Thursday, 7 November 2013


(This was written into a Mac - chat forum where I had quoted Joseph Campbell's 'follow your bliss' and was asked if such a mentality doesn't play into the Tesco webcam world of being manipulated - in so many words!)

Oh I suppose to begin with they can be proven and monitored to be anonymized, strictly determining a type that switches the appropriate ads on. But its a step of normalizing - as we already are in GB to being filmed in public. Petrol stations often already have cams that often also check number plates. It seems inevitable that privacy in public is a lost cause - and that privacy anywhere is also disappearing as all sorts of ways of surveillance are already in place if not activated.

Theirs a good film, 'The lives of others', set in East Germany, but that like many films focuses on something horrible by showing a heroic exception.

Terrorism, unfortunately is more often wielded by a state upon its own. This is so unthinkable that most hobbits wont look outside the Shire.

The State today is wedded with and very strongly influenced by Corporate powers under the aegis of the Financial Powers - who most don't even know of and that is an example of what is already in play.

Of course its all making sense - to have targeted ads means more revenue from those who have to pay huge sums to just keep their bit of brand and product mindshare from being usurped by their rivals.

The whole ad culture - whilst giving employment to a few - is an enormous overhead or tax upon business and is becoming the engine of society at ever deeper levels - such as Facebook and Google's model of making profit from selling customer data as well as selling customer mindshare to advertizers.

And while some use lighter more refreshing ways to invite attention most of it is a stark coercive intent with some kind of candy or bogeyman symbols.
And all of it normalises us to live within a coercive intent and be distracted with surfaces of mental implants - because it is not talking to the conscious level - excepting to grab a moment of exposure - even peripherally- they know that doesn't work. And so do politicians. It is talking to the unconscious - using symbols associations and repetition repetition repetition - you get the drift.

So it all points and moves to a herded, managed, underclass who are not required nor allowed to determine their own choices - and thus become ever more dependent on being managed. A very few who are completely above any kind of rule of law and can use anyone and anything at their whim. And a small serving class of those who have skills of a nature that the ruling class need - especially those who can institute the replacement of such a class with automated systems.

I think HG Wells saw it ages ago - though not in all its nuances.
Just as supermarkets are simple logistical solutions to dense populations and road vehicles, so our society is programmed by the factors that are actively operating - some of which is the management of mass populations - but within a mindset that has not been updated or refreshed, so much as mechanized and externalized.

Survival of the fittest means that that which fits its environment and expresses itself as an integral aspect of that environment, is selected.
Man imposes his own thinking upon life and upon the environment in a way that exploits it and undermines his own basis of existence - as well as overriding his own innate function of existing for his own definitions of himself that have been conditioned into his mind so as to make him blind to the Life that he is and that is all around him.

To end on a positive note - did anyone watch the BBC program Metamorphosis?
I felt it offered a real synergy of the arts and sciences in a way that carried a deeper message for us all - and for our times.

The word emergency is pointing to emergence. There are innumerable example in nature where very specific and extreme situations trigger the catalyst or the seed of a transformation.
I feel life is always about the difference between a hollow shell or a vibrant flight - but that sometimes everything comes to somewhat of a singular unavoidable point.

So while advertizers will use the phrases of your highest realisation - they will use it to deliver a coercive intent. It's the Real Thing, Coke Is.
No it's not - Is, Is!
Because you're worth it? Spot on - but your existence gives you worth and not your image - much less a plastic barbie doll who cant keep her head still!

Your highest sense of who you are is worth it - and brings you always into the Is - where there isn't a gnawing sense of lack and where all sorts of things line up naturally - and serendipitously!

But what about all the fears and sense of inadequacy and unworthiness that I have acquired since I cant remember when and which are very uncomfortable when they come into my awareness so I do whatever keeps them away?

This is the driving force of our society; the demand for unconsciousness.
You'll find Steve Jobs uncovered the same thing. It isn't really the evil bastards who take advantage of using power to get more power to get more power - they are just a variant of the same root addiction. It's the power we give away by not accepting and living our own responsibility for our lives. We make ourselves 'automatons' by not living our humanity.

The key to reclaiming it is a true self valueing that is not narcisisstic - but acts from the discernment of joy (One can use any of the inherent qualities of life if joy doesn't fit your vocabulary) - but what really excites and draws your interest and enthusiasm brings you alive in your integrity and connecting in ways that let others meet your actual presence.

Reclaiming one's life is not 'resisting evil' it is being true to oneself - and this is a basis to communicate from with integrity to others who have lost sight of their own rather than from a grievance or hatred.

I appreciate that I only managed to get Steve Jobs in as a sort of token connection to Mac Chat - but if the slide into a Grave New World is as blind and as suckered into a scam as seem from where I stand - I felt to share a bit of a perspective that does not succumb.

hey ho!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

"I cant believe it's not toxic!" The industrial porcessing of humanity for consumption.

A Telegraph article on the true nature of butter relative to margerine
'Have the butter every time,' says cardiologist. Should I ditch my statins?  

Perhaps... an awakening to the kind of consciousness that perverts all things to its own manipulative agendas, is at hand?

That which has a vested interest in your destabilised, fearful and divided dependence on what it then provides. (Bad cop/good cop).

The term 'myth' is devalued by being used as a substitute for lie, falsehood or error.

But the understanding of the power of myth and symbol in our consciousness is highly developed in those who seek to manipulate perceptions, identities and achieve undue influence thereby. Propaganda is war and PR is it's peacetime epithet. A state of war has been waged within consciousness by the subverting of scientific discoveries to the financial and corporate power structures of our day. But unlike the religious manipulations of the past who coerced populations that they would be free IF they obeyed - in some future state of being, the modern sophistication delivers the belief you are free while choosing to conform to a state of serfdom or slavery. Mindcontrol is the result of understandings of the way human consciousness works, in the hands and intent of the few.

But to be fair I also note that the 'consumer' (so defined and so acting out), DEMANDS unconsciousness, by neglecting and giving away power, to those agencies or corporations that it elects (by its actions) to manage and supply it so as to leave it free to explore and express its 'identity' within the safety net of a reality in which its own consciousness is NOT implicated and therefore all the evils and threats to wellbeing can be painted OUT THERE. Yet this is only a smokescreen for what is feared to be true and which advertising and media examples reinforce relentlessly to those who suck it in.

Unless we get our house in order, it is open to thieves in the night and guests who outstay their welcome and who have no kind intent beneath a veil of 'helping'.

The botnet in digital terms, reflects the infiltration and control of remote servers and computers. The same applies in terms of society. It has been going on as long as manipulators could find the technology to effect it - but technology has advanced way faster than any honest openly shared conscious accounting for its use.

When a scam is uncovered - damage limitation works asap to obfuscate and redirect attention. The true scale of the scam against populations is fearfully mind-buckling and THAT is why there is such a deep urge to UNCONSCIOUSNESS! But that only plays into fear and doesn't allow a shift in perspective in which clear steps of practical self-value make a significant difference.
Without a true and clear self valuing - nothing meaningful can be achieved. But the defensive and segregating attempt to manipulate ones own consciousness is not and cannot be a true foundation - and so it must disintegrate when one no longer has the capacity to prop it up.
But that is Good News - even if not recognized yet.

Is the Mummy keeping mum? - or waiting the conditions of maturity and readiness to grow?

An article on 'Egyptian secrets' and the 'curse of Tutankhamun'. 
(I didn't explore the article itself so much as feel a relevance to the issues around the revealing of perspectives that do not fit or support current 'reality' - that also show themselves in any apparent conflict between an emergent discovering and an existing investment in maintaining the status quo).

One possible basis for the 'curse' is simply that information is not ABLE to be uncovered in a Consciousness that refuses to accept it. That is - the Underlying overall conciousness will not permit the disclosure of that which would undermine its currently active identifications of focus.

Exactly how 'information' becomes (and remains) hidden and how that status is maintained, can be readily observed in the actions of any example of human consciousness. One's self.

'Psychological defence mechanisms' are considered valid mapping tools for the 'doctor' to apply to the 'patient' but the fact is 'we are all in this together' whatever roles we play in the larger script. It's complexity is beyond unravelling from within the locally defined consciousness, because that is a part of the complexity and not 'outside' as an observer.

'Trailblazers' may be that which holds open the door to reveal a greater perspective and conservators are that which seeks to protect and maintain the status quo - as points of identity and perspective within it.

Yet both aspects work out from the same 'Mind', and most are an alloy of the two - in which certain aspects of each work against each other and cancel out.

To the conservator, 'seeing is believing' provides defacto defence and stability, but it refuses to see what threatens existing beliefs. To the revealer, believing opens seeing, because it refuses to believe the closed consciousness or limiting filters and distortions of a closed system. It therefore opens perspectives 'outside the box' of current thinking. The apparent conflict of these movements is itself an aspect of maintaining the dynamic for the purpose intended.

As such purpose is fulfilled or ripens, there is a shift that inaugurates a reintegration or awakening of the mind in the heart and the heart in the mind. Such a shift unfolds in place of a 'divide and rule' obfuscating mentality - and does so through the exposure of such a mentality as a false basis from which to live - and a wholly impractical and undesirable one - when honestly acknowledged.