Thursday, 6 January 2011

A daily dose of flu news that is fear pretending to be news

The fixation of the flu news as one ongoing drip drip drip source of anxiety among many feels to me to be part of 'selling fear'.
Now if there is to be even a pretense at a news service - let us have some indications of actual and proportionate new information - such as what are the usual statistics for flu during recent years and is this year any different. And the medical facts around the conditions and efficacies of the course of treatment for different sections of the population.
News services these days feel more like the mind control mechanisms of fiction such as Brave New World or 1984.
The study of health is not funded or promoted beyond a lip service to such as diet and exercise - without examining the psychic and emotional underpinnings that are also a vital part of the picture. To live in fear is to be sick-minded and amidst a constant low level anxiety where any and every kind of bogeyman or plague is about to befall us.
Now for anyone who gets sick and suffers - I have only the most heartfelt desire that they find not only returned health - but rude health - joyful health - a disposition of radiance!
Where might that come from?
From the heart's awakening to its true nature.
I'm not saying don't use medical assistance - but I am recommending to not act our of fear in whatever we choose to do - or at least, to take a direct look at the way we can so easily become deceived by our own fearful thoughts and emotions as well as becoming taken over or manipulated by pests that take advantage of a weak constitution.

When love's messenger is killed

The true religious sense is of a Holiness or Sanctity of being - of which there are no conceptual or symbolic frameworks by which to speak of it that hold the meaning of the experience itself.

Yet cultural structures are created as inspiration grows around such intimately felt truths that can only be truly known through willingness for love's shared presence.

The structural and institutional nature of the human mind that seeks rather for its own righteousness or validation will cover over and blindly usurp the inspiration of Love's presence and guidance with fearful rules that claim authority from a structural interpretation of the revealed Holiness, love or inspiration. And seek to gain a sense of assured personal salvation from fearful punishment by assuming a self appointed role as protector of the true faith.

The living expression of a true faith in the power and sanctity of love is the messenger of God - and requires no outward form or show of the concepts or symbols of God to be love's purpose shared. Love doesn't have to prove itself true in terms of the local culture to be truly love.

It is characteristic of this world and of the mind that is active within it - that fear is worshipped as power - in place of love - and that love is killed in the name of ‘God’.

Terrorism is within our own heart - when we hide rather than share the truth of what is alive and moving as the very desire of our heart - for the sake of a maintaining our sense of security amidst the tyranny of fear.

The depth and complexity of fear in the mind of man should not be underestimated - nor of its capacity to have us acting out our beliefs as ones who ‘know not what they do’. For until we look within and see fear’ deception at work - we will continue to be deceived by it - regardless of our cultural background. We will see our denied and projected guilt and fear in the ‘other’ and hate it to feel better.

The childish mythological and magical aspect of religion - lends itself to fearful manipulation. Those who seek personal advantage through the use of manipulating through inciting fear are themselves deceived by a wish to gain special advantage at the expense of their brothers and sisters.

When we accept the terms set by such a mentality - we lose our own capacity to listen and trust and feel the heart, Whether we are religious or spiritual or humanist in our outward cultural expression.

Righteousness made by man - in God's name - or by any ascribed external authority - is a fearful attempt to validate oneself or one's group. But attacking the position of any who are actively engaging in fear will always validate their perspective.

A true righteousness embodies a demeanour of unselfconscious love - a love that honours and acknowledges itself in others. That inspires and encourages others to awaken from and move through fear. It does not arise from a desire to be personally right but from a willingness to be helpful; to serve and extend love's work - and to share in its fruits.

The opportunity of our times is to awaken from fearful deceit and regain the Meaning of love, which is always beyond reach of the meanings that human minds attempt to make of it - and indeed of the scientific mind that pretends it doesn't exist in a context of intimate relatedness  - but asserts itself as an independent power - all by itself - amidst mechanism and matter - to tame and bend to its will - in order to prevail a while amidst a dead universe in which love is at best a genetically contrived illusion.

Unless there is a movement for sanity that we embody and so becomes a momentum - then insanity prevails and we suffer to live so much less than we are - and amidst such tragic misperception of all that life can hold and share.

Meaninglessness is the trigger for an awakening process in man - but there is little cultural support for this and much liability to interpret blind self interest in others as an evil intent and set up false gods whose power comes from opposing perceived evil.

When the truth is apparently shot, we must beware that we do not believe it. Truth can not BE killed. But trust in our own being can be undermined by fear.

The desire to control and make truth fit our private agendas is the ubiquitous human ‘sin’ of usurping God - in which our own awareness of love is denied or killed by guilt and fear. When the God symbol or concept is used without such awareness of Love's Presence - there is already in some sense a blasphemous act. But this simply calls for correction and NOT for punishment.

Any religion that becomes an embodiment of guilt and punishment is not a joining with love. Where then is its authority?

Whatever our own part - we can listen beyond the mind that loves to hate - and deprive the mind that feeds on conflict - by uncovering an unconflicted response.
I am saying that we can - but it is clear that we can also be sucked into wars and insanity.