Monday, 10 March 2014

When reality crashes or simply disappears!

Six important facts you're not being told about lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

A article

An observation: When our reality model breaks due to uncovering facts we can no longer deny - in any arena of life in which we previously placed trust, then we no longer trust those institutions and authorities which before seemed credible and are exposed to fearful thoughts that would otherwise have not have been engaged.
We can then become uncertain of what thoughts to trust...
And can become and inadvertent agency of fearful alarmism rather than clearly sounding an alarm that alerts to a present attention and response-ability.
We all make mistakes as part of learning.

Processing fear - or moving through fear rather that reacting from it, is the practice of consciousness response-ability. For reactivity is not a consciously connecting act - so much as the re-enactment of a past conditioning.

I feel that fear - and its attendant coercions - is rising from the unconscious to exposure - to be brought back into the realm of consciously connected choice.

Fearful identity is the choice to disconnect and collapse upon thinking that does not extend, share, or truly relate to living presence, but is withheld and withholding.

When we are protected from truth it is because we are afraid and demand to be protected from what we fear to be true. We give our power away.

When we feel denied communication that we are willing to receive, we can project fearfully into the situation and compound a sense of deprivation and disconnection.

Presence is felt. Presence of mind is a unified heart and mind.
I feel we are re-learning the way of acting from an integrity of connected presence - as opposed to asserting a presentation that locks out a current receptivity.

Fear is beneath the attempt to gain power over Life, and its exposure reveals an illegitimacy. But hidden fears sow division.

Wholeness and indivisibility, are innate attributes at a level to which fear cannot intrude.
This was in a reading I shared this morning:

*"Truly I say to you, watch the thoughts within your mind. Choose what you will believe
carefully. For what you believe, you believe in Heaven, although it may hide Heaven from your sight.”

*(Quoted from 'The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament'. NTI)

Silky Wiley replied:

Well, I'm going with you on some of this but why use an interpretation so far from the events of the new testament? The King James version maintains the beauty and poetry and the underlying layers of wisdom in the new testament. It is like the interpretations of the Quran that miss the mystical in it. The new bibles strip out the mystical meaning in the turn of the phrases.

My reply to Silky Wiley

I agree with you on the KJB - but the NTI is NOT the Bible, nor a version of it but is to my appreciation, a 'harvest' discerned and reflected in the reader. A 'harvest' that is neither found or depicted in this 'world' (framework of beliefs and definitions) and yet which awakens the one who thought they were lost to that they are not as their belief defined them.

Regardless of debate as to any merit or not of the source of the quote, it was simply from a tract that I had literally paused writing here to share reading aloud with my partner, after which I resumed writing here. Its serendipity resonated with the points here.

Our creative nature as Consciousness definition, acceptance, identification, reflection and communication, is not 'in the world' but prior to it - and reflected by it. It is alpha and omega - and yet seems hidden to (by) our 'ordinary consciousness'

If we use our creative freedom, (two words meaning the same thing there), to deny our awareness and innate function AS such consciousness extended, we can then experience a world and a will that seem to oppose our true Nature; a world of conflicting powers.

The fragmented, compartmentalized, insanity that then results, seeks each fragment to justify itself unto itself - for none knows their being innately. Such fearful assertion is usually held deeply unconscious because it is intolerable. However it is the perfect condition in which to freely and honestly relinquish self-will in receptivity to a Consciousness NOT of one's own split-mind making.

I realize this may make no sense (to you or others), but I feel to use new ways of expressing facets of our consciousness responsibility. Not because old ways are less valid, but because many have filtered or distorted them to effectively block their harvest.

When all attention is projected out upon the 'world', in a disconnection or diversion from the Soul quality of knowing within, everything seen reinforces the disconnecting 'narrative' of power, fear, death and survival - for that IS its script!

To take the time and activate the willingness to feel the heart or Soul connection - which is a direct knowing of one's living presence - allows a unified heart and mind to operate in the experience of the world. In this one not only has the wherewithal to function within a greater awareness and discernment of what is actually present - AND relevant, but one's inner guidance reveals teaching/learning integrations in place of division and war.

Now when we look at the world we can more readily use it as a faithful feedback to OUR whole consciousness - which is not only much greater than the version we pretend, but is most intimately shared in ways we can scarcely imagine.

But the meanings of what we see are for us to either coercively assert, or intimately accept. When I blogged my previous comment here I called it "when reality crashes or simply disappears!". Where is our 'power' then? It is in the capacity to realize what we took as reality was in error, and let go of what we never in fact 'were'.

Silky Wiley replied:

    Well, I don't know where you got your NTI or who wrote it, but much spiritual writing in the west is just a rehash of ancient scriptures, the Tao, the Mahabarata, the Bhagavad Gita, the Old and New Testament, the Quran. Perhaps the more original thought which is in the bible "As a man thinketh, so he is." The ancient Hindu scriptures clearly say that all of our dimension is delusion of duality and God's dream. So the ideas on reality are nothing new either.

To which I responded:

     Well that's ok. I'm not here to promote it or convince anyone of anything. I simply share a perspective for the attention of whoever resonates with it.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. The creative level is 'usurped' or covered over, by what we tend to call 'thinking'. Its a kind of jamming device.

Personally, I do not feel to fit the ideas into meanings of the world's thinking - the 'old wine bottles'. I feel this is the way to adulterate and dilute and lose the original radiance and vitality for the dead letter of the law; where words that could set your heart free imprison it instead.

So whatever the source, I recommend learning to receive - to truly listen - where? In the heart. That is where what you believe will be revealed to you - along with the release of what does not belong to you and costs you your joy.

If you feel truly attracted to something - let others have their opinion but don't throw your own joy-promptings away if you don't want to.

In our world experience, we get to live the ideas that are its construct, as if they were outside consciousness. In extending and experiencing true Creation, this is glorious, in extending the idea of fear and separation the experience is hellish.

Rather than be fearful about it (which is of course the persistence of the conflicted mind - why not learn to surf the wave?

Whatever is going on - that is part of your life - is able to be seen in conflicted or unified perspective, without exception.

Thus what you think in your heart - your state of being - determines all meaning and not the external conditions.

Of course this is yielding to Creator Source and therefore anathema to the wish to 'lord it' over others.

For those whose loved ones were on that plane - this is an event of great unsettling. We give our heart to the world and it is so deeply cut - when the world changes so. Love is not loss, but a connection to our very divinity. The world becomes the footprint of an absent divinity if we worship love in loss.

There is another adjunct for those who are deeply disturbed by the way the world is unfolding such fundamental change: love yourself! In this love is your capacity to share life and love with those who share your life today, now, in thought, word and deed - though presence communicates through all of these.
Our life exposes us to learn of conscious existence - sometimes when what we thought we knew is all undone. If we refuse, we choose unconsciousness as if it can save us - but only extending our true presence can reveal our wholeness in which there is no one to be saved.
If any 'book' serves your acceptance of love and its extension as your self - why not be grateful for the grace of your being!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Crazy Man

I enjoyed reading and interview with: George Burdeau on the Magna Carta, Subsistence Culture and the Future of Western Civilization - at the Daily Bell.

With regard to a phrase used in the commentary on the interview:
"How societies should be organized" is symptomatic of the lack or problem based consciousness. I would say that how societies choose to organize themselves is free of the idea of an external coercion working upon a defined lack.

With regard to the roots of the craziness in the 'white man' that has spread across the earth:

The sense of disconnection from Life (with a big L) is a foundational aspect of the 'white man's sickness'. Even though he might try to devise or imagine systems of asserted or imposed unity upon his psyche, and his world, they express the same root fear.

Unconscious fear belies our conscious waking experience, as which we imagine ourselves to be a segregated, private, separate organism or power unto our self - amidst a perceived conflicting competition of powers and adversities. That is we identify ourselves over and against our experience and seek to prevail and have dominion over our world such that it witnesses to our glory/achievement/importance.

This capacity of psychic disconnection from Life was developed over millennia - as a tool of exploration of experience. It can be seen in terms of many layered multifaceted psychological defence mechanisms. In this sense human consciousness/society is insane.

But the disconnection from Life is not actual, regardless the intensity of the experience of disconnection. There is a reintegration to true alignment and is exemplified by  George's willingness in acting on and following his excitement, passion and joy in life. This is the key to resonance. If one does not act from felt-connection one reinforces the disconnect.

I feel the phrase "White man" had a particular currency for the Native peoples with regard to predominantly European settlers - but is  more applicable to a cultural mentality than colour. To a mentality that is a stranger to itself, its world and its true relations and that seeks to redefine all things unto its own (self) image. This mental sickness was noted as distinct from simply operating racism in return.

I feel that mental sickness is the true nature of the problem and that attempts to coerce life arise from such fear and confusion. The concept of personhood itself has been disconnected from its functionality - as if the self-concept itself redefines its function. As if the mind redefines what mind actually is and operates as if such asserted beliefs are true and defends them with (and as) its 'life'.

Corporations are ego writ large upon the world.

Laws held some degree of order and limited behaviours acting against the interest of others or the whole but themselves became a vehicle of controlling others and disregarding wholeness.

Systems intending a fair and practical lawful transaction become corrupted to enact the power that pretends to legitimacy but is hateful in secret.

If everyone and everything is essentially here for you to get from, then there is no relationship, only strategy. Instead of sharing a blessing by extending the value of Life in the communications of meeting, there is 'gathering data'. Such a mind is fearfully programmed in a way that could be called 'mind control'.

Note that the mind is a channel of communication and experience, and the term mind-control is an oxymoron.

Yet in the currency of meanings and definitions that program our perception-experience, control not only feels real, it feels our most treasured possession - that is unless we re-integrate consciousness to Itself and relinquish the illusion of power in order to creatively engage the power of illusion.

If we choose to operate from a sense of self that makes us the enemy of Life, then that is the experience we have chosen to have. We may not set it in such terms, but if our personal or cultural self-specialness is worshipped above all else UPON the rejection of the other, then that is the idea we invest in - no matter how much obfuscating justifiction is summoned to its aid.

(I'm writing into the consideration of ideas raised here and not specifically addressing you. Your links all merely reopened this page).

George Burdeau on the Magna Carta, Subsistence Culture and the Future of Western Civilization - See more at:
George Burdeau on the Magna Carta, Subsistence Culture and the Future of Western Civilization - See more at:
George Burdeau on the Magna Carta, Subsistence Culture and the Future of Western Civilization - See more at:

Read the Consciousness

Guardian article on an interview with the Google CEO.

Eric Schmidt to dictators: 'You don’t turn off the internet: you infiltrate it'

Google’s executive chairman concerned by manipulative new approach of governments spooked by popular uprisings

Read the Consciousness that is reflecting to our clear view:

A filtering, blocking, and distorting mentality substitutes its own assertions for an intimate and honest reception. It may not believe its thoughts are true, but it will believe they are truly necessary and thus usurps its true communication  with a 'personal agenda'.

Everything we believe about ourselves in relation to events, our world and our experience, sets up such filters, blocks and distortions.

Our self-definitions operate as programming of our perception-experience and thus our reactions.

Running as default, this operates the realm of the illusion of power - as defined by the fear and experience of powerlessness; that is, the sense of disconnection and invalidity that drives the urge to 'becoming' potent or valid. This drive itself is disguised so as to hide the fear. For the direct awareness of the fear reveals what the fear is in relation to.

Hence the bogeyman - or the investment in evil and in enemy; the use of the world and of relationships, for purposes of offsetting self-guilt, self-rejection, self-division.

The spilt mind operates as victimiser and victim both. It runs all sides of every conflict. It shifts at a speed that creates the apparent compartment of a segregated private mind as just one facet of a much larger purpose.

But filtering, distorting and blocking are a segregating intent within a greater Consciousness. The deceptive is absolutely dependent on what it distorts to seem to have any independent existence or power. It is negatively defined via sleight of mind.

While this mode of experiencing and identifying is held dear, given meanings and shared or traded as currency, it will persist. One can love to hate and hate to love, but the simple truth is that what we choose to focus our attention upon is our actual valuing or choosing - regardless of the packaging and presentation of the personal agenda.

Honesty as to our actual investments reveals  practical steps of re-integration within the consciousness of our being. Guarding a hidden investment persists in hiding (from) our true conscious communication - and all of its messengers. But what is really defended against is recognizing from within.

When a dark glass is no longer interposed as a lens over vision, light and clarity simply reveal themselves. The lens of the mind that we have co-created and share as our world experience is a lens of fragmenting judgement. We generally have no idea that our experience is created in consciousness - for we have 'put our power outside ourself' in both the selected idols and their shadows of self-rejection.

We no longer recognize our Self in all things, but instead are trained to 'see' and 'attack' the 'self' of fear and division - without recognizing that we ARE recognizing our self in all things - AS WE DEFINE ourselves to be.

We DO unto others as we would do unto our self. What makes the rule Golden, is our unconditional love for ourself. We cannot manufacture this within our conditional sense - yet it is inherent to our felt existence.

To exist is not the effect of thinking. All thought is the effect of the Movement of attention that SEEMS hidden while focussing exclusively within the thought of disconnection from Source; from the Living Movement of one's being.

I write to invite a shift of perspective from the ongoing presumption of an independent and threatened sense of existence, to awakening within one's true power to flow WITH Life instead of attempting to be coercive upon its flow from a point of no authority or capacity to do so. One cannot sin against the Infinite, but the belief in actual separation is the result of choosing to persist such belief as if it were necessity. No one forces us to believe anything about ourselves and world but our pre existing structures of belief.
Coercive beliefs are not joyful. Their apparent fulfilment is a temporary distortion upon pain and fear.

Thank You for your attention