Thursday, 18 February 2016

Global and personal directed narrative

I wrote this into Jon Rappoport's ongoing exposure of fraud relating to the manufactured zika virus hysteria.

- - -

What is noticeable in directed narrative inceptions, once one pauses to discern beneath the impressionism, is the delivery of emotionally triggering payload via false associations in a form of plausible deniability.

The apparent issue - ie: "outbreak of microcephaly due to zika virus" can be simply refuted by revealing published data that refutes the assertion. But evidently no one in the mainstream media engages in such a relational conversation, they merely persist in asserting it with more asserted association - whether climate change and zika, Catholic contraception and zika associations. So all sorts of 'connecting and supporting narratives are built on the first lie - and with such widespread exposure and persistence as to subliminally incept it as the dominant narrative - without any real relationship or communication taking place - apart from people extending a receptivity of passive compliance of unquestioned belief.

Underneath the behaviour is motive. What is or are the intended outcomes of such a globally pushed narrative device? There are many that can be proposed but the global nature of compliance in propagating and supporting it - and of not challenging its veracity or addressing the hysteria soberly, all call it out as a symptom of globalist capture or subversion of both our minds and our institutions - but particularly the Media - which could give voice to a greater perspective but does not.

The globalist movement - for want of better words, is a carefully laid trap over many generations.
The intent and effect is far more more insidious than merely being governed by a different set of 'leaders' or 'lords', for the ruling of the mind - and the conforming it to a basis of loveless disregard for Humanity that effects hatred of all that loves truth and is truly loving - so as to remake Life on Earth in its own image. The external personification and embodiment of this seems overwhelming and its power seems to be a powerlessness of Life itself - at least - as we have defined our life to be.

But the inner reality I see, is of a denied and raging hatred - that is firstly, self-hatred, rage, terror, grief, impotence, and the mess of all that is denied acceptance to our conscious awareness and pushed down, out in, the act of splitting a part of our thought and focus, as if to escape our sense of fundamental self-conflict. This splitting off can ONLY seem to maintain itself within a directed coercive narrative, because truth is FEARED and love seems weak and undermining to the directive for survival at all costs. And the fragmented consciousness (which continues to fragment from denied self as its way of saving itself), assumes any forms of shifting alliance to mask in and reinforce mask upon. The complexity and speed and nature of the defence against truth is of a divine intelligence serving a fear and rage agenda. If I try to describe this I merely embody confusion.

However as I notice a falsity or dissonance-avoidance dressed in false narrative, and choose not to accept and propagate a dis-integrity of being, but open instead in a willing desire for truth that has to then look at and feel the denied self - be that whatever sense of pain, disgust or negatively conditioning sense of being denied - there is a shift of perspective. The symptoms no longer define a state of disconnect from Life. This is of immediate practical significance. This is opening to a re-integrative or healing movement of tangibly felt Life - not a good cop in hidden relation to a bad cop - or some symbol of Life that is used as a shield or weapon in righteous  and blind hate.

The capacity to feel all of what we are feeling is part of reclaiming all that we are. Not in order to spiritualize or evolve our capacity of control through denial, conflict and withholding - but simply to recognize and share in the presence of Life - as it moves us and we uncover ourselves to be.

We can choose to be a witness for truth and to see the witnesses to truth - (or indeed to love, because a love of truth cannot love to fixate on the hated - but must enquire more deeply as to "what is really going on here' where something so hateful to me is presenting itself" - and 'what is my right relation or true response here?'). Acting from a connected presence is not reacting the same old conditioning in the same old re-enactment. We escape the past by bringing it truly into the present as discerning presence, rather than by letting it impose a false or fear-driven narrative on the present so as to deny and sacrifice Our presence for the 'survival' of a sense of power or control over the future. This is a mind-trap and yet one will not see it while one is firmly identified in its seeming protection. "Better the devil you know!"....? As long as one has any remaining conscious awareness of what is here to choose between, one has the capacity to choose to see that choice more honestly - whenever a dissonant outcome reveals a misalignment of definition.

note: Why use CAP Z for zika? Is it a symptom of a subconsciously conditioned Importance?