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Pope on Gender choice for children

Pope Francis slams "terrible and unnatural" practice of teaching gender choice to children

Various issues come up here:

Education has been used as a weapon of 'social engineering' or dictated compliance for a very long time - and in some sense inherently so, because the weaponisation of mind in fear of and against our true nature is part of our social conditioning to some degree or another.

If Man is made in the image of God - then is this a God of Unconditional Love unto a free willingness of acceptance, or a god of wrath to whom partial sacrifice must be made in order to appease and limit from total sacrifice?

If I may use some of the Pope's religious terminology - those whose mind separates them from God - in effect if not in truth, can ONLY teach 'separation' while they are identified and conformed to the mind as if IT were their truth and thus a basis for demonizing the true.

That Life does not consistently or truly fit into any of our models or images of how Life should be - be they mythic, theological or scientific models, is often seen in terms of threat to the truth of a sense of 'saved' or sane identity - and then we equate our own judgements of rejection, invalidation or excommunication- (scripture based or science based) - with "The Truth".

Thus self-image is inherently at war with true nature or Life - and blindly pursues its own validation and reinforcement upon others and upon its world as a 'righteous' sense of necessity and  - if you look closely - vengeance. For there is a sense of love lost or power lost that seeks to regain or pay back. The power play for position. The attempt to stamp out in the other what is most hated and heared in the self.

Whilst personality is grown from predilection and cultural exposure, our true identity is not a construct or a manufactured mask - but a unique signature vibration of recognition to which the persona can be aligned - where there is willingness to embrace and embody Life rather than persist under a conceptual dictate to which Life is subordinated and sacrificed of its wholeness and joy.

The assault upon traditional culture is of a global corporatism; strategically enacted, with those on the outer circles enlisted to operate in what they take as good faith as being righteous or just while those in the inmost circles knowingly operating power for its own sake to remake the world in their own image and for their private agenda.

Traditional cultures can be viewed as irrational, superstitious, backward, dangerous and blocks to the progress of 'humanity' in the terms set by a disconnected rationalism of soul-less or loveless thinking - as if such thinking is 'free' of such error and shall make a new world order without according any validity or power to such weaknesses - excepting perhaps as part of a narrative distraction by which to entrain the unwary to their station. However, what has worked to flower human cultures of diverse kinds holds riches of which a merely materialistic sense of power and utility cannot see or even imagine.

Identity is the crux of all crisis for an identity in conflict is an identity seeking power and therefore being rendered powerless by acting from such a lack of foundation. In this sense we each weave a persona or mask as part of who we present and identify ourself to be and to become - and then believe it our self.

We are truly identified in the extending of our true presence - and recognizing such quailities of being in others and our world as one with ourselves. Far from diminishing our uniqueness, this light embraces it - but not as a self-differentiation of better than or worse than.

A lack of presence, a lack of love, a joyless and de-natured society, all lead to the filling of the hollowness of life with every kind of substitute. The real issue is of self-honouring worth that naturally extends to others; not of sexual orientation. Real relationship transcends packaging. The forms of things are NOT the meanings as any trojan exploit or phishing ruse should teach.

Those who support and use 'gender politics' as a trojan to destabilize society are seeking to advance their own power over weakened and conflicted identities, families, societies, nations or cultures. There is to be only the state culture - and that state is to serve an elitist power class.

Unplugging from deceit - reconnection within true being

Further commentary within the page article also referenced in other commentary here

Monica Kemp

Excellent, courageous statements by Margot Kidder and great responses in the rest of the posts. But how do we make this headlines, FRONT AND CENTRE, for average voting American in the next 3 months?!

My reply to Monica:

How can you force information to an unwillingness to listen? You cannot – without invalidating your information by turning it into ammunition and attack – which of course will be defended against and used against you.
But you can be a willingness to listen – and you can speak into such a willingness wherever it may align as a synchronicity of shared purpose.

Jim Jacobus to Monica:

That process requires disengaging them from The Matrix that is their world.
Within three months.
It takes three months minimum in many cases just to establish who is capable of withstanding the process of being unplugged.
Sometimes we must take a tough look at resource allocation.
I hate to sound cold, but it is 11:59:59

My reply to Jim:

Ah - so you are the one who is serving out toxic food, pharma-sickness etc to the 'useless eaters'? It is so easy to use terms like 'them' and 'we' - without realizing who is using your mind.

While of course you are free to choose to see lovelessly, (and thereby lose sight of your freedom to choose), I invite that what is often called the 'matrix' here, is a belief-experience of being UN-plugged from our (true) being and sucking on a fake version.

The fear of being un-plugged from a state of disconnect (that operates a mask of apparent support-connection over a war-mind) is at root, a fear of love - a fear of intimate connection, balance and alignment. A fear of losing your 'mind-control' - but is it not fear that operates mind as a weapon and shield of 'control'?

Artificially induced scarcities cascade from a lack of love or love-worthiness and effectively reinforce a hateful cold and murderous but unfeeling  conformity to being 'tough'. And within the matrix - such is the 'sacrifice' of truth and love to an overriding dictate; a loveless god of power - who may stay the hand of destruction to those who deliver their own unto sacrifice... and call it by the names of kindness, love or protection.

Terror, War and Compliance

NATO’s Misguided Response to “Hybrid Threat”

The imprinting of terror captures the mind to then align with it as power. This is not rational - rather all rationality is subordinated to defend and protect the fragment that terror 'saves' by conferring 'special' privilege and protection.

The role terror plays in mind-control is  - I believe - a re-enacting of the core separation trauma by which a segregative and manipulative mind replaces the open communication of natural being - and is effectively at war with its own being. therefore there is a war on Consciousness and upon Life on Earth that is not rationally apprehensible because our 'mind' is already compromised to operate the evasion of terror and the suppression of rage.

This embodies itself in caricature with the loud public accusations of the evils of the 'other' that are manifestly and openly being enacted by the accuser. The power to carry this off without being openly disregarded is the terror of the consequence of honesty.

However, addiction running out of control is a demonic and destructive mind-trap and honesty has to open within it - one way or another - if Life is to restore a true foundation. Honesty is not a strategy - but a release of strategic thinking for a true account. Bad intelligence - bad outcome. We each make a persona for everyone in our life and assign it the qualities and roles that we then react to as true - but these come from - and reinforce - our own personality construct.

Curiously, 'war on terror' can be indicative of the desperate attempt to avoid it - thus giving power to any and every pretence and illusion that keeps it at bay or delays its 'violation' of our self-assertive power - and with this kind of 'power' the terror of a house of cards falling down hides behind the apparent broad spectrum dominance - because it all has to be held in place with a multitude of lies that demand increasing control amidst increasing disorder.
However, we can only work with where we are at - with the material at hand.

Projecting fears into others and future scenarios and then making them true by acting as if they are - is an insanity of dissociation and displacement. Not a call to blame. Mind control has been much studied and operates in many levels in many ways. Re-integrative healing is the other direction. Not an anti-mind-control so much as a mind-aligned correction to a divide and rule imprint - perhaps the core nature of which is a genuine acceptance of feelings - not in rationalizations but simply having safe ways to own that we feel - and allow it to evolve - for rage-hate is hurt-heart of denied being.

But such words as these mean nothing to us when we are re-acting out the suppression of or hateful expression of pain - and without some willingness for healing - nothing can begin no matter what is tried or said or offered. So only those who are found in and can find such willingness are able to grow it to the noticing or recognition and synchronicity of others at any level of seeding or fruiting.

Using the mind as a weapon defeats its function and purpose - or rather deceives the intent with a private sense of mind that cannot know what it does nor recognize itself in another - excepting of course as the 'enemy'!

Alight in a joy of resonance or struggle in the dark

Here is a response to my writing that represents losing heart...

...while your writing is obviously from the heart, and may be true or even tangentially relevant to each topic you rely on, the length and meandering nature of your text means many including myself, find ourselves lost before the end.
This results in, sadly, tl;dr.

To Headrush69:

No call to be sad - are you really sad? Or am I a bit interesting but then again frustrating and that then feels a sense of loss of what perhaps you hoped for?

Perhaps you operate a set of rules that are setting an agenda? They may be useful and worthy rules, but they can rule out what doesn't conform to them... You may simply jump to the end - and alight as you are interested or moved.

Does anyone suffer not reading what I write?  I have a sense that to grok any part may hold a significance that might be enough to abide with and feel into - it isn't coming from a store of ideas and isn't seeking storage. However, I am not writing in a vacuum - and I appreciate your response.

I share what interests me to a similar willingness.  I believe what is transpiring is and will be mind-breaking - in the sense of our model of the world and therefore of course our definition and experience of our selves.

If you recognize the mind is the resource that for the moment we might say is being hacked and 'controlled' or engineered by 'elite' manipulators, then there is a basis to be more curious as to what is actually going on in our minds - not as theories of mind that transform nothing - but as direct observation - in the act - so to speak.

Without looking in AND out at the same time - we are half wits - like golems to be herded and milked by those who pharm them.  My sense is that many are as resistant to looking within as the 'elites' are of transparency and accountability - in other words the model is not so different - and it is that kind of linkage that the materialist does not want to see - as if mind means "Private Keep Out" - and its thinking operating a jamming signal - at least when meeting something that doesn't conform...

I appreciate the various inputs into these conversations. There is a witness here to a desire for an integrity of information amidst a world of lies.

Is Brexit a ruse to destabilise UK and/or EU? - Well very similar things have happened all around the world. Everything and anything is weaponized; full spectrum dominance. What for - one might wonder. Power! But what for I might ask.

The illusion of freedom is laid bare

The illusion of freedom is laid bare. Do as you are told - or else...
Journalism is discouraged and directed narratives pretending to be journalism, assert State power.
Governance is also discouraged and powerful lobbies operate illusions of governance through capture and use of law as a weapon against the supposed charter of the Law as a servant for all.
Who are the puppet masters? Are they private banks instituted and protected by law under the guise of 'protecting the Economy?' Are they also those who worked to bring about the events by which 'economies' need such 'protection?' Are they also puppets of deceits and coercions that then become their 'currency' of exchange and communication?
Operating as trans-national corporate entities in cartels of regulatory protected control over populations with less and less check or balance to stripping out profit from increasingly destructive 'services'.
The evil that works through so many apparently protective, benign or necessary services is US - and I don't mean U.S.A I mean All of Us and each of us in particular configurations of denial and dishonesty.

However I appreciate your outrage being turned somewhat to communication. In the light of what I wrote (and feel) - I look to use felt rage to more truly align myself - for I see that hate feeds the very thing I say I want rid of.  So I have to find in myself what I hate in others - and choose consciously what I give energy and investment to. And come from there - not from a sense of being denied or failed by others. Not everything BBC is crap - one has to discern - rather than extending blind trust to an institution or leader or system of idea. Blind trust is a contractual neglect of accountability. I tried getting my world just right - but it keeps changing...  ;-)

In reply to:

Here are a few questions to be put to the following BBC journalists (Laura Kuennsberg, Mark Urban, Evan Davis, David Dimbleby, JO Coburn):

Who pays your salaries?
Do you believe that ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’?
If so, to whom do you owe your blatant contravention of impartiality during the EU debate? It clearly isn’t the license payor, is it……?
If MPs behaved the way you have in terms of flagrant dereliction of the BBC charter, do you think you would be calling for their resignations?
Do you think you should all resign not just from the BBC but from journalism?
Do you believe that your role as journalists is to be MI6 sock puppets manipulating citizen democracy for the benefit of unaccountable elites?
If so, why should your pensions from the BBC not be cancelled and you all thrown on the streets as penniless as we can make you after you have been feeding at the troughers’ trough for decades??

A wealth of living information in mythic reflections

Zeitgeist the movie 2

The above youtube movie attracted this comment from me:

The static closed loop identity is too linear to recognize the wealth of living information abiding in so called mythic reflections. Technology - including thinking - extends the purpose that creates and uses it. The urge to define and control life has a fear element that is denied by design - so as to seem to be made in our own image and thought and have faith this is true and experience it as if true. But self-image is a technology initially operating a denial phase by which to develop a segregative closed system.

This documentary illustrates some of the ways such a segregative division of controller and controlled, judge and judged, extends the idea of (fear of) loss as a power struggle of increasing fragmentation and depletion to a point of recognition of the unworkability and meaninglessness of a 'self and world' founded upon a false foundation. And recognized false it can no longer serve AS a foundation.

And so beneath what seemed solid and self-evident are recognized evasions and devices of deceit, pretences and diversionary displacements by which to maintain an ego focus within Open Consciousness - for the mechanism persists as habit - but its purpose is changed from a device of limitation and denial through raising a mask or persona over conflicting self, to a communication channel through which life extends to recognize itself in the other and the world.

The timings of the Shift are individual within a collective reintegration but we are all part of each other in ways we cannot see while the self-concept 'rules' in place of true feeling discernment - for each moment is a new emergence and this is not 'loss of self" or "loss of control" - but freedom from having to operate an impositional or coercive 'self' upon the movement of our being; the creative uncovering of Life in unselfconscious spontaneity - at one with the moment itself.

Any glimpse of this original nature operating without distortion and drag of death and taxes is a miraculous intimacy of being that the mind may then seek to define or hold on to or attempt to regain - but it cannot do this for you already are this - but entanglement with choices investing identity in idolizing form reflects back as the fixed sense of meaning - and its 'loss' to the awareness of identifying in belief of having first gained it and life's movement taking away.

Paradoxically truly letting go is what allows something to manifest in alignment with the focus of desire that is active. Uncovering our true desire often terrifies us - for here all heartbreak was born, isolation and deprivation and misery. The denied or subconscious and unconscious conditioning is not rationally accessible for a divorced rationality is the technology of its denial. The barriers and blocks to accepting who you truly are and knowing and being truly known are reflecting vital information - and trying to go past them only gets sabotaged by such denials signalling a need for acceptance.

You are the 1% - your denied feelings have become almost invisible to who you believe yourself to be. Yet your world is FULL of them - except you only 'see' threats or unworthiness and weakness.

"Am I my brother's keeper?" . Your 'brother' is the keeper of what you deny in yourself, for in extending acceptance of worth to him or her is the only way you recognize or know again that you have it and are it.

I see an alloy of ideas and information in this documentary - but beneath that also a willingness for the embrace of Life on Earth. If we had to know everything before stepping forth we would not be the unfolding experience of a human lifetime. However we can know what we need to know when we need to know it - and that is the 'faith' connection to what can be called higher mind or non physical mind.

When the communication channel is blocked by identifying in fear reaction and attempt to coercively limit to control, the sense is of having to mange reality all by oneself. Faith is then invested in protections and powers that extend such control - which add to the investment in displaced identity. The rest is a history we seem unable to escape or overcome.

It does not matter what kind of permission slips work for you to feel, know and move in and as the presence of you instead of fragmented presentations. While they work appreciate and extend a natural joy and gratitude in what you do. I am stressing the growing of a different foundation - which comes from receptivity to Life and in cooperation with Life.

Trying to mix old and new is a period of conflict. You cannot serve two mutually exclusive purposes at the same time and vacillation or procrastination cancels or delays coming to the recognition and acceptance of a truly unified purpose. If the world brings feelings of heartbreak, rage or powerlessness, don't give them your trigger finger - or your denial. There is important insight hidden in the 'unwelcome guest'. Problem solving is not the same as an innocent curiosity. Being practical yes - but being framed by problems that reflect inner issues of relational conflict and 'solving them where they are not' will only displace and disguise more subtly what you don't want to accept, yet.

False framing; Which one is worse? - and the Christ Story Symbol

Which one is worse?”… = divide and rule (by setting a framework in which judgement instead of discernment operates. However – you have to be willing to reactively do as you are suggested and triggered to).

Instead of “Is this true?” or “what is the truth here?”, the ‘better or worse’ operates the devil you know and the un-faced fears that are associated with the negative or unacceptable – and therefore denied and defended against – feelings, experience and the self-conflicted.

The true is that you are an individual – but that realisation is not conceptual assertion or manipulation.

If you would know yourself – you have to release investment in self-assertive manipulations and re-cognize and be re-membered in a unity of purpose within a diversity of expression – but most simply put you will FEEL your Life and will know and be known within an intimacy of recognition that is NOT coercive upon you – though a habit of coercive thinking may cut off such an intimacy to claim the ‘insight’ as its own fake ‘individuality’.

Which form of deceit is worse is a meaningless question – but deceits that pass off as true currency operate destructively on our capacity to recognize and share in Life – whereas those that are seen AS deceits are no longer believable – though of course they can be strongly asserted by a manipulative intent that has great investment in their NOT being exposed.

A drowning man may cling to anything at any expense to save his or her own life – yet if the ‘losing of control’ is itself a deceit by which to SEEM to be a power unto and of oneself – then there are contextual frameworks of definition that can be expanded to allow more perspective as to what and where your Life is – and who you are within it’s embrace.

Attacking the person is the guarantee for breakdown of communication – no matter what the persona is associated with. Hatred operates by stealth to make sure that real communication cannot happen – or will be aborted or subverted and enslaved to a hate agenda – albeit masked in a sense of power and protection of false currency or hidden agenda.

...And on the same page in reply to this commenter:

As you accept the Unconditional love of your very Being – so will you unselfconsciously and automatically be a light unto others – and re-cognize the light in others. But if YOU set YOUR self to be God’s Chosen instrument then you re-enact the original ‘sin’ of completely missing the mark and operating a ‘reversal’ in consciousness by which self righteousness operates the denial of the Living One in All – and enacts this upon all that now seems unworthy and requiring YOUR correction.

The desire to ‘bring light into the darkness’ is not wrong so much as extremely susceptible to mis-guidance. But you can be a willingness for illumination in a place of darkness, or lack of loving awareness. First one has to accept it – and that is the last thing most of us will allow – for we much rather ‘sell it’ or make an identity of association with its outer forms than be ourselves healed of deceit.

Re-waking the ‘dead’ is the work of the Living – and not to the matrix-zombie but to the true presence beneath the false identity – the stirring of a recognition – and intuition, a feeling, an illumination, a touch of grace of simple being, a restoration of a felt integrity and sanity that IS your being.

Of course there is a matrix version for all spiritual awakening – at the level of form. So do not merely be triggered by the outer forms of anything, but pause to truly feel within for the resonance of your truth-sense in your current capacity of aligning in integrity of Being.
If you let the Christ-child be the stirring of such a movement of all and response within being – then you can nurture and abide with it rather than claim it for Herod in the realm of a dead light that confuses love of power with the power of love.

The following was written recently by me without any note as to where it was offered but it flows on here so ... here it is:

It is more widely known now that corrupt state authorities sends covert incitement to violence and destruction into the ranks of any movement of opposition or solidarity that grows enough to come onto their radar (as a rival or threat). So they have their broad spectrum dominance - not unlike Herod in the symbol of the Nativity - only that terror was openly wielded without justification or apology. In our times it is secretly wielded beneath pretence of justification and apology.

Regardless any crap that accrued or was put into it - the basic early Christed story is one of growing beneath the radar until the readiness and calling to come out in true witness to the love as the heart of our true Humanity. Of course this presence shared, contrasts and thus illuminates the stark nature of the hate, rage and terror that imprints itself AS the mind of coercion and deceit of a mask whereby to capture and feed off of the life essence that equates its safety and protection with such a 'god' or indeed anti-god.

The true nature of a choice is between alternatives that are both available to be discerned or considered so as to choose one from another - but the dictate of false framed thinking makes many 'choices' designed to keep you in the mask and choose the mask because no other perspective is allowed to awareness - but is killed in the cradle.

The evil works as a sense of self survival - in terms of the mask of power and protection - for one who the mask has captured, knows not who he is - and cannot know what he does - although the surface of the mask believes it is denying, killing or protecting FROM evil - the underlying or hidden mask of terror imprinting IS driving it compulsively.

Denying or sacrificing the heart-sense as it rises becomes the alignment in hate as power - and now the world of hate makes 'sense' for if you obey, you obtain privileges over and above others and the oppression and compression of fear is somewhat allayed. And so such a one 'loves' the power that desists from giving pain as if giving favour - perhaps even a self-specialness for willingness to operate terror over others in guise of helping them - and of course this is for their own good - or for a "Coming Good" that their sacrifice serves.

The only sanity amidst deceit is to awaken - and then live from sanity while growing in the capacity to discern and undo the imprinted conditioning that operates automatically - so long has it been held in the dark.

In modern terms, accept and run only code that is free of malware, virii or trojan intent - because garbage in = garbage out.

Your government don't and cant operate this responsibility for you and nor can they take it away. Intent to capture and control can bait you with triggers of a desire for self-specialness - as seduction, and with incitement and justification to hate - so as to 'get real' in terms of love's weakness and hate's power. But this is how you know your choice - and the fruits are not set in terms of hollow forms - but as a true quality of being that cannot be contained - nor claimed credit for. But can be denied conscious acceptance by an identification of investment in self-image.

Don't underestimate the power of the mind to fundamentally skew EVERYTHING when it mis-identifes its own foundation. So check in - often - always - as to where you are coming from - because we cannot escape our foundation regardless the grasp at forms of power to assert otherwise. Clever thinking called upon to obfuscate and 'sell' toxic debt is still stealing life to pay death - and it works an engine of destruction because we are tuned into the signal and engaging in its terms. Change the dial - receive a different perspective than self defeating struggle... as you are willing. Recognize crap-thinking as crap thinking and leave it un-validated - but that means you HAVE to accept a true sense of worth instead of the struggle to make a profit out of crap thinking. Its a racket!

Why We Haven't Found Alien Life

One of the Best Explanations For Why We Haven't Found Alien Life

In commentary to the above article:

Rather than blindly operate current definitions and presumptions of “We” who have not - at least officially - found or been found in relationship with life beyond the confines of our Planetary sphere or indeed of our general dimensional identification in the temporal-physical plane... consider that within Infinite Consciousness, any definition will generate correspondence of reflecting reinforcement.

In order to open a more inclusive communication and relationship, look to the limiting and excluding factors in our personal and collective self-definitions - because what seems to be a fixed perspective by which to experience what we then call ‘world’ or ‘universe’ or ‘outer reality’ is in fact fluid, elastic and operating at frequencies of which we are generally, currently blocking - as a result of tuning in to a specific sub-set for specific purposes - that have characterized this particular facet of the the Human Experience. The current use of mind operates a blocking and limiting device for a segregative focus within body frameworks that deny or usurp the living communication through body.

One of the issues of expanding perspective from a narrowly defined exclusivity to a more universal and multidimensional appreciation is that of psychotic breakdown as a result of unprepared re-entry to Consciousness from a Newtonian sense of control over separate bodies or indeed ‘separate’ thoughts.

That communications are already operating between diverse facets and dimensions of ‘Life’ is simply always - whether recognized or not, but the human mind has learned to not see or recognize its integrality within wholeness in the belief-attempt to operate a discrete and separate identity.

Intimacy is not the bringing or rubbing of bodies together, yet communication of an intimately shared purpose of thought and feeling can be traumatic to an insistence in maintaining distance. Hence willingness and desire for communication is part of the re-discovery ad re-cognition of the ‘more’ of who you are and what Life Is.

Communication cannot be forced - and the matrix of thinking that passes as ‘communication’ operates a force-field of exclusion and denial. You are as alone as your identification dictates - and this is a choice though it seems an insurmountable conditioning.

Find (or be found in) the Life that you are - that is being all there is where ‘you’ seem to be, as a true and unwithheld presence. Now are you a point of presence that participates vibrationally instead of a conceptual fragmentation set in forms of conflicted denials.

Oh.. and we are all equally ‘special’ as a focal point of reflection and communication within All That Is. The gravitic catchment of self-specialness is in fact an incredibly weak ‘force’ that requires great compression of focus to operate within - but is then felt overwhelming within such ‘local’ perspective.

I write to your reflection - not to persuade. Have fun... if you will.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Rising self-disgust and rage

My Fellow Americans: We Are Fools
by Margot Kidder, via Information Clearinghouse

There is something I am going to try and explain here after watching the Democratic National Convention this evening that will invite the scorn of many of my friends.  But the words are gagging my throat and my stomach is twisted and sick and I have to vomit this out.  The anti-Americanism in me is about to explode and land god knows where as my rage is well beyond reason.

My comment:

I celebrate getting in touch with the feelings of self-disgust and rage that comes perhaps from powerlessness or indeed terror - for such are the fruits of an undercurrent insanity that rises from the deep to break the dream of a power or self-specialness that never was.

I do not want to give suppressed and denied emotion the trigger finger to any harming of myself or others but feel it and use it to generate the desire and receptivity for a true sanity of being - instead of being negatively defined in reaction to the denied and projected or unacceptable self.

It is never truly the people who are culpable so much as the definitions and beliefs we or they are operating out from unknowingly. For everyone seeks their good as they define it in relation to what is happening - even if to choose what seems the lesser evil. And that is my point; the definitions we operate under determine our selective perception and thus the reactions and responses that automatically ensue. That is why 'controlling the narrative' is powerful - because it frames reality in ways that block, distort and filter it to ensure outcomes aligning with a pre-set identity.

So without denying the feelings of hatred that arise, I invite a voiding or releasing the corrupted in the renewed or awakened willingness to uncover the true. Because what is out-of-true with us can only generate dissonance and conflict while we try to make it true or fit into its framework.

Recognizing oneself in the 'negative' is meeting the extreme need to get rid of it - but if we project it onto hate-objects we merely hide in "self-righteousness". My invitation to feel - in a safe context as can be found - and in a willingness to be found in or aligned to a deeper Sanity, is that there are core beliefs and self-definitions beneath or within the feelings - ie: beneath rage is hate, and beneath hate is hurt and beneath hurt is a love denied - and all of these layers have 'story' of separation trauma that runs undercurrent to our surface world - and is active regardless of being air-brushed 'out-of-mind'.

Waking up is a Re-Integrative Willingness. But it isn't the special one or the righteous judge or empowered warrior who awakens to the true movement of their being - it is the Movement Itself - finding a way through you because you are no longer so completely locked into the dynamic of conflict as the means to establish your identity.

If your identity 'breaks' then it is not the true of you - and in fact you are free - and needful - to uncover the true of you beyond the dictate of a world gone mad.

Can we fool ourselves? Yes of course - to the degree that we WANT to. Why would we fool ourselves? To evade, escape, overcome or hide from a sense of self that we hate or fear.

Yet I don't believe our truth is fearful so much as what we have 'made' of it. The 'mind' is used to self-differentiate in guilt and fear of exposure. But our uniqueness is a signature of our Creator - regardless whether you use such a term for the Source or Cause beneath effects.

I don't write to persuade or be agreed with - but to offer reflections that may resonate to your own stirring recognitions - and serve your own unfolding discovery in your own terms.

It is not that the true of us is folly - but that we have become entangled and co-fused with fooling ourselves and fooling each other to make it stick - or find reinforcement and validation for such 'identity' - which is necessarily struggle for power position and inherently operates as a corrupting influence in the body politic - and co-opts its abilities and technologies to consolidate its victory in death. Because differentiating from Life has its logical conclusion in death - including the living death of a robot-like enslavement to a terror driven system.

Death - in the sense I use it here - is the refusal of the transformative and evolutionary expansion of Life. It may feel like a death to be broken in your 'self-reality' construct, but if you abide in willingness for Life - it will move you to recognition because it IS your will - your long denied will. The acceptance and embodiment of your true feeling being.

The communication of a deeper nature does not address your problems - but if you let it in as the feelings rise to acceptance and release, then it restores a fresh and living perspective from which to take a step in good heart... in a connected sense of worth. This willingness has to replace the sleepwalking template that is imprinted as our habitual 'mindset' and emotional conditioning. There is no rush to attend to the moment at hand - and no delay either. Your presence is invited to participate in the Embrace of Life on Earth... as you are freely willing to accept and align in.

The unacceptable face is kept hidden

The real unacceptable faces of capitalism
By: Merryn Somerset Webb at moneyweek

My comment to the above:

Why give focus to the personae when the underlying ills are a logical result of laws passed and accepted. Laws by which corporations are given 'personal' rights without corresponding responsibilities. Laws by which private banks come to own and effectively control any flavour or face of political 'power'. Laws by which corporations are compelled to asset strip and 'outsource' pain, misery and degradation of our experience of Life on Earth - excepting themselves as the privileged elect and believing themselves superior and powerful enough to disregard the lives of others - and anyway "it's always been this way and there's nothing you can really do about it except make sure your own interests are 'protected'".

What law is for society, accepted beliefs and definitions are for the individual - and work as a template of persona and world-view from which to operate. When confusions of obvious insanity rise to a surface awareness there is a call to look beneath surface appearances and identify what does not belong in the template of our focusing - or indeed of our devotions. Sweeping out the 'moneylender from the Template' is not primarily a political activism but a matter of individual housekeeping. And from a true foundation, we can bring a true witness to our collective housekeeping - for at its most basic level, that is what our political society embodies; how do we arrange or organize our selves and our lives in a human experience that has much in common whilst embodying a great diversity?

The 'win-lose' mindset operates differently from the 'win-win' willingness. This segregative or integrative polarisation marks the difference regardless of the face or form of the system, political or otherwise. If beneath appearances and shows of 'Power', is only a fear of loss - then where is the power to live and love, grow and learn, discover and appreciate?

Investing our lives in a fear of loss driven system is seeking power and protection in terms defined by fearful and self-invalidating conditioning. False investment doesn't only increase indebtedness and indenture to the false - but costs the recognition, appreciation and gratitude for the true - for what truly embodies and fulfils the desire of living that goes forth to multiply or magnify a true sense of worth and wealth - and whose cup flows over as a matter of course. Misery is miser-y. Breaking siege is letting fresh perspective into a painted corner from which no escape is conceivable.
Worth and wealth have to find a timing and a way to embody - regardless the 'siege mentality' - because the world we meet will reflect where we are coming from. I don't suggest this can be manipulatively exploited - but that one doesn't grow a new habit by framing it in the old habit.

Forever debt; forever war

Comment into:
Forever debt, forever war
By: Dan Denning of Moneyweek

Finding most 'news' stories to be hollow propagandistic deceits - I came to this (above linked) story from a G-news sidebar and felt at least a willingness for reason.

The notion of wealth subordinated to money, and the notion of disconnected sense of money from any real relational account, masked in insanely complex 'instruments' of obfuscation, reflects to me the current state of 'consciousness on Earth' - or lack thereof - because a fragmented 'warring' consciousness is a sham - and a shame - with all the defences and subterfuge of propping up and protecting from exposure.

True currency must serve and extend a genuine sense of shared worth. False ideas can only result in a false reality reading and response of a false sense of self.

War is built into and inherent in our money system - and our consciousness. The old paradigm 'consciousness' cannot serve as a true foundation. Look within to see not only the toxic debts of nothingness pretending to be something - but the complex shenanigans that serve to hide the truth - not merely from others - but from ourselves, so that different 'compartments' operate against each other or unbeknown to each other so as to maintain.... what exactly? Survival in terms set by conditioned fears and self-guilts. If we don't take a fresh look now - our prodigal wasteland will bring us to take a fresh look when it can no longer be denied, re-defined and repackaged and sold off as if it were a cultural expression of Life on Earth.

Uncovering and living from a truly felt sense of worth does not preclude any particular avenue of endeavour and exploration - but will transform or direct the way of it. If fear of loss is the active foundation - then expect self-fulfilling prophecies to reinforce the starting premise - because that is how life works.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Beneath the power struggles and their personae

What is Fethulla G├╝len?
by F. William Engdahl

The above article seeks to illuminate the deceits of power struggle.
My comment:

The struggle of 'powers' takes many and complex forms. Personae can be proxies, patsies and deceits and false narratives operate in support of their respective positions - and handlers?
The rise of Nationalism had tragic consequence for Armenians - and many others. If 'ethnic cleansing' (hateful abuse of language in that phrase) is the basis for 'democracy', then of course any power claim will likewise justify breaking any kind of eggs to make their New World Omelette.
Beneath the power struggles and their personae are belief-idea and identity-definition.
There is no real resolution or fulfilment within mis-identified self definition.
The basis for belief is not a means to get something  - or get away from something - so much as to embody qualities felt and found true. This does not require others to believe likewise - but simply to find a willingness in which and through which to share in a true sense of worth rather than assert and contest a false sense of superiority - even through the appearance of 'victim' or behind a mask of apparent obedience and conformity.
There is a baby in the bathwater. When you kill the babies - you are hated as an evil. It is within our self that we release allegiance and identification with what is found untrue. Not as an act of hate upon others - or indeed upon ourself.

Behind the mask of medical power

Which is worse: the NSA or the FDA?
by Jon Rappoport

The above article is about power to coerce and manipulate through medical and scientific persona.

My comment to the article and other commentators:

Waking up is not something you or I can do for others - but recognizing ourselves in others serves our awakening response-ability.
Living that quality of presence through whatever we do and whoever we are uncovering ourselves to be - extends and invites a like response in others because it is not coercive or deceitful.
The acquired or overlaid 'mind' that does operate a coercive and deceitful sense of 'reality control' is not evil in and of itself so much as a stopgap and temporary attempt to escape or overcome an intolerable and un-faceable inner relational conflict. And so the imposition of an 'interior and separate' sense of self control operates the blocking of the terror and rage, hate and powerlessness - that is generally projected un-mindfully out and fed as evil in the world and in Other - as part of the mitigation of the pain of un-met need or need-denial.

My core point is that beneath the world-script is a casting director that operates to fragment and obscure the original Signal - by distorting and twisting the meanings to reinforce and reflect a separated self-sense - of oppositional power.

Having 'created' the power of NO - and developing the abilities of forgetting that we call evolving or discovery, we have a kind of reverse or inverse 'reality-experience' whose logical conclusion is insanity and death - (for such was its starting foundation). BUT the awakening to that such a 'mind' is insanity and death (rather than power and protection), is a very disturbing and unsettling identity transformation in which the Call or need for Sanity and Life becomes paramount.

By design, the 'ego' has a form of imitation and usurpation for everything alive - and the Call for Help is often confused or associated with certain FORMS that were originally the embracing and transmutation of previously denied 'negative' feeling, thought and experience - but taken out of context become the mask of hypocrites, acting out an imaginary sense of self-validation from those who subscribe to their personal assertions, masked within seemingly benign or helpful advice or offerings.

Just as true mind-function is usurped in emotional and psychological defence and strategy - so is body-function usurped by the 'control-mentality' of aligning with and being used by a dis-embodied sense of self. For instead of being one in purpose through mind and body (as an alignment of Spirit and Will) - a sense of identity-lessness seeks validation in forms - in body and embodied personae.

Casting out the moneylender in the Template is a symbol for releasing the divide and rule of an interjecting 'mind' that does not belong in your wholeness of being and  COSTS you your recognition and sharing in that wholeness of being.

If you are attracted to focus in Them, in Their Power over innocents, and align in righteous opposition and perhaps secret fascination - then nothing I have written here can reach you - for you WANT the false matrix of the struggle for power position - that only the powerless are driven to play - and play for real - with all of the force of their survival instincts - thus riding their living inheritance to war and waste.

Everything is firstly a matter of our definitions - which logically extend from our core beliefs and self-definitions in relation to whatever is occurring. If we operate out from ideas that are distorted and corrupted by a 'mind control' then no matter how dedicated we believe ourselves to be - we operate false currency and a false sense of power.

Who can hear?

The body's true function has to be suppressed for the 'mind' to maintain its 'control' identity - and the evidence of limitation, frailty and pain of the body is the meaning that the mind dumps there - from which to rage at Life in a sense of self-righteous hatred of being limited, weakened and conflicted with.
The fact that this is mostly 'unconscious' or running in socially reinforced scripts of subconscious agreement - does not reduce its force and effect at the level of its belief.

It doesn't matter what 99.9% of spiritual paths or of the population - does or says - so much as what I choose to accept true of - or for - me - now. And now. For as I accept true - so will I operate from - and act as. And that is the 'world' I meet and the response I draw forth. Such choice is not fixed or rigid - but allows embodiment of a congruency of being in place of rigidly imposed beliefs and stratagems of survival - for such they are - but are they true for your living or for your masking evasions of the Life that truly moves you? It is up to you.

The DEMAND for protection and power arises from a sense of self that needs to be re-evaluated - if such false power is to be undone of its claim to authority.
I cannot put you in touch with your Author but I can invite you to bring a fresh honesty to where you seek to find or claim authority from.

Looking within - is intuiting upstream - as a receptivity of willingness to be moved - and of discernment of the tangibly felt legitimacy of the movement to your own recognition. The 'restatement' of Who you have always been is a restorative and a reintegrating movement in which distortions and deceits are released to reveal what does not need 'putting together again'.

Health and wholeness are the absence of 'divide and rule' in any coercive sense of that phrase. Life is already a Movement in and of being. Don't accept conceptual substitutes - for what we truly desire is in a sense, given us, and accepted AS our core signature vibration. False ideas can only operate to obscure - until seen as false - they fall away to reveal what they hid.

If one is so identified in the false as to have invested self to an addictive association - then nothing and no one will be able to tell you about it for such a one can only 'see' threat or assets and ammunition for protecting and extending its power to persist.