Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Talking to God?

There's certainly tons of nuts out there that think they talk to God everyday, and yet in spite of how crazy they'd have to be, I bet the majority of them are at least socially aware enough to know that telling people about their conversations, which happen specifically inside their own heads, would never serve as convincing proof to any semi-reasonable person ever lol. Thinking that it would is taking one stupid belief and then raising it to a hole new level of crazy.
I said to Kronic Shade something about 'talking to God' that moved up to share in me :
Everyone is ALWAYS talking to God. But have trained themselves to believe they are more important and attending something much more important. I'll tell you a joke that might get it across: 
This guy John sees Bill Gates at an airport lounge and seizing the opportunity, introduces himself and asks if Bill will do him a favour and just greet him when he passes by with his friend in a few minutes time. Bill says "ok John". John and his friend pass by later and Bill looks up and says "Hi John!" and John loudly interrupts him "F++k off Gates - cant you see I'm busy!"
Everyone is unique. Some people are comfortable in a verbal simplicity out front - some keep their feelings very very guarded and only open them in special occasions. But it is what is in the heart that returns - though if the heart is actively blocked by a lot of negative feelings that are themselves denied - as in 'tough nut' - then there's nothing really being shared at all - except the negativity leaks out all around and that then becomes the false god - where what we are becomes defined by shit happening everywhere - and there's no one to trust and no real way out but to fight for whatever you can get. 
That's a kind of god too... the devil you (think) you know. If I want to talk to God I listen for what truly moves me and go with that in the way it moves me. That might be challenging but it feels good as a sense of worth in action - alive. Words are crap to communicate with - its always simpler and closer than words. That's why we invented words - to get away from the simple closeness of Life. When you shit on people or denigrate them - it doesn't make you higher - it just stores up your treasure in hell. When you honour people for that they are more than they seem and can learn and discover what they need just as you do in your own way - you store up your treasure in heaven. This can be taken as in the future - but I don't mean it like that. Your Now is your current responsibility. Inescapable - but HOW you choose to use that is up to you. 
I don't think it matters whether one believes in "God" as such. But if you are strongly believing against something - anything - it wont be allowed into your perception. Ironic to use the Gates of Hell for a God joke - but the idea of God as a very special and powerful persona is at best a stepping stone to move on from. But wherever we are at is our only starting place from which to move. Here's to the God in you - which makes me a crazy nut - if you want. Unless a nut falls to the ground and seems to die no shoot shall grow from it. I was a hard nut to crack - perhaps God laughs at the joke! Lightening up is better than trading lightening bolts - but - its your choice.

Kronic Shade back to me

What youre talking about is a personal, and very spiritual, perception/interaction with reality. What I'm talking about is people, who debate the existence of god by saying "if he doesn't exist then how do you explain the voices in my head!", and thinking they made a good point.

My reply:

Yes, as personalities we come in every variety of patterning of energetic attractions and repulsion. Why do we get riled by some when others don't? You are right that some present a barn door at point blank range to shoot down - but they are not listening and refuse to do anything but seek to use your own mind against you - so why get drawn in? We all have resonances that are triggered into reaction that we can learn from or just keep reacting with. Is the conditioning that seems to force us to react so different from 'voices in our head'? Yes in some ways but not in others. It feels to me that the desire - and sometimes the urgency to help or teach or fix others is the last ditch defence against truly accepting that help myself. Its the way the mind works to defend the 'personality' against what might be called the pre-verbal being - the original nature - that 'civilising' has to temporarily cover over to some degree - but not to demonize and deny. When our true nature is denied it leaks out in all kinds of ways. Suppressed joy can make us sick and disconnected 'people' seek connection in all kinds of ways. True joy is not a sense of disconnection. I don't give worthship to a god of sacrifice - but that is a deeper imprint than even religions. Where's our joy in life? It is sacrificed to the god of fear and guilt. Have a look where we deny ourselves and then have self-hate that needs to blame outside. I feel to develop discernment as to who I address and what moves me. You like a bit of a rant - ok. There's frustration. That's honesty. Did the guy with the voices in his head cause it - or trigger something already in you? I'm not pushing anything here - just enjoy opening up a perspective that I enjoy - and extend by invitation - no strings.

Conflicting beliefs, believing (feeding) conflict

After watching a movie about Gore Vidal's life I dropped into a youtube discussion with him on God and stuff and then enjoyed making a few comments a few weeks ago. (Proof is in the Pudding)

I just made another on the bickery conflict in the comments there - without - I trust - bickering about it.

It seems that may are very inclined to believe in their 'self' so much so that they take it as de facto obvious and do not recognize that the belief is an effective currency of exchange and not unlike a complex financial 'instrument' is disguised and presented in a lot of nothing that becomes toxic debt when the bubble pops.

Whatever one believes or accepts as one's core self-definition is what one lives out from and experiences through - and note that this template level of consciousness is not the front-end surface that operates the persona with it public and private and denied 'thinking'.

Most seeming debates about any polarized issue simply restate themselves without achieving communication - not least because the personality structure operates offensively as a defence - killing the messenger before hardly a message gets through. What is see in such apparent controversy is identity politics - where a presentational identity has investment as if it is actually or wholly true of the one who wields it.

Conflict is the device by which attention is distracted, held and prevented from embracing the Obvious. This means that a conflicted identity operates a lens of fragmentation and distortion that renders the Obvious unrecognisable, and this pattern of oppositional denial invites and becomes a 'spirit' of anti-Life in the name or guise of protection, power and righteousness.

People see the things they most hate in themselves... in others and that is a kind of protection racket that demand one cannot truly recognize the other in Life without in some way owning or taking back the judgement of invalidation that was seemingly mitigated or escaped by apportioning blame. When one observes the psychological defenses at work in one's OWN mind and not just as if looking down from a superior place - there is a real opportunity for a deeper healing or reintegration of self in Life. It does not matter what FORMS are in play, the deceiver uses them all as serves its purpose - and is as happy to quote Scripture as to denigrate it. This is becoming more obvious in the Corporate management of humanity - though beneath it is of course the moneylender in the Template.

It has been part of the nature and dynamic of our world generally for a very long time, that any spark of truth lived, shared or finding recognition and movement - will be denied by any and every means - including the framing in old winebottle thinking that rationalizes the life out of anything so as to NOT open to a directly felt relationship with anything! 'Truth' then is redefined by power of assertions that use guilt and fear to undermine and invalidate opposition. Indeed truth is the first casualty of war - hence divide and conquer or divide and rule is the assertion OF conflict in REFUSAL of true relation. But it wont seem that way. It will seem to give power or protection from terror or rage that hides terror while secretly operating the very agenda it purports to save us from.

The 'self' will be modelled on the imprint of its conditioning and unless there is an awakening desire or curiosity to question and challenge this 'self', its acceptance in place of a truly felt intimacy robs us of Life in exchange for a prodigal insanity.

I appreciate Gore Vidal challenging others as I do for his willingness to look on the darkness within himself and yet maintain a core human warmth and compassion. I appreciate anyone of any kind whose willingness extends and embraces our humanity. And I let those who project their hidden fears in hatred, uncover facets of myself I might not otherwise wake up to in myself. The sense of self we operate through is not hardwired, fixed or un-transormable for it is something we live through - even if to share an abundance of lack. Belief is not powerful in the head except to isolate the head from the heart (and kill it) - belief is in the acceptance of the heart and mind as one - but until the mind aligns with the heart's knowing, the mind feels righteous in defending against 'negative' feelings in which it fears to 'lose control'. Anyone who embraces their feeling truly, finds that it moves and evolves and opens fresh insight and information. This a transformative shifting of identity to an integrative rather than a segregative foundation. The true is known by its fruits - and by our light of presence are we known. The masquerade of conflicting personae is a shitty and sickening soap opera if one accepts that as one's true self.

Beliefs are created by action proceeding from accepted truth - and changed by action proceeding from a fresh take on a truth that is ever unfolding - not static like some idol or totem god. No amount of thinking effects transformation - but ingenuity can make a lot of nothing into a very complex series of arguments. It simply triggers our conditioned imprint and lets the robotic play unfold.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Ron Paul: Begin With Uncompromising Purity

Ron Paul: Begin With Uncompromising Purity
By Daily Bell Staff

A commentary on the 'Teddy Awards' - in the DBell.
Contrasting the official narrative with genuine merit.

It is astonishingly true that the denier projects the act that is denied awareness in themself onto the 'other'. And quite heartlessly so - that is with no quality of relational awareness for who the other truly is or the effects of such projection... and following attacks (in the name of defence).
Perhaps I should take this away from any specific personage or institution and say it in abstract universally applicable terms - for it is true of any of us in any triggered denial.

Presentation masking true presence is a kind of magic - by which your true fear or your fear of true - is kept hidden ; denied.
Almost all of us are playing the game of denying deeper fear in the attempt to use rage to drive power - by which we become increasing powerless or enslaved to self-illusion of conditioning and without a will of our own. And when not, the game of hiding in fear from such 'power' plays the fear role (of denied rage) by seeking to limit and conform and invalidate anything except that which supports our self-image.
Whenever anyone demonstrates the simple clear integrity of presence - they resonate those who are alive enough to Feel it, but enrage those who have denied Feeling in seeking control through form change - as if changing the forms is answering the driven sense of eradicating symptoms or effects of inner unrecognized conflict. It never does more than prime the pump.

Reading a somewhat synchronous message below (