Sunday, 8 November 2015

Blame sick

Derek Thomas: Tory MP apologises after claiming diabetes is avoidable 'through good diet and exercise'
The MP for St Ives' comments were branded 'preposterous and extremely hurtful' 

Note the focus of the "news" is promoting and inflaming blame culture. Not correction of an error and a clear communication as a result. Blame-thinking - like guilt-thinking operates as the obfuscation and breakdown of communication. Dietary responsibility (on all levels) is the LAST thing the corporate pharmas, feeders and herders want to occur - so they will, keep the truth away as if it were threat. Meanwhile the foxes run the henhouse.
Responsibility is a CURRENT and innate capacity of choice. Blame is the denial of the presence of such life in the hatred of an un-owned, denied and unrecognized aspect of oneself. For blame is the attempt to GET RID of guilt and guilt is an invalidated sense of self - usually entering in through fearful self doubts and confusion of identification with self-image - rather than self-honesty.
The attempt to control life inevitably leads to fear, guilt and sickness management.  But no one can listen to or receive life who is set in reaction as if locked in past imperatives of control. There is a need to find new and better ways to look at... everything. However, one will find every defence for sickness and against healing - because such is the nature of a mind seeking to assert and maintain control - even at cost of happiness, health and life.
What is the nature of this control? Is it not the intent to cover over and protect from the fears that overwhelms us - howsoever our mind is 'escaped' from what it fears to be guilt or blame?
The first order of sickness is in our definitions of ourselves and life. Just because we make insanity normal, does not make it natural. But our definitions are invisible because we accept them as 'the human condition' rather than see they are the results of conditioning - that can be changed - if there is willingness to embrace life.
A diet of blame guarantees sickness by propagating guilt that invalidates sharing life in seemingly unarguable assertion.