Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Strangers at the Dinner Table

(Daily Bell article)

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The framework or agenda within which something operates is what it in effect is - whereas when it seems to be something 'known' a hidden agenda hides within that believed 'known' and effects the usurpation of the mind.

Shifting from a personally polarised dissension of reaction that currently accepted frameworks embody to be curious as to what is in effect revealing its cause, is 'looking within' as an integrative context to 'looking out' at the world. (Which is to release the reactive personal identity in yielding to a genuine willingness and curiosity).

We know by now that sowing dissension is the modus operandi of tyranny by deceit, and so dissension itself is a symptom of corrupted or adulterated definitions. Manipulating perception operates by substituting a falsehood or partiality for true. Once one loses a true grounding, the fall can be orchestrated by the efforts of one's own attempt to defend a false identity.

Ideas accepted and acted out have inevitable or logical consequences, which then become the 'market' to plunder, that the idea of plunder starts out from.

Everyone can be seen to be acting in accord with their world as they each and in each moment believe and thus experience it to be. The personalisation of difference as a reactive reinforcement of identity diverts from uncovering one's own predicates or foundation.

An identity in reaction is no true foundation at all and yet seems so very obviously fact when enough agree it true.

There are many many instances of history where confusions and cultural schism of wars and migrations due to calamity have effected co-fusions or blended shifts of cultural adjustments. Social engineering attempts this model manually - as everything of the disconnected ego sense attempts to manually replicate and replace what it otherwise has no authority patent or control over.

War on Life is aka asserting a lie in the face of true. The obvious rationality for this is fear. Fear is not a true foundation from which to live.

Engineering self extinction

FDA Pushing To Regulate Homeopathy Out of Existence?

An article on Green Med Info

My comment:

Asserted ' scientific truths' used as weapons by a sickness racket pretending to serve health.

The politics of sickness as a vector of control extends globally through every aspect of our biology of body-mind and environment. It does this through corrupting cells and capturing regulatory systems and natural defensive capabilities to operate AGAINST its host.
When an idea runs rogue in the body politic, it seeks out and kills all that might threaten its survival. Thus the fraud is often the loudest voice shouting quackery! Or the gullible are set up and triggered into enacting an agenda by which they believe themself superior, special, advanced in their career or remuneration or protected from otherwise adverse events or conditions.

Those who have no eyes to see, will not see. War or willingness is a choice. But war dictates and frames choices only to perpetuate its agenda. Truth is sacrificed to the 'god' of war.
Militant 'believers' in science are not practitioners of a willingness and curiosity to uncover truth. The model has become a power base by which to predate upon and exploit, that operates a much more pervasive tyranny of "church and state" than the Vatican ever could. But the real tyranny is within our own thinking. What is projected and reflected as a sickness of humanity upon ourselves and our world is the result of a kind of false parasitic thinking, in which fear subverts and replaces integrity with 'war thinking' - with an identity founded upon and embodying conflict.

International 'trade' agreements such as TTIP are being set up globally to subordinate sovereignty not only of national governments relative to corporate agenda, but of our biology to the likes of Monsanto. There is no way to see this being enacted in our midst while sucking on the worldview of a manufactured and managed identity. Apparently protected from its deeper fears but actually  being manipulated through them.
Therefore the correcting response is to uncover and face our fears so as to no longer be suckered into coercive and manipulative deceits posing as saviours.

"Yes it works in practice - but does it work in theory?" !
Empiric medicine was engineered out of the medical profession by Rockefeller Carnegie money and malice working through the funding and setting up of teaching facilities.

Oh look up something like prozac fraud if you really think the wolves are not wearing scientist's clothing. "Unreason' is within the distorted thinking of the corrupted establishment - not out there in conspiracy nuts and quackery.

" It cures. So what! Is it patentable? Now you are talking.... Multiple side effects? - a revenue stream. Peer reviews and FDA approval?  - We have established a network of trusted individuals in all the right places. Media? - Yes we can set the narrative. Opposition? - People don't really know what they want. We can help them recognize their true interests via any number of proven strategies. We own the opposition. Lies? - There are no lies in war and war is the name of the game in which losing is the only sin. Truth? Its what you make it, son - now listen to me...."

Monday, 13 April 2015

The New Militarism: Who Profits?

The New Militarism: Who Profits? By Ron Paul 
A Daily Bell editorial
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My comment:
Money isn't the motive excepting it serves an agenda of gaining and consolidating power. Strategic 'profits' also come into the balance sheet.

Who profits from inflaming and fuelling conflict? Proxy puppeteers who are themselves hollow?

Our real choice is the embodying of who we truly are. Wars operate to block and distract such awareness, hollowing out true wealth and substance and replacing with debt-driven identity founded, conditioned and managed by reaction.

Ideas operate invisibly until revealed in a fresh perspective - as if money itself is wealth. Ideas become currency by sharing them. Manipulators attempt to coerce ideas which always and can only 'come back with interest' in its own timing. I appreciate what I know of Ron Paul's willingness to communicate what other players are scripted to hide.

If our self and world definition gives rise to a system of idea by which a few enslave the many while destroying the whole, then there is a natural call to re-evaluate everything we believe true and test it within a deeper honesty than we may at first be willing to open to.

Coercive power acting as if to overcome coercive power simply consolidates and densifies identity defined in powerlessness - for only the fear of powerlessness drives the lust to power and generates and adapts a personality that ONLY operates within war.

The few embody for all a role in the picture of a consciousness ruled by fear - and generally by shadow fear that is not at first apparent, and last to be recognized in one's own thought system - for the personality is designed to mask it.

A mask of presentation is not true substance; but a manipulation. Presence extends or embodies a genuine willingness of communication that the mask cannot see - but can catch up with when the effects show up on the radar and then absorb or subvert the forms that it can see. Everything can be mimicked but how to tell the real deal? "It takes one to know one".

To study the arts of the 'enemy' is to invite a trojan horse into one's heart and mind. The 'enemy' is a shifting changing idea of the hated and feared - or the scapegoat for such guilt. We export hate in 'self righteous' deceit and then import the pain that wounds and fuels the hate. Until of course, we recognize what we are subscribing to or participating in and choose to face and move through our fears rather than be ruled by them in shadow puppetry of thinly veiled hatred stripped of any residual appeal to legitimacy.

Perhaps the last shred of justifiction is in reaction to being attacked as evil, for the mind is a cherry picker and will see the error in another or goad and bait to bring it out and 'see' the evil in the other. That's its job until it is aligned to serve truth rather than determine it - and make a self out of warring over it.
The New Militarism: Who Profits?
By Ron Paul

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Graded or degraded?

Smoking cannabis WILL affect students' grades, says new report
- particularly if you are studying maths

A curious initial discovery for many who experience the shifted perception afforded by a somewhat forced biological drug effect, is of breaking the spell of a mask by which their perception had been itself confined and conformed to a coercive and fear driven agenda.

But without a true grounding of self honesty and relationship that embody such honesty, the apparent freedom of perception merely becomes conformed to a subtler version of the masked agenda that is essentially an expression OF a fearful self definition.

Targets and "incentives" and blame culture do not make society function harmoniously - but the reverse! Look up!

So in some sense the 'dropping out' from a false motivation for doing anything can be a preparation for finding and living from a true foundation. This, however is a matter of self-honest willingness for life and not the manipulation of consciousness.

Marriages are of an intimacy of being - not of state power

A Simple Solution to the same sex marriage war
from the Daily Bell

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A breath of fresh air. Thanks. I felt prompted to mention civil partnership and some observations about 'marriage'.

In Uk a 'civil partnership' is denied opposite sex couples. (Some obligations and rights accrue from "Living Together as Husband and Wife" even though not married).

However, neither the state - nor any other institution in our case - has anything to do with the consecration of our relationship in Life. Nor has mere material mechanism any sight of it excepting to note or quantify behaviours from which to 'reverse engineer' in theories that simply embody their starting point. If we should ritually witness and declare our willingness for love within a group or community it would be the extension of such a gift within a larger willingness and capacity to share in its blessing. For that which touches the many as one without coercion is reflected in our relationship together but not defined by it or any part of it alone. Ritual sanctification cannot make the untrue, true, but witnessing strengthens by sharing.

A civil partnership operates a legal framework of agreement that provides for the civil rights, duties and protections of a relational entity and leaves the nature of that relationship open. It is not pretending to deal with spirituality nor presuming to sanctify. That aspect retains the freedom of the relationship - within its larger relational context. It doesn't presume to exercise 'moral' power. Nor have power to disqualify or invalidate moral integrity.

Definitions are our primary currency. The 'gold standard' of definitions is tangible and demonstrable - shareable - meaning and value. You know who you are in the act of extending and sharing it in act of thought word and deed.  Adulteration of currency with the mere forms derived from presumed, believed or expected meanings, leads to trading in debt - where something is gotten without extension of shared worth. What is gotten without an extending of appreciation can hardly be recognized or shared as value, and so a 'materialism' of transactional getting substitutes for a living communication, and if this is accepted currency then the form of relationship serves to actively substitute for intimacy of being - and becomes a defence against it!

The wealth of meaning and value that shared life (lived relationship) opens is beyond measure - but can be covered over by a sense of unworthiness and fear of loss, which immediately project onto the other and thus triggers attempts to coerce and control which necessarily deceives by hiding the act of self-hatred or fear in strategic presentations that deny or  try overcome what is made fearful by hiding it.

Marriage can mean many things to many people. But what makes a marriage alive is what that relationship is consecrated to or founded upon, and thus brought to the relationship in free willingness. The forms of marriage by themselves do not constitute a living commitment of sharing life, but they may reflect evolving patterns of personal and social need.

Truth is not a matter of fixing down definitions so as to mutually agree, but of accepting and living what is true for oneself without imposing upon others. The idea of determining truth has been subordinated to the 'divide and rule' that limits to form based set of meanings, which can then be manipulated. But discerning truth is a matter of listening and speaking in truly shared willingness. That is, it is itself a real relationship to which what is untrue is brought to light and resolved at the level of current willingness. The act of withholding or withdrawing from willingness for communication is of an wilful but often unconscious identification within a fear or unworthiness that effectively operates in lieu of choice. There is a timing for the free willingness to accept that cannot be forced. At times the most loving act is to effect a form of separation, but not in denial of the others innate capacity to seek and find the awareness of love in a way they can accept and understand.

In attempting to articulate, I offer a framework of reflection. It is not asserting 'truth' upon anyone but extending willingness to whoever it should resonate and be relevant.

What anything is, may be acknowledged or denied by how we define it in usage - regardless of lip-service.

Poisoning the Wellspring of Life... for illusory private gain

Toxic Weed Killer Glyphosate (Monsanto's Roundup) Found in Breast Milk, Infant Formula

The above article needs no elaboration.
A commenter said:
Monsanto is a plague on planet Earth and its inhabitants.
Cursing may be an understandable reaction, but doesn't challenge the framework within which the problem is set and so it perpetuates or persists in it whilst identifying in righteous reaction.

Use what you know is NOT you to identify what IS you and the emotional force of disgust or anger etc to more forcefully align to who you Are - instead of being lured into identified by what you are not. Repentance in its original sense is an immediate release or dropping of baggage that occurs from waking truth. There is a kind of thinking - a kind of identity - that operates as an enslaving and destructive influence upon our lives - and our ways of interpreting and experiencing our lives.
Truth shows you you are free, but unless we act from it, we undermine our own true wholeness with thinking that seeks power and freedom from and over others, and that is not our true relationship with life - no matter how many acting as if it was for however long.
I only write this as an example of using the negative when it manifests in our experience, to generate a positive outcome. But this means questioning or challenging everything we believe true about ourselves and our world - and THAT is the wake-up that few come to without a crisis of a most fundamental choice.
Re integrating to true being will never arise from within a dis-integrity of being; the false has to be recognized and no longer given allegiance. Hating and fighting feeds attention of a negative charge to what otherwise would NOT be given the power to deny your wholeness of being. One starts wherever and in whatever one finds to be the case and the key is a listening receptivity to true being in a true willingness rather than being identified by fear's reaction.
Monstanto is a cocreated expression of fear, hate and deluded disconnection from the knowing that is our natural and true inheritance. As well as holding the false to witness and account, look to our true appreciation of Life and let it communicate through us - and in shared reflection, to us -instead of seeking to manually usurp and manipulate the Life to our own private agendas.