Saturday, 23 September 2017

Reflections on powerlessness

Why the Equifax Breach Stings So Bad

Reflections on powerlessness

The underlying nature of the beast is that we are induced into a self-inflation that steals power by deceit of free sweeties or More, New and Improved! And under such indenture are then required to sell out on (sacrifice) our own - to 'save our self' - and yet what it actually delivers is you sold out on yourself, your fellow beings - and your world and cannot escape in the frame of what now operates as self-conflicted struggle to regain power or security. So a sense of powerlessness aligns within a power that operates by deceit as 'survival' under tyranny of fear in which illusions of freedom are invoked (marketized and weaponised) to lubricate or make bearable subjection to a self-betrayal.

The 'economic hit man' does not apply only to peoples who seek to break from insidious tyranny. It operates pervasive and systemic dominance. It is the very idea OF dominance or power OVER - rather than power of aligning WITH.

The 'thinking' of a 'command and control' or 'getting' mentality is that of an illusion of power that actually delivers powerlessness - and yet this winds up the mechanism to give ever more 'trust' or indeed sacrifice of conscious responsibility to 'protection rackets' by effect - if not by knowing intent.

Tolkien mythologized the subjugation to a corrupted and corrupting 'technos' of mind-capture as a Call to release (identity in) it. But the idea of a false self-inflation leading to a Fall is nothing new. No one can 'warn' of this without seeming discordant and disturbing and by the time the nature of the trap is recognized it is too late to move or find voice. One cannot out-deceive deceit. One can only relinquish a false or fruitless investment in willingness for true.

So what is our basis for trust, communication, culture? It is all of these as our awakening conscious responsibility for thought, word and deed. But within the narrative framing of fear-defined thinking - there is no such consciousness or choice, because 'trust' is already assigned to a 'protection racket' that keeps shame hidden from a cultivated mob vilification. Because of course the nature of powerlessness is fear and hate-inducing - but is deceived as to the nature of its own predicate to attack, sacrifice or sell out others to save itself.