Friday, 1 April 2016

I-dodge for uninterrupted screen life

On being told of this device...

No one seems to realize that their consciousness is 'outing' or coming out from the closet in our technology patterns.
The idodge is already installed in humankind as the capacity to sleepwalk through life without actually meeting anyone - really - so as to maintain the screen identity.
Of course recognizing this is itself waking from the 'matrix' and so it cannot be allowed to be recognized - perhaps by generating a way of sleepwalking that passes off as waking up - without actually putting down the screen identity.
In 'ordinary' terms of talking about this - the obvious development is being chipped and bio-teched into a managed 'reality'. That's a protection racket that will sooner or later be packaged as "an offer you cant refuse".

Just as the very rich get private doctoring and the poor are pharmacologically controlled - the bio-tech future will split humanity (is already so doing) along the lines of HG Wells time travel prophecy - which may in fact have been simply privy to the plan rather than reading the signs.

For those who don't recall or haven't read The Time Machine - there are those who eat - and those who are eaten. Technology will only extend the patterns of power already in play - unless their reflections are used to wake up from playing out the dream of a split off or disconnected sense of thinking - wired up to disallow communication even it it stands at the door and knocks.

Of course it may be that the bio-tech is just the stepping stone to AI. Why have messy, weak, hateful betrayals of a life that just wont play along with your Vision - when you can 'upload' your consciousness and 'live' forever without actually sensing or feeling anything ever again - being a Perfected One whose screen-reality has transcended all such 'limits' to experience the perfect isolation of its own thought un-challenged and unsullied by being bumped into or treated like a bumpkin!

I sense that some sense this is all going horribly, terribly wrong - but there are no controls or ways to change anything. No one can see or hear. As if a pact was made long ago and the power it seemed to give has disintegrated to leave a conditioned reaction in its place. So I shifted back in time to the last moment that truly free choice was still available with which to join and be joined in - to prompt a moment of such noticing - such a stirring to put the screen down and smell the coffee that is wafting upstairs from the kitchen where one who I share life with, speaks in acts of kindness - because we recognize we are of a kindness regardless differences that become the goad to grow - rather than the goal to diminish and wall out. I don't know that commitment is possible while it seems to be imprisonment. Something has to shift or waken to a fresh - even humble perspective. Until then the idodge is needed no doubt - but in being on purpose - all things automatically align to purpose. No 'external' technology called in to 'make life work' against the grain.

Perhaps that's the ultimate choice; whether to serve and follow and external directive or an innate guidance. The Earth story mixes these up like tares and wheat until harvest time - often associated with 'passing on' but really it is simply a true accounting. Crisis is the means by which a false accounting is revealed and corrected - unless of course the false system is 'too big to fail' in which case failure is more deeply defined in screen terms the ease a great quantity of pain onto human beings so that the system can continue to protect us.

Be ware at heart of the blaming game

This is responding to an example of the opinionating and blaming that diverts from discriminating and truly naming. It isn't specifically personal but takes that form as an open invitation to engage.

Opinions are hogwash. Demanding anything of another - including proof - is a way of denying them within the assertion of opinion pretending to fact. In denying them - are you free to assert a version of relationship of control rather than communication. This is the primal split of mind - and we have not evolved one iota from our starting place despite some very clever and fast form change.
Or you would see even the symptoms of attempt to control, in terms of communication. And reintegrate a split-mindedness to a wholeness of being.
You can seem to 'live' in a matrix of ambivalent shifting impressions so as to present the form that seems to fit the expediency of the conditioned meanings that 'control' such reaction. But it is all 'on the run' no matter how grandly it is dressed.

When is the fine mind going to begin to reflect upon its own programming? Not while the blame game operates. Not while loving to hate hides that there is a hating to love. What's with this power trip that is So sweet then? "I want it Thus!"... is that it? Is that all it is? Or is it fear of being found wanting? - lacking - powerless in your own Creation? TOTAL INVALIDATION.

It is no good building upon a mistake - sooner or later one has to go back to the foundations - because the mistake has never REALLY been covered over or 'left behind' or escaped. It has misidentified you since the moment of its reaction - when a mind seemed to leap out of terror and limit the unbearable. Is that 'power' or is that the limiting of power misperceived?

Aligning with true power is rest. Aligning with false power is perpetual war; forever seeking to 'prove' and validate or justify its 'self'. But maybe you ran off with a copy - a forgery - along with the guilt that expects to be punished for taking an image in vain - and expectation of having 'your' life taken back.

Beware of guilt and blaming hate - beware the fear where it leaps forth as if your mind protecting. Be aware first for what is first is the First - and let all else proceed as aligning in the power of awareness - that judges not but beholds. And in being held or found, you hold to and find the threads of vibration that are true of who you feel and recognize yourself to be.

To know and be truly known is without division of difference at the heart or light of true awareness. Nothing else is wholly true and therefore is a focussing within the differentiation from which to HAVE experience of the Indivisible and share in its knowing and being known.

Yes - you can lose your way so completely as to believe you have found your own power and it it must manage in disconnected attempts to make it real upon the belief and reactions of others and world. Or on the imagined virtual world of your versions of others and world. Is it a rehearsal for a life that will never activate? A way of diversion so that what is actively moving Life is denied your embodying gift?

Outsorcery of symptoms

Authorities Plan Strategic Attack of Anti-Vaccine “Myths”
By Daily Bell Staff

My Comment:

Corporations "outsource the costs" while increasing 'profits' and establishing revenue streams - that is power operating to set up and maintain 'markets of dependency'.

Humanity and the living environment on which we all depend is relegated to a status of 'collateral damage' whose only 'real' existence is on the balance sheet - as a cost to be outsourced as far as is possible.

Pharma operates punishment presented as reward for the criminalisation of the population by decree of a condition of disease demanding eradication and control extending its power as fear of future sickness, to be pre-emptively struck or denied.

It is humanity that is being denied its relation within wholeness, it is humanity that is sacrificed upon the altar of a god of sickness and death, for the illusion of power over life - life that is conceived in hated, and feared as corruption of failure and inadequacy and weakness - to be forced out and conformed to a world order in which life will no longer have the capacity to interfere or drag down the vision of unchecked power.

"God's death" - through the sacrifice of innately shared relational Creation is the energy source for such power. But the stark insanity of this suicide is hidden to the urge to regress to the illusion of the self-concept that seems to have had a perfection before life happened. This identity in concept, is belief in fixed self, over and against movement, and operates against the flow of its own fulfilment. This is the father of all lies and unless this is noticed, recognized and released, the war against Self, perpetuates itself, in futility of pain - no matter how 'outsourced' disguised, or redefined, by a splitting off of the idea in power upon its unrecognized and hated Self.

In the sense of a living immediate responsibility was it said you are a 'sinner' - in error - not fixed in concept of unchangeable guilt. Power in concept used a simple waking call to serve its own hate agenda.

That such sin of guilt in self of love and life was rationalised to scapegoat religious corruption, set the scene for a deeper denser illusion of power-seduction, in arrogance and ignorance of the deceit - operating the engine of one's own destruction, willingly.

Where once everyone was held to be a 'sinner' now we almost all have human disorder disorders - which are made up 'diseases'! But pharmacologically enforced so as to generate iatrogenic chains of sickness, death and unfailing loyalty to the god of such a system - for to resist or challenge it in any way, is to demonstrate the state of a disease disorder and be conformed.

The error upon which human consciousness operates in hidden obeisance to an imprinted conditioning is not in the world - but gives rise to a way of perceiving the mutually defied and agreed 'world' that has substituted for life - just as false currency substitutes for a shared presence of true worth and value.

Another word for hate is blame. If perspectives voiced here only reiterate the same ancient hating blame - then whatever forms are asserted or denied - make no difference to the core 'dis-ease of self-sickness.

Conversion of 'hysteria' - that is of unfaced or unfaceable fear - into physical metaphor is part of the unconscious pallet from which fragmentation and control operate in place of a spontaneity and ease of being. This is not merely a recent Freudian "discovery" - but is a much deeper pattern in consciousness by which to maintain unconsciousness of the hated and feared. Outsorcery projectes in attempt to protect - but true source embraces a movement of reintegration of re-wakened self-whole responsibility. The urge and roles of protection may be in error or of an out-dated temporary expediency - but if they are not honoured for what they are believed to serve - one will always elicit attack and denial from such guards.

As is readily observable in issues of power/fear conflict, the way in which outcomes are arrived is hidden by focussing in the conditioned meanings ascribed to forms of the outcomes. Mindfulness could be used to pertain to the presence of awareness at the point of focusing - rather than the loss of such awareness to reactive identity within the experience such meanings generate.

The issue is not vax/anti vax. The issue is an honouring relational communication as the basis from which a trusted outcome arises. To force a belief or deceit of 'good' on others against their willingness is an act of hate - no matter how it presents itself. It is not possible to know or share love in existence while actively hating - and without the unifying perspective of wholeness of being - all parts become as warring factions - even reflecting in the war or breakdown of communication within our own body - where we now have immune function attacking Self as an increasingly 'normal' state of dysfunction - perhaps served by the life-fearing and hating attempt to coerce the immune system mixing all kinds of non-human pathogens with highly toxic 'immune-activators'. Ignorance and arrogance - that refuses to recognize its own feedback - but outsources it to justify ever more intrusive control.

"The patient died - but we got the cancer!" - is the victory cry of 'war on symptoms' - regardless what symptoms are scapegoated to fuel the diversion. Wake up Hu-Man. If you will.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Freedom of the road?

Eric Peters: How Government Ruined Cars

I wrote into this theme thus:

Whenever a sense of abundance can be opened up as a sense of extended power or freedom - there then is the opportunism cultivating a market and power cartel that derived power of tax or dependency from those who expand into the 'new idea'.
It isn't that a sense of freedom is wrong to associate with a car or with movement - but that there is always a correspondence of responsibility that accompanies liberty - or else it is simply a freedom to drive roughshod over Life - over others and one's own true interests. IE: Destructive to Life.
Is the 'absolute right to be left in peace' meaningful?
Since when will Life leave you in 'peace'?
These phrases come out of mutually agreed associative definitions that seemed self-evident - as all such currency of thought does - in its day.
But we are relational being - that is we experience in relation to others - to events and situations and the balancing of such experience is again a matter of inner freedom and responsibility OR ELSE a coercive intent to force an imbalance operates from an imbalanced and un-free sense - and this consolidates and operates through the idea of government as a legally defined justification and agreement to check and qualify the use of such force.
When the coercive intent becomes the mistaken idea of freedom to assert and impose power - then such 'freedom' asserts that no one else will be accorded the right to disturb the peace of my rule. But the coercive intent is always the result of the loss of relational communication to a fear of - or assertion of - power.
The THINKING that derives from either a 'separated off' sense of power or the separate sense of being denied by power - has given rise to a cultural disposition that is so corrupted by power as to have only a trickle of residual Consciousness in Relational being. Indeed what I am writing here (insofar as it is read at all) will be largely referred to 'thinking' without being received as a felt communication.
It is the impoverishment of the currency of thought that reflects the bankruptcy of our outer reflected experience.
The auto-mobile is not strictly autonomous just because you don't use a horse. Indeed the Oil Cartel has used it to expand as Pharma of initially oil derived by-products- as well as the energy-cartels. And Oil/Gas continues to drive geopolitical misery that the highway star is oblivious of association with  as in global 'solutions' the costs are outsourced while the profits are sucked up and evaporated.
There is much more on the symbology of the car that is interesting. On some levels it is clear that personal mobility was designed and promoted as public utility was undermined. Is it all power and greed driven - with the spin of cultural improvement as part of selling it?
Well that is part of what humanity aspires to; the 'hit' or rush of a high - along with seeking to maximise a personal high by 'outsourcing' or denying/invalidating the low.
I feel that the freedom to indulge the wish of power has painted itself into corner, or a traffic jam - or even a self-driving googlebot! And of course the sheer hatred that rises in such frustration of WANTING and not getting and blaming rather than communicating - not having the resource of communication open or available within the impulse of 'getting'.

I may add that in UK - since the first 'green' thinking was subverted to mainstream leverage - so as not being allowed to open a real communication that includes the living context of our otherwise dead thinking - the motorist has been taxed more, and emasculated, and infantilised - such that as with other arenas of life, the taking over by actual robots will be seamless because we have already 'evolved' (sic) to such lack of consciousness as to be replaced by external control mechanism - operated and run by a power elitism. Whose image are we being remade in but the anti-life that seeks to regain its right to luxuriate in its own private vision without Life interfering with its freedom from such disturbance. I have every reason to believe that death is not in fact such a victory - and that regression to a presumed perfect state is a trick of hindsight. But then I embrace Life on Earth despite having to embrace all kinds of frustration and emotional pain - so I'm on board for a journey that is inherently transformational and not just 'me' getting high.

I recall some describing the 60's as the idea of being high all the time opening to the spiritual realisation that that was not freedom - and that uncovering a true freedom was a more meaningful life. The fact that such impulses get caught up and subverted does not in any way invalidate the impulse. It reflects an invalidating thinking being interjected and imposed upon it.

Don't be caught napping!

So-called 'news' media are a point of insertion for 'studies' and 'trial results' to drip into the directed narrative in contrived ways to prepare and seed private agenda that otherwise would not result.

This was medicalising and demonising afternoon napping

My comment:
Medicalizing society is subjugating, making docile and controlling society.
The fraudulent nature of so many 'trials' is well documented by such courageous communicators as Robert Whitaker or our own Dr David Healy. (go youtube) The planting of cherry picked and predetermined scripts into the newsfeeds is always PR or advertorial to more than just profits - for the capture of regulatory bodies means that cynical fraud can hide behind 'clinical' expertise.
These are the people who bought you the demonisation of saturated fats that are essential to health (and brain health). The hoax of chemical imbalance in the brain as the 'medical' cause of emotional and psychological distress or difficulty. The false association of cholesterol with heart disease - and the demonisation and fear of Sunlight!
In short, the actual result of much health - or should we say sickness management - is to make us sick - and make us fear sickness even when taking a nap!
Unbelieveable! - Excepting people DO believe it at some level because they have a fear of self-responsibility and therefore trust the 'parenting' institutions that have largely been subverted by trillion dollar publicity and marketing expertise.

Reversing the reversal?

A new Bill has passed into English/Welsh law to promote access to innovative medical treatments
This is a new, modified version of Lord Saatchi’s original well-intended, but controversial Medical Innovation Bill
In this new guise, the authorities carry a loaded gun to point at any doctor given that the doctor will remain liable if he/she is found to be negligent in carrying out the innovative treatment
All innovative treatments and outcomes will be recorded in a new Medical Innovation Register that’s effectively a fast-track licensing system for new drugs and those that have been used off-label
The chosen innovative treatment must be supported by a responsible body of medical opinion, i.e. a team of doctors all agreeing on the same course of action
Innovative treatment will typically be off-label use of an existing drug
Sick and vulnerable patients will effectively be test subjects, and their outcomes will inform clinical trials for wider pharma markets
The structure of this Bill has effectively closed the door to natural treatments, whether they be innovative or not
My Comment:

State control of health issues and denial of freedom to explore or integrate non-pharmacological approaches has nothing to do with science and everything to do with the corruption of the State by transnational corporate lobbies – after first subverting and corrupting scientific institutions and media.
The extension of the idea of owning and controlling our biology and environment is the logical outcome of a directed technocratic behaviourism – in which faulty and unworthy broken bio-robots – have to be manually overridden of their own will so as to farm them.
The ‘elitists’ are a ‘power class’ who have corresponding privilege, insider knowledge and protections that they are unwilling to lose – and so no real opening to change a system of maintaining division and control will be allowed – for any crack in the dam would open up more – and the loss of such control is terrifyingly unthinkable and avoided at any cost.
Anecdotally – the film “Cancer is a serious business” that documents coercion and fraud – was raised in discussion in the highest office of the USA – but was simply ‘too big’ to go into or open up. “Too big to fail” is the sense of tares entangling the wheat that dare not be addressed for fear the whole economy and power system as we have known it – disintegrates or ‘goes down’. And of course too many vested interests will move to block or counter any reform.
Regaining our own ‘inner track’ of power has to begin by opening and owning our fears rather than demanding another power ‘save us’ from them. No one else can stop a true willingness to learn; to transform and to heal or reintegrate to a wholeness of being – but the guilted and fearfully split sense of self we are conditioned to normalize and persona-fy is not the basis for such a movement of being. Aligning in a true movement of being is different from fear-fuelled ‘power’ or wilfulness upon life. Listening Within is not mad! It is refusing a false-faced normalcy in hate for a clear and true perspective that can only be had by allowing it in – by receiving. And listening within will include noticing promptings and intuitive recognitions ‘without’ or in the ideas or people or situation we attract into our lives – because we are desirous of a truly integrated outcome – whether we are denied a fullness of cultural exchange or not.

Also from

Tribeca censorship of "Vaxxed" and how to beat it

My Comment:

Recognize that coercive assertion is hate - no matter what symbols it appeals to for legitimizing itself. No matter what forms it adopts. For it listens not and cares not for anything but its own blinded sense of self interest.

The compulsive dictate of a hateful intent is not recognized by those who believe it protects them - or 'others' in such ways as empowers them. But is ascribed to those who would bring it to light and to being healed - and then righteously directed at them as if in retaliation.

"What we believe - and insist you also believe (or conform your behaviour to), cannot be brought to question - or we accuse you of crimes against humanity - for our belief is saving lives while anything that contradicts it puts them all at risk".

Clearly this is an issue of power to 'medicate' people without their truly informed consent - because without discussion, there can be neither information accountable to truth or meaningful consent.

If there is such overwhelming science to back up the claims of the vaxing of otherwise healthy people for diseases they may still contract and spread to others - with actual risks that are downplayed or airbrushed from the record - and a legal system designed to release them from accountability - why is it asserted with such force as if it is fragile and easily undermined? Because it is?