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Fearism - can mask in hateism which can also mask in self-righteousness.
Identity politics where self is negatively defined - that is when you you are is formed on the basis of who you are not - or who you are against - which is part of peer social identity - in which those in fear of inadequacy or shame adopt behaviours in attempt to gain acceptance through put-downs (hate) of accepted scapegoats or feared rival groups.

Self and other is the most fundamental division within the experience of existence.
The negatively defined self projects its fear (hate or envy) onto 'other' from a profound sense of self lack. It may present itself in a persona of concern. But is essential defined by its conditioned sense of otherness as threatened by or to get from.
A positively defined sense of self is a reintegrative movement of the recognition of life in self automatically extending to our world and others, as a quality of 'brotherhood', family' or 'Self' as a compassionate recognition in shared purpose. The underlying energetic communication is of seeing, acknowledging and respect for being - not the mask of the wish of kindness, brotherhood, family or Self.
Hiding the feared beneath the presentation of a wish to pass off as or be accepted as - is also active in protecting others from our own emotional reactions or lack of emotional reactions.

Entanglement in the mask of persona operates the 'matrix' or scripting of the world. It is by definition a cover story and identity that can shift to an awakening within the script of the world, as a fresh and embracing perspective upon it. This is also to say one can observe one's thought and emotional state, and as a result open realms of choice that were previously hidden. This is where freedom is truly shared and not in the rampant egotism of a self-centred blindness to its own script, but that was the result of the drive to become free of intolerable psychic emotional conflicts.

Blame - as the assignment of judged guilt - operates the denial of conscious awareness to the script of the carrot and the stick under subjection to the demand for sacrifice of wholeness of life so that the part you identify in can live at expense of others and of the whole. This sense of predator/prey or fight and flight imposition, is the mind-capture to a prior conflict that cannot yet be faced and resolved or reconciled.

Mind-capture is the attempt to control our experience of self, other and world from a place 'apart and outside' life. This imagined separateness from or anti-life idea operates an 'alien' will at expense of native recognition.
The development of the subjection to the 'alien will' of disconnected thinking is the ability to marketize and weaponise any and every thing - whatever form it takes.

The egg of self-ism (whether overtly operating selfish or covertly running under 'for the sake of others' is part of the human experience and development - just as infancy. The patterns of bonding and regulating order in selves, families, groups and society are 'all the king's horses and all the king's men, who cannot put Humpty together again - and whose attempt to unify through inappropriate means - such as domination and control - only increase the chaos in the system that is inherent to a problem and threat-based sense of disconnected existence. The chaos manifests as 'shadow self' or denied self and is automatically denied or suppressed while fragmenting out into subtler personifications of what in truth belongs with you and cannot be got rid of - and in reintegrated recognition need not be got rid of.

Awareness of personal bias, prejudice or antipathy is essential to its release as a directive for the expression or suppression of hate - because whichever way behaviour is directed, the result is making hate real and being defined by fear of feeling and owning what it truly is.

No intellectual exposition can substitute for living your ownership of your experience, but hate covers hurt, and 'hurt' covers a love that is lost, broken, betrayed, abandoned, rejected, denied, and hated! Sympathy manipulates to separate in a sense of reinforcement of cover story that may seem to give power and protection while reinforcing a 'cover' story. Compassion resonates with what is here and is moved without personal manipulative agenda to acknowledge the true within the purpose of opening perspective rather than forcing it.

Self-interests need to find negotiated outcomes that move toward a multi-polar perspective instead of the mind-capture of uni-polarised self under threat against world - that is then starving in addiction to a a lack of completeness and power that can never be fulfilled in its own terms. The recognition of self in other and other in self, is at first a sense of justice and order for the world of otherwise rampant egotism, but makes way for a recognition where we do not expect. For the power and completeness we seek in the world is restored us in the gift of a real relationship. The nature of being with cannot be spoken or defined in mind-verbal or imaged symbol without the idols of substitution for genuine connection. But our use of symbols and words and behaviours can be guided or inspired as an expression of a connectedness that can be felt, received and resonated with. Here is the root nature of all communication.

The currency of thought became a disconnected or interjected block to a primary quality of our being, and so to restore a true worth to a world in debts of unforgiveness we release the false from its status as a basis from which to act or react - in the moment of our recognition - instead of running the 'blame' manipulation. But of course the desire for true has to be stirring or nothing but manipulation is 'occurring'.

What is made 'real' to our world is what we are using it FOR.
The purpose of fragmental division is dissociation and denial of the feared. To see this pattern of divide and rule only in terms of 'power in the world' is to neglect recognizing it in our self. Now you see what we use the world FOR. 
But seeking out fears so as to overcome them is shining the light by which they remain essentially hidden and that is the determination to seek and find what is wrong with everything. But living in the prompt and guidance of a wholeness of being - that resonates as a sense of joy and connection in the moment of our day, uncovers or makes obvious, where fears seem to interject, sabotage, undermine, deny and demand sacrifice of joy. This needs to become a vigilance of a trusting curiosity for what resonates true, in place of the learned behaviours of a limiting identity whose tightness of fit reveals an unwanted outcome and a willingness to 'change our mind'. 

Learning to discern the true, is opening to what we truly want in a recognition or honesty of not knowing - for what we thought we wanted brought us only illusion of freedoms, that give way to entanglements in confusion and struggle. To make a god of struggle over confusion and sacrifice to it, is choose to give up freedom for a false sense of power and protection. Can a mind give up its innate nature to its own thought forms? How much do you want your thinking to be the 'right' over all else?

And on the same page to comments:

 Racism isn't (really) expected to vanish, anymore than terrorism, poverty, or cancer. Rather a manipulative edict uses racism - and other fear-hate guilting device - as a means of leverage. As life (in this case psychiatrically) is medicalized in terms of sickness, State directed or protected mandates arise to 'treat you', to re-engineer your permissible speech and behaviour. And anything said or done that does not comply with the 'treatment' is evidence of a deeper sickness to be singled out for appropriate 'therapy'.
You are right, there is no conversation, relationship or willingness to be of service to a better outcome. It is all machine-mind of the ends being used to justify the means. Everything is backwards.

Sin as presumed currency operates the means of corruption by those who pretend to be free of it.
But a willingness to see what is right in someone is the extending of that quality - without making a claim to be 'right' or more right. I see you live that willingness and have often been met in like kind.

The politicisation of the 'person' uses the term 'person' as a weapon.
There is a hidden agenda that is not interested in any solution but that which promises to serve a private interest at the expense of the whole. So it uses what seems like promising 'solutions' to fool others into supporting their agenda. This site often refers to the psychopathic and narcissistic traits in 'vested powers' in the world but I feel it much more pervasive. Like a fungus is not isolatable to its mushroom.

The broken family of humankind, runs back millennia and to circumstance a mind was made to forget, yet re-enacts through the generations. But insofar as we recognize our true receipt of our being, we can live from it. Otherwise we have no light by which to see until perhaps the light from another mind shine into our own - perhaps some 'chance' encounter in a cab...