Thursday, 4 July 2019

Adulterated Sustenance and a false sense of security

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The loading of the food supply with excess or unnaturally occurring glutamates from ultra processing or simply adulteration with toxic ingredients (toxin is the dosage ingestion or exposure), shares the same corporo-political profile as the vaccination industry in effecting a management of stock for purposes of exploitation or degradation and controllability, with regard to inducing reduction of brain function and of natural immunities to systems of capture and control.
There are multiple vectors through which such a war is waged and singling any out as THE cause is inviting refutation. Not everyone eating glutamate rich ultraprocessed or adulterated food is autistic - but may nonetheless suffer degradation of function such as brain fog.
Not everyone receiving vaccinations registers a recognisable, lasting or observable degradation as a result.
The body has multiple pathways of coping until or unless it doesn't. The complexity of environmental and biological factors goes beyond any linear consideration.

The pathways of symptom recognition in a social sense are like unto hidden sins that are revealed but denied and concealed in lies or narrative control.
Adulteration of Life is an interjection of lies under guise of false premise and promise.
A sense of lack is fed a sense of self-inflation, that becomes a dependency on lies that set us against our true or transparent relational honesty.

The Reid's story is not set against a plausibly deniable incompetence, but an actively defended deceit. When deceits and disinformation operate to deny or cover an honest enquiry and its findings, we can note the symptoms of a psychic emotional dissociation and bring vigilant against our own proclivity to succumb or become framed in a reactive baiting or entrapment.

The issue beneath all else is of freedom of information, discussion and education as the basis from which to accept and align in outcomes. In the guise of 'freedom from feared evils' and 'freedoms to engage in self-gratifying fantasy' is true freedom exchanged for a toxic indebtedness packaged and presented perhaps in sweetness, savour or indeed saviour.

The science or logical consistency of true premise, cannot take place or bear fruit, when all communication and information is 'marketised and weaponised' to a mindset of possession and control.

“... the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
~ Alan Bullock

The unsaid assumption here is that very very few are willing to stand in their own wits and witness or indeed maintain true with-ness - when doing so is perceived dissonant to the prevailing social order.

The weaponisation of language is the logically consistent symptom of the lie  - and the father of it - as a persuasive distortion interjected into the nature and quality of open communication.

When I looked for 'causes of death' statistics in UK (I had read iatrogenic outcomes are the third leading cause of death in US and UK) I encountered the statistical field of 'deaths from vaccine preventable diseases'. If I need to explain this deceit, then you are currently incapable of understanding. 'Mind control' is another term for post truth politics - which is really a disintegration of the capacity to weave and hold a narrative distortion over a chaos of demonised symptoms.

Demonising is setting an identity over and against a perceived or feared evil. Anything given a negative charge has all the power given it - but the way in which the effects of hate percolate and erupt in our lives, our families and our world is then by unseen vectors, because we have cast out of mind or ruled out vital information and indeed a part of ourself. The attempt to eradicate fears or magically get rid of them is simply their repackaging in complex instruments of systemic deceits whose investments are 'too big to fail' else the only defences against 'chaos' or plague or apocalypse are lost - regardless their 'side effects or corollary damage.

It is my witness that the attempt to impose order generates the chaos it claims to then vanquish, control or manage - and this is the nature of a false sense of self AND its attempted self correction both. I can as well say a false sense of reality here because self/reality are two sides of the same split of mind. If we WANT self conflict cast OUT, then we want a power to do this and then suffer it by our own word. The power of the word or definition is well recognised by manipulative propagandists - but only as a weapon or shield against OTHERS. They do not know what they do while they seek to 'get' their self at expense of the other. To use the lie is to be used by the lie. This is a 'mind-capture' or mind-block depending whether you assign power to such a mind or recognise it is an expression of the adulteration of power through the lens of possession,conflict and fear of loss.

I always push deeper than the current narrative in invitation to listen beyond the frame of mind-control habits and thus illuminate the nature of the ideas and beliefs that paint us into a corner. This will always INCREASE awareness of fears rather than diminish them - but to a true vigilance and responsibility instead of a false sense of security. Fears are effects or symptoms and not primary causation - unless you of course insist! But that wont make it so for anyone but yourself - while you hold the set of such a mind as your self. Piling up defence against feared life makes life a capacity to bring down your walls at a stroke!


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Technically and legally speaking vaccines are biologicals not pharmaceuticals and amongst other things, this means not subject to the same checks and controls as are legally  imposed on pharmaceuticals.
Both can bypass or trump all legal rights and channels of transparency and accountability under the aegis of national (or global) security.
Pharmaceutical corporate cartels of monopolised 'health care' supply both and have ongoing and open records of fraud and deceit where for the most part the fines administered are of little consequence to their power or profits.
Whereas pharmaceuticals can be sued for damages, biologicals - as I understand it - cannot, and so operate without any check or consequence to negligences or knowingly harming. Nor can their power to control the narrative be openly challenged by anyone of influence without penalty of smear, exclusion and denial or block to career or professional development and social standing.
This is supposed to be because the cost of NOT doing so is painted as a terrible evil and anyone undermining such a protection against such an evil is then promoting or aligning in evil.

This sort of insidious device is increasing operating as the 'mainstream' in any and every field of influence. "Welcome to telly tubby land. Do not adjust your set"!