Friday, 15 July 2011

The explosion of terror in our midst

Do not let the masks or labels deceive. Religious teachings, like anything else, may also be used by the mind of deception.
Hiding behind ANY presumed or accepted 'Authority' is not a real presence communicating truth. Do not be fooled. Do not take the bait. Listen more deeply. Your brother needs you as you need him.

So may the bomb of terror offer an unmasking of the mind of deception to our awareness? As we do NOT USE IT to justify our private judgements to ourselves.
It is so that we do not all seek to impose our will on Life and others by force of violence so as to self righteously judge and deny that which we falsely determine to be evil or wrong.
But the seed of this mentality is pervasive in human relationships even if it is not usually acted out in such raw acts of misplaced hatred. And the only way that heals our relationships of the deceptive basis which terrorises the heart is to cease to be a host for the mind of deception.
I am not addressing working mind - which attends to practical needs as it is called upon - but to the Heart's knowing that the thinking mind obscures. Because the basis from which we live out from is always the most important determiner of all that comes therefrom.
Deception seeds and breeds deception. True religion serves the undoing of the mask of deception and the awakening of the heart to its true nature. The wish to be a 'someone' in our own right is not of God or innate to our being. But while we choose to play out wishful imagination with forceful determination, we will participate in the murder or denial of the true innocence and sanctity that Life Is - (and yet which remains the uncoverable truth of you to accept as you are willing to see and share it).

The belief in evil as an actual power located outside our own mind is the excommunication of our true power to love; to see the presence of love and to be the presence of love. Terror is the crudest tool in the mind of deception, and is usually veiled in threat. See that it can have no authority in your heart and ask and listen for the way of peace - without prejudging what form that will take for you. Are you so willing?

Thankyou for your attention.