Monday, 31 August 2015

Take no Joy in Hatred

We Are the Government: Tactics for Taking Down the Police State
By John Whitehead

(My commenting to the 'call to hate' expressed by some commentators).

It is all a matter of perspective - and our current definitional framework creates that perspective. I do not share in a currency of hatred - which feels false or deceptive over and against all that I hold true of myself. So when and as and if I meet hatred I look for hidden triggers of agenda  in myself - and release or heal that in myself. I am not trying to convince you - but I am willing to share with you from where I take joy in being. That bodies can be attacked is self-evident. That minds can be deceived is also clear to see - but not when under such a deceit.
Uncovering deceit so as to 'put it behind me' is a matter of discernment. While triggered in hatred - no discernment is possible; one's mind is in a sense temporarily possessed or manipulated by conditionings.
Whatever challenges we meet in our life, the first call is to recognize our own part - for if we see ALL the causative responsibility or power OUTSIDE ourself, we are thus deceived into neglecting our part while hating or fighting or resisting the part ascribed to others.
Inflammation escalates a diseased state. Fanning the flames or fuelling fear with hate is not the Way - but is a further attempt to obstruct the Way - which must start with one's own healing (of perspective) - otherwise the hate-blinded lead the fear-blinded along the purpose of the power-blinded  which serves a denial of Life or death as if it were victory OVER Life.
While we let un-owned and self-righteous hate-reaction play into the role of 'enemy' such split-minded deceit finds reinforcement and justification to persist through all its conflicting parts.
There are many ways to say NO as an act of integrity. While also saying YES to an integrity of Life that may be heavily covered over by scripts of self-hatred and yet IS there to uncover and restore. It is not that any of us are 'good' persons - but that persona is the mask raised to conceal the fear and hatred of the self-conflicted.
No one IS their survival strategy. Everyone DOES their strategy - but largely unmindfully and in ways that trigger reaction in others. Mindfulness or awakened consciousness opens choices that fear and hate cannot allow if they are to survive. Each has the choice to identify in hate and vengeance or to be identified in a true extension of Presence. I write as part of illuminating that choice within a world predicated upon its denial. To take joy in pain is to sacrifice joy in Life to a false god.