Sunday, 24 January 2010

Haiti - the Pearl of the Caribean

Haiti - the Pearl of the Caribean

This is my comment to an article in Times online that gives some historical context to the current plight of Haiti. I read this 'historical' context as reflection of an ongoing current deception - and I comment towards awakening to the deception and thus being restored to loving truth.
The fault line in Haiti runs straight to France

Haiti is a portent and a forerunner for us all. Blame is NOT required to understand that a deception engaged as if for private gain - costs not just the awareness of soul - but undermines our common wealth.

To re-embrace a spirit of inclusion is to CHANGE the mind out of which we operate. The needs are not pawns in a blame game or a search for justice, they are felt in the heart in desire of life, love and freedom from fear's tyranny.

Little steps in willingness are not only helpful to a situation, they are helpful in releasing the mind of the crippling tyranny of fear that blinkers vision and binds us to our own deceptions. Use all things to teach the mind to better recognise - and so to release - deception.

Blame is itself a deception device. The tectonic plates of human beliefs are moving - Where to find truth? By letting the Ground of you, speak to that which has been lost in the surface. This is so - whatever our human experience brings.

The impulse to live in freedom comes from a deeper place than human thought - it is the desire of the heart to share life. To share love. And it can not REALLY go away as it is innate. But not on my (or your) private terms!