Friday, 5 February 2016

Migration as a weapon of war

Migration as a weapon of war: 'Ethno-engineering' used by the elites to manipulate the masses

I feel to write to other commentators as well as the article linked above. I start off writing about a pervasive mindset that has extreme example in the geopolitical manipulations of 'power elites' - but is generally invisible in the population at large. I feel that because we do not own and heal our own errors, we remain subject to and indeed unknowingly empower such negative agenda.


The negatively defined consciousness effectively weaponizes and marketizes everything - because its underlying or primary identity is in survive and prevail. That there are times when this is appropriate is not in question - or else we would never have established the basis through which to experience and explore such a continuous balance of focus within a very deep rabbit hole of complexity. However to be traumatically conditioned leads to becoming locked in such a 'reptilian' or primitive brain response as if it is the only allowable identification and hence usurps our true creative fluidity of being for an imprinted dictate. This is the loss of free willingness to the idea of free will in terms of oppositional power - which of course is never total - though it may seek to become so.

Conspiracy of breathing together in secret is a shared purpose of hidden agenda and requires no actual intimacy of communication - indeed it requires there NOT be such intimacy by joining in hate. The assertion of a private 'free will' upon true consciousness demands the sacrifice of wholeness - and this is a hate agenda that most all humanity 'conspires to uphold' believing it saves them from total sacrifice. However, this is very deeply hidden from exposure beneath many and complex defences that protect the sense of power or control over life from exposure - and the re-experiencing of the powerlessness, terror, rage, shame or self-conflicted hatred that called the 'power' forth by the desire to assert a unity upon perceived chaos. We have all invested heavily in the mask and perhaps are so identified in it that we do not even recognize it is a mask - indeed a story proceeding from a sense of threat within our own consciousness that reflects  - and then seems to be caused by its reflected experience. Indeed the attempt to 'survive' or persist the separate sense of personal will-assertion WANTS the external 'cause' as a displacement for its own undercover activity.

In reversing the reversal of consciousness, one has to start with exactly where we are at - and so one has to use the world experience for a different purpose than that of asserting a fear-agenda - if only in willingness to pause and uncover or be found ina greater and more aligned perspective by which to be able to accept and function in our living which is now within a larger context than an isolation seeking power, or an illegitimacy seeking validity. Until this perspective awakens responsibility of and as consciousness, the situation will be painted in a drama of personae in which one plays the central character - with allies and adversaries - but never direct and real intimacy of being - for that always undermines the capacity to WANT such an identity/world.

The globalist consolidation of power-in-the-world is operating a war upon or denial of true Consciousness - by usurping it with a false but forcefully backed intensity of scripted narrative 'reality'. Despite attempts to exist or operate within the identity afforded by power-in-the-world, its price or cost is increasingly becoming obvious as total. The residual desire to embrace and  share life NEEDS its survival chakra to open by truly opening to feel and vibrationally accept that it is feeling rather than demonize and deny aspects of self that are unrecognized as aspects of self. Only the willingness of true acceptance can undo the charge of rejection and denial that polarizes the self-negative into forms of spiritual or mental elitism over the discarded and diminished aspects of feeling, sensing and true balance of a wholeness of being.

The breaking down of presumed reality is unfolding now at an accelerating rate - which persona will see as being overwhelmed by adversity and adversary - which IS re-enacting its original imprinting. This is the point where we either go deeper into denial of what we are choosing to participate in - or stir in a willingness that no longer consents to hide or be kept hidden from its 'negative' feelings  and all that these represent - nor from an intimate and directly tangible presence of joy - unalloyed by manufactured personal filters and distortions of 'self' justification.

The resort to the control mind is always to the 'database' of past experience, by which to re-assert the self-same posture of refusal to intimacy of genuine communication - that includes the backlog of unhealed fear, guilt and rage but does not conclude there.
The opening or yielding in curiosity and willingness to a greater perspective within connected presence has to listen, feel and discern both within itself and within its perceived communication - and this is not within the capability of 'control mind'.

So freaking out in one way or degree or another and resorting to all kinds of mental strategies is simply part of the territory of the class we are in - or you would not be reading this far!
It is a completely different foundation to live FROM, that is being called forth and cannot be made into a movement because it already IS the movement of our true desire.
It will seem paradoxical to thought but we can only accept healing for ourself, but that our world and our fellow humanity reflect and reveal and call forth that in ourselves which otherwise we could not  access - and without which we 'know not what we do'.

So yes there are political and social relationships to engage in honourably as we are truly moved rather than guilted or manipulated to assert and contest, but these are always in the context of who we  - who I  - truly feel and know myself to be. Why use the word 'truly' here? - because the false is so habitually and pervasively imprinted to subconscious and unconscious habits or conditionings. It is also easily triggered by unexpected or manipulated events or intent.

So use what seems to be to serve the uncovering of what is - as a felt recognition. Or clingon as an identity of a disconnecting mentality that actively avoids relationship by mimicking its forms unfeeling and mimicking feeling with fake emotionality.
Is that a choice? I feel it is a choice - but in its obvious nature there is no choice but embracing Life. Denial is not so much a free will choice as an idea of denying free will given great force of desire and identity. Well it worked, didn't it!
If you have your answer but forgot the question, you will not recognize your fulfilment. However true fulfilment Knows itself Fulfilled - so there is the natural call to recognize what we are asking for that brings such dissonance to our focus of experience.

Media Integrity

A Guardian article on Trump, media power and social networking

My comment:

The term mainstream media is increasingly used to lump all of it together regardless its token 'regionalism' in terms of political or populist flavours. This because 'power agenda' rather than real relationship is becoming increasingly apparent. Honesty, integrity and honour are foundation without which lies become accepted currency and blame the method of self-righteous assertion.

Controlling the narrative is a power agenda. That various factions contest this may actually indicate power struggle within the elitists but more often is a screen reality by which to divide and rule unseen while diverting attention to proxy diversions.

Speaking truth to power is something a journalist could aspire to - for otherwise he or she becomes the controlled asset that is trained and relied upon to know where the line is and to keep their career. It is very complex because our consciousness is very complex - but the simplicity is that where there is no thirst for truth, lies will be suckled that prop up self-illusion, and where there is thirst for truth - Life will be invoked and manifested that does not share in that self-illusion - and it will come through all sorts of unexpected agencies or channels of synchronicities that do not pigeon-hole into the compartmentalised mind that is conformed to a power agenda rather than a real relationship.

Instead of filtering Trump - or any other phenomena of our times - into the establishment narrative - why not see the cultural currents that are embodying there? For it is the thirst that draws the embodiment - not an individual  acting powerful - and yet that thirst can also be distorted and filtered by what it judges against , rather than reading energetically.

The denial of the movement of Life is always the demonizing that generates the demonic reflected reaction - and that then sabotages and undermines what we thought to keep for ourselves. Yes there are particles or particular instances - but look at the wave. Or carry on playing out the good v evil narrative that serves to dictate power by invalidating and yes- hating others.

Selling totalitarianism

One among many articles on the EU masquerade being played out to ensure there will not be a Brexit?

While the Conservative party is associated with big business, it is also associated with sovereignty - if biased heavily towards the owners and executives of such business. But the shifting of power to a globalist corporate transnational power elite operating through a technocratic unrepresentative and unaccountable form of collectivism is big business without conserving anything excepting power for an increasingly few.

The EU is not a federation of indvidualities finding areas of common wealth but a subordination of true individual liberty to shadow power's dictate - as is exemplified by such 'trade' deals being pushed through without due process that would legally shift power from national governance to corporate entities and offshore courts.

That such a form of governance could even be countenanced is due to very clever insinuations of fear-thinking along with instruments of obfuscation that only financial marketeers can match. There may be an opportunity for a true accounting to be made if we pull out of the EU - from which a clearer sense of who we are and what we desire in life might regenerate a true culture of inspiration and purpose in place of the dictate of corporately managed alienation from our true being in a false dependency on increasing control over every aspect of our lives.

Yes to constructive relationship with others and to establishing trust and mutual benefit. No to coercion and deceit masquerading as official narratives of a ruling elite.

I see the primary human failing as that of seeing the form without discerning the intent. The form of global or European unity is not the issue for me. It is the underlying intent that is masked beneath such structures that is NOT aligned with or supportive of truly human consciousness or culture. Rather it embodies  a monocultural state by which populations are farmed and managed by a Soul-less technocracy behind which are power-elites who use the law as a weapon and shield against Life Happening. Life is not the danger. Power elitism is the danger. Merely subordinating power in massive state consolidation - whilst revolving doors subvert regulatory protection to create cartels - is not security - but the utter suppression of the symptoms of Life to conformity of a tyrannous will - no matter how it presents itself.

Alien Overlordship

Elongated Skulls Of Peru: Not The Only Ones!
An article on the once not un-common practice of elongating the skull  - that still has echoes in tall hats - led to my response:

I feel a sense of emulating an 'alien' overlordship - that was the seeder of overlordship or civilised culture around the world - which is by no means an unadulterated blessing - but it is part of our inherited conditioning and world construct. I also have a sense of decreasing the frontal lobe capacity which would enable a much less inhibited overriding of moral directives of an empathic or heart-relational connection. This makes for ferocious and terrorizing agents of power as long as they are trained to obey their masters. The imprint of such rage and terror is so set in our primary conditioning that it no longer needs hardware manipulation to achieve. The hierarchy of power operates in much more complex disguise now - so as to affect normal respectability over what are in effect psychopathic traits.
The assertion and imposition of power uses any and every means, and the forms associated with such means may be mimicked long after their original context has shifted or moved on. The 'civilising' is always some kind of world order and reality narrative stamped in self-righteousness that derives its power from what it hates and denies in itself. Limiting consciousness is part of shaping what is left to operate power in defiance and usurpation of Life Itself. This is self-defeating because victory is death - and indeed the allegiance to such a limiting anti-life sense of self is a kind of living death; the original meaning of 'the wages of sin is death' - not will be or even shall be. There is every likelihood that the 'aliens' manipulated DNA to generate slave or servant races - in which sense we are related and they are part of us. Epigenetic understandings open the door from a sense of ultimate hardware predestination - for genes are switched on or off according to a range of environmental factors that are themselves significantly defined by consciousness interpretations. So within the nature of Consciousness is the potentiality of Self-transcendence that re-integrates and re-aligns to original or direct Nature of Being. Not as a splitting off into overlordship - but as the vibrancy of enlivening presence in which all parts of the whole are recognized within wholeness. Even those parts that "know not what they do".
I have shared something of what I feel in relation to the information in the article. Not to assert or persuade anyone or in desire for validation, but as a willingness of wholeness of being - for effectively humanity has and is distorting itself into overlorded heads that are fed in a matrix of fake emotional distraction and gate-keeper demons. If you want to get ahead, you become backward. But if you head for where the heart already knows, you're already shifting to a recognition of shared worth. Not in time, but in willingness.
Pesticides and other bio-shocks are resulting in microcephaly - which is being passed off and promoted as the result of zika virus as part of increasing and maintaining control via the back door of denied fear-reaction. The denial, distortion and sacrifice of New Life persists, in our current timing. The awakening is not a personal achievement or capacity - but of a relation wholeness expressing individuality. The call to fear is growing pervasively louder and could be said to be claiming its own. But what you choose to use it for is up to you. Regardless of where or what I have been, willingness for the embrace of Life remains the spark of my existence, and I do not have to overlord Life to live.

Death Cult, Cancer and Freedom

In conversation at The Daily Bell - where libertarian thinking opens more perspective than mainstream narratives I found myself writing: (for full conversational context take the link)

Indeed there is no need to be the same form of expression to share in purpose and love of freedom must be love of truth. "Wherever you go - there you are" is a saying that works for both directions; for if we seek to assert, maintain and protect a refusal to embrace and reintegrate self-denials, they will re-manifest in whatever new place or relationship. Serial plunder may be presented as progress in persona - but such reflected denials grow ever more impinging, oppressive and limiting to any remaining capacity to feel life. It is simply a kind of suicide.
However, in the willingness and freedom to feel, accept and integrate one's current experience of existence, all of what is present grows recognizable as part of you - including those parts that you no longer care to energize, animate or be 'baited by'.

I've opened to a lot of information about cancer recently - (and the cancer racket) - across a range of functional and advanced or native perspectives and see that beneath the allopathic model of rogue cells (seen as violators, or attackers), a simpler pattern of opening exposure to toxins or stress, blocking or depriving of nutrients, undermining and subversion of immune response, usurping energy supply, manifesting tumour or symptoms of dis-ease, meeting
misunderstanding of its containment within tumour, spreading through the bloodstream as a result of breaking in or attacking the tumour, injecting broad spectrum highly toxic carcinogens to kill it - along with living cells throughout the body and brain; radiation exposures that are carcinogenic, dead tumour cells that are also toxic, diet that is often cancer feeding, and a contextual framework of managing sickness so as to extend survival by a bit more - within pronouncement of death by voodoo, while being sucked into a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Fear - and guilt - of a self-hating or self-rejecting sense of self - is part of the human condition-ing - and it operates like a cancer that sucks out our life to feed a death cult - in which life is replaced by survival-conformity to fear-dictates and guilt undermines any movement of the power of wholeness to know itself truly in act.

I see governance as holding the balance points within a diversity and richness of life-expression and which calls for the lightest touch - because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - the chaotic sense of which calls forth the suppression of Life and Consciousness to the imposition of control-mentality. That is not governance, but denial masking as power.

Being open to Feel for the movement that is of the wholeness rather than persisting a war of parts that denies the whole - is within Consciousness rather than within the conditioned perceptions of reaction. Whilst Everyone must be rooted in Consciousness to have any awareness of anything whatsoever, the choice or focus of intention and attention is unconscious while it persists in attempting to 'solve' its inner conflicts 'out there'. So much so that it has no sense of inner conflict whatsoever - being fully invested in attacking the world it feels deprived by as its assertion of freedom. Effectively proving one is free to deny freedom for as long as one can mask the pain of isolating futility in blame of self-righteousness.

The control-mentality is the pervasive 'religion' that seems fully self-evident and justified, but has hidden foundations in hate that turn out to be false - IF one looks on them without judgement. Why so? Because judgement is the 'divide and reject' by which a partiality seeks to rule OVER the rejected. Perhaps judgement is also our 'first born son' because it is associated with an emergent separate sense of consciousness.

The miracle is that a movement of wholeness will spontaneously manifest a perspective that shifts or transforms a hateful, fearful or blamefully perceived grievance or conflict to a practical freedom of being - of felt presence that naturally extends without coercive intent.

Where we choose to give our focus of energy and attention is NOT up to advertisers, elites or our past-conditioning that they target and leverage. We may have to persist in holding self-worth amidst such reaction until enough awareness is Free to wake up as. Responsibility is painted as sacrifice by the death cult - because it defines freedom as opposition to and from the death or denial of, wholeness. But the ability to respond is not a dictate of a coercive 'god' but the freedom to be and know and share the true of you. Anything else is false currency.

Elitism is self-specialness. A false god. We are each already a unique expression of Life and while I try to make anyone else fit my (often unconscious) demands or perceptions, I am denying myself no less.

I also see that everyone plays a role in my 'drama' - yet I am the casting manager and all characters in a dream must ultimately resolve to the dreamer.

"Communication breakdown" - rather than an actual disconnection. Life isn't absent while we suffer our own beliefs.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Depression Compression

Overcome depression using your mind

The language of 'overcoming using the mind' can be unhelpful because the mind's 'overcoming' of the feeling being that is actually a kind of self-denial masquerading as a presentation of control - is a fundamental root of the sense of being denied, cut-off, enraged but squelched, conflicted but stuck. The mind that can help is not the mind of denial that 'feels validated in presenting control' but the opening of the mind to a perspective of true consciousness that is of a wholeness of being rather than a divisive attempt to get or get away from something.

Self-honesty is key. If one doesn't align in self-honesty one is choosing to lock away parts of the self from conscious awareness and responsibility - which can be feared as blame or embraced as freedom of choice.

There are many perspectives - as many as people as ways to uniquely experience - and what works for you is what serves your active purpose. Killing oneself on any level is an act of assumed or desired power and thoughts of power arise from a split mind of victimiser and victim. The mind can deceive and be deceived. It is not the voice of a wholeness or relational discernment of being. Allegiance to a false sense of self can ONLY be depressing whatever distortions are inflated and asserted to offset with promise of power or self-specialness.

The role of our definitions is generally overlooked or trivialized - as if they are added on afterwards as 'justifiction'. But how we define ourself over and against anything is THE act by which that experience is generated. However, the experience becomes the conditioning 'reality' as if one is victim or subject to it - as part of the outcome of believing in our own judegments.
Believing/experiencing our own judgement is the way of experiencing Life in terms of rejection.

Opening to hateful or 'negative' feelings in a way that doesn't merely self-harm or attack others (passively or aggressively) - is necessary territory to any true healing into presence or wholeness of being. One cannot transform or transmute what one is unwilling to own because of attempting to deny, disown or eradicate it.

The separating from the identity-in-separation involves all the same crap as any addiction-release. However the crap cannot be released truly by using Spirit or spirit/mind polarity to split off from it. True spiritually transcends by active embrace. How does one embrace self-hatred? Perhaps by acknowledging and owning the feeling and then finding an essentially safe way to open some relationship with the movement of that feeling rather than lock up in thinking about - or trying not to think about - the triggered circumstance or recalled and anticipated conditions that equate to something that might wordlessly SHOUT 'I hate myself and want to die!' - with great intensity. Amidst such may be felt "I WANT IT THUS!" as the movement of one's core identity. Feeling what we feel in a vibratory energetic movement (and perhaps embodying it in ways that give it acceptance for being but limit access to harming self or other) IS the transformation because who you are IS the capacity to discern or recognize the true of you - often as a result of encountering what is NOT speaking for or representative of who you (presencely) feel and know yourself to be.

Normalising depression does not make it our true nature. If Life is being denied its freedom of being - then one's own participation at all levels of our consciousness cannot be escaped by demanding Parents to make everything align with asserted demands that inherently override or refuse relational honesty.
On the other hand a relational honesty extending is the call for true response. So there is no honesty in dumping 'problems' on those who are the messengers of a deeper shared breakdown of communication - and thus of the Call to correct it in a truly shared sense of worth.
If we reject and devalue our own experience - we will certainly and automatically reject and devalue others.
If the canary stops singing - then there is a call to attend to what the conditions are that disallow the songbird's breath. This communication has to find willingness for what is beneath the surface political assertions of wilfulness and open the feelings that are thus denied in ways that recognize common ground.
Being grounded feels like limitation to reckless 'freedom' but is Sanity to the integrative joy of being in which flying free can be found without riding roughshod over others.

A student at heart

 Clive James: ‘Jeremy Corbyn is a student at heart’

Students seem to be convinced that if they talk long enough, they can save the world for justice. I was one of them once, and perhaps I was nicer then

Student = willingness to listen and learn.
Ex- student = presumption of already knowing = no real call for communication or relationship.
Teacher = demonstration of faith in students as active engagement in supporting and facilitating a positive learning outcome.
Learning failure = negative agenda reinforcing negative outcome = joyless, painful, dispiriting, sacrificial, life denying.
Cynicism = dedication to joyless, dispiriting, life denying call to adapt and align with attacking, subverting and undermining any direct inspiration, so as to mask in the form of life while actively pretending to power over it and 'proving' one's case by asserting denials to 'control the narrative'.
Scepticism = willingness to consider that what appears true or is asserted true may truly be a result of errors or deceits of thought and intention.
Gullibility = masked cynicism that gives power to external appearances or assertions as if to avoid responsibility for one's own choices and hold blame in reserve for others the instant they no longer 'lead' where your own asserted identity demands.
Faith = extension of inner congruity of being as a true willingness and intimacy of relational communication.
Discernment = recognizing deceit at its root and abiding free of its baiting conceits.
Humanity = the embodiment of an integrated congruency of purpose.
Insanity = conflicted self warring purpose = split mind = false sense of self = addiction to power-seeking.

candeesays (of the main article): Folks, this is art. Not news journalism.

Well its part of the dark arts of deceit - for it slurs and invalidates by insinuation. The whole MSMedia is so magnetized to such coercive agenda that journalism has to avoid any actual power related issue or whore itself to the power it in effect, worships by not challenging or bringing to account or bearing true witness to.
So one can bring true witness to deceitful agenda and be part of spreading good news - because true witness is never attack on the personal integrity so much as a call for such integrity in place of a false persona.