control energy and information through narratives of belief in experts and authorities.

In a sense we have already reacted to fears by generating a consciousness from them that now limits and filters what can be thought, seen or recognised truly. Within an already 'mad world' the prophet is one who brings into the attention of the world, something from the living current that the mind of the world is predicated to suppress, evade or deny to maintain sustainability of the lie.

Because the mind of the world is predicated on fear - everything coming into its 'radar' is interpreted fearfully - in that it is marketised, weaponised, subverted, attacked and denied.
Because you are not this mind you can recognise resonance at a deeper level of coherency than processing data to algorithms of survival of the past set over feared unknown, and experience the result of a shift of identity from conflict to integrative intelligence - a change of heart that holds a shifted perspective.

The present is the only 'time' that we ever are yet we experience it as contextualised by a past and a projected future. In general we experience as an unfolding of experience as if from past to future.
The 'control' of the past is the mind that makes its meaning - and this can be and generally is at a level we call unconscious reaction of alignment with a sense of continuity of self and world. In that sense humans are self-conditioning under a primary drive that differs from all other creatures on Earth because it splits the mind from Now as the capacity to create meaning or contexts of meaning that extend and reflect a self-awareness of existing. This can be called higher mind and is largely running unseen, while lower mind is experiencing the results of what happened.

When these two are one mind, the full nature and meaning of life stands clear in and as the very moment and movement at hand - consciously sharing a meaning that sustains us - and naturally aligns us in a consciousness of a current and balanced embrace of what is living now.

Listening or questioning beneath the appearances of beliefs that no longer serve a meaningful result is becoming available to see with new eyes. It is often that our seeking of self-reinforcement short-circuits our own healing when we rush out to tell others of what we haven't really accepted for ourselves. And so false-prophets are like un-healed healers who teach conflicted messages.

Discernment of truth has to be a perspective on judgements rather than the result of a judgemental ruleset. This is in the realm of restoring trust and a deeper quality of communication within our own being to a mind that is effectively the armoured result of the breakdown of communication and loss of trust in its one Life - as having to survive alone in a mad world.

Truth will out, is a true saying - but the timing and the manner of its coming cannot be predicted.
But lies or self-illusion cannot be indefinitely maintained - and so the masking will disintegrate to a revealing of what was hidden. Intensity of investment in the mask can induce extreme self-denial in attempt make the lie sustainable at cost of Life. Within this insanity is the capacity to notice insanity where it is - in our own reactive and unwatched fears and the thinking or conditioning that they embody.

Willingness to own our fears and move through them is not likely to be a popular movement in a world seeking to escape by any other means. But amidst the conditions of a world of lies, the need for truth can wake from out of an attempt to make true. Then we learn to abide through reactive judgements and see more of what they hid - both within ourselves and in our world.

Fear of extinction personal and collective - is built into the mortal condition - or rather conditioning.
To the mind in a sense of disconnection and defence - there is no other condition. And fear or division maintains the continuity of such a sense of control by limitation, and division as its survival.

Compression is doing more with less, but contraction is losing the more of who we are, to cling to a sense of possession and control in less than we are. Imposed austerity is being run under false pretences as a clinging to 'control' that enacts its own destruction from the basis of its own predictions. Fear runs as self-fulfilling prophecy - until of course we choose to NOT listen there for protection, direction and support. Love is not coercive upon its own. The truly resonant are already in communication. That which blocks the signal to hold a personal sense of self is also freedom to align with the 'signal' as a deeper or more expanded embrace of consciousness.

In that sense the 'blocks' serve the re-wakeniing from a sense of split minded conflict and disconnection - when such a purpose is recognised and accepted true.
Otherwise 'War on blocks' continues under any and every targeted diversion from a blocked sense of a true and full self-appreciation. 

Because I cannot see HOW a world can be transformed does not mean it is irrevocably damned to my and our judgements - unless of course we insist we know we are right and deny all in-flowance of new perspective to keep our 'world' in order.

Nutritional disinfo is malnutrition

Why blanket all studies as 'a hot, steaming pile of contradictory nonsense'?  I am not seeking to save the bathwater  but the baby.

If you were to research pubmed for studies on Vit D for example you would find probably thousands that show very clear evidences for benefit and no less clear evidences for vit D deficit strongly associated with harm. But the media for the most part will cherry pick only fraud studies to create alarm for Vit D overdose. And regulate dose levels that may keep rickets at bay but may not allow a sufficiency for resilience against disease. Look up deaths for Vit D (=0?) and then look up deaths from legal doctoring - iatrogenic disease comes in third in the US as cause of death. Death from chemo is not recorded by the way.

The very nature of 'studies' is fraught with issues and - like toxic debt - much of the 'literature' is garbage but no one knows which - or they wont tell. Science has been corporately captured since its investors used technologically derived wealth to exercise overwhelming leverage in all walks of life.

So its all well and good to bring a critical mind to the peer review publishing of selected funded studies whose total parameters are not always transparent and whose conclusions can often contradict their own data. Dr Malcolm Kendrick's 'Doctoring the Data' looks at some of this use of studies and a compliant if not hostage media to effectively run a racket on a global scale that indeed is concerned to regulate the supply of toxic foods and medicals as a state mandate.

What is called for then is not to add more hot steaming judgements into an already confused and herded public but a re-education in self-responsibility. Disinfo is aimed at undermining such a capacity to make decisions and live by them in place of blind faith in a scientism that masks over weaponisation and marketisation - with systemic rationale that destroys us in the name of saving us.

Control of food supply reminded me of this quote from Myths, Lies and Oil wars - by F. William Engdahl: 
  "Rising pressures are necessary to hasten the day when population is stabilized. Pressures can be increased by reducing food production, reducing health services, and reducing industrialization"  ~ (Jay Forrester, in 'World Dynamics').

Note that Food is nutrition but many foods are so lacking nutrition such that obese people may be suffering malnutrition.
Malnutrition - includes psychic-emotional disconnection - and undermines resilience to toxicity that is often treated as if infection - where infection is one of the body's means to clear a toxic condition.

The 'ministry of truth' is for the purpose of the lie's sustainability. One needn't argue or be exasperated with an offensive defence. It is not listening for anything but the means to use what you reveal to serve its agenda. If you pitch in emotional reaction you will dilute a full feeling presence of true witness.

There is a war - but it is founded in deceit to feed on emotional conflict - and so can only be undone there by bringing the conflict to the light of a moment of calm awareness. For which we need only be actively willing - regardless the symptoms.
the basis of deceit is to bait reaction to its framing. To look at the frame, we need to OWN our reaction as our current consciousness.

Deceit can hide in and thus corrupt the forms of anything

Capitalists accept rights of property but many 'capitalists' are willing to steal or deny others their right under regulatory monopolistic control - which can be extended to the idea of a corrupt monarch or state that operates to enrich itself and its cronies by overriding the natural rights of citizens or subjects. It is this overriding or denial that results in the equal opposite reaction of the intent to overthrow a corrupt system - and yet both operate the same belief in power to get or take from - as a basis of having.

There are balance points that hold the stability and workability of any system - but in humans the balance point is found within the heart - as the resonance to the zero point - rather than identification in polarising and exclusive action and reaction. Or as systemic attempts to impose a balance of powers without reference to the underlying and dynamic causes of imbalance.

Scarcity likely set the mind into its 'reptilian loop' of a permanent fight-flight response. But the deliberate imposition or artificial generation of scarcity is the intent to dominate and in effect subjugate or capture other to dependency.

While diamonds flaunt wealth - and so are in demand by those who want to be seen to have or be associated with wealth - the primary control resources are energy - such as oil. Having just read 'Myths, Lies and Oil Wars by F.William Engdahl' I can more clearly see that it is not possession itself that is sought but control of distribution and use. In other words keeping circulation limited to maintain high value through which to leverage control.

Deceit can hide behind rights of property just as it can hide in rights of association in solidarity.

Deceit actively operates to hide and deny a commonwealth by assertion of lack, grievance and revenge. This is also known as judgement (over life) - as distinct from discernment within life).

War on Ideas? No - war on Communication

Title comment:
'War on ideas' is also an idea. The 'war' is on freedom of communication on proprietary internet sites - and ultimately a proprietary  controlled internet. Where does 'ground zero' come in? As for HOW the war is waged - look to doublethink running unchecked as a currency of deceit - NOT to the false flagged 'causes'  that are derivative expressions of a deeper slavery pursued as freedom.
War on ideas would thus be war on consciousness itself - by which ideas arise so as to deny it ability to threaten the idea of dominance as denial of others. At some point this can be recognised as identifying with the dead against the living - or BACKWARDS! Until such point the mind runs  its world backwards in belief it is right and necessary.

Determining what is real, good, true, worthy:
When anyone in a position of power selects some ideas as  officially 'valid' while rejecting other ideas as invalid they impose a rule on thought that becomes hierarchical in deriving its validity from an extension of an accepted meaning. 
Unlike discernment within life - judgement upon or over life uses comparison and rejection from its past 'meanings' as the basis for sustaining an exclusive sense of right or need. (Private agenda).
In other words the evil is used to justify the asserted 'good'.

This mentality is the basis of 'divide and rule'.
Relational communication has a living context for truth in terms of resonant recognition. Rule-bound or rule filtered communications operate more like the algorithms of the article above. SYSTEM is always some form of rules applied - and internalised systemic thinking operates a 'war of ideas' in which conflicting ideas are held in the mind as doublethink or self-contradictions that inherently and inevitably war with reality under invested identity in survival set over and against 'evil others' and yet all such division unites as one in its war on truth or exposure of its lack of true substance - and will keep conflict running by all or any means to divert and engage attention in a fictional identity conflict.

An inducement to enter the proprietary parlour of another to partake of extended powers conferred by another is a pact with deceit. Not that you cant communicate through such means but that someone else holds the means to control, choke it or bury it and use it for unintended purposes

Tolkien foresaw the consequence of substituting the power of the word by a dark-crafted technology of deceit. The true power of the word is to extend a recognition of shared worth. The true sustainability of the truly fitting. What we have running now as general currency of acceptance is fitting a sacrificial population to the sustainability of a corruption of the word. False thinking accepted and run in place of true. "Tidying your room" might be taken deeper so as to accept responsibility for your consciousness - in any moment of noticing - such as to consciously embrace meanings or ideas accepted - and thus given witness to by our responses of reaction.

Everyone is a learner. Everyone is a teacher. But the attempt to learn the false must teach ourselves and each other awry.
Deciding what you teach on the basis of what you choose to learn is in some sense coming back online after a period of running AWOL or as autopilot from old inherited programs. Where do we give our focus and why? To see the errors of others - such as a social structures of control that effectively deny us a voice - merely as a call to judge and blame or attempt to shame into compliance - is to identify in thoughts of powerlessness, denial and rage - with associated depression or damage from suppression or indulgence.

Now it may be that there are some who like being 'Them" in the role of perceived power - but the fact is that when we frame everything in terms of what 'They' do - we give responsibility and power away by our own definitions - by our own word.
You may say that I can meet consequences as a result of my acts - such as are meted out as social exclusion to any who don't comply and conform who are in any position of influence. Well everything we think, say and do has consequence. Is it then not better to be able to stand in our own life and meet our consequences on our terms, rather than be defined under terms and conditions that are alien to our true desire?

If there are 'win-win' solutions or practical step toward the possibility of solutions we cannot now imagine - then I seek them. Debts are not only financial and the consequences of taking from others and for ourself what belongs rightly to them is to become indebted. These entanglements are complex and part of a false solution to them is limitation, degradation and denial of consciousness - over which an elitism seeks its sustainability. Many here can see this in their world, but can you see it in the structure of your own consciousness?

A Googleplex of Quantum Supremacy 
(Unposted as the site wasn't open to UK posts)

PR works its own influence by passing off as true - often by insinuation.
If Google indeed has such 'supremacy' it would be in the realm of National Security interests to all regions of jurisdiction and therefore incorporated into the National Security interests of its host nation.
Then any Press release would itself be under the jurisdiction of 'Intelligence' services to serve its own sense of purpose or agenda.
The 'Deep State' is not so much deep as deeply hidden behind all sorts of fronting organisations, corporations, media and vectors of influence toward gaining possession of control by means that would never be tolerated openly, unless of course it only comes out into the open as a takeover from inside by stealth - not unlike parasitic infections changing the biochemistry and behaviours of its host.
'Deliver unto evil' is the hidden subtext to promises of a sense of false self-empowerment.
What does it profit a man to gain control of a world if it costs relational honesty freedom?
Relational freedom is not algorithms of definition and control.
Do as you would be done to because you shall receive the measure of your giving.

Weaponising and marketising technology as well as communication itself is wreaking destruction. Fear attracts parasites.

They come in by your trojan horse.

Seeking communication rather than agreement

Seeking communication rather than agreement would pivot us back to honouring and acknowledging differences instead of persisting in a battle of judgements asserted as fact.

For my part the key dissociation from reality is where the mind is invoked to override the heart's recognition - which is always subject specific to a mental substitution of diversion and displacement. When fear conflicts the heart of the power of accepted decision, a mind of rules and conditions interjects as processes of solution that propagate the problem in new and seemingly unrelated forms - while establishing itself as the protective provider of security from deeper or now hidden fears.

That denied or evaded relational conflicts can be pushed onto others, onto outer conditions, and onto our body, is not so much a personal responsibility for outcome - but a breakdown of relational communication that results in a sense of personal fear, threat, disconnection and lack of support and direction - into which the mind as defence operates as an identity set in and by opposition, conflict or fear.

When any method of healing is identified hopeful by common agreement all kinds of ills are brought to it in hope of magical cure. By magical, I mean effecting a removal of the symptoms without addressing truly the subject specific cause or causes.  A false flag is wrongly addressed. To acknowledge what is - where it is may entail recognising and releasing false flagged attempt to re-assert control under a sense of fear of threat of pain of loss.

The mind is in a sense thus trained to marketise and weaponise (everything) for maintaining a sense of possession and control that in truth is the heart's decision of alignment and not a mind-set-in-its-own-spin seeking reinforcement as a default reaction to a block or recoil from communication and relation under fear that I often call 'separation trauma' - or indeed a fear of extinction that generates a rebellion against communication as an intensity of emotional force given to a mind-rule of evasion.

'Do something - pay later' is an inability to abide with and through our chaos of symptoms that seem to overwhelm our sense of self existence in Relation. The fight-flight mechanism elevated to command and control centre - to which a weak or broken heart must now appeal for protection - and sacrifice to in sympathy of support.

I am not suggesting we can seek psychic emotional or relational causes as if that in itself heals - because the mind loves to engage in processes of self-justifying and overriding interventions. But that a core component to healing - rather than symptom suppression in lieu of healing - is a true forgiveness of Self and self release.

Pausing from reactive thinking, calms to a clearer presence of free awareness in which fresh perspective and opportunity arises naturally or from the nature of our actual wholeness beneath the presentation of sickness and disease. This quality of a living discernment is denied by systemic assertions of intervention and coercion - even where there are helpful elements in the course of action.

I am told that on arriving at a scene of mass carnage paramedics have learned they must first become still or releasing of emotional reaction -perhaps for a period of minutes- so as to be able to truly discern who can be helped from who cannot and attend the need that can be met. The mind will frame the 'heart' as weak and emotional by rationalising hindsight set in judgements that undermine true insight and transformational learning. But the heart is the capacity to abide and embrace 'what is' to the point of recognising and aligning in love - which knows itself in the act of giving or sharing and is naked of pretensions and manipulations seeking sympathy and reinforcement for who we are.

The substratum or foundation from which we live is what is being undermined by a false-framed sense of power and protection. Self-responsibility is RELATIONAL responsibility as an individual extension of uncovered and shared worth. Its denial works the ruleset of an overriding collectivism given power by sacrifice of the heart's decision to a fear-defined SUBSTITUTION. But there is no substitution for love - but empty forms that suck out our wealth and life and joy by baiting us to sacrifice our self to their sustainability - as protecting 'even the little that we hath'.

Wholeness of being under compression must release what is dissonant and does not work or serve. This means 'clearing up our room' or sweeping the Temple of our devotions. 
But an identity invested in possession of control will contract from the field of relation into limitation by withdrawal and withholding so as to 'survive' in fear rather than become the seed of new life.
The 'political' underbelly to our world is nothing to do with the circus of its facade but to an enforced and imposed 'austerity' of broad spectrum subjection that  are humanly unthinkable in not just the suffering - but as the commitment to denial of Life as the basis for remaking a world in the image of its 'gods' of possession and control.

Insofar as this presents itself as a achievement rising even to 'Heaven' it will reveal itself as the babel of separate agendas of conflicted chaos as a breakdown of communication - because that is what denial 'does' in uniting against a greater fear of exposure - otherwise running as 'private self interest' masking as social concern and acceptability.

A subject specific approach to healing is firstly a relational willingness to pause (from reactivity), listen for resonant recognition (practical insight or prompt) and align in actions and associations or relationship and communication that unfolds a reintegrative solution. This is also a path of growing a consciousness of conscious willingness that is a re-educative and rehabilitating way of life. It isn't just to get rid of an 'interruption' to 'my life' so as to persist in the denial of the messengers or feedback to a deeper or hidden dissonance that is coming up to be recognised and released.

Whatever we deny becomes drawn into our experience - when that denial is a demonising or negatively charged rejection. Aligning in wholeness is not the demonising of the flagged or framed 'threat'.
That is the baiting of an identity in conflict that seeks to delay acceptance of Life in fear of loss of self.
It seeks the sustainability of conflict by reframing identity in righteous overriding denials of anything that would disclose its lack of true substance. And assign its hateful motive to its targets.
True Sustenance is relational integrity that extends its qualities in true 'with-ness' as willingness of true 'worth-ship'.
Can we be with ourselves when we meet the 'other'?
Not as a mind-should but as an ongoing willingness to learn TO be with ourselves and each other?
We already know how to ritually re-enact all kinds of social masking - even without having to notice we do it. And adopt all kinds of roles as part of inherited and acquired strategies of survival.
But when the social order breaks down we find we cannot 'do' or lose support for doing what once worked.

This is the opportunity for a re-evaluation instead of a re-enactment of the same sense of lack in 'New Robes'.