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Living in the Now is...

Living in the now: It's complicated

Look at the heading of the article; a statement of the existentially obvious ... and a narrative.

If you decide or define it to be complicated - why then that will be your experience.

Self contradiction is self conflicting and a conflicted or fearfully defined sense of self operates the lens or mind of a fearful and threatening existence. Underneath the psychological defences - which include complexity as an obfuscation are the original imprintings of conditioning that operate unconsciously and subconsciously relative the the surface sense of self.

While the evasion and defence of the surface persona operates - there is no awakened willingness to reintegrate or heal back to a sanity or wholeness of being - but rather the attempt to validate a segregative sense of separateness and disconnection.

But no matter how identified in an image or concept of self - it is not your being - so much as a construct in consciousness that can align with and in a sense channel your being - as you allow receptivity to the movement of being - which is self-aware - that is unseparate from all that awareness holds. However, as the responsibility at the level of focus within the experience of the world - we yield a false sense of narrative control for a guided and supported sense of recognition - for your vibrational signature is unique and you have no real trouble recognizing what resonates and is relevant for the themes you are exploring and experiencing as you. Unless you insist on trying to fit the fresh perspective into the old paradigm habit.
When you notice that you have been identified in story - you are at the point of choice - for you can use this 'slip' of attention to weave into the story and so resume 'normal service' or you can pause to appreciate that noticing is presence.
If you uncover behaviour that you say you don't want - then you do want it at some level or it would fall away as meaningless. There is always a payoff - but it may well be that it is no longer serving you as you currently feel and know - and prefer to be - but you cannot change what you are unwilling to own.

The complexity that underlies the front end of exchanging information on a computer network is mind boggling - but nothing to the complexity of what operates underneath the front end of a seemingly unified narrative self in a world that  seems to define and condition and frame the freedom of its thought and expression. However, one doesn't have to understand and control the complexity (and thus add more layers of identification) one releases identification to the recognition of the movement of being in which you are identified perfectly - but not statically or indeed statistically.

Yielding to a prior awareness cannot be difficult - but it can be surrounded by diversionary tactics that make a process of carrot and stick futility and struggle out of the gift of a shared existence - and I say shared because the relational context is the quality of the awareness. Being with - is the core willingness for a truly loving awareness because embrace and acceptance do not judge or reject a partiality as hatred or opposition to the whole - and therefore seek to hide the partiality behind a mask of complex deceits.

Underneath the mess of human denial patterns is a deeply held sense of un-worth. Nothing you can do can overcome or redeem or atone for a false sense of self. One has to draw afresh from the Well of Being and this means releasing the habit-choice of living from a fearfully defined sense of self-lack by not giving it the trigger finger to your reactions and so allowing a truly connected sense of action that naturally brings a more aligned response. But bear in mind that what is being denied is in a sense seeking acceptance - and comes to you as experience you often interpret as unwelcome. So a willingness to yield to a true recognition or self-honesty is a way to transform negative experience into positive or reintegrative outcome.

I only write in a willingness to reflect what you already know to your recognition and in any of this - if anything stirs such insight - let it be recognized as your recognition so that the messenger is not confused with the message.

Post Brexit vote - The Sky is Falling!

Sterling’s down, sales are falling, shoppers anxious: gloom gathers over the UK economy

The scaremongering stick and the fake carrot were not just brought out for Brexit - but they have been significantly disregarded. If you start to see the narrative control that mainstream media operate - you will read them with a different set of eyes if you read them at all.

It remains that very many ARE conditioned to react as triggered and so the hyping of the psychological operation into a actual outcome favoured by this or that corporate cartel interest is almost stage managed theatre. Follow Foxy Loxy if you want - but the real Owlsy Wowsy is not on the other side of the river - but is your inner discernment - and you don't need a phd in mind manipulation techniques to smell a rat and withhold allegiance and support - while remaining open for more clarity.
ANY direction taken is only as positive as our wholly embracing it for its positive opportunities. Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy - but denied fears no less - so owning the fears is part of finding greater and truer resolve.
Bankers and corporate cartels manipulate us all and have done for a very long time. It is the Law that needs restitution. And I mean restoring to a servant of the Whole and not a technocratic instrument of manipulation and deceit posing as benign collectivism.
And why we are at it lets restore a truly free Press - by our support for true witness wherever we find it.

- - -
...the low pound means foreign companies will look more favourably at investing in the UK and if Osborne follows through on his proposed reduction in Corporation Tax, this country will become a very attractive place for foreign companies to set up shop.
The following comment brought another response from me:

But alas whoring ourselves to transnational corporates invites a slave economy where workers pay all the tax burden and companies get special inducements to come and then suck wealth and assets out of the country in the trickle up evaporation of absolutely insane debt - for the richer the company - the more debt they 'manage' as a flow of leverage and influence.
Biodiversity is  a key to health. The microbiome is foundational to our human health. The soil is killed with toxins and starved of nutrients while monocultured crops are artificially fed. Transfer this recognition to society - and reground yourself in a participance of endeavour and relationship rather than a managed and pharmed set of conditioned reactions. One cant think sanely from an insane foundation. So look to free your thinking - or free yourself of conditioned reaction that passes as thinking. What does the drip drip poison media feed us but the undermining of worth - and then sells its narrative as the framework to think in. No thanks.

Self specialness and the sacrifice of real relationship

This article on the mentality of NATO brinkmanship brought various comments.

A comment within the above linked page that spoke of Exceptionalism, religious self righteousness, racial superiority, and xenophobia, etc - prompted my further joining:

Well said - I add that self-specialness and a presumption of a superior judgement is not ONLY found in the attitudes and behaviours of others. I don't bring this in to undermine honest addressing of such error when met in our world, nor to blame us for having such a pattern of behaviour - but to illuminate an arena of choice - as the freedom to re-cognize and re-align more honestly with a sense of shared worth and integrity or honesty from which to extend a different quality of communication and relationship (indeed an actual receptivity to the other) - rather than some form of one-up-man-ship seeking agreement, justification or validation.

The wish or attempt to better than or superior to is inextricably one with its other face - of being less than inferior and subject to. Readers here might say "yes - but you'll never get everyone (else) to change - and indeed as long as everyone is looking at what is lacking or wrong or unworthy and inadequate in others - this thinking is guaranteed to be a self-reinforcing truism.

The key is I am not trying to 'get anyone to change' and therefore can bring at least some receptive willingness to listen and therefore of relationship in which the action reaction of hate - for that is what is actually being traded in when we define, feel, think and act from a loveless sense of self, even if we believe our own mind-spin of being caring, kind, easy going and helpful. Our 'love' is extremely conditional - and turns to hate in a moment. This suggests that much that is called love is not love but a substitute by which to hide what is felt necessary to keep hidden. The substitution of a real relationship with a false narrative is the name or nature of the game that operates like a mind-trap. Self-specialness is very deeply imprinted or embedded and associated with survival  and therefore calls on resources and abilities that 'work' - including very complex layers of deceit that operate as if out of sight and out of mind of other aspects of the same You.

So be alert to self-righteousness in our own thought and deed for if we give it our trigger finger it goes forth to multiply and reinforce hate. Identifying the underlying issues rather than focusing in the personal - because personae are masks of displacement - unless we recognize that we don't need or truly want to operate in that way - and allow our personality to be aligned with our true presence. Each and every one is a unique expression of individuality and when we are in a safety of genuine trust - this stands forth as a signature of Life (under any or no name).
Extending trust will not come from fear and blame believed - but it can come from a willingness to open negotiation in which steps can be found that open perspectives that are not available if no real negotiation is allowed because 'the enemy' is our first and last judgement on each other and our world (and of course firstly and secretly on our self).

I feel that being human is a curriculum or journey of uncovering  - but that such curriculum is determined or set up by the nature and configuration of that which 'covers' over or usurps a true receptivity and expression of the Life that (regardless of appearances) we are. Or to put it the other way around the Life that is actually here right where we are asserting and operating a narrative spin that may or may not be aligned - but cannot actually substitute for the intimacy of being.

Though it may seem philosophical, the substitution of self concept or self image for a directly felt quality of wholeness - is the basis of the 'lording it' over ones experience syndrome. But having opened Pandora's box or fragmented Humpty Dumpty - All the kings resources are failing to put together again - indeed our seeming solutions spawn more complex problems. So why not abdicate a false sense of personal capacity and acknowledge that a balanced sense of what is - and where and how we fit and flow and find our way - is not control OVER life or others - but an uncovering of balance and control within the Living that is natural to being aligned with a true sense of worth.

Not a manufactured or asserted justification - but for example; doing something well because you enjoy it. Then there is no call to guilt or coerce yourself to do what you don't want - nor playing the game of setting conditions for joy that the world will never give you. The sacrifice of our joy is in the belief that the world has denied or rejected it - and so of course a sense of 'self' arises that seeks to 'get back' what it feels deprived or denied, and 'get even' with a world that gave it such pain - and needs to feel it too - so that the denied and rejected can be known in a true acceptance.

To feel known in an unconditional acceptance is release - both from a conflicted sense of self and for a sharing in life from a sense of wholeness. But I add this noticing... you all press my buttons. the world is a persistent trigger of conditioned reactions - and an opportunity and privilege in which to share Life - both. Self-responsibility cannot be thrust on another - but it can witness to and extend invitation.

Collectivism operates a false substitute for community and true individuality is a bringing of wholeness into one's relationship and not a power apart from and over relationships - as if to use and exploit them for some fantasy evaporation. No blame in recognizing a mistake and accepting a corrected alignment - though it seems humiliating at face value. But in truth a burden falls away. The world or the other may persist in blaming even if you withdraw your investment and allegiance - but you cannot make another's choices for them, though you can join in their power and capacity to choose. Here is the opportunity to uncover a shared willingness if indeed that is your willingness extended.

As long as we look to get one up, or play one down so as to ruse another to overextend and trip themselves - we are not in a willingness to embrace and share Life on Earth - and so there need be no surprise that a different purpose operates our world - through us while we hate everyone else or special others for failing our wishes, expectations or demands.

Friday, 8 July 2016


When a view critical of an aspect of the Holocaust was editorially denied by asserting 'holocaust denial:

Freedom of speech is not freedom to incite hatred without meeting correction and limitation or withdrawal of support. There is a difference between mistakes, genuine differences of opinion, and hate agenda - and anyone here should be well aware that deceits can be set in all manner of trolling and disinfo. But also any institutional identity tends to avoid having its dirty washing made public - and so those with the power to do so, make sure that such revisions as are conceded are quietly effected in the background - so as not to give 'ammunition' to the Evil and Fearful 'Enemy'.

But worship and protection of hatred is enshrined in negative fixations that established an assertion of justified and immutable self righteous hate - as a narrative identity unwilling to accept any revision as a result of uncovering information that reveals events in a different light.

History is 'revisionism' excepting where it is operating as a sacred scripture. Ancient fears and enmities lurk beneath a veneer of largely imposed civilisation.  Many who lived together in peace can be triggered into fear and violence such as Serb and Croat

If the Holocaust is the single most horrific imprint in the Western European psyche - which it may be. The use to which that is put as a terror and guilt symbol has and does have an emasculating effect on our imagination and expression.

While I respect that this is not a site for 'Holocaust denial' - I don't see how off-Guardian (and its readership commenting) can deconstruct and reveal the narrative devices and distortions of corporate elitism, and yet prohibit the conversation when it addresses some of the pivotal events of a WW2 that resulted in a NWO that is still ongoing as a corporately effected project using different faces to achieve the same ends.

I suggest that it was an incitement to critical comment to use the Wikipedia quote - although the gist of it is true: IG Farben and other multi-nationals supported WW2 and set up massive slave labour camps, and carried out inhuman experimentation upon many without a voice. (And this practice still goes on. Operation Paperclip protected many scientists who worked within the Nazi regime from due process of law and assimilated them into the USA. The power class does not deal in moral scruple - except as a face to present in public when it suits them.

I realize that some issues cannot be openly talked about. Man's inhumanity to Man is a horror story through the ages - still going on. The mass production of deprivation, sickness and death is alive and well and not located exclusively circa WW2. It is hidden in plain sight and most of the population are hardly aware of it.
The NWO is transforming Planet Earth to function as a slave labour camp - often with a much subtler programming but not always. It isn't really 'new'. That's just part of its spin.

Integrity of Communication

What we appreciate, appreciates. And a true willingness for life - for communication and right relationship - seeks and recognizes itself in others - and I appreciate seeing and appreciating this in others regardless of agreement or not - but as an integrity of communication - and I feel one of the most useful skills we need to value and grow is an integrity of communication. On could say our mind is hacked - and we need to re-establish integrity - but regardless the attack theory - and all its evidences, I feel that a core integrity is an unavailability to attack thinking. And when such thinking is provoked or triggered, it illuminates a 'back door' of unrecognized dis-integrity that can now be re-evaluated because it has come into conscious awareness.

Schopenhauer identified 28 tricks and deceits used to 'win' an argument - as part of noting their use in attempt to honourable debate. He published them in the hope that being exposed would undermine their usefulness but he was ahead of his time as is anyone embracing humanity despite that it is predisposed to want the dark arts kept in the dark - because most everyone uses them as a sense of power and protection. The booklet is now and has long been sold as a manual for learning such 'arts' and gaining their 'power'. But the purpose you accept is what you use anything for.

The currency of our mind is adulterated and corrupted in the same way as our financial system. It only takes everyone to lean out of their integrity a little for a lot of negative synergies to operate as rogue power that grows and operates much like a cancer. But the 'rogue power' mythology masks a loss of integrity of function - I'm not into moral coercions  - in fact that is an oxymoron. Too much inflammation! - Not that the body isn't designed to cope and regenerate amidst stresses, toxicities and deprivations - but that a negative synergy flips the system into segregative priorities that then become the norm by which healing is blocked - that would otherwise occur naturally.

Focussing on the 'power of evil' (under any name) is different from being willing to look at it without recoil and see it for what it is - and what it is not -  so as to be free of being defined in its terms. What we put out is what we get back and so if we use our mind to lie and deceive ourselves and others to then validate such a 'self' and make it 'real' - then we are subscribing to a nightmare - even if it started out in bright promise or wishful 'good intent'.

Fast forward... Well here is a world dawning on us in grim and tragic consequence of the dark arts of deceit replacing awareness of life and relationship - nothing new under the Sun! - but the growing recognition of the pervasiveness of the deceit is such that  - well - what 'strong' CAN 'strong'  be trusted? Where is integrity and true authority found.
If there is any desire to embrace Life - rather than coerce and conform it - then here is a checkmate of sorts - painted into a corner. The mind can only go over the same old ground even as it disappears beneath our feet - but then it never was designed or meant to be in charge.

The emergent idea of a matrix operated by evil overlords is still fear-based interpretation, giving power to 'Them' - and then believing we have to take it back - and punish 'Them'. This is The Archetype of a false foundation. Look at how often power is given to others - "Now look at what you made me do!" or hidden in un-straight ways to manipulate - and in overtly heartless mean spirited ways - all of which are running narrative self-image in place of simple presence.

We lie and deceive ourselves for our own reasons and often in social norms that render it invisible in plain sight. If the blame-game can be paused, we can obviously see the underlying conditionings and core self beliefs that inevitably manifest such patterns - and yet can now be challenged or enquired into and transformed or let go of as obsolete.

This is the opposite purpose to the mind of manipulation that defends against exposure excepting as can be used to gather ammunition and shielding, in the replacement of true willing relationship by dictate of static identity - an evolutionary dead end. Not a victory at all.

What we Want and what we can mistakenly believe we want

This came up in response to conversations wondering what Brexit was for - intended to achieve - by those who distrust the or question the theatre of its staging. But it isn't about Brexit or any specific issue - applying equally to all:

What anyone wants is essentially defined by what they define the situation to be relative to themselves - or more accurately how they define themselves in relation to whatever's going on.

The core motivation of survival and thrival is to move away from the threat/pain or the toxic and towards the security/pleasure or nutrient. But we all define or identify our selves differently and in different moments differently.
Nearly all of our self-definitions operate below our radar - that is - they are acquired conditioning of strategies of survival.

Enter those who are aware of this and use that to enact an identity of shepherding their people - holding order while encouraging the unfolding of harmony as they see it - against the 'dangerous' eruptions of triggered fears and rages. Enter those who see this as the right or power to wield the fear and rage of people's largely unconscious conditioning - so as to reinforce it in ever more division and fragmentation while they accrue power for power's sake. The dysfunction, destruction and active denial of consciousness operates a 'mentally asserted mesmerism' within which pain (and the attempt to deaden it) is persistently 'chosen' over joy (and the willingness to be moved by it).

The core imprint is that the true joy of you will be rejected, denied, hurt, invalidated, ridiculed, hated, killed - or betray you into exposing your own inadequacy, vulnerability, weakness, self-sabotaging liability, self-hatreds and invalidation.
So the complex mask of persona, of identity in 'ego' or self image that runs in your name as you - with your consciousness - whether you set it to run as hidden ops or as the front facing smile.
The complexity of the fragmented identity on Earth is unimaginably and unthinkably multilayered and the more we try to overcome,resolve or define and assert ourself justified within its matrix - the more powerlessly entangled.

What we think we want can operate conflicting purposes almost simultaneously as well as thinking that to get what we want we have to mask our intent behind some behaviour that passes off as disarming or justified. Pursuing the 'survival of the mask' as if it is our very Life, is mis-identifying a sense of power and protection out from our past - as if the past is still happening - without waking up to look past this defence because we had such a negative experience that the mind operates a form of amnesia - we never want to feel that again - so much so that we identify life in not feeling it and exposure to it as death. Separation trauma that splits the mind as if to then be operated by a segregated and secret sense of self - now in power in fear of loss of power.

So what people think or say they want can be at odds with what they actually want - and there's the call for integrity and honesty of self - as an ongoing enquiry or curiosity as to check what is running and whether it is actually aligned with who I recognize and know myself to be - rather than some reaction of conditioning that does not serve me now.

The good news about the mindf*cking that is going on is that it illuminates that thinking is NOT a reliable guide to truth unless and until it has been truly felt and recognized. And feeling is NOT a reliable guide within a framework of thinking that effects emotional manipulation. The void seems a negative term - where the light seems more like life - yet a willingness to truly NOT know - is the receptivity to a felt recognition of light and life that moves you as a connectedness of insight, inspiration, a release of being problem-defined, stuck or besieged and a genuine sense of a good step now. This quality of being is what we want - but while defined by the problem we seek it in ways that validate the power of the problem while invalidating the power that defines itself and world.

What do you think Chilcot redacted?

There are 'puppet masters' behind the theatre of politics.
While we persist in regarding the puppets as actually having the power to rule, the show - or diversionary device - goes on.

What do you think Chilcot redacted? The fingerprints of the who and why.
Power cartels don't seek money or oil - they seek control over the ongoing supply and demand of money, oil or any other actual or induced dependence. And within that they seek mindshare - which is to effectively frame and set the narrative - and back it with subverting the law -  in terms that lock out threat or rival to their power - and lock in the suckers. They don't operate in terms of politics as we conceive it - and that is why they set everyone else up to undermine, weaken and destroy themselves and each other with an unbelievable willingness to lie - only it isn't felt as lie by those who believe power is the only honesty, and that human beings are weak and stupid because they need to believe in lies. So this isn't just a belief in supremacy - but a predation upon those who mostly do not even know it is going on - or ascribe it to patsys, puppets and diversions.

If you own or have effective control over all the candidates - who cares how they vote? Seeing how the charade was passed off without any real exposure of who set up and runs the US that effectively runs the EU and is now hyping up 'World Changing Event' under cover of which to further unfold their agenda. Mob reaction is briefly very powerful in its anger - but also very disorganized and scattered after its initial outrage - so it opens to being subverted and controlled by opportunists. A true evolution would be a shift in which the apparatus of blame itself was dismantled. The degrading of humanity to robotic slaves is a' victory' for a hate that wreaks vengeance upon a world NOT in its own image. I see those last two sentences as illuminating a choice that is a choice-less choice once seen in such terms. I know myself by my choosing- and so I speak to that in others. Whoever 'caused all this confusion' may be less relevant than how am I being triggered and manipulated - so that I can restore sanity and be vigilant from there.

We all know that 'they started it" - along with assertion of wound is the appeal for sympathy by assigning blame regardless any part we played in the event.
Identification in self-image is denial or refusal to recognize involvement at a deeper level and so a hidden guilt projects a self-righteous assertion that usurps our true communication.

Layers of denial and defence - ad nauseum

Discerning the purpose to which something is put, is free from being entrapped in the entanglements of engaging in terms of the framing of the content.
I notice a very subtle mind-trap by which communication is prohibited and penalised - that is the means and power to enact penalty are feared.
Such is an assertion of power over minds - that it cannot even be truly identified because it operates our identity.
Without anti-Semitism, the Jewish Identity would and does assimilate. And so the fear of everyone ELSE suddenly hating and killing you and your family is embedded in Jewish Identity by its power class - that can thus draw on its support or at least its reluctance to more than token criticism.
The ones who work power through deceits - in any guise - Use hatred as power in asserted self-righteousness - and propagate such a mentality within the direction and protection of service, obedience and sacrifice.

The sacrifice of truth for power is the elitist 'religion' - and I mean elite in terms of supremacist, not excellence. Therefore they enjoy the term 'elites' as it confers validation to their sense of being BETTER than and superior to the inferior who personify 'lack of worth' of an undeserving  humanity of anything but under-serving  those assigned to rule over them.

Meeting this written out sounds like insanity, but when was the last time you stood in judgement over another from a presumed superiority - or sought secretly to gain from their loss? Or the last time you ruled your mind with cold indifference to the feelings you associate with weakness and loss of power?

The 'lie and the father of the lie' are one in purpose of hatred and denial of truth - and so the attack, usurpation and fragmentation of truth to war by terror. I say this is the basis of our human identity - as a conditioning from which we are almost exclusively turned to look away. For we hate hatred - excepting we give it a backstage pass to operate through us in self righteous vindication - and for that - 'our wound is sacred and as a jealous god - for from it comes power of a different order than the creation we take as our footstool'.

How else would the human mind dissociate its context and attack it than to make in its own image and mask as both life and the attack against it? The power of immunity to self-hatred is hatred of others, of world and of Life. Never pausing to look within and see a call for healing because only vengeance can be defined 'healing'.

If insanity rules our world - and our perceptions and experience of it - then what is Sanity but such recognition? However, to sacrifice the glimpse to the mind of blame and hate and denial, is to have but fluttered open a moment before returning to dreams of power amidst powerlessness.

The linkage between our thinking - at its deeper levels of self-definition and belief - and our experience and consequent identity is kept hidden my materialism - that WANTS no Source or Author but itself amidst a world to exploit and conform to its will.

In all of this power talk - is the idea that we have it in and of ourselves - or would if not denied by THEM from whom we will take what is rightfully ours... in good time. But my growing recognition is that this definition of power corrupts, hollows out and uses us - not unlike a parasitic influence working against our life-force - but either we like the ride - or cannot get off.

Power addiction denies recognition of true worth in another. is this then power? Or is it the denial choice by which pain to awaken the need and desire for true? the apple of the Tree of Life is not denied or hidden - excepting by choosing to live out from the fruits of the judgement of good and evil - in which true and false are lost to identity in power struggle that has distorted and blocked the Inheritance of Being and so is the power to destroy that holds its world captive. Or does it? Identified in struggle or recognizing self in each other in true relation. Notice how sickening is the idea of love to a mind rooted in hidden hate.

Perhaps the 'chosen ones' are those who carry the reflection and reminder of a choice we forgot we made and hid. For only a choice you know you are making, can be changed. All the struggle and deceits cannot change a choice but simply add layers and layers of denial and defence - ad nauseum.

Tune in to a sense of worth - and live from there

To an assertion that "I will change my tune when the bullets fly" (IE: Communication is weak and therefore hateful) :

Bait away - but is that all you have to say?
You reveal the god of your thinking is fear and rage - no matter how masked as self-righteous 'defence'. No doubt your world proves you right - but of course that is exactly how all power conflict operates; triggering a collapse or undermining of function through targeted terror that takes every and any kind of form of deceit. Then it runs through puppets whilst sucking out the light and life. It isn't enough to hate - even though a sense of betrayal and violation is hateful - but I don't expect anyone to take my word for it. Experience your way and find out if it is in your true interests at all.

I don't say not to say no to abuse, to not check and restrain and hold to account, and to educate and teach by example - for no other teaching means anything. Perhaps you haven't met an example of being recognized in worth when you felt worth-less. and so a sense of worthless-ness seeks someone to blame - and avoids or shuts down anything that interferes with its pleasure in hate and blame. If the 1% lost the 99% they'd have no-one to dump shit on - and so it all comes home.

The bullets fly because words and ideas call a tune of deceit by which we are beguiled with hate agenda disguised as realism. It's false currency - yet we grew up within it and made our identity within it - so it is not easy to bring to attention while hate is active  - hence those who manage your world sow hate and division while at the same time preaching security and caring - to undermine your capacity to think and feel - excepting as you are triggered and baited to react.

I don't know how I will respond if I am ever in a situation with bullets flying. I don't know anything I don't need to know now, and so that means I meet the moment I am living - this day - and each day. I discover that the way my mind defines everything determines the experience I am having. Seeing within does not have to be used for manipulation and deceit - and the attempt to do so is degrading and blocking the only channel through which help can come. I didn't say more ammo - I said help.

I wonder if you have any sense of just how obscenely sadistic and hateful the urges that seek to come through the 'men with their guns'. It can change the tune of their lives - if they live to carry it. No I'm not anti gun - I'm for an integrity of being that isn't corrupted by hate - even though of course we feel what we feel - and the hurt beneath that and the betrayal beneath that and the dream of life that broke. We are all loaded with stuff just waiting to go off - but mostly we hardly notice - because all our attention is in the mind that evades what it doesn't want to know or feel.

You can tune yourself to whatever you choose - I do. But check the fruits as you go - because a lot that seems good is really bad and a lot of what seems bad is actually good.  No one else can tune you unless you give them the power to do so. I say we are already giving away our power and don't realize it - in fact we might believe hate gives us power and the freedom to use it on the 'bad guys'.

Why hold and allow Brexit (if the 'elites' did not want it)

This came up in Brexit context but has wider application:

The Theatre of Brexit:

Why did Cameron call the referendum?

Because he does what he is told.

Who tells him what to do? The lobbies that put him there and kept him there and look after him as they have Blair?

Your guess is as good as mine - but Cameron knows what he is allowed to know.

I don't feel to give the Elitist personae the power they love to be seen wearing. I feel a larger scope - a larger script than a scam by which to give up consciousness for a power that reveals itself as primal hate. Whatever Life is, is 'bigger' than our props and scripts and seeing the props and scripts allows a different set of meanings through a different script. Not a different remake of the same movie. Whatever movie is running - your part in it can be your conscious acceptance for your chosen purposes - or you can play extra to whatever role the mask of power struggle gives you.

I see  theatre of the mind-control in the play of an increasing fabrication of 'reality' - (at least increasing exposed as such to those who are not choosing to identify in it) - for the way we respond determines whether we choose the mind-control identity or remember it is 'psyops' and so remember to keep both eyes open - looking in and out. Then we notice the meanings we are reacting to as if true - and can check the feelings and thoughts that we hold that generate these feelings and potential reactions - by pausing from reacting long enough to check in with whether these thoughts are true of us.

Ungrounded wishful hopes can WANT to believe xyz - and manipulators can target this to get past what otherwise would not have your vote.  Negative expectations may FEAR abc - and manipulators can target this the same.

But in effect something NOT in your own interests is actively targeting your subconscious and unconscious fears and desires to render you powerless so as to seem to take it from you - but executed in ways that you believe are your own thinking - your own freedom and not be aware of tyranny operating - excepting being provided with blame scapegoats - while finding yourself piling up various kinds of debt that leaves no free awareness for anything.

Joylessness is a better word than alienation - because alienation can define a new normal but joylessness is the fruit of tyrannous thought and identity. If the recognition of mind-control operating ever more intensively does not prompt you to look at your thinking and honestly feel if it aligns with your purpose and desire in life - then carry on and keep calm while your medications lobotomize what remains of your consciousness. True calm is not suppression - but an allowing or presence and this is always joyous - because no matter what you are still here and can leave the meaningless to open to what truly moves you. This may be anything or lots of things that resonate with your life - but there is a different quality in something that inspires. It is not the negatively identified fear of loss but an integrative willingness to go for something because it is true of you. How to tell the difference? How much do you really want to deceive yourself? Denied fears generate false excitements and greater joy will encounter 'invalidating' fears.

Thinking is not enough. We have to connect with feeling - not emotionalism of manipulative strategy but core feeling - and the feeling of our existence is right where all the noise seems to demand attention. I feel choice is the remaining power we truly have within a world of choices that seems to choose or dictate and define us. That's why I sketch out something of the patterning of consciousness - because without awareness of it - it just runs the same program. Ok it grown to global proportions. Maybe we just cant help self-destructing because we cannot re-evaluate our investments and honestly account our returns. But "if it weren't for the last minute - nothing would ever get done" - although I like "don't just do something, stand there!" - because until one truly stands in receipt, a false understanding can lead the best intentioned along the road to hell.

I wanted humanity to focus in a sense of what choice truly is - and is not. So maybe I co-created it with Dave.

Careless talk costs lives (To a Brexit reaction)

I put a variety of posts associated with or coming out of the Brexit vote

• To this comment:

Britain was under attack long before Brexit. Glad to see some fighting spirit in the UK. Heads on a pike would be a good beginning.

I get that you have hatred issues. How many deaths and how much pain and misery do you need to assuage it - oh - hang on there are other people in the world too... It appears there are not enough people or worlds to assuage the feeling of unpaid debt in vengeance.

I'm not saying you shouldn't feel what you feel - but that when hate is given the trigger finger - hatred goes forth and multiplies. yes I know it would make you 'feel better' for a while - but truly feeling better is not merely the temporary suspension of feeling bad - but a quality of self acceptance that automatically shares out.

Self-hatred runs its world - because the attempt to dissociate and displace it out, away and onto the world operates the 'controlled narrative' . The lie that hides.

Yes - to due process of law - and yes to the restitution of law as a servant of all.
We could lock up the human race - 'prison planet' - that was quick! Or we could free them, 'awakening planet' - that was quick! Choose the planet you enjoy being in - for we each are - by the thoughts and actions we accept and share out.

It may seem that awakening to a genuine awareness of error is no fun if the world kills or imprisons you for un-masking. Or your 'allies' in masking kill you for breaking ranks or whistle blowing - but there is something about the freedom to be without the hatred and the drag of lies that cannot be quantified - and which opens perspectives unimaginable to the fear of exposure to loss, pain and humiliation.

Are people stuck in a mask that sucks them ever deeper into lies? Who is without deceit. Who is unafraid of rage and terror? What are 'psychological defences'? Survival strategies. Humanity is in some ways like a jig-saw puzzle of fragmented and fragmenting beliefs. Communication breakdown - not just at word level - but in our very being.

As if a mind can separate off into its own spin and assert its narrative existence over all else. Feedback eventually gets through because there is a limit to tolerance for pain - on all levels - not just physical. If that makes Earth the 'torture planet' - then the way out is not to persist in giving what You don't want to receive.

"Even as ye do unto the least - ye do unto Me" . He could have put it as 'unto your Self'. However the true of you can be covered over but never ultimately lost because...contrary to current thinking - you do not create yourself - but have in a sense run off with what you mis-took and are now a Promethean sacrifice or indeed a Prodigal who has yet to recognize utter bankruptcy of false foundation.

Patent Bullying and medicine as social control

Bayer CEO: ‘We don’t make medicine for poor Indians’
by Nikolai Brown

This article prompted me to offer
There is much information via the above link around the pseudo-scientific thinking that provides the corporate mask of technocracy over the power-politic which runs the ‘back end’ of whatever flavour of political face.

Patents are a part of the story – but the suppression of natural medicine via regulatory and educational disinfo is another.

The use of ‘medical science’ as tool of political power is so pervasive as to be invisible to those who grew up in its framing. The subversion and corruption of any ‘church’ to serve a ‘state’ of dictated conformity is the denial of any alternate perspective in broad spectrum dominance.

The technological and I might add bio-technological penetration of such agenda into and upon our lives is without precedent in consensus history.

The political development of cartels forming through the oil, plastics and pharmaceutical industries, allied with (central) private banking as the control of money supply and therefore fiscal policy has operated a collectivism under the aegis of a scientism of evolutionary progress coupled with controlled release of technologies by which to induce dependency upon a managed and engineered society. And indeed to voluntarily degrade, divert and diminish Consciousness so as not to know the difference.

Sickness management is the basis of the ‘NWO’ – as they legally define ‘health’ in terms of external intervention – as if exercising scientific authority, and allow effective monopoly to a destructo-capitalism let loose upon our biology.
While patent infringement may be contested and protested against in public – beneath the facade is the propagation of the model to nurture mind-share – because underneath the appearance of market share is mind-control or capture.

“You are a guilt-ridden sinner deserving heel* – but we can offer salvation – at a price we set.”

“You are a weak, fragile and latently sick or soon to be afflicted body and brain – but we can offer limited and temporary power and protection to keep sickness at bay, mask or hide the symptoms, and manage the breakdown into side effects and negative synergies of further breakdown so as to save you from any sense of awakened responsibility for your consciousness, your life-choices and your creative capacity".

All sin-free – unless of course you challenge or question The State, the Medical Establishment, and the Pharma’s right to freedom from all but token transparency and accountability. Factory farmed human anyone?

Monopolizing the outsourcing of guilt, dissonance or sin-sense of self-conflict and self-alienation is not power, so much as the result of self-hating invalidation.
Whatever words, forms or faces we use, we do not escape our foundations even if it passes off as real to others who feel they get something out of aligning or agreeing in it. If we are conflicted in our self we are demonstrating, teaching or propagating conflict – even if the face is kind and helpful and well intentioned. Even if the face is very clever and redefines conflict as natural, and wholeness and health as freak aberrations or heresy to offer to the weak and gullible.

How we define ourself (in any situation) sets our foundation. All else follows automatically as our experience – but we can recognize the active choice and thus awaken as the capacity to accept a true or more integrated and less conflicted experience as a result of a shift in perspective.

* Addendum:
Deserving heel was meant to read ‘deserving hell’ – but actually ‘deserving heel’ provides a fresh perspective on the meaning that ‘hell’ loses to arguments about whether hell is real – that cannot resolve because the use of the symbol varies to mean very different things to different people.

Because something can be experienced, suffered and hated – does not mean that its inherent nature or condition is hateful, but the experience may be reflecting hate of which we are unaware or un-conscious simply because we are self-certainly ‘right’ or self-righteously certain.

Those who set up scams are aware of their device but many who then take the bait become the militant defenders of the scam against exposure because they want and need to believe it true -or their world-view is broken and conflicted identity un-lidded.

CBS and its (new?) Matrix trick

CBS and its (new?) Matrix trick

... If your comments on the CBS news site happen to displease the resident censor, a.k.a. moderator, they will be silently removed from the stream of readers’ comments while still appearing on your own computer screen.  In other words, your post shows up on your screen, but if someone else tries to view it either as a visitor to the site or as a reader who’s logged in under his or her name, it’s not there....

Deceit is pervasive and able to mimic or adopt the forms of what seems acceptable or desirable or true to you. The idea of the deceiver is not new but has been known of, and warned vigilance against, since our first split into mask and deceit.

Note that the deceiver can also masquerade as the protector or warning voice against deceit.

It should become immediately clear that you cannot trust your own thoughts - unless you have discerned and found them as representative and aligned with the true of you. Deceits provoke reaction that does not allow time to pause and listen or feel within and so they are triggers that operate through the weaknesses through which you are most vulnerable - hence deceit works to nurture and magnify your weaknesses by presenting them as strengths so that hate can seem self righteous and fear can seem wise. I cant use words to define the true - but only in the willingness for truth. Sharing such purpose allows communication across and despite apparent differences but the deceit provides an identity that needs to be set against different others by which to seem real.

For ourselves we can discern what we accept and extend through us - so that hate and fear does not use us as its instrument and become the framer of our thinking and behaviour. This actually requires waking up to and owning hate and fear feelings that have historically been denied asap and masked in fairer forms. Where to go with such hateful and conflicted feelings if not to try to banish or hide them - or - to use them to fuel the self-guilt and self-hate that is our fundamental deceit? Feeling is not a slave to conform to the dictate of thoughts but a quality of knowing in its own right - though it needs consciousness and form to embody that knowing. Accepting and feeling our feelings within a willingness to heal or find healing is very different from a sense of being violated and attacked and having to call up immediate defence, and within the acceptance of THAT we are feeling as we are feeling - is the freedom to evolve, change and open fresh and more embracing and less polarized perspective.

Without inner understanding and compassion for the nature of mis-taken identity - we are compelled to attack or judge it - in ourselves in secret and other in the world at large. Indeed our identity problem is one where fear of loss brought a sense of separate self assertion and the inevitable and inherent power struggles within ourself and with others.

The act of extending or living from the true of you - which embraces the other without having to choose the same choices - has a different quality than the assertion of identity.

Personal and social mores also include all kinds of mutual agreements and definitions that are in effect the collective refusal to receive or relate directly in the true feeling presence that we are whether we live and remember this or pass off a suitable masking presentation - not least because the realm of open feeling expression is associated with a can of worms - or every kind of conflicted entanglement. But I remind you that the desire or willingness to heal is an entirely different purpose and vibratory resonance of communication than identity assertions, validations and power struggle - no matter how adeptly or naturalistically nuanced.

'Local reality' is already running and it presents itself as My mind and as identity and freedom seeking power and therefore in terms of a movement toward power. The private mind is  a deceit - but in truth nothing can come into your experience that you are not the vibration of - and therefore it is your teacher, reflecting information back to you that serves balancing within the wholeness as the unique expression of individuality that is recognisably You.

While we are so distracted and engaged in outer reflection that triggers our separation drama - or should I say trauma - we are held in an exclusive focus that has suggested an either/or winner loser interpretation and thus a uni-polar reality. It is this that holds us in an almost exclusively physical or material framework of experience - where the power and freedom of imagination in service to an integrative sense of self is denied - perhaps often unknowingly - but the denial is the active force beneath the appearances of our 'local reality'.

Giving witness truly grows the awareness of true as our conscious experience - from which the live all our relationships and inspirations. Giving false witness is no less powerful - but in a negative or segregating and fragmenting and dis-empowering way. This drives the hunger for power - which is not merely some kind of sin of greed but also the survival instinct of a mis-taken identity running with all the belief given it.

While its reality reflections conform to its interpretations, such power struggle is fed or justified - by opposition as much as by alliance or conformity. It is up to you where you give your attention and allegiance - unless you define yourself in such a way as to give your power to others to frame and dictate your thought. While this is a nonsense in itself - it is tragic in its consequence of experience.

Can we give true witness without succumbing to the seduction of vengeance?

The fruits of true communication - which is infinitely more than words - are miraculous rather than the result of any coercion or ability to acquire and manipulate power. Those who have tasted of this have some basis to persist where the world sees only folly. Those who uncover the insanity of the mind set exclusively in terms of the 'local reality' meet that none-sense in their self-reality as an unworkable and meaningless identifiction - that can no longer be exclusively believed true. However, we can only work with the material at hand and regardless where our starting place - the willingness to learn anew is ever the starting place - and not the form we grasp... and become entangled with.

If winning is a perfection of loneliness and isolation;  If power is consolidated in that which operates against Life in attempt to enslave and replace it with ultimate self-validation, then victory results in a wasteland of hollow robot slaves; A living death.

While you are alive enough to know it, you are never too late to re-evaluate your goals and therefore your starting premises.  But if all your investments are in your mask then can you forsake them? "Better then to die in the mask than suffer the humiliation of exposure" ... to what? To a true Acceptance that you are as you are and not as you judged.

"There is nothing new under the Sun" - and "Behold I make all things new!". These can be seen to illustrate two aspects of choice - re-enactment (that conditions the mind to auto-pilot and believe itself autonomous) and exploration of willingness and curiosity for truth in its OWN terms - but as resonating within our heart as our true desire - rather than the conformity of the masked and masking from feared or hated power. You wont get this with your head (or be deceived you have) because it has to be felt and realized or recognized. Short-cutting true awareness with un-checked or out of true definitions, short changes us - and each other of shared presence.

Global elites and the idea of Harvest

Another comment into conversation presuming that 'elites' operate in linear and exlusive forms of outcome - ostensibly about Brexit but that's only an example:

If I were these elitists I would not be fool enough to ride on only one outcome. Controlled opposition allows the sense of opposition a feeling of movement. Without movements to co-opt - there would be no way to maintain the illusion of power as a dynamic and creative capacity - as opposed to the depleting and destructive effects of a jui jitsu of using the opponents life-force to defeat them.

In many parts of the world, opposition is violently crushed, or leaders corrupted and compromised to betray it. Or it is sown with division to fall apart by its own hand regardless of collateral expense.

Brexit may yield the balkanisation of GB while Banking mergers and 'trade deals' operate the real 'unity' of centralised corporate consolidation. Though to some form does matter - to the puppet masters it matter not what arrangements the puppets dance or fight in - as long as it serves the unfolding of their power agenda.

I might add that while there are forms of outcome that  I prefer - it is simply true that hollow forms run by loveless agenda don't actually hold meaning for me, so by my lights I feel to be open to live the communication and relationship that is my awareness of life. Unfolding as willingness for a power of a different order than that of hollow men who 'sell their Soul-awareness' to gain an illusion of power through denial and deceit - yet remain capable of recognizing the true nature of their investment and its cost.

If the consolidation of power achieves it global dominance - it wont be the Creative - but the Denial principle writ large.

I see this helping me recognize what I do not want - so as to be more clear in recognising what I do.

Debt based power is an evaporation but our human investment in it is a constant and daily ritual sacrifice. If there are answers, they are exactly where the problem is. But not in its framework. Therefore I am open to revealing the problem beneath the displacement or diversion tactic, regardless the layers of complex entanglement - for by a simple error at a fundamental level - all else must become fundamentally skewed.

However, a negatively defined sense of self - is not integrative but segregative and operates through strict obedience of hierarchy where no one knows or has more privilege than their allegiance allows. This can be a devastating focus of attack - but is no way to live and not able to motivate the living excepting with carrot and stick incentives and mythologies. Our minds are used against us - and perhaps some wake as a result to recognize the creative power that Mind truly is - by not using 'divide and rule' to limit, segregate, fragment and deny.

And yet freedom is the freedom to use anything for the purpose you hold most dear - so if popcorn moments in the arena are your passion - be there! A mind set in and fragmented in division wars itself unknowing - but always unites against any threat to expose the falsity of its foundation. I say that time will not tell - for time can spin endlessly in loops of self-destructive error. Willingness will tell or reveal what delay in time is made to conceal.

The idea of harvest - at the end of an epoch  - as I understand it - is the uncovering of who you have accepted or chosen yourself to be. The Reset will be align you with what you have demonstrated you want. Just check that in fact you are on the bus that you feel most yourself within - for the buses are leaving the station - and ultimately - there is always another bus if you belatedly realize you chose against yourself.

And so you see, I also tell stories - which anyone can participate in or not at any level in any way they feel moved. Including the hating invalidation and ridicule of rival or competing paradigm - excepting it is not rival or competing to anything except insistence on exclusivity - not because the power to judge and make true as your own mind - or as World Leader - is invalidated as a choice through which to experience - but because truth is not made or judged, being Already True. Of course the judge can only assert narrative supremacy amidst a conflict of 'truths', but Wholeness discerns true as a self-recognition rather than seeking self-validation in external outcomes.

There is always a risk in any break in narrative control through which glimpses of truth expose the 'continuity manager' and the props of a script of limitation. But the mind is very very quick in resuming normal service.

"Nothing to see here! - Move along now!"

The Politics of Freedom

15 Common Sense Reasons to Free Yourself from Politics

This article linked above brought a polarised dissension of comment - but I felt to use it to reflect something of the way we get taken in.

Is it not revealing how the way something is defined sets off such polarity of dissension?
Don't react to some else's framing as if it is true. Listen in - and if need be listen in some more - until you are in fact reading what is there and responding to what is actually presented rather than being taken in.

Freedom is a basis from which to engage in creative relationship - not a personal accomplishment to get from something or someone else or have as a result of rejecting or withholding relationship.

Fixation in a problem defined sense of self is not engaging in politics - but more of an addiction or fascination with the negative. However - what you meet or become aware of - is part of you to feel and find your relationship with.

Is genuine communication a political act? Or is spin, persuasion, deceit and coercion the only way to get our freedom/justice/better world?

I suggest we need a real life as a basis from which to then communicate to the same in others - even if they don't seem to be having one - especially if they don't seem to be having one!

• Here is an earlier comment I wrote to the  same page but thought to have lost when the browser crashed:

"Everything will have all the meaning for you that you give it".

But I write this in a world where most believe that everything has built in meaning. Yes there are all kinds of mutually agreed definitions but whatever anyone else agrees - you are the one who accepts for you.

The old paradigm as I see it - is of "getting there". (which carries the hidden invalidation of being right here). It can be expresses in many forms but 'getting' is key. The old mind is for getting. (Got it?)

The new paradigm as I feel and live it is "being from here" - where here is a relational honesty and willingness THROUGH which the movement of being restores Presence - and living from Presence is not living from some fatalistic acceptance of conditioned perception - though it does embrace where we are in self-awareness - and transform it.

When the foundation shifts - EVERYTHING shifts with it. Put another way when a foundation is skewed, EVERYTHING is skewed with it. So the paradigm shift offers an unskewing of Everything. But this means bringing everything into alignment with who you now recognize yourself to be, as a relational honesty in genuine willingness for the embrace of Life - and guess what! - we uncover investments in a sense of power and protection in the old habit - that run counter to what we truly want - and they cant just be denied or pretended away - these are some serious fears and denials that call for a deeper quality of compassion and acceptance that 'getting there' allows - in fact 'getting the hell outta here!' is one of the getting-mind variations.

Escaping a sense of self conflict for peace - sounds good? lets go! But whatever we do we eventually find we brought it with us and the more we deny it acceptance the more it comes up through the cellar or breaking through the TV and breaking out all over the world. It goes deeper than we like or feel able to go - there is hurt, hate, rage, terror and powerlessness.

Each of us have a part in separation trauma - and our person and our society is predicated upon its denial to a very large degree.

We're all living a lie - or if you like we're all living in a matrix illusion controlled by THEM.

But the freedom is owning what is your own instead of running from it or putting it onto others and being self-righteously NOT them.

Politics like everything has corrupted definitions - don't accept corrupted currency and trade as if its real.

Where do we go to check our ideas, beliefs and definitions? In the heart- in the willingness to let them go and be in the willingness to feel and know truly. The result is that what is true of you floats and what is not falls away. That is - your definitions are more in line with who you truly are - and so this effects everything you do and the way you do it - regardless of the conditions.

So don't take anyone else's word unless it chimes with what's in your heart - but know the authority is the heart - not the one who served your recognition.

Language has been corrupted - to communicate from presence will find habits of framing and phrasing that are out of whack and yet these include all the dark arts of deceit and manipulation that politics has degraded itself to embody.

Grow the new anyway - any way that embodies life. The thing is if it extends your true willingness, it meets and sows and grows willingness in ways you don't know about or consciously intend. But if you are looking to change everyone so as to catch up or catch on - you cant do that and be your freedom. That's coercion it comes back at you and then you are entangled in polarised nowhere as if it could ever win.

But if politics is about how we organise our society and solve our issues we have to remember that we don't live to fit the system or the corporate or the collective - these systems are to fit to and serve Life - for if they don't - they work against the living - and call for correction. But one cant heal hate with hate - even if it feels self righteously justified it poisons the well before we've even dug it.

Any act will carry the consciousness you embody through it - regardless of statistics and trends, and yes gardening can extend and grow a sense of worth - in fact we are all gardeners of one kind or another - for what we give attention to we water and feed. The fixation and fascination in the negative is not serving a better and truer experience of Life - but nor is fixating in denial. We each feel our own way - and yet find positive synchronicity as a sign of alignment. We don't often recognize negative synchronicities because we are not aware enough to see the connections between what we put out and what we get back. There's a lot going on they don't tell you. There's a lot going on you don't let yourself know you know.

The News and controlled narrative

While there is ‘news’, there is also the controlled narrative – that is – the telling of a story in such a way as to justify a desired outcome. This should not be surprising as everyone engages in such practice in various ways and at levels nearer or further from their own noticing.

But when ‘news’ operates as the purveyor of fear and hatred – with a corresponding justifiction of self-righteous reaction, it cannot be news – and needs to be recognized for what it is.

There are news sources that have more integrity in desire for true witness – and though there may still be the polarising miasma of evils that must be somehow stopped’ held in check and resolved, it may be easier to discern where invitation to hate operates because there is not only the invitation to hate presented as news.

The thing about deceit is that it can mimic or adopt the form of anything so as to switch the unwary or the wilfully ignorant into believing something that is not true – or accepting something that draws on truths but operating a different purpose and carrying a hidden agenda.

Uncovering the ‘liar and pretender’ in the world can be shattering to one’s world view and sense of identity – but uncovering the liar and pretender in the world is not recognising the same in oneself and truly seeing that what you tend to take as your mind – as you – is not you – so much as a sense of self you have identified in as part of ‘surviving’ in the human experience – in a sense of love-hate that was at the time intolerable or overwhelming and so a dissociation and displacement was invoked to limit a sense of loss; a mask over who you now feared to be – which became conviction as a result of living out from within its sense of protection or power.

The uncovering of feelings of fear, guilt, rage, powerlessness within a willingness for true grounding in true relationship is a natural step to their undoing as a result of desisting of the use of masking deceits and denials. Not as a witch hunt of blame-salving or righteous seeking – but as a result of a softening of the refusal to listen such that the more of who you are can reintegrate to a clearer sense of being. However, the willingness to listen and to feel in such desire is also the capacity NOT to use the experience as a justification for harming self or other in what seems instinctive reaction – in fact not to use it at all – but to accept THAT you feel as you feel without accepting any triggered associations as a justifiable or trustworthy basis from which to act. Pausing – to listen and feel the Movement of Being that holds the recognition of You as embrace and acceptance – for as you embrace and accept where denial and hate seem so real – so is the recognition of being embraced and accepted – exactly as you are – in undefended opening to your Source, revealing fresh insight and realisation – so abide as this and be wary of the habit of identifying in the forms of insight as if to have independent knowing.

Although we each carry unique configurations within the human drama of polarising oppositions and distorted perspectives there is a core pattern of an exclusive mis-taken identity in self-image or concept, at odds with its own being, opening experience of loss, rage and terror, guilt, hate and powerlessness – and all the structures and devices of defence and offence that then seek survival within the framework of believed and justified attack, of an ‘evil’ to be utterly eradicated or denied, of escape, evasion and survival at all costs, and fear, distrust and denial of looking within – of in-sight – and so locking into ‘out-sight’ as a controlled narrative to ensure continuity of power and protection – without any linkage of recognizing they work the same agenda.

So to come back to the ‘news’ – remember to listen and watch and feel within so as not to accept false currency at face value and the noticing of what rises in you the receiver will uncover patterns of choice that – now you know you are making – are in the realm of being replaced by better choices – without demonisation of the choice you made before. Simply give whole focus to the true of you because you recognize what you truly want – and are.

Only by welcoming and growing the light of true self acceptance will perspective awaken within which to feel and find the balance point where all apparent polarities are embraced within you and the free movement of attention and desire guides, supports and reintegrates unto Itself, any sense of dissociating displacement – as willingness shared.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Elite Jiu Jitsu?

Elite Jiu Jitsu: Brexit May Not Be Formalized and a More Centralized EU Could Be Built Rapidly

What if almost everyone lies to themselves and refuses responsibility for their self so as to think and act in ways that are not in their own interests or others? If you told them true they would only hate you and deny and so you are obliged to accommodate their fictions and work within such a framework but from a desire to realign or reintegrate to a true recognition and appreciation in place of a mess of nested lies. The key linkage is associating their thinking with unwanted outcomes so as to inspire more conscious discernment as to the thoughts they accept as true for them. Instead of being 'run' by insane thinking that projects cause away as if to escape it. That is how we gave power away.

Elitism is at odds with reality and so what it asserts as narrative is the opposite of what is really going on - imposing a private reality experience of overcoming or redistributing pain in struggle within a sense of threat. If such victory is hollow - where is 'power' but the capacity to de-'life' or deny consciousness its true movement of being. I am not calling from the arena - or even the stands. The 'dynamic' of conflict operates diversion and division to rule out Sanity.

The idea of power is defined by its starting point and can only arrive at its starting point - perhaps to know it for the first time. Usurping the movement of our being is a self-specialness of presumed control. But is this truly a power that we have and are - or is it an illusion defended against truth?

The stories by which we self-limit and thus seem powerless are the stories of guilt, fear and blaming hate. Whatever roles are being played out - they all reinforce the belief in power to deny and be denied, judge and be judged, kill and be killed. However the same law of return operates in forgiving and being forgiven. Anyone living this willingness knows the power of true presence - in which ancient hate is released from perpetual recycle and lies no longer demand answer or understanding.

'Justified hate' hates the idea of forgiveness. It seeks vengeance. It masks within its 'narrative justification'. It operates attack without recognizing it attacks itself. It is an insanity of fragmented personae re-enacting archetypal separation drama. Not to underestimate the intensity of such experience - but to invite curiosity as to how we set ourselves up to suffer - and is that what we truly want?

Whatever anyone else is up to - I live this day as a conscious creative relationship within the movement of being or felt presence - in which stories fade from compulsive resolution and become mappings back to the mind that made them - which I enjoy being free of and thus free to feel outside the box of what I thought I knew myself or life to be.

In losing myself in this way I open a quality of conscious depth that mere thinking blindly defends against. I cant claim anything for myself apart and alone as a result and have even less of any control I might have thought I had - at least not without covering over such presence with assertive presentation.

The power to feel and know may be denied by fears, guilts and hates  insofar as they trigger self-definition of defence against feeling and knowing.

I've written a few things lately on Brexit and in this post felt to bring the elitist agenda clearly into focus as a fascination, fixation and addiction within the idea of power over Life. As I see, the more we think we have - the less we Are - and the more we believe we need it.

However the richness and the depth of human experience is a wonder to behold - and just because there are such polarities of experience and expression does not mean we have to be identified against the hateful to follow or flow in loving life. In fact what we resist - persists and what we push away - turns out to be the baggage that sabotages our relationships until we truly listen instead of seeking power to get rid of things we hate about ourself.

Use the reflections that resonate true of you to uncover more of who you truly are - if you want. Then you recognize the story is free to align with who you are instead of telling you who to be.

John Caudill retorted:

Man, what have you been smoking? You make as much sense as most druggies do when loaded!

Ah! Perhaps You are 'The Exception'. Perfectly free of deceits and without any 'subconscious or unconscious' contradiction to your face or presentation?

Are you aware that psychological defences operate to maintain a persona or mask identity - and that this is not only pervasive to humankind - but the underlying basis for the structuring of society.

When you recognize your own distortions - you will be less quick to invalidate the perceived distortions in others.

I can accept "I cannot make sense of what you write" and accept this as a valid exchange.
But to mask an invalidating put down in the guise of an appeal to join in humour is exactly offering an example of 'lying to yourself as a way of refusing responsibility for your experience'.

When lies, tricks and deceits are accepted and traded as valid currency, communication is lost to war of one-up-man-ship. You are clearly The Winner here for you have your war all wrapped up, done and dusted. And I have the benefit of knowing and living my purpose regardless it serves none for you as you currently accept yourself to be.

But the fact that you felt moved to take the time and give attention indicates that you felt something - whatever you then chose to do with that.

When you attempt to define and control the narrative - you pretend to a power that is not yours - but if enough join in the scapegoating - it can become effectively consensual. Perhaps this sense of 'deciding or thinking for others' attracts you to become your focus in life and you rise within the 'elites' as a cutting intelligence that can nip any expression of life in the bud and use everything anyone says to prove their invalidity and unworthiness in the eyes of others.

Lies is what is going on - and what is going on lies waiting to be uncovered and recognized. Who do you trust? Your conditioning?

I sometimes drink coffee - but that is irrelevant to what I write. In biological terms the brain - (and its extensions in the body and gut) is a drug factory. Everyone is 'on' something. My basic feeling is that joy chemistry operates integratively and the denial or suppression or sacrifice of joy operates segregatively - and towards a dis-integrity.
If I join with a sense of humour in your comment I have no trouble in sharing purpose. I'm aligning in a sense of joy and shared worth, man! - what kind of sense are you looking for?

Society is already the making sense of misery, and it is impossible not to meet this 'sense' of misery as a sense of overwhelming consensus-reality in which any witness for joy stands out as dissonant - so much so that joy-beings fear to 'come out' and so withhold or withdraw their presence.

The extension of presence is not miserly and in a natural way embodies a generosity of Spirit. It is harder to hold onto misery in the gift of a true appreciation and so the dedicated miser seeks to operate in the shadows.

Yes - I am getting off on what your comment brings up within me - but not at your expense. if I did not honour your choice I would not be joining with the power in you that is real. Your freedom to accept or reject anything I or anyone has to say is a great treasure. Watch out for thieves in the night (conditioned reaction), for hackers and phishers of trojan intent - who feed off of what would have been the light of your joy - lacking awareness of any other source of sustenance.

And thank you for helping illuminate what I was attempting to convey to a worthiness for joy in others - and you no less.

On the same page as a different conversation:

Joseph Burke
"Brussels is in the process of setting up its own army" The initial phases of WWIII? The human race will never learn...

    Tsigantes Joseph Burke
    Actually what is happening is that the EU national armies will be absorbed into NATO under US command. EU countries will be paying for their part and thus USA doubles its forces and arsenal at no cost.

Is US as the commander? Only in name. The human race cannot learn - but a pause for true humanity is willingness to learn. Parasitic thinking - or thinking-feeling that opens to being manipulated and used unknowingly - has to be recognized for what it is - and is not. No one else can do this for another - but we can hold for and support the conditions of honest communication and relationship in which deceits cannot find soil or welcome and nurture. Up to you! But it does not seem up to you until you accept the true as the perspective in which the false is revealed false.

A Global Consciousness is not a global mechanism of control - but an aligning within true individuality that is embracing of its relationships rather than 'lording' over them (even in private rehearsal or 'judgement').