Thursday, 10 June 2010

Corporate Disaster poisons the world we share

Look carefully at the way 'creative' obfuscation is employed in all our relationships. It isn't just the corporate accounts or government budgets or the PR and manipulative deception so as to maintain the illusions that we assert to others and OURSELVES. Sanity and honesty are inextricably facets of each other. There are 'games' being played that cost the Earth - and cost the appreciation, well being and wealth of what would we would be living - in an integrated willingness of purpose and worth. Corporate selfishness NEEDS to be constrained within the community interest or its simply exploits, undermines and destroys, in the wake of blind short term interests. There's no profit in such loss. Governments and official regulatory bodies NEED to hold their service as a duty of trust and beware of inducements to cosy up to the 'rich and powerful' when those lobbies attempt to use their leverage for mean and callous ends. It isn't that bad people need to become good - but that we need to stop and reevaluate what the Good truly means. Unless we stop and start from a fresh perspective, we are always trying to force life to fit our self illusion. Our whole way of life will change from a rediscovery of what life truly is. Or of course one can insist on persisting from a basis that has never worked, is not working, and will never work. Of course it seems to work - thus the protection of the status quo by those who are in power. But the real cost is becoming increasingly more difficult to deny - and many are less willing to be controlled by loveless thinking. The emotional 'body' of the American people is feeling hurt, confused and outraged. The feeling needs to be acknowledged - but it does not need to become a basis for satisfying the urge for vengeance under the disguise of justice. Educate. Feel for the truth that can be received. We are oil addicts because we have used it to empower a way of life that exploits rather than shares. We can change our way of life, set a fresh direction, and get off the addiction, one step at a time. The risk factors at Macro level need to come right down. It isn't ok to make these kind of tradeoffs at the cost of a commonwealth that hardly appears on balance sheets. At the microlevel they need to come up. We as individuals need to dare to explore, discover and grow the ways of a true peace amidst the lessons that we experience as symptoms of ignorances past. There is nothing compulsive about ignorance apart from a desire to stay in the dark, play out the games of division and blame and shame and love the sense of our own image, judgement and opinion as if these offer safety, fulfillment or sanity.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Environmental Consciousness

Current mentalities on the environment are subtly at the source of the problem. Of course one can focus on one facet of a multidimensional issue and identify a fearful or adverse outcome or enemy and righteously align ourselves against it - but see how dumb so much of this becomes and how easily it is reduced to 'good' and 'evil' polarities not based on reality but on currently prevailing perceptions.
There is a fundamental waking up that is called for - and the nature of this waking is to the nature and politics of our own mind-set.

To be human has been defined and asserted as a private mentality in an independent organism that can then possess and exploit its own life and its own world.Writ small, this was largely held in check so as not to damage or undermine too widely - but now it is writ large in the corporate and consumer mentality that has no real relationship - no basis for love or joy - beyond the short term selfish 'getting' at long term expense - and at the expense of others - of our and other cultures - of our natural world in companionship and of our natural world as life support system.

The desire to see the deceiver/evildoer external to our own mind is a scapegoat mechanism that has to be relinquished if we are to be honest.

Only by recognizing the pattern within our own mind can we allow a change of heart to change our mind. Such change is freely and willingly embraced for though fear may initiate a sense of alarm - it need not blind us such that we merely react mechanically in selfish ignorance again - and yet again.
The resources that are available to a shared will - and a shared responsibility that grows from the ground up - are inconceivable to the mentality of separate and competing interests.
But without the awakening of a true responsibility for our use of our own minds - we cannot but continue to be deceived, manipulated and mechanically driven into the further density of a self destroying and loveless delusion.

Good Housekeeping in a Good Home, marries the practical expression of loving relationships.

Perhaps it starts with ceasing to deny or hide from the desecration of the home we share - both at mind level and world level - and sweeping out the crap that actively undermines trust and communication.

Fear is always used to distract and manipulate attention. But wisdom is resting in the heart and feeling an issue from a larger perspective than what fear would offer as your 'protector'.

Mitigating symptoms may be a part of a process - but intelligence needs to awaken to the real causes. They do not require science or intellectual prowess - but simple and profound honesty - in a context of what has been called humility.

For all the blight that humankind seem to bring to earth it is well to remember that we can also be the very beholding of the glory of the living universe. We can feel and know true inspiration and be moved to share and live on an awakened basis - despite the histories of habits that have yet to be replaced with a more heartfelt and conscious valuing of life.

The good news is that - though we can sell our soul and thus lose appreciation of the depth and interrelatedness of all things - it remains held for us on trust - until we change our mind and turnabout.

There is much talk about cooperating with nature rather than fighting it. Learning from it rather than enslaving it. This is a simple matter to anyone who isn't blinded by their own thinking.

Mind control isn't really the work of the media, governments or corporations - but is an estrangement from our own nature that sets images and meanings and definitions of self and reality - above the actual living relationship that is always present - where awareness rises to meet the world as it truly is, rather than as we would have it be.

If inspiration and insight and guidance were truly desired - they would be simply available - and effective.

What do we really want?

This question isn't addressed to an intellectual level but to our heart. This is the most fundamental act of which we are capable; to listen within and discover the desire that is truly moving in our heart. Until we are willing to truly reevaluate everything from the ground up - we run on and within old and false desires that are not sane, but are false promise based on false premise.
Be creative in your relationships with everything. Be present in your own life. Don't let fear blind you  - no matter how subtly it presents itself as you.
When Spring comes the seeds that lived invisible in the dark come forth. But the thawing of the heart is the season of your own willingness.

Monday, 7 June 2010

The Good news about the economy

Here is the good news:

We are being brought to a willingness and opportunity for a fresh perspective that will genuinely express spiritual and cultural renewal.

This is an individual shift that becomes a social movement because it is the individual that actually connects, discerns and communicates, and yet find that others are likewise becoming receptive to the same relevant insights.

To give the focus to what is wrong is disempowering. It is helpful to use the experience of fear, conflict, confusion and loss as am alarm to listen more deeply - with a greater honesty than our superficial strategies would allow.

True spiritual discernment has nothing to do with promoting personal belief systems or manipulating the world or others into the likeness of any kind of god - spiritual or material. It is simply the willingness to listen in the silence of our being - even amidst the chatter or drama of the world - with the trust and desire to let truth be revealed.

Ingenious thinking is not the way to truth but can be clearly seen in our times as a deception. And truth is not ever an object of our thought - nor can it be used as a shield or weapon in the play of human conflict.

The real culprit is not the shadowy super rich or their bankers - nor the politicians who operate within the confines dictated to them by the 'economics' that are espoused and shared as if meaningful and desirable.

We cannot 'think or spin our way out' of the conditions we have generated for ourselves but we can uncover a fresh appreciation of truth - of reality. And then we will see from a different perspective and live from a new basis - even amidst the seeming mess and chaos of human relationships.

To uncover or be restored to wholeness of being is not a goal - but is both a starting place and a way of traveling. To live 'outside' the heart results in greed for self in a disconnected sense of specialness. It despoils and exploits without knowing what it does for it sees its own 'needs' above all else - including truth. It is NOT a sound or sane basis for good housekeeping or a loving home.

It IS up to us individually to decide what is of value and to honour and align with it accordingly. If we give value to what cannot actually fulfill us we simply become possessed by our so called possessions.

We are afraid of our Spirit because we believe it calls for sacrifice, but in truth it is illusions that are released. Maintaining deceptions is an enormous burden and strain - that we are accustomed to as a slave to heavy chains.

To take a fresh look in an honesty of spirit is not in any way the same as to rebrand or redistribute presentations of realty so as to extend or maintain the status quo.

We feel fear, there is confusion, we seem to have lost, and yet face more loss - with a mounting tide of crises of which we have a diminishing capacity to respond to. The underlying models and mentalities that we have grown and relied on are part of the cause of the problems we face.

Is there not a better way of looking at this?
Do I want to find it?