Friday, 10 June 2016

Matrix of deceit

CBS and its (new?) Matrix trick

... If your comments on the CBS news site happen to displease the resident censor, a.k.a. moderator, they will be silently removed from the stream of readers’ comments while still appearing on your own computer screen.  In other words, your post shows up on your screen, but if someone else tries to view it either as a visitor to the site or as a reader who’s logged in under his or her name, it’s not there.... (full article)

Deceit is pervasive and able to mimic or adopt the forms of what seems acceptable or desirable or true to you. The idea of the deceiver is not new but has been known of an warned vigilance against since our first split into mask and deceit.

Note that the deceiver can also masquerade as the protector or warning voice against deceit.

It should become immediately clear that you cannot trust your own thoughts - unless you have discerned and found them as representative and aligned with the true of you. Deceits provoke reaction that does not allow time to pause and listen or feel within and so they are triggers that operate through the weaknesses through which you are most vulnerable - hence deceit works to nurture and magnify your weaknesses by presenting them as strengths so that hate can seem self righteous and fear can seem wise. I cant use words to define the true - but only in the willingness for truth. Sharing such purpose allows communication across and despite apparent differences but the deceit provides an identity that needs to be set against different others by which to seem real.

For ourselves we can discern what we accept and extend through us - so that hate and fear does not use us as its instrument and become the framer of our thinking and behaviour. This actually requires waking up to and owning hate and fear feelings that have historically been denied asap and masked in fairer forms. Where to go with such hateful and conflicted feelings if not to try to banish or hide them - or - to use them to fuel the self-guilt and self-hate that is our fundamental deceit? Feeling is not a slave to conform to the dictate of thoughts but a quality of knowing in its own right - though it needs consciousness and form to embody that knowing. Accepting and feeling our feelings within a willingness to heal or find healing is very different from a sense of being violated and attacked and having to call up immediate defence, and within the acceptance of THAT we are feeling as we are feeling - is the freedom to evolve, change and open fresh and more embracing and less polarized perspective.

Without inner understanding and compassion for the nature of mis-taken identity - we are compelled to attack or judge it - in ourselves in secret and other in the world at large. Indeed our identity problem is one where fear of loss brought a sense of separate self assertion and the inevitable and inherent power struggles within ourself and with others.

The act of extending or living from the true of you - which embraces the other without having to choose the same choices - has a different quality than the assertion of identity.

Personal and social mores also include all kinds of mutual agreements and definitions that are in effect the collective refusal to receive or relate directly in the true feeling presence that we are whether we live and remember this or pass off a suitable masking presentation - not least because the realm of open feeling expression is associated with a can of worms - or every kind of conflicted entanglement. But I remind you that the desire or willingness to heal is an entirely different purpose and vibratory resonance of communication than identity assertions, validations and power struggle - no matter how adeptly or naturalistically nuanced.

'Local reality' is already running and it presents itself as My mind and as identity and freedom seeking power and therefore in terms of a movement toward power. The private mind is  a deceit - but in truth nothing can come into your experience that you are not the vibration of - and therefore it is your teacher, reflecting information back to you that serves balancing within the wholeness as the unique expression of individuality that is recognisably You.

While we are so distracted and engaged in outer reflection that triggers our separation drama - or should I say trauma - we are held in an exclusive focus that has suggested an either/or winner loser interpretation and thus a uni-polar reality. It is this that holds us in an almost exclusively physical or material framework of experience - where the power and freedom of imagination in service to an integrative sense of self is denied - perhaps often unknowingly - but the denial is the active force beneath the appearances of our 'local reality'.

Giving witness truly grows the awareness of true as our conscious experience - from which the live all our relationships and inspirations. Giving false witness is no less powerful - but in a negative or segregating and fragmenting and dis-empowering way. This drives the hunger for power - which is not merely some kind of sin of greed but also the survival instinct of a mis-taken identity running with all the belief given it.

While its reality reflections conform to its interpretations, such power struggle is fed or justified - by opposition as much as by alliance or conformity. It is up to you where you give your attention and allegiance - unless you define yourself in such a way as to give your power to others to frame and dictate your thought. While this is a nonsense in itself - it is tragic in its consequence of experience.

Can we give true witness without succumbing to the seduction of vengeance?

The fruits of true communication - which is infinitely more than words - are miraculous rather than the result of any coercion or ability to acquire and manipulate power. Those who have tasted of this have some basis to persist where the world sees only folly. Those who uncover the insanity of the mind set exclusively in terms of the 'local reality' meet that none-sense in their self-reality as an unworkable and meaningless identifiction - that can no longer be exclusively believed true. However, we can only work with the material at hand and regardless where our starting place - the willingness to learn anew is ever the starting place - and not the form we grasp... and become entangled with.

If winning is a perfection of loneliness and isolation;  If power is consolidated in that which operates against Life in attempt to enslave and replace it with ultimate self-validation, then victory results in a wasteland of hollow robot slaves; A living death.

While you are alive enough to know it, you are never too late to re-evaluate your goals and therefore your starting premises.  But if all your investments are in your mask then can you forsake them? "Better then to die in the mask than suffer the humiliation of exposure" ... to what? To a true Acceptance that you are as you are and not as you judged.

"There is nothing new under the Sun" - and "Behold I make all things new!". These can be seen to illustrate two aspects of choice - re-enactment (that conditions the mind to auto-pilot and believe itself autonomous) and exploration of willingness and curiosity for truth in its OWN terms - but as resonating within our heart as our true desire - rather than the conformity of the masked and masking from feared or hated power. You wont get this with your head (or be deceived you have) because it has to be felt and realized or recognized. Short-cutting true awareness with un-checked or out of true definitions, short changes us - and each other of shared presence.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Antarctica set out of bounds?

Antarctica to Remain Off-Limits to Mines and Miners

I wrote this below to a commenter to the above article it expands to address not only things the commenter said but much broader themes. (I also place it at the bottom of this post for easy reference)

Do you govern your own mind or conduct? Of course you do. Whether you have ease or dis-ease is a result of your self-definitions.
As I see it there is a pervasive self-hatred that extends to hating Life - excepting we usurp, control and remake it in our own image - for the sense of nature is one of hostile and treacherous failure to support or align with our fantasy of power. Insofar as nature can be redefined or framed to support our fantasy we make symbols of beauty and magic - at least to sell our products - but mostly we rape and lay waste and dump our shit of toxic guilt in our bodies and our environment - and blame nature as genes and bugs and virii - along with psychopathic 'elites' who outsource pain while evaporating their 'profits'.

Antarctica: Is there is something big that is not allowed to be made public. Did you know that maps from antiquity that inspired Columbus showed Antarctica as separate islands - no ice?

I have a sense the world we presume is a realm of unconsciousness intended as such and defended as such. On the surface of Unconsciousness is what we define and accept as 'conscious' but it is conditioned reaction in which attention is locked into conflicted identity - somewhat like a computer program set to solve an insoluble problem. Loop, hang, crash - take your pick - but the front-end experience is all most are able or willing to engage with. Looking beneath the surface is 'reality-breaking'. However, once we break - we have a basis from which to see that we did not have within the matrix - though the world is still a very distracting place because that is its design to the mind seeking diversion from what is being hidden thereby.

The various conflicting polarities of the human archetypes include utter lawlessness  and natural law or inner recognition of a balanced outcome for all involved. It is the usurpation and replacement of natural law with fear and hatred of lawlessness that invited fear and hate into our lawmaking under the aegis of self-righteousness - which offsets our self-hatred by directing it at the 'evil other'.

Serial relationships of exploitive indifference in which the used up is discarded for the next party are also an archetype of unrestrained and unregulated 'freedom' to do whatever feels good regardless how anyone else feels. When you find out how to enforce your will on others who want different things from you then your fantasy will be realized - but I suspect people actually all have different reasons and motives in what moves them and they only seem to be a homogeneous group from a generalized analytical perspective.

Toxicity can be called too much - or an imbalance. Fantasy humans never make these problems that then invoke restraining controlling government but where are they when you need them? In some sort of golden age that never was but seemed to be with hindsight of a set of challenges not fully addressed and interpreted as illegitimate violation of 'freedom' to not be catalyzed, challenged or transformed by new information and experience!
there is no such freedom - but dedication to it will cost awareness of the core responsibility that is our freedom.

I see our false currency of thought as the disease that operates through us like a parasitic and destructive force. I don't blame the true of us - but see the effect of the denial of the true in exchange for the mask of power by which to 'survive' in its terms. In power struggle terms. Truth is the first and necessary victim for fantasies to be given power.

By the synchronicity of meeting your comment under this article - I found myself writing and reading what has formed here with you. Is that a different quality of power? I feel so. But not over anyone or anything. Use it or lose it. (Therefore to lose what you really don't want  - don't use it).

Thanks for the invitation - even if you didn't know it was there.

In reply to:

Blank Reg who said

This is the same mindset that would also want to lock down Mars as a private nature preserve for elite, well connected scientists and other researchers. However, most people who want to emigrate to Mars want to do so in hopes of terraforming the place, and creating a second inhabitable world for humanity. Better the ambitions of the people locking down Antarctica STAY in Antarctica, rather than having those mental toxins being spread throughout the solar system.
But as Heinlein once remarked: "Government is a social disease humanity takes with it wherever it goes."

Praetor said:
This world is here for the benefit of all, not the few. NWO slugs we're coming for you're savings!!!

My reply:

    They don't have savings - they have more debt - balanced with investments and connections that enable supporting a greater flow of influence and information.
    I tend to think that if you were really coming after them - they would move a lot quicker than slugs!
    The energy embodied as any particle is mind-boggling - but then perhaps we are not ready to unlock our minds from self-limitation and align to its currents and flow - hence the mind -filtering that protects us from Infinity that we play as being kept in the dark.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Logic and Illogic in Education

Logic and Illogic in Education
by Jon Rappoport

Jon's article elucidates the need for tool of logic in analysing arguments that are in fact deceits or conceits of an oppositional or coercive agenda that manipulators and manipulated spin and become ensnared in.

My comment:

Well for one the dumbing down and subversion of the education system is a design strategy and for two the discernment of a hidden personal agenda is natural to anyone who can rest the mental of reaction and simply abide in a relational willingness of receptivity - which of course one will not when identified or triggered within a conditioned personal identification.
So I see your logic as the the test of consistency or congruency - an absence of self-contradiction. For if something is this it cant be that - unless it is both this and that and more.
I have no academic training in logic. I looked up polemic - which I see as an oppositional identity that thrives or arrives at a sense of self by seeking to undermine the perceived adversary or rival.
This sense of getting power from the denial or destruction of power in others is an illusion of power - with all the power of belief and identification invested in it.

A formal argument is closer to a desire to articulate or give form and focus to an issue that has confusion or contention and a sense of needing clarity in order to proceed or act further.
Willingness for communication is not merely a verbal statement or belief - for our hidden agenda includes our subconscious and unconscious denials and operates in act whether we or others recognize it or share the agreements to not see.

I am not arguing against using any tools that serve the clarifying and unifying of purpose in communication and action - but I feel your (Jon') broader arguments are always set within the framework of guilt and the inevitable power struggle to distribute it - and the punishment or dis-empowerment that is part of dealing with the hated and feared - once blame can be set and enforced.

I say there is no possibility of real communication while a power struggle is being enacted and that speaking truth to power is a matter of focusing entirely within the issues of communication as communication - and not using it as the promotion of a self-agenda as the righteous judge and determiner of 'reality'.

I also acknowledge there are those or those in certain triggered states who are not at all open or willing for communication - and while this may well be because their denied terror or rage 'locks' them into a denial mode of consciousness as weapon and defence - one cannot tell them this and be anything but used thereby. One can learn to be the conditions of willingness that do not trigger or inflame the other and extend a presence that is neither deferential or seeking to deny or undermine the capacity to choose that is inherent in consciousness - and thus use what is evident as a means to reflect choices being made that have negative associations - and this can lead to a willingness to open enough to consider other perspectives - and this is a moment of willingness that is easily squandered if seen as a chink in their armour.

If you want war-mindedness - you have it and no one can take it from you - excepting you die or withdraw completely from relational embodiment - perhaps as if to prove death over Life as your ultimate polemic - but... so what?

If you thought war-mindedness was the ONLY REAL option - or the Way things work - then I invite sharing a a curiosity to revisit the underlying conditioning and seek a fresh perspective - for the power-struggle can only result in a world such as we have made and it is a dead end of futile and tragic experience - excepting that this operates a recognition of who we are NOT - by which to awaken who we are from the beliefs that operate beneath our awareness of them.

The willingness to learn is what has to be cultivated, recognized and nurtured. The learning will draw forth its fulfilment with perhaps some guidance and encouragement - or it will meet denials in terms of non-acceptance for its true desire and demands to conform within set patterns that are essentially loveless regardless their presentation. We have to be this for ourselves and recognize that guidance for ourself can come through any agency or synchronicity of event - regardless the forms of our judgements as to what our answers should be or what form they should take.

Imagination opens a channel to Spirit when it is not reactively locked into a negative self-definition - in which case it serves self-limitation.

Humanity presents itself as evolving and progressing whilst engaging in ever more self-limitation. Even the 'rationality' that is focused in the desire to define and control is a form of the same old conditioning in which such an imposition of control was invoked by a conflicted identity or chaotic fragmentation of purpose. True Reason is Sanity - one and the same. You cannot make a unity of a self-contradiction - but you can entertain contradiction AS IF the underlying purpose has been replaced with warring minds and believe it true.

"Know Thyself" is operating in time and beyond time whether we recognize this or attend to the replacement for knowing that the energetic of conflict operates in thought that fleshes out the casting of personae within a negative rendering of  Presence - for every attack on the presence of 'another' is Self-attack unrecognized. Asserting and defending a bunch of thoughts is not the same as the sharing of a truly knowing and being known - and nor will its 'success' arrive at an appreciation your reality - as an integral part of Wholeness. Flowery language perhaps - but when an ancient hate shifts to such a recognition, words are the last things on our mind.

And perhaps the words we start to attract and employ thereafter become unreal, heretical or despicable to the war-minded - and so they are generally filtered out, ignored and passed by, as if the science is settled. But a willingness to uncover truth is never 'settled' but is the movement of Life Itself. To grasp at forms of truth and assert them or possess them is to choose a hollow life at odds with the Movement of your own being. It's a dance! But the joy-song cannot move the armoured

What if we are the 'bad guys'?

What If We Are The ‘Bad Guys?’
Irwin Ozborne, Contributor
Waking Times

The above article is specific to the USA and by extension to its allies - but my comment is applicable to the core patterning of identity that is implicitly conveyed in the header.

- - -

Look at the identities you accept - or project to others as part of your own.
Framing identity in terms of good and bad is a 'war on Self' for what and who you are is not decided or determined by your narrative of identification - but of course this is who you have come to believe yourself to be as a result of denying what you hate or fear within yourself and of defending and asserting what you present as if it is the whole or true of you.

A unipolar identity is not really open to relationship because it is only open to what agrees with it or extends what it already believes.

The globalism of a unipolar consciousness operates not only denial of the freewilling life of others - but its own - because it is locked into 'my way or no way' in the power struggle to come out on top. There is never a time when acquired or asserted power is enough - because any imaginable scenario of threat magnifies out of any possible disagreement or difference. Any communication is 'interpreted as power play'. Communication becomes impossible.

The insanity of this identification has to be recognized in order to be released in our own mind. It takes one to know one and power-envy along with vengeance is pervasive in the hatred of feeling powerless under others - but power itself is rarely self-revealing in its own terms, seeking to hide within presentations and narratives of acceptability and justification - indeed in self righteousness. This is not a mind-set of whoever happens to be embodying it. It is a pervasive mentality that operates as the core self belief and identity of the human condition-ing thus far un-healed.

A multi polar identity fundamentally accepts reality as a living communication in which identity arises as a gift of a shared purpose - for the dance within and between the polarities has a balance point in which one is true to oneself and through which can be truly in relation rather than seeking to resolve or work out internal contradictions in external terms.

The 'good cop/bad cop' device is the terrorizing influence of rage, hate and lovelessness, switching to a presentation of kindness and sympathy by which to 'escape' or hold at bay the now hidden terror - which is embedded in such a pact to be called on if overstepping fear's dictate.

The experience of lovelessness in rage and hate is indeed hateful and greatly disturbing - so much that we do our utmost to eradicate, escape and excommunicate it from ourself in the fear and hatred and distrust of the Other... and we become ourselves a loveless, hateful agency of what we deny on surface - excepting when 'justifiably provoked'.

The true Nature of Consciousness is reap and sow - or indeed give and receive. What you put in is what you get out. In giving hate or lovelessness of indifference to the experience of unrecognized parts of our Self, we set up a comeback in which we do not recognize our part in. I am not saying we are now to blame for the evils of the world including our own sense of being violated - but that it is within the range of our innate capacity to recognize denied self within experiences that seem to deny us - and in the moment of recognition is a shift of perspective that has been called grace.

I cannot change you or even persuade you of anything you are not already in the willingness to recognize as your own. I never have been able to exert power over you. But the complex play of fragmented and denied or split identity, sets up a disempowering belief in which others then seem more powerful as a result of a loss of power. Humanity has played this game to its conclusion - which is complete loss of power to the illusion of power. To the identifiction of power over Life or Existence.

Now is a choice. Identifictions within meaningless struggle for a power that can never truly fulfil, or the embracing of Life - regardless the messy involvement of denial coming up into awareness as every kind of hated or feared or despised (judged against) aspects.

Instead of branding 'evil' and living from self-justified hate - pause the judgement and listen or feel within for the Movement of your being - and you recognize the embrace of that which you can wholly embrace as having a core peace to it - which the desperate attempt to validate or enforce a partial sense over the whole or as the whole can never have - regardless the form it takes.

Through your willingness, discern the willingness of others and grow in the trust of your own feeling being - so as to be feeling and thinking, receptive and embodying, as a balancing of a wholeness that you already are but have not allowed to embody through you - while you think you alone (in whatever aspect is currently active) are in charge.

The need for enemy is the need for evil - over and against which to make an identity at odds with a wholeness. I am not saying there is not an evil arising from the denial and refusal of Life - but that its capacity to insinuate itself in your own thinking is deep set - and so you cannot trust your own thinking without pausing a moment or however long it takes - to feel the nature of where you are coming from and know that it is truly your heart's acceptance and your mind's purpose - as one.

Making mistakes is not failure, guilt, sin and shame, but is feedback without which you would be unable to grow. Growing in the embrace of Life is natural to the release of hate - and self-hate is the deepest and most divisive. That is why evil intent nurtures and leverages or triggers this in you at every opportunity so as to get you to think you are one of the good guys, while running its agenda through your split mind.

You are not one of the bad guys within any true recognition of Self no matter what roles have been enacted, but only the recognition brings that knowing. The forms of words can and are used to deceive - and so regardless of the words I have accepted for this communication - feel for your own discernment of what opens resonance and relevance to who you feel yourself to be at this timing of relationship and live from owning and knowing yourself integrally rather than as a 'power struggle' of authorities and contradictions.

It was not wrong to seek to make a unity of chaos - but now it is not wrong to listen to and abide in the chaos for insight and communication that was lost in the act of trying to conform it to limited ideas of what we - or anything - should be. There is a ripening for a fresh perspective. Revelation from what we have long judged against - because we are willing to listen with fresh curiosity. Indeed such is our need.