Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Rights, laws and authority

I am pleased to include the Daily Bell in my 'news' input. I am also pleased with the quality of the comments.

I feel that a true education is also an integrating process, whereas coercive indoctrinations or fear agendas tend to serve a segregating movement - and associated experience of disconnection in which coercion seems to be called upon to prevail or survive.

Around the issue of rights/laws: it is a law or innate to conscious existence that what you put out is what you get back. It does not SEEM that way because of the ingenious convolutions of our human consciousness - which became fundamentally un-conscious of its nature as Consciousness Itself due to the active putting out of the desire and belief in an independent, segregating self specialness. This motive is elitist in secret - for example in our engaging private judgemental thoughts of others as if we can stand over them and all else in power of judgement. It rarely has the sense of power whereby to come out in the open and execute its judgements at will - and so would seek to sow dissension and join in hate so as to serve a power agenda for its own imagined self-election.

The nature of consciousness; of the self and of the self in relation to both its Conscious existence and its awareness of other-self - as other individuals and as living Universe - is fundamental to all else. I feel that the global changes are of an order that is a shift in consciousness to a perspective that is much more aware-awake to the responsibility for our consciousness and to each other through that responsibility.

'Giving our power away' is not quite true, because it never really leaves us. We may not always be able to change the externals of a situation, but we can always change our perspective and thus our response - unless we 'give our power' to the definitions that lock us into a lack of perspective and an illegitimate sense of invalidity or powerlessness.

The habit of usurping Consciousness with mentality, is a choice that has become programmed, so as to believe the personality is oneself - when it is clearly a construct through which to experience and focus within the physical reality - or would be clear if not addictively identifying in its surrogate experience.

To become aware of such choice or coercive intent, that dictates rather than flows with, is prerequisite to choosing or flowing with a more integrated and fulfilling preference; of enlightened self-interest.

Give as you would receive - indicates that to give or live from a self honesty, allows the receiving of that perspective regardless of what the other does - and so can expand from programmed reaction to a heartfelt response or spontaneity - as a free willingness.

By what authority (by what right or under what authority of law) do I write this? None but that I feel moved to offer it - without claim or attachments as to the result. In claiming this through action, I have the clear basis to see the law as within the heart of everyone else and extend the right to others because I discovered it in myself.

There are innumerable negative (segregating and disconnecting or invalidating) self-beliefs in our human consciousness - such as to pronounce "the human condition" - and then seek to escape or rise above it. But it is a human conditioning that we can own and therefore choose or establish different expressions that are more congruent to what we are now feeling ourselves to be. Of course this seems like work or discipline or messy transformative and thus threatening experience to the determination to hide such conditioning, and so is put off until it is the only remaining option.

Thankyou for your attention. It is different, to articulate a perspective upon the human conditioning using language that was developed to engage and reinforce it. I feel a desire to find and share ways of articulating that release us from self-negative and conflicting identifications. I also recognize that beyond Existence Itself - of which nothing can be said but that It exists or is - all points of view are simply points of view and as such are equal to any other point of view excepting only that the experience it brings forth is either more truly aligning with the freedom to be your core nature or serves a dissonance whereby one 'forgets' who and what we are and operates from a false foundation that sets a fearful and therefore coercive patterning of thought and behaviour.