Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mind control by a virus

Please permit me a multidisciplinary observation and proposition:

We humanly tend to presume an independent mind in a body, separate from - and in competition with other minds in other bodies. But such evidence as this article suggests that Mind is in fact not just greater than any individual programmed system or organism, but is greater than species.
 I suggest that Mind - as the Context of ALL experience, is all pervading - as a non-local Field. Not an External to us God-Mind - as mythically imagined or conjectured, but an All Inclusive Singularity of Unified Awareness.
But the many levelled programs of 'self versus world' and 'self versus other' and 'self versus self, are of such a distracting complexity - and indeed fascination and wonder - that attention is fixated toward the contents of experience and the processing of such experience as an ongoing reprogramming of 'our own mind'.

Because we humanly desire and presume our own independent 'power' and identity - with a sense of separate self-will, we seek and gather the evidences to support our 'self' and see that as identical with survival. But the focus of the separate self-sense is a self fulfilling distraction.

Perhaps, unlike the caterpillar, we have a capacity to discern the mind that is operating or active in our case in any particular instance. I say this because the human consciousness is of a nature that is not merely organism - but is Self-Aware - which is to say directly aware prior to any process of identifications or applied meanings. To open or awaken this quality of being is to open at a level associated with inspiration, illumination and direction amidst a unified perception. It is also the capacity to discern thoughts which could be seen very much like viruses, in that they find a welcome in a host-mind and then undermine the host so as to multiply at the expense of the life of the host.
That the world reflects the inner aspects of our mind-strategies is hardly surprising - because mind is our projector and receptor.
The idea of mind as the control of something separate from it is an expression of a choice to separate from life in order to conduct an experiment. But one cannot separate from life excepting imaginatively.
Fear not that you are being manipulated - unless of course guilt or fear is the active principle - in which case, desist acting on such basis and feel for the integrated movement of being that is at its very nature - Life.

Thank you for your attention.

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