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Addressing Cause

I wrote this in joining with a comment from Bruce - who pointed out that complexities of the banking system are not easy to communicate so as to show their part in destructive outcomes - and nor can such financial institutions be entirely responsible for those who take the baits they offer.

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The chicken and the egg come first ;-)

The predisposition to avoid feared feelings or experience invites manipulations to achieve this - at least partially.

Those who pass certain threshholds of fear can in a sense observe it in action and use that insight to manipulate rather than heal - perhaps because healing is a feared outcome and so the fear-mind substitutes 'power roles' in which to 'escape'. Power corrupts because you think you have it - when it has you!

I feel to join with a core sense in your post that, I might put as the demand for unconsciousness is an avoidance of responsibility within the effecting of such denial and limitation - through whatever 'agencies'

There is a magnetic attraction of the fear to its predator. The primary way that fear fulfils itself is by the attempt to deny it, eradicate it, war on its symptoms and redefine or airbrush its destructive influence into cleverly outsourced blame.

Whatever anyone else is choosing - knowingly or not - is part of their unfolding experience as mine is for me. Yet mine is nver mine alone - for we are part of each other in many ways and on many levels that are active whether we know this or not.

Haters of violation demand justice and see anything not hating the evil as apologist or letting them off the hook - and etc. "If you are not with me you are against me" as Bush expounded the con trick - for we can be with someone's right to choose for themselves even if we abhor the choice and give it no welcome or path of attraction to operate through and to us.

I don't believe we need to 'answer' complexities that are designed to obfuscate any more than we need to publish papers of studies in peer review papers. For all of that is corruptible - and obviously so to anyone willing to discern the fruits. And that's the point, we can learn to go directly to a capacity of feeling that can be called self-honesty or genuine receptivity - IF - we don't get baited into reaction by which such awareness is lost to a triggered conditioning. This of course takes practice - but what is life for if not to open a greater abundance of it?

We think we have to solve at the level of effect - where the fruits of corruption have leaked or burst through the pretence that hides even the fact it is pretending - so as to seriously deny any involvement while 'dealing' with the problem where the cause is NOT.

But cause is where the problem in communication results in blindness, denials, conflicts, pain and grief of loss. And the hell-bent seekers of vengeance will turn on anything that seems to take their 'satisfaction' from them. But beneath this behaviour are very strong fears and rage that need a space of acceptance for existence rather than being reciprocally reflected in forms of denial of the same in ourselves.

Perhaps I make no difference by the choices I make to anyone else's appreciation of existence - but appreciating existence feels the way to go for me - whether anyone else recognizes this as the context in which to 'do' whatever we 'do'. False narrative replaces the feeling of being with flat thinking - but only the expansion of consciousness can look back and see what is NOT who I am - regardless it claimed to think for me.

Fears of not fitting or of being judged unfit - and Politics

Don’t Trust Politics to Change Your Life, Trust Yourself
By Daily Bell Staff

This article above looks at a mainstream willingness to go somewhat deeper into the nature of social and cultural malaise but stops short of addressing the implicit role of the central baking and debt-based money supply through a private banking system - masking as if it was government agency. I feel to go deeper than this - because the currency of our thinking is no less corrupted - though of course we don't think so while we use it.

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Politics could be said to incorporate the way we organize ourselves as a society - but without a Feel for who we are, where we fit and what is fitting - power struggle substitutes for and covers over the fears of not fitting or of being judged unfit.

Changing the forms to try to make the bad feelings go away is never going to work - though the investment in trying to make it work can be destructively addictive.

Controlling the narrative is the attempt to have your judgement validated or empowered to stand as accepted true - and in terms of power struggle; the righteous, dominant, prevailing accepted fact - even if via means that are deceitful coercive - because the ends are used to justify the means.

Rather than change the 'world' - which incidentally is the realm OF change that will not let anything abide unchange - we can release the mindtrap of setting outer goals as if necessary conditions for fulfilment and open perspective within the definitions such mindtraps set us into - so as to truly connect with a felt existence in our daily life - rather than 'struggle and survive ' toward s future fulfilment that never comes - or disappears even as we grasp it.

Change you mind about your mind and a different world MUST dawn on you - but not as a result of leverage - but simply of a willingness to embrace rather than judge.

Mindfulness or mind-watching - is noticing presently from beneath the apparatus of a masking persona that became a mind-trap.

Checking in with the real you has to be a more intimate honesty than rehearsing thinking or reactive conditionings based on emotional experiences that thinking was called upon to limit and control or even deny completely.

Stories are fascinating, entrancing and enthralling - and after only a little attention, we become immersively identified and thus invested. But our treasure is our attention or gift of awareness - and as we give - so are we receiving.

Giving attention to roles in power play - one is 'assigned' a complimentary role - and can play it out as if it is your very life!

I saw two pigeons fighting once - who became so exclusively identified in competition for mate and territory, that they were totally oblivious of the truck that exploded them to a cloud of feathers. Conflict is the device by which attention is 'captured'. From above the cloud one can see what was not obvious within the conflict - though it becomes obvious when stepping out of such a mind-set.

There are real conversations to have and actions to take with regard to giving witness and voice to communication that serves or seeks joining with - being heard - and if there is NO intention or willingness to listen - (apart from gathering ammunition with which to then attack or undermine) then that is NOT communication and as a fake currency - should not be given validity or credibility.

If false witness is 'shared' by a collective willingness to hide from feared truths - then such consensual realities embody the fear as the gift returned with interest.

Negative or self-undermining investment witnesses the abundance of lack regardless the outer appearances or forms of narrative assertion.

If you cannot trust yourself you are lost. Uncovering the basis for trust is very different from covering over the fear with bluff and bluster. Trusting yourself to never let your mask slip is never trusting your true joy to move through you and recognize itself as an unfolding fulfilment - right here and now - and not waiting on events

And of course if you find yourself in what is not you and nor your joy to transform it - start being in , with and part of what Is.

It can be said that we put our trust in fear and hate to empower and protect us - but in forms of justifications so as not to seem hateful or at all afraid. In that sense we always have 100% trust - but what is it being given to? False definitions that preserve some sense of face and power amidst a powerlessness we dare not face?

There is a miracle associated with powerlessness. When you cant do it and you know you cant do it - yet something truly helpful aligns NOT by your 'power' - it reveals an Already Movement of being that we have almost lost the capacity to discern and recognize. Mindfulness is a predisposition to notice the subtler prompts - especially amidst the 'temptations' to adopt reactive identity and lose awareness of presence while old scripts 'take over'

Diet, Toxicity and Consciousness

Scientist Who Found Gluten Sensitivity Now Says it Doesn’t Exist

- - -

Yes - toxic exposures are much more significant than the "authorities" care or dare to let you know. Therefore they forsake authority of shared trust for a mask of credibility that 'real life' then can then only disintegrate - or seem to attack - because it is not true communication nor therefore true science.

However, rather than promote fear as the lever - I invite a loving appreciation of your consciousness - regardless the 'inherited conditioning' that seems to 'block' or limit it with thinking-drama - as the basis from which to discern and align an ongoing unfolding of that appreciation.

It is not by resisting the evil that we uncover our good, so much as recognizing it has no belonging in us and putting it behind. What we resist, persists. In other words we don't have to invest in evil to use it to justify or validate choosing our good. Which unselfconsciously bears witness to its inner nature.

I see that our consciousness regulates 'filters and blocks' as a way of what seemed to be a protective power through self-limiting. The need or demand not to know what we are - as part of an attempt to deny relational conflict arising from a sense of lovelessness and disconnection in which guilt came into our thinking and operated a reversal of the light. Our first diet is our definitional sense of who we are in relation to anything.

Self-hatred or a negative self-appreciation, is also toxic or destructive to full feeling relational communication, and so to functional capacities that then appear blocked, disconnected or distorted. Consciousness can 'physicalize' communication feedback as symbols to illuminate underlying issues that the surface consciousness s currently evading or denying. This doesn't negate or exclude working at any other level - but I suggest, becomes an integrative context in which all approaches that hold resonance and relevance are considered. Because all are working with consciousness that we never could 'disconnect from' or 'physicalize' out of (or into). And so the basis from which a negative or segregative sense of self is questionable. Challengeable. Open to curiosity and discovery.

A processed diet has resulted in a pharmed and managed population in which freewilling consent or emotional honesty cannot be afforded or allowed. Your biology and your mind are being presumed property of the transnational state. This is a reversal of Creative Existence that calls for undoing, by moving our feeling being out from a denied or guilted passivity or emotional reactivity to find acceptance and balance in the heart. Our Feeling is the fruit of our definitional acceptance and is also our diet - for it energizes our perspective, in which our thinking then embodies as acts - whose consequence reinforces or conditions the thought, the feeling, the definition.

When the definition shifts to embrace and accept more of what is being reflected, the feeling is of being embraced in Life. Pain of any kind and on any level is difficult to accept and embrace within the definitional context that set it up. And yet when there is no where else to 'escape', a process of communication can no longer be kept away.

The power of belief is given powerful witness in all the negatively defined outcomes of our world - but they are not seen as belief - but as reality. The human condition.

Rather than the human conditioning. I feel we are not necessarily lazy or reluctant, so much as operating outside of a true appreciation and so feel no support of worth without using the negative outcome - (the stick of guilt) to seek motivation or leverage for a future fulfilment that never comes. Once this pattern has usurped the presence of life shared, its becomes accepted as the way life works and without filling in all the dots here - the way the goal justifies the means - and so getting rid of weeds or pests becomes part of getting rid of economic cost or losses, which becomes getting rid of dissent and challenge to the power to persist in maximal profit while outsourcing true cost, which becomes getting rid of un-economic populations and indeed getting rid of bioconsciousness itself in transhuman replacement.

iMagination and pHarmageddon

Shutting down Vaxxed

(This response is written into the framework of Jon Rappoport's perspective; but not into the surface narrative of political power - but toward understandings arising from the rupturing of such appearances in breakdowns of power of control).

The power of the pharmaceutical state is founded upon a complex imagical wish to escape old and deep fear to a new rational order. This gives power to the belief that such feared fear has been, is being, will be, denied or held in check. The power given such belief is real - but what it is given to, is embodying is the fear itself.
For the power of the imagician is of a focusing within mutually agreed definitions in an act of power over the defined situation. Defining or judging is narrative control or 'accepted' official reality in terms of a current focus of acceptance and living out-from - or at least as the 'correctness' in which to present or conform so as to use it or escape conflict and pain or loss.

Magic in this sense is dealing with effects while ignoring cause - and then ascribing 'cause' to the effects. Redistribution of psychic energy can and does have all kinds of temporary effects in the same way that accountants present legal business accounts in which no or little tax is due. A 'rigged system' is set up, controlled and protected by those with access to power within it. They certainly feel a strong personal incentive to maintain power and privilege for themselves while 'outsourcing' tax-burden, pain and sickness away onto others. AND will mostly have a sense of being fully justified and exonerated in their role - despite 'unfortunate' or even appalling collateral damage incurred on the way to the 'New World Coming' in which sickness will be eradicated along with all the other facets of denied self in symbol.

 Anything that threatens to expose the limitations - or fraud - of the imagician, carries the same associative meanings as the ancient fear - and is thus hated and denied by any means available. Society - indeed human consciousness as is generally accepted, is predicated on the denial of fear. And yet this denial persists the very thing it seeks to deny in ways that protect what would otherwise be exposed to be undone and healed.

It is an ancient strategy and story lived out, to usurp the feared punishment of angry god or gods by sacrificing oneself in part, or sacrificing others of youth and vitality or innocence as symbolic of the life we took or transgressed for ourself alone - and want to keep for ourself, alone - and from which to prevail against adversity and enemy who would take from us what we want for ourselves, alone - though 'sharing' within a rule-set of established powers is how such power is made currency and the underlying sacrifice of free willingness made normal and invisible - and 'hidden' or dumped on those who such power is predicated to hate and invalidate.

Blaming hate is just beneath the surface. This also keeps attention in the superficial for all who want the surface to succeed in denying depths that are felt intolerable, morbid or disturbing. So a game of pass the parcel in which no one wants to be the one holding the blame when the music stops - unless of course getting a little blame now will immunise me from attracting negative attention later.

The complexity of hate and fear, rage and powerlessness, is a human achievement over millennia - but it isn't true evolution - It's much as the same old pattern fragmented into more and more complex forms of sacrifice or denial of the Life that truly lives us and is holding our true in trust - regardless any thoughts believed and acted out-from. Thought cannot attack the mind that thinks them - unless it believes they can by acting out from a false imagining.

Free imagination is the conduit of Spirit - of an Infinite expansive embrace of all that can be imagined and experienced, appreciated and shared in gratitude.

A sense of runaway, conflicted, oppositional, evil or malignant Creation has 'split' off as a fragmented belief that has all the power given it  and cannot be dismissed as 'illusion' excepting as further fragmenting dissociation from the original imprinting. Likewise, the belief in material or physical forces as our 'cause' works a rigged game in which imagineers get the power to  invalidate any perspectives that do not fit their reality loop - and use that power of shared belief to shape their world as a private elitism of 'gods' over the 'unfit'. Every time we judge another unfit or unworthy of love's awareness, we feed an ancient hatred with sacrifice by which to maintain our own sense of self-righteous power over life. But symptoms are messengers to the need or calling you don't heed or recognize your own - even if just to give acceptance that another truly feels hurt - without rationalizing invalidations or scorn for the way in which it is manifesting.

If we are 'locked' in form, and forms of fearful consequence, it is because we have locked conditioned meanings to forms and no longer look past them in a willingness to feel and know and discover. Yet there is a curiosity within us that has never left us - though we learned for the most part to 'think' alone rather than open such a direct willingness to know - for we learned when very young that the world - our families and society

Erzsebet says: (To the main article)  

Can’t understand why they do not upload it to file sharing servers / sites, it would be a quick distribution of info. However for free. But I think if info is as important to protect people as it is now, they should do this. They should share it on Piratebay and Demonoid and similar places and it can reach people in 1-2 weeks all over the world.

It isn't the information - but the publicity in mainstream attention - which is the collective equivalent of conscious focus. You can get the information easily enough but if you try to bring it to mainstream attention - see what happens.
Consensual beliefs persist long after information reveals they are false - because this is felt to be an alignment with power - where aligning with truth is felt likely to bring a more dangerous or painful out-come.
Spreading the 'word' has never really transformed anyone if it is not also living it. If you associate your message with channels already associated with morally questionable activity, will you help society to ignore it?

The idea that information is communication is completely devoid of any real relationship. The context of information becoming an empowerment rather than clutter or a masking of forms in which to present a masking of a lack of presence is... a real relationship.

Pharma - as one of the facets of loveless power on Earth, is asserting itself as important to protect people by 'taking over' communication - and they do this in any way that works for them to prevent the threat of exposure of loveless and I might add - insane - alignments within the idea of power against the fear of love. For a unified purpose has no dark corners in which power agenda can be hidden - but the inverted perception of this is a loss of weapons and protections - ie power.

Disinfo is a part of 'Global's Defence Shield' against Universal Communication. At the individual level that supports this collectivism, it is the 'defence' of a private mind against a real relationship.
If you Really want to participate in Living Earth, you have to recognize your part in loveless power games and forsake it for authentic communication. The information you need is beneath the denials you previously identified as 'power and protection'. That is - it is able to come back into your consciousness when you cease to assert the conditions of rejection and unwelcome.

Scientizing, marketizing, weaponizing, lies

Zika fake science back in the news; con artists at work
by Jon Rappoport   
Is it about science or money?

US health agencies want more than the $600 million they’ve allotted to the “war against Zika.” They want $1.9 billion. Why not? They always want more money.

To make their case, the CDC has pushed out a new Zika study in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM): “Zika Virus and Birth Defects — Reviewing the Evidence for Causality”.

Before commenting on that study, let’s recall a devastating statement the NEJM’s former editor, Marcia Angell, issued in 2009, after she had headed up that non-science machine for 20 years:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”
(for more of the article follow the link above)
- - -

I appreciate your (Jon's) willingness to speak out against accepting false witness. I note that the resources of those who seek to distort truth for power agenda - be that conspiring, tacitly operating or unconsciously aligning in - can persist over time in such a way that the pockets of 'resistance' die out from underfunding and irrelevance in the massed mind of following and aligning in power as it is perceived to be operating - regardless what the consequences might be - because to step outside that identity is too terrifying or indeed un-thinkable. I believe our blocks or traps are definitional at root and that in your terms - to re-imagine is to see the opportunity of self-knowledge and healing where before the symptoms or outer effects reflected deeply embedded conditioning that itself needs to come up and be re-evaluated. This is not easy because we all seek to protect our sense of self from exposure to what we hate to own or fear to know.

I believe money is a leveraging medium in this and behind it is power. So it isn't the choice between science and money - but between honesty and power - as each are defined in any situation for those involved. Power may be a capacity for changing society or any other relational outcome, to align and conform to your continued role, status and identity.

Merely engaging at the level of castigating persons judged morally reprehensible or criminally motivated, tends to reflect us - without illuminating the forces of relational conditioning that result in such symptoms just as our transportation network results in supermarkets.
Yes I feel the law needs to operate against corporate transnational fraud - but beneath that needs a clearer view of what is actually going on - not in panto terms of villains - but of our relational and social patterns as they manifest from hidden personal and collective definitions and beliefs - most of which are preverbal and un-conscious presumptions of reality that have never been called into question and are actively defended from being brought to an exposure that is felt to be the recurrence of identity trauma that the persona is hard wired to cover over.

On the plus side, there is a conscious level of hate and fear that is becoming more than a pervasive background as the beast rises up from unconscious depth to no longer be coverable, and if the identity-persona no longer does its original job of protecting or hiding from the intolerable - then there is a greater willingness to question it, challenge it or enquire as to what is really going on in this conscious experience of disturbance. The matrix of sleepwalking depends on reacting with self certainty to align against the hated and feared other.

When I was a child we were told that when we made ugly faces in play, that if the wind changed, we might be stuck with them. This is not science - but a deeper wisdom - for impersonating and taking on of roles that are out of true with who you really are can indeed find such reflected acceptance that status and power are given and you start to believe  and become imprisoned in your own spin.

Humanity has 'played' within the idea of limitation, become enamoured and fascinated in it and in a sense taken over and compelled by the forces invoked within it. Not that all limitation is negative for a cohesive experience requires some things in proportion. But any limited self sense taken or accepted as whole self - not only cuts off or subverts and distorts the communications of 'denied or forgotten self', but demonizes them as violations while defending an alien sense of power over self as if that is the way life works. And that is the conditioning of many who depend on such a power to keep the matrix of personality in place - against what thought is foresworn not to refer to.

When we break the societal or group rule - because the cost of the rule is unbearable and the rule itself insane - it is we who are found unbearable and considered insane. "Just don't look there, think like that or talk about it. Sacrifice is the way we survive in the darkness and your curiosity and imagination must be harnessed to seek the light in ways that must never let it in.
What hides in the dark believes the light to be fearful - because its first experience of consciousness is associated with fear that is never to be allowed again - and whatever keeps terror at bay is part of the price we pay - being necessary evil that must ever be appeased.

Excepting this - that when the drama is opened - what is actually exposed beneath it is a perspective upon it from a foundation that fear does not know and caused to be hidden.
But the compulsion to engage in character and play out the drama is the persistence of delay in which the presence of what is truly present cannot be received - and everything is filtered through a distorting lens of a false context from which conflicted fragments re-enact the 'Separation' endlessly - as every moment of experience divorced from direct and intimate communion.

For want of any words I used communion because it is a feeling of being that is open to and responsive within Life. It is not a goal - but the only true starting place - and as time is serving the purpose you give it (delay or willing acceptance), you can always re-member and resume from who you are no matter what drama seemed to locate you in someone/somewhere else.

The getting or needy compulsion is carrot-goaled and stick-driven. But a present appreciation is free to choose goals that extend and reflect who we truly are - both in time currently and out of time as the vibratory presence of a unique gift of being - to have and to hold and to share. Divorcing our truth is not 'independence' but to place ourself under a tyrannous deceit. A liar by nature for how else can we be who we are not and 'get' our reward?

Tracy Kolenchuk says to the main article: (snips)
Research studies for medical treatments, do not study cures. CURED is never defined, and if a cure is actually encountered, it cannot be noticed, much less documented.

So… If birth defects are caused by a virus, a parasite, the drug companies can search for a ‘cure’ (for the mother). But if it’s a result of malnutrition, or toxic chemicals, it can’t be cured, because cured is not defined for those diseases.

If we want to search for cures, we must find the cause, in every case. It’s that simple, and that complicated.

My response:

Yes. 'Cure' is usually reserved for sale promotions and press releases. Just as sinners were held such until death and judgement sorted them out, people are now sick and uncurable - requiring 'treatment' to manage symptoms through life to death - which is the unspoken release from a life that fails and so must be manually propped up with drugs and interventions.

At consciousness level, true recognition of cause is the cure, because a false cause can no longer function AS cause. But an unwillingness or unreadiness to accept healing will use the cause as a basis for endless seeking or methods and modalities of processes that ensure that 'judgement day' never comes. For seeing the false or out of true - and releasing it so as to embrace the wholly true is the underlying nature of being released from judgements rising from false or misaligned sense of self-conflictedness.

That some of our physical manifestations operate out of collective and culturally inherited misalignments and seem a long time coming, is part of our ability to separate cause and effect by focussing exclusively in effects (symptoms or reflections) as if our causes are there in conflicted world. To achieve this we have to ignore or deny our Cause and never look there or ask of it - or act forth in the authority of such author-ship. Though I write it in metaphysical terms the physical patterns are abundantly available. It's a question of whether to read the symptoms as part of a language of being or eradicate and suppress them so as to impose a language of form.

Whether you or anyone else follows me in this I join with your putting cause and cure together. If health is an active awakened and balanced consciousness - then releasing a false or illegitimate definition from that consciousness can be said to have cured - or rendered the dis-ease to the status of a choice rather than being victim to an object of affliction. Abiding or holding firm in choice for Life when the pervasive culture is operating in reversal is itself part of a larger 'dis-ease'. But health is the way to grow health and focusing on sickness in any other context that a desire for healing is simply feeding it. No blame in anything I offer. Awakened responsibility is a releasing of so much that we try to be or do that is not our function to take on or capacity to fulfil and blame rose from being set up to fail. So where there is a propensity for blame - look to the underlying definitions that effectively set up the situation.

So much denial of feelings turns the body (and the body of our world) into a dumping place for 'toxicity'. Our feelings are implicitly part of the signs and language of our being. They need acceptance for being - not denial and 'rationalising' away. But they don't need to have access to our reactivity - so a pause is essential in which to check the purpose that is active - and instead of seeking to control symptoms - exercise control as the finding of a way of opening to an acceptance for being - rather than a split or conflicted judgement that effectively usurps the full and beautiful feeling of being. If we don't 'come from' a true sense of self - we meet something false - but experience it as our reality because we accepted it as our self. Regardless the drama it is packaged in - it remains a choice at some level - if not in the forms we currently define it.

Identity, mind and conceit

Further reflections arising upon the mind-matrix alluded to in Jon Rappoports:
The individual and the covert op

Identifying exclusively in self-concept - IS - the limiting of Creative to 'mind-control'.
What is humanly redefined as what we mean by the term mind IS 'mind-control'.
Feeling and Sensing are 'upstream' to 'mind-control' - which operates a substitute in concept for any and all direct intimacy of experience that one both is and has. 'Mind-control' is the refusal or non-acceptance of intimacy as facilitated by the false flag of a covert op in which 'self-attack' is believed and experienced as IF at the hand of Other.
The willingness to exclusively identify in hating Other - 'justifies' and perpetuates 'self-attack' in forms that are seemingly self-protective or indeed pre-emptive strikes as the ultimate defence.

This is all painted out in your world for you to use - the moment you are willing to allow a different purpose than fear defined war be your 'father', 'environment' or 'nature'.
Not that you can escape war from a war-mind in a strategy of 'peace' - but that the mind as defined has to be observed, uncovered from ruse, and seen in-act - and this involves open relational Feeling - that is deeply buried and denied in many.
Beneath Feeling are core definitions that are only 'fixed' by the emotional force of identification operating as 'Notional Security'.
Imagination IS actively locked into fixed definitions that can be checked in with as to whether or not You align and accept them as true of You. There is no other way to access freedom than to accept what You are currently choosing to accept - even if that is an idea of limitation.
To withdraw allegiance from the 'machine' of a previously held self-definition is to pause of thinking or acting FROM it so as to allow awareness to rise UPON it.
Emotional reactivity will abort this allowing - as will emotional dissociation.
Through the centre of You is waiting on nothing but willingness to manifest to your recognition - instead of a happen-stance at the hand of Others - or of a past that seems to hold power over Presence such that there is almost none in which to know and feel anything while love-less concept hollows out Your Life for power to prevail that you are fooled into thinking is You.
Watch your mind and sense or feel its qualities. Recognition of You is NOTHING to do with anyone else's definition - but the extension of Their Self-acceptance beyond definition is a love that can shine into Your true Mind because it is Already There but for Your Acceptance and willingness to live From it - regardless the personal and social conditionings that are set to deny or abort this.

Concept cannot divide the Indivisible - but You can accept such an imagination and run with it - and entangle Yourself in division and rule in fragments that forget their unified original nature - for they are all in You. You cannot be defined - but as you DO accept definition in relation to Anything or Anyone - you will experience yourself and your world to be.
Re-integration of what has never truly left You is a shift of Perspective.
Any mis-alignment within You is a call to open Perspective in which more of who you are is recognized. But from an overwhelm of co-fusion - came the interpretation of a violation or attack as a result of the pushing down or denial of feelings your were at that time unable and unwilling to fully and truly recognize Your part in.

To attempt to escape or deny Your part is a-part-hiding in pretence to be a separate whole - by which true wholeness is denied recognition. You are not an individual as a human personality but as a Whole Souled being. Confusing the personality structure with the truth of You is part of learning to hold focus in a 'world' that seems 'outside' You - yet it is Only felt and known within your consciousness - and the lens of the mind is its 'projection' as "Otherness" to be interacted with either in loving relation or blind exploitation. Relationships that seemed to initiate division are in fact your Only Way Home - by the purpose You choose to accept for them are they experienced.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

To Be or No Bees?

Industry Whistleblower Claims This (wi-fi) is What’s Really Killing Honeybees

If this waveband of emf is a critical or major factor then there are places on Earth where it is not prevalent - indeed even in US around radio telescopes. So studying the bee population in such areas may help to bring clarity. But the toxic load is another term for too far out of alignment. And the bee is a symbol of working together, as well as of going forth to pollinate flowering beings - without which we could not live here.

Note that new forms of light transmitting wireless digital communication are being developed that may replace current versions.

The mind always tries to crystalize blame elsewhere - while that role is given as its purpose. 'Making sense of our world' is condescendingly used to denote primitive man with his magical and religious stories, by an apparently 'rational' supremacy that has essentially 'discovered' its place at the top of the pyramid of life. Its grasp of 'reality' is no less a grasp on power than any other human politic. But the nature of a split mind is that when it 'succeeds' in victory, it discovers it has attacked, hollowed and undermined itself all along and must serve life from a willingness to release the identity in the illusion of power.

In the 'meanwhile' beneath and within the appearances of power and control are the very hates and fears we thought to eradicate or deny. Like shadow power operating through the trojan horse of our own pet theories and projects.
One of which is to replace life with a manual system of control - for life is a relational - that is psychic-emotional relationship with forms of consequence - and that relationship is the true context of our existence and not a form to exploit.

The thinking of relational avoidance is able to mask in the forms of life without revealing its intent as hateful. By subverting and replacing our thinking with signal jamming thoughts we lose the feeling awareness of our being and our true belonging and take on the rogue or negative ego of a separated and threatened existence. This is the open cheque predisposition to being usurped and exploited by external power - for we have turned our back on our own and become identified in false context.

Is this the tipping point? Is this where Earth Consciousness aligns receptive willingness to recognize and release the phase of self-differentiation to reintegrate Herself - or be recognized by our own choice as not embracing Life on Earth and thus be released from being tangled up in relationship we never recognized or embraced anyway - no matter what was offered?

The good v evil narrative is the primary splitting device by which to avoid or delay receptive acceptance and operate 'separatively'. While we each discern and navigate our relational focus in the world, the setting of judgements to coerce or conform reality prevents the unique meaning and sharing of Life free-willingly. What is called for is not new candidates to cast as evil in our world but a deeper willingness to challenge our reality presumptions and honestly deeply and free-willingly listen or be open to relationship of a living communication - rather than a fixed focus in forms that have acquired set meanings in which the avoidance of relationship and intimate communication or 'knowing' is maintained.

Is this writing a gift from Life to the willing? It is entirely your freedom to listen in the heart or listen to what passes as your own thinking so as not to hear. True thought joins us with Creation - which is 'joined' or an interrelated and expansive whole. False thinking 'joins' in the idea of being separate from everything you sense, feel and know - so as to judge it, and seek control over it.

Is a sting-less bee merely a fly? Would we live differently without a hidden back door access to the 'power' of intent to hurt? Jesus lived that way. The Idea he embodies did not take - though it didn't entirely fail either - for it has to work with what is brought against it to open a greater perspective upon what seems to be true. The Idea is always with us - regardless the blocking tactics or the mimicking mask of associating the form without the purpose and splitting a version that is effectively false currency or signal jamming. The discernment of the Holy Spirit is simply your true discernment held in trust while you play out the idea of divide and rule.

Communication has been turned on its head. Communion is the carrier wave of any real communication - but strategic necessity dictates the use of communication to preserve distance such that a trickle leaks through to be fed on by a denial that has to have something to deny to persist in seeming to exist. Even the avoidance of relationship operates entirely within Relational Being - and if there is life entangled in it - then there is a capacity to know itself received. Nothing else will 'make' anyone listen than the extension of a fundamental honesty of acceptance for being without strings attached.
Suppressed symptoms eventually rise in displaced and multiple complexities. If we don't give acceptance to the movement of life within us - we will not have it for each other and our World - and we will blame something that keeps us from a deeper sense of conflict that we do not have any confidence to heal - because we are cut off from the communioned sense of being by a self-protective reflex - operating mechanically.
When habits are recognized as habits they are no longer habits - but choices.

The Big Science Con

Individuals, Not Governments, Drive Scientific Progress
By Daily Bell Staff

My comment into this theme:

As framed in human experience, we seem to be explorers and discoverers - struggling against not only adversities of the 'human condition' but the ignorances and arrogances of human conditioning.

 The covering over or 'forgetting' of Knowing - operates another 'identity' than that which is innate to our Individuality of Life Expression - and undercurrent to its masked persona or role in presentation is a running away or avoidance of the core separation trauma or conditioning that has imprinted and set up the patterns of relationship that are all forms of power struggle within a pervasive threat that allure as the desire to take the power position that is absented by the loss of Knowing - which is full feeling presence and not a 'divide and rule' fragmented assertion or imposition against free-willing.

 Individual free willing has been subverted by the redefining of will as power -over rather than as alignment-within the power of love - recognized and recognisable as a wholeness and balanced quality of spirit, feeling, mind and body.

 Everything has thus been subverted and redefined from its original native language of recognition to 'currencies' of dissociation that operate a primary role in maintaining the block on such true communication so that power-struggle can persist as the only 'power on Earth' and the determining guide and protector to our life on Earth.

 The process of Re-wakening or Re-membering from and as a deeper recognition of Felt Being rather than 'assertion of an emotion-backed thinking' and struggling among its reflections, is of releasing a particular form of fear-based control that blinds - or operates as the darkness or lack of Knowing - as attempt to fill a LACK of presence with an imposed narrative identity.

 Conflict that feeds upon itself becomes paralysis - masking as 'order' of limitation in which 'control' seems to hold perceived or believed 'chaos' at bay. Balance of inner communication is a required foundation for re-opening an expanded participation of energetic relationship beyond the 'gravitic' model that 'separates' the 'Living Universe' by reducing a communication of Totality to a teeny force acting at a distance between remote bodies.

 Yet no instant or experience of anything or anyone but is of the Whole - regardless the frameworks of meaning that can be applied as filters and distortions to meet the demand of the 'mind' currently accepted and projected as your own.

 Living Communication is of an energetic nature that will never altogether fit or conform to any model or definition - BUT our models and definitions can be aligned with our true willing so as to be guided and supported in that energetic - and embody it.

 Without more alignment - opening the 'Doors of Perception' is opening a destructive reversal to the possibility of a truly embodied Humanity - of which only tiny glimpses have thus far leaked into 'Plato's Cave'. For no 'man-minded substitute for Knowing can abide in the presence of the Source of all Thought, Feeling and Form. False currency is revealed.

 Yet the veils ARE lifting or disintegrating - regardless the concerted focussing in collective 'identity' and so as see it, we are obliged - as in a crash-course of necessity - to find and live such alignment. Not because an unloving edict demands it - but because the persistence of an unloving edit costs so much in terms of the pain of life denied. And the true desire uncovered is for life in Life's terms and not on what I previously identified and defended as 'me'.

 The underlying pattern of consciousness is itself the censoring, limiting and controlling power - that has all the power we give it by operating blindly as its embodiment - in all its various roles. One key role of which is of hatred and opposition - for this is where we get a sense of 'power' from in place of being perfectly identified in a true relational willingness - which is not given or accepted by rote or as programmed - but is a truly felt and acted event. It is reclaiming your life back from alignment with a false sense of power.

 Growing the communications of a true resonance in Life is different than feeding off the seemingly self-righteous forms of power that persist in ancient patterns of role-play. It is not waiting for Life to come and validate its new world order - in fact it is not identifying primarily in the forms of its expression at all - but as the underlying communication of Idea that is Alive - and re-Minding us by operating through us and reflecting to us - each within the Whole and therefore within each other.

 The scientific expansion of perspective that HAS been revealed has not yet been accepted in its Consciousness implications and obligations - because the core imprinting of limitation via division and control is not itself recognized - in act. This is an individual responsibility that no amount of 'teaching theory' or associating in 'identity' woven of such theory can substitute for. Yet the mind in 'rehearsal' does substitute for Life - as if to bring safety while seeming to work towards resolving or regaining lost power.

 False currency is a key phrase I use here on Daily Bell - for in an extroverted form - you are aware of the device by which to own the system by which all else has been brought to depend on. Expansion of Consciousness is the recognition within Mind of perspectives that were already present but effectively hidden or denied by one's current sense of self-definition.

 All definitions bring consequences or fruits of identity-experience. But only those that align with who you truly know and feel yourself to be - are belonging in you. If you persist in attempting to become who you are not - you will succeed in forgetting who you are. This is a moment by moment responsibility. You cannot 'go to mind' and get a formula for how to live your life. You are an individual at root regardless the fragmentations that are reflecting as experience - but this is a fruit to be savoured and appropriately shared, not a mind-identity to sacrifice true presence of Life to - so as to 'replace it'.

 My comment here responds to the energetic that the article communicates within me - not merely the forms. In an 'Electric Universe', Everything is Communication - bar none. But the act of definition operates some quality of differentiation and limitation within the Idea of focusing in true desire.

 To be the 'puzzle piece' that I truly am is to meet the alignments of Life regardless that others have their own freely unfolding experience. This is my individuality - for no role is invalidated - just because it is not my current choice. We do not gain power by invalidating the power of others - we lose it. But power here means something different to what it is currently colluded in meaning.

 Redeeming meaning from false or falsely framed meanings is a true accounting. It is only by a false accounting that pain and destruction can be outsourced to 'others' while playing out an elitist or exclusive and Life-rejecting 'individualism'.

 The idea of a 'need to know' uncovering its desire fulfilled is also the need or desire to be who you are - regardless of any obstructions, persecutions or limitations encountered. Indeed these are part of the unfolding and not really as the sense of lack defines them, but this has to be realised to be true. It cant just be asserted true as if to gain a superior commentary position within the identity in lack.

 We (each) - and on that basis - together have to find ways to use apparent obstruction or adversity so as to restore and reintegrate to living purpose rather than fragment into polarized reactivity. Unless that is in fact the purpose that is accepted as your living will.

 We are conditioned to seek greater force of leverage - but I invite a greater perspective upon our active definitions. Imagination is freedom - and in freedom to imagine other perspectives is an arbitrary set of mind replaced without war - although the symptoms of an old pattern may persist while the core of new insight grows within.

 Emotionality is not free feeling - and in a sense is the fear of intimacy or full feeling. The 'resistance' to looking within is generally held in place by emotionally backed conditioning. But to exclusively 'look out' - without true insight is a state of dissociation and denial - regardless how 'normal' its consensual camouflage.

     dsaulw made this comment to the main article:

     Not only will government-sponsored science not produce anything innovative to speak of, it will do its best to destroy anyone who is trying to advance science that runs counter to the party line. Just think about what it has done to global warming dissidents, and to those who have come up with treatments for cancer outside of the sanctioned box.


 My response to dsaulw:

     I feel you would be better saying 'corporate-governance'. The corporate sector long ago 'captured' and subverted most of any power in government from behind the scenes. So called 'trade deals' like TPIP are only seeking to 'legalize' this openly.

     If there were somehow 'free trade' restored to idea exploration and development then would we all not simply recreate the same hierarchical power struggle because our relation to idea is exploitative rather than truly creative?

     As for science - its foundations define its limits and although the model can be tweaked around the edges and minutiae of details filled in - they will all be conformed and interpreted through the core foundational intent - and so the dots are joined up to 'validate' what the core intention is set to - regardless the forms it takes.

     'Trojan horse' is an idea of hiding agenda in a seemingly sacred or benign and auspicious or acceptable and respectable form. Once you have 'swallowed the bait' your identity is compromised - or replaced - with something not unlike a cuckoo's egg, where the emergent chick sucks your resources and protections while destroying your true offspring. Not unlike the forms of many cancers

     The reversal or undoing of deceit operates from a true foundation rather than becoming baited into conflict. The growing or rising of wholeness and health within the body politic is through the witnessing of its living qualities regardless appearances and assertions to the contrary.

     You (anyone) may observe the patterns you ascribe to 'government' in your own mind so readily as to be almost stating the self-evident - that has somehow been rendered invisible by a 'collectivist' hatred of oppositional or rival power that is demonized when inconvenient to the furthering or masking of one's own.

     Innovations as such, may have far reaching consequences that may be much harder (or impossible) to put back in their box than release - such as genetic engineering or AI in their ability to replace humanity and the environment with hacked versions carrying agenda that even their proponents may be ignorant of.

     The idea of progress is according to What and Who and Why. A lust for power over Life that does not know the root of its own drive to possess it - has a different notion of progress than the desire to embracing Life.

     "Ironically, ever since we “scientized” nutrition, the state of our health has declined. Decisions about what to eat and drink have gone from habits of culture and heritage to calculated choices based on shortsighted nutritional theories, with little consideration of how human beings reached modernity in the first place." (~ Pearlmutter: Grain Brain)

     'Scientizing' is weaponizing or marketising - in short it is operating a command and control power agenda under the guise of 'serving humanity', 'progress', evolution and of course to make a 'better world' or even a new world order - but for who exactly? The anti-Nature element in science has an arrogant undertone of deep seated rage and distrust - as if "Never Again!" to suffer such hurt or loss as has become collectively associated with what such distrust frames as our 'original' or given nature.

     Seeking to make 'sense' of experience arises when we know not what we do - and don't recognize ourselves in Creation - and so mind that operated as if disconnected calls upon itself to justify itself in denial of its own reflection.

     The 'meanings' given cancer and used as currency by society are almost all those of the rogue cell or the symptom as the disease to be warred upon, eradicated or managed because it cant be trusted not to flare up and kill you. This is not a biological practicality so much as the original imprinting from which we have not evolved regardless clothing it in technological sophistry. However - on a biological level:

     Seneff offers a welcome shift of perspective that does not automatically assign or dump guilt and causality on the body as a 'rogue agent' but recognizes relationship with environmental nutrients and toxicities as the point at which accepted but false 'truths' have undermined a natural discerning OF mind by the confusion of identifying within such thinking.

     This thinking is so deeply embedded and emotionally charged so as to make a cancer diagnosis a 'voodoo' that can trigger a deeper guilt and powerlessness of Life that often collapses to accept any directions of 'help' that are generally emphatically asserted as an immediate step without pause to question or challenge any of the information and what it actually means.

     The 'sin' - and punishment - is then projected to anyone who 'deprives' or misleads with 'false' hope in place of 'official treatment' that is more often than not more destructive than the disease.

Individual Globalism

Globalist peril vs. The Individual
By Jon Rappoport
Jon writes toward opening a free imaginative individuality instead of succumbing to a global collectivism. I join in his theme in my own way.

 I share the underlying concern but look for the core pattern to emerge from any disguises or trappings in which it has been set. In this sense trappings is an apt term for the result of masking or hiding the patterns of consciousness in terms of conflict, fear and blame is a kind of mind-trap that thought only winds up or reinforces, in its attempt to think itself out and force-identify such thinking as if it promises freedom.

 My individuality IS my relationship with you - at least it is never found where my relationship with you is invalidated or denied. That does not dictate the form and flavour of how I choose or accept myself to be with you. But I am ALWAYS in relation to something while I have any awareness of existence at all, and how I choose to accept myself in definition to each and any event or relationship is how I define and create my experience of myself in 'the world' of relation.

 One-ness can only experience itself through relation and in this sense are you 'brother' to me - though I don't have a non-gender term for sharing the same Source. The capacity to recognize Self or Life in each other is our core or original Communication or Mind - yet we clearly have also a capacity to perceive a stranger in hateful or loveless terms of fear and threat and distrust. Once the identity is set in conflict, it is defended and protected from Communication and a reversal of the law of love operates in the minds of those who play out the roles of hate and blame, fear and pain.

 This reversal is a false foundation - yet from it is Everything filtered and distorted to serve or reflect an alloyed purpose of love and hate that co-fuse together until the loving to hate in blame joins with the hating to love, in pride or shame to set the polarities of a false and shifting sense of life and self in terms of good v evil. This narrative is the fight or flight mind that has a place in physical reality to move you when your mind is not available in time to react. But it is not the true or free basis of Life on Earth even if it is being given that place by our collective individual acts of alignment within it or from it.

 Creation of Unfolding sharing Experience is Free Imagination - along the lines of any meanings and values accepted and thus creatively engaged in for your sharing - for your life is a sharing - not a 'thing' unto itself nor unto some Objective Thing by which to validate or justify such a self.

 But the sharing is of a vibrational resonance that communicates itself through everything you accept for you, feel the nature of and think and act from. It is not a division of 'stuff' that diminishes as it is shared or an experience of sacrifice or loss of Life or Self in sharing - but rather the re-membering and re-minding of who and what you truly are. Being yourself - in forms of experience - is served by the contrast with what you are not. There is no necessary or inherent conflict in choosing what you want - or feel your true alignment with - unless you give a negative or fear-charged and invalidating meaning of rejection to what you are not choosing in this moment, in this life, to be the idea in expression of.

 Power-struggle is always first within your accepted definition of Self. A reflection of conflicted experience is the feedback by which to address definitions that are out of alignment with who you feel and know yourself to be. Fear of wanting what we want can seek power by using others as excuses or justifications for not being simply and directly open - and we communicate hidden agenda no matter how ell we mask our presentations to ourself and to each other.

 Truing up is not 'resisting evil' or 'saving the world' but it will leave less and less room for the reversals of thought that give rise to negative or fear and guilt-based experience - to manifest as your world. For the knowingly denied misalignments of Self are felt as self-betrayals, not as suffering at the hands of another.

 In all of this I appreciate that we do have practical communications within the experience of conflicted relationships, breakdowns of communication and emotional confusion that still have to be addressed wisely or otherwise - as wisdom is allowed into expression.

 Insofar as we have duty of honouring to the meanings and values that our true relationships are embodiments of - we have chosen this life regardless our mind may assert an emotionally forceful narrative to the contrary. Awakening true responsibility for our life - for our own unfolding experience of existence - as a sharing that is operating through us whether we know it or not - is our alpha and omega. To arrive at our beginning and know it for the first time... is our Divine Inheritance - as implied in 'Behold I make all things new!' You don't have to accept any baggage with this meaning - for it is not more or less than a fresh perspective.

 Freedom is firstly a matter of perspective arising from actively accepted definition. The 'mind-trap' is a story that seems to demand you listen to its some more. But it is up to you where you give your attention. The yielding of our thought in pause to a true receptivity of being is simply 'checking in' with Source. To NOT do this as the natural response to the Gift of Experiencing Existence is a result of becoming a stranger to your Self.

 Global Consciousness is not the result of power struggle but rises in return to our awareness from of release of the conflicted foundation - as a yielding in open willingness for the guidance and support of knowing your right place or right timing in true relation within Earth Consciousness.

 To live this Experience is not merely to dream a life in concept. "Concept" carpets, curtains and blinds - as a fixed state of no real relational experience at all. It is the polarity of 'forgetting' the Movement of being as a result of identifying in form. Living Idea is much more of a dance in which the Universe joins in. Smile and the world smile's with you - because your world is a vibrational reality to which you are tuned to share. But watch the mind of mimicry that learns to 'smile' as if to get something for itself alone. No guilt or blame. Just watch it when you notice it in-act. The false falls away of itself when you do not recognize yourself in it.

 Framing ourself in terms of fear is a false conviction. But denying the witnesses to undercurrent fears that conflict our lives until they are resolved or undone is no less false.

 True and false is a matter of moment by moment discernment - as a result of checking in. Because the forms of things do not equate their true meanings - and whatever stories we are participating in are for our own reasons - regardless what others choose to see in us.

 I am attracted to the stories of awakening from ancient hate to a present loving and of course I have no power to live anyone else's life even if I had any room in mine to consider doing so. The words may be unrealistically idealistic - but a present loving is an unconditional acceptance of who I am experiencing myself - with you - to be right here and now. And like a smile, I cannot DO this by or for myself alone - but something rises spontaneously from the heart as a wholeness of being that goes forth without making demand on another, or a world, to conform or fit my demand or expectation. OR I am attending to such stories in place of embracing the moment as it is.

 The truly global or Universal, is the extension or sharing of the true individual. If you set this in the 'future' then a fleeting moment is all that you have as it is sacrificed to a past made in anger. Yet the moment expands as you open to it. Eternity is hidden in plain sight, and yet time can be used to restore its awareness as our own. There is a choice here on Earth as to whether we each want to embrace Life or not  - and I mean the Movement of a relational transformative journey in being that some part of us felt called in or we would not be here at all. Heartbreak must yield to wholeness of being of a greater perspective - or it 'chooses' the idolisation of a fixed 'perspective' in which Life is not welcome. The reaction to error persists it. We have to learn to recognize it in ourself and live from a true willingness if we want freedom from the strange fruit of a false identity.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Drug induced murder

David Healey considers the story of psycho active drug effects as a defence against murder in The Archers: Rob and Helen

Relational communication - within and AS consciousness, reflects or embodies itself as relationships. Breakdown of communication is part of the core foundational experience for a human personality construct - at least this has been so for millennia in various degrees and patterns of social and political organisation or mores that reinforce tacit agreements and definitions that operate as psychological defences - principally the avoidance of intimacy - which is become associated with trauma to avoid, escape or deny to awareness.

This personality level operates as a fragmentation or splitting off of various shifting fragments that are triggered by events that re-enact core conditionings. And just as with the electrical nature of chemical bondings, resonances and correspondences - we have all kinds of split or broken communication representing in polarities that no longer appear to have a core or unifying identity.

There are underlying attractions of a deeper 'chemistry' in all our relations and communications. These may be called transactional - but are mostly running subconscious routines from survival choices made at a pre-verbal period of development - and which are generated similar to a mask that is predicated to be looked 'out-from' - lived as - and not expose the masking act or the conflicting fragmented feelings that gave rise to the extroversion of presentation or the introversion of hiding behind it. Even blind rage has an inner hurt beneath it - and the fear of such rage, a profound sense of self-distrust or self-guilt.

What I sketched out in rough is not new - but the believed and perceived need to mask or avoid and escape intimate communication or relationship - generates coded overlays of scripted story in which our guilt masks in apologising for our existence and suppressing, invalidating or suppressing our own felt communication, while fear hides within blame stories that assign it to external or un-present causes that serve as scapegoat against which we justify a power relationship of more or less - and so generate hierarchy as if identity grows or diminishes with victory and loss.

The whole thing is a mess - yet it is the mess that has 'evolved' or perhaps devolved to ever more complex fragmentations of obfuscation and disguise - that is defended and maintained as if one's life depended on it - for in some sense it does until there is an awakening responsibility of and AS consciousness - rather than the entanglement of misidentification under falsely accepted self definition as a result of the particular patterning of separation trauma.

Consciousness as present responsibility or creative freedom of choice is a quality of presence and awareness that is naturally present unless exchanged for diversionary experience. While blame feelings are genuine feedback to accept and integrate - blaming scripts are blind and loveless.

The desire for unconsciousness in evasion needs and uses blame to prevent communication or re-integrative healing from rising. But any individual waking to the desire for healing or freedom from such conflicted self-sense - can begin the process of taking responsibility for their consciousness rather than hiding from fear or hiding in fear.
This is messy involvement in a real relationship - within - and many agencies of denial and control are generated from the desire to avoid feeling what we hate, and want to get rid of or suppress so as to 'get our life back'. But our life is not the masking persona - though it serves a necessary function that changes with the awakening of a responsibility as willingness or capacity to love.

The core condition that I see is willingness for communication - and its denial operates as the control of the narrative by which all meanings are conformed and derived in terms of blame and invalidation - in which moments of relative 'innocence' and 'justified' attack on transgressions set struggle within a blame game that is as rigged from the outset as is our fiat currency system.

Manipulating Hate

Ken Livingstone suspended by Labour over Hitler comments

There has to be a way to talk about things that are not simply reducible to 'good versus evil' narrative terms - and active denial of open communication is either seduced by such terms, or hiding within the power that 'controls the narrative' as state dictated 'history'.
Our government - such as we have one - is engaged in cooperating with all kinds of 'evil' regimes and is historically associated with supporting them against the interest of their subjects when our corporate interests are served. Zionism was very active in Hitler's time in seeking to further its interests anywhere there were opportunities to do so.
You can read about it if you want. Revision is the function of historical curiosity - but clearly the war is not over yet!

Such is the influence of crying 'anti-Semitic' foul! - and the invalidating hate that is then directed - that it operates like a phishing email that penalizes NOT clicking as directed.
Power reveals itself by what one is not allowed to speak openly of.
If Ken.L is actively inciting HATRED and violence - then that is something else - though I see our media doing this relentlessly as a matter of course - but in directed and encouraged focus of blame-targeting 'others'.

I see Jewish people are manipulated by their own power 'elites' just as any other. But really it is a matter of how we choose to be identified or defined that allows us to be manipulatable. Anti-Semitism is often openly recognized in Jewish politics as necessary to the preservation of the SEPERATE 'Jewish' identity. But is used against non-Jews as holding such identity to be specially inviolate and beyond criticism.

This is a complex issue that Jewish people may openly discuss but no one else can - without being disproportionately vilified and penalized. If they are 'The Chosen People' - I wonder what role in fact they are choosing to play in the illumination of Humanity unto Itself?

False Impressions

Maple Syrup Cures Alzheimer’s?

This week, Fox News published a startling report titled, “Maple syrup isn’t just delicious, it could also cure Alzheimer’s disease.”...
Further down the page the flippant comment:
Hi David Perlmutter.
Now see what you started.
Some delighted readers will read the first paragraph here and quickly rush off the the super market for a large helping of mayple syrup, and now also probably a box of mars bars.
It's only a week ago I was told of an elderly diabetic who was heard to say "A mars bar a day keeps the doctor away."

Whilst spoken in jest - there is a serious point here - in that a lazy avoidance of personal responsibility seeks 'magic' or shortcut answers so as to NOT be interrupted in their particular style of sleepwalking.
Initially this can work for a while - if you follow information from trusted sources or conditionings gained by previous experience. But life is uniquely expressing itself as You - along with all that you are in relation with - and part of that expression is a quality of discernment - unless that is so denied as to leave a conditioned robot in place of a living relational dance.

However, I come back to state that our conscious use of language is one of the most powerful tools for transformation - for it is not just the form of what is said - but it true relational context from which it arises.

There is nothing one can do to be received by anyone who is not only not listening - but determined to hear only what they already decided you said.

I hold that health is inner wholeness - and that this extends and reflects in our relationships - on all levels. Dis-ease is also fragmentation and conflict, in which UN-recognized mis-alignments and imbalances become focal points of mis-identification. From a false basis - everything else will seem lopsided and chaotic.

There are occasions where inner realisations have suddenly shifted - healed - chronic dis-ease - but that does not invalidate every other way in which such a restored presence of living displaces a conflicted sense of 'problem'.

On one level the form is the carrier of the wave or 'non-local' vibrational field.  But a filtering distortion of conflicting self-definition experiences the world as if it had built in meanings - and suffers them as if discrete facts.

Healthy mind and body can facilitate free awareness in which to notice and be curious. Thus a device for self-limiting or indeed humanly limiting others is that of distractive addictions, inflammation, diversion in division within a drama of self that implicitly demands resolving - though set in terms that cannot be resolved.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Consciousness responsibility : Mindfulness

Mindfulness Therapy' Effective In Lowering Depression Relapse Risk, Claims New Study
Consciousness responsibility (because the word 'conscious' has become devalued) is the key to an integrative response - that is - and uncovering and embodying of integrity derived not from social conditioning but from the presence of awareness Itself. Becoming co-fused and entangled with ideas and definitions about ourself inevitably dis-integrates or fragments us from our individuality to become instead a struggle or war of conflicted parts. All the king's horses and men wont put Humpty together again, but the willingness to re-evaluate from within a fresh perspective (an active willingness for healing and wholeness) allows a recognition of right relation in place of ancient (conditioned) hatred - but not by suppression and invalidation of self in forms of socially coercive labels and 'treatments'.
Consciousness is NOT valued or encouraged in our society excepting in very specific and filtered usage. The attempt to 'control the narrative' is not limited to 'elites'. Indeed it is what plays into using or rather selling Soul Feeling Consciousness for 'power in the world'. There is another way of being in the world - from a different and integrative purpose - but beware of imitations.
The desire for healing is very different from the engagement in the outer forms of it as a way of not actually letting it in. In the latter is every kind of marketplace for giving power away to anything and anyone that reciprocates or meshes with what you are actually asking for. Self honesty is mindfulness - or being on purpose - aware and awake to what is here, now as it unfolds - and as we give or accept meaning for ourselves in it.