Sunday, 15 March 2015

Increasing dysfunction - breakdown of 'reality' paradigm

Democracy Is Increasingly Dysfunctional?

Perhaps dysfunctionality is simply becoming apparent in ways that can no longer be disguised.

Ego-centricity in its core sense of usurped or corrupted identity, is inherently dysfunctional, being out of accord with the whole - with its true nature. Indeed such concept of self operates as false currency - within which the kinds of mentality out-picturing our world are necessary and inevitable.

Blame is the negative identity that is redistributed by power. Not the true power of presence - but the authority 'given' to externally believed and perceived realities.

The undermining of the idea 'governance' has led to idea of free markets not requiring governance. All ideas can serve an integrative or segregative purpose. One chief idea that corrupts and usurps human understanding is that of ideas being presumed to have fixed meanings - when in fact the meaning is always contextual.

Someone with an innate connectedness of true self interest can see the value of trusting and communicating the value or meaning that they consciously discern and appreciate. But in presuming those values innate and self-evident, the drift into unconsciousness occurs where derivative meanings become gambling chips in the attempt to exploit and manipulate the 'system' or presumed reality for private agenda out of sight of those who 'follow the rules'.

Anyone without awareness of innate connectedness in Life can ONLY engage the attempt to exploit and manipulate the 'system' or presumed reality of 'others', for they have no sense of the meaning of the phrase "even as ye do unto the least, so ye do unto Me". For the "Me" of that statement is not a personality born of victimizing or victimized mentality, but the living Context and indeed Consciousness in which existence is known and experienced - whether clearly or through a distorting filter of fragmentation.

Such ideas are meaningless to anyone still engaged in the game of powers as if it could be won - or as if it is truly meaningful. But the revealing of the breakdown of function - of the prodigal wasteland - operates either to reinforce commitment to the 'control mentality' in fear of losing control, or to the questioning and challenging of its basis. That is to challenge presumed 'reality' as defined and mutually reinforced within one's OWN usage.

The use to which we put our minds is open to our imagination. Locking into bot-net mode as an exploration of seeking power over - and protection from - un-owned fear and guilt, operates the 'managed' reality to which fear and guilt are essential leverage - but on the surface or screen reality, this is scripted so as to induce it within a false wrapping of seeming freedom, for a sense of 'becoming' a someone or something in one's own right; a self-specialness, whether apparently gifted or afflicted. An ego-centric displacement or dissociation.

Democracy under a media and market manipulated influence becomes a sham of perception-manipulation or deceit. And with the discovery that human beings are un-reasoned by fear and division and thus predicated on inner separation fears, rational discourse has been abandoned for double-speak backed with threat of terror or sidelined into futility and irrelevance.

The Idea 'Man' is not corrupt. Our current use of it tends to be. There cannot be a corruption but that it is OF SOMETHING TRUE. Nor a forgery, nor a denial dressed as rationalised obfuscation. Communication itself is what has broken down in a world were anything means anything in endless shifting contexts of a self-serving evasion of true relationship - which start within oneself and extends out.