Friday, 28 June 2019

The Cost of the Lie

The lie not only brings destructive outcomes in order to justify and reinforce its own sustainability - but does so at your expense - because the lie is the ongoing sacrifice of true life now to an usurping mind.

The mind-capture or mind-control runs a post truth society - in which what is true is whatever deceit given power determines to be true for its own 'sustainability'.

“... the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.” (~ Alan Bullock)

'Don't let truth get in the way of a good story' has a humourous aspect in terms of exaggerated dramatic effect in the telling - but the defence against the dissonant in those who are identity-invested in their story as true operates as an extension of survival reflex - as the denial and defence against perceived chaos under the belief in an imposed order.

Attacking the symptoms or killing the messenger may serve the industrial marketing complex in its pharming of humans for marketshare or indeed mindshare, but only to suppress the immediate need or call for healing/alignment into a narrative displacement in which a 'saving' spin is assigned to a conflict management system by means of focusing in fear and insinuating guilt from positions of power or trust.

Shock, fear and manipulated sympathies operate the undermining of consciousness to then frame it in 'MUST DO SOMETHING NOW!' as a persistent fight-flight mind-capture. This is where the true choice is hidden BY reaction.

Surely it is now possible to see that lies always hide in the form, image and symbol of the accepted true - as a masking or hidden agenda. If you can see this in any one situation then you are equipped to uncover it in all - EXCEPTING your investment and attachment to lies that you WANT to be true. Exceptionalism, double standards and self-specialness rise from WANTING truth to be different than it is. While this WANTING is given hospitality and priority in your thought, the mind is effectively cuckolded by its OWN thinking - dissonant or blocking to the transparency of life to it true Movement.

To such a set of mind - the movement or living communication of life as our being,  intimately felt and known -  is framed as threat and dissonant to a false sense of self-possession and control.

“Everything is BACKWARDS" (Michael Ellner) because our thinking is predicated upon a misidentifiction that in a sense has developed an operating system in which to run itself - the 'world' as WE judge and make it to be. A self-conditioned 'reality' by which to sustain the experience of a private sense of control as an exclusive sense of self reality.

Such a mind HAS to do whatever exclusion-thinking determines in order to 'survive' - but must do so as YOUR allegiance and identification. It needs you to run. Because it has no power or existence apart from what you give it. There is an inner counterpart to a world seen without and suffered as real OVER us.
What you WANT to be true (with all the force of psychic emotional investment) conflicts with All That Is. And while you use division to get a sense of self you have the results or rewards of your thinking. Discernment moves WITHIN wholeness.

As for our physics and cosmology - it is no less distorted and framed in its corporate and institutional investment. The 'model' is deemed 'too big to fail'.  Such a model is must extend itself into insane contortions to accommodate 'incoming' challenges to its veracity.

Love of truth is Everything. Marketisation and weaponisation as an illusion of possession and control COSTS awareness of everything true. The willingness of the many to suckle on and serve insane agenda is maintained by deceit associated with fear and coercion. But if you notice this 'voice', you can choose not to react as if it is your truth and open a space of willingness in which to see what a mind-reaction kept hidden. Fear and coercion operates a negative identity and agenda - as determined by what is feared or hated and NOT wanted. No room then for what you truly want and are. 

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I appreciate your comment in many ways. So that I pick only some threads that catch my attention is not a disregard of others in your willingness for sanity on Earth.

The positing of a finite system is rooted in self-asserted reality. While experience can teach, it can also reflect and reinforce what we already believe or hold certain. Self-honesty is willingness to observe and own (or not deny) our conceptual and perceptual responses.

Scarcity is at the root of our 'psychic' adaptation as separation trauma - that can apply to love as it can to sustenance or protections. Artificially enforced scarcity is the modus operandi of capturing or cornering a market. The intent to capture and control 'mindshare' is what I see operating through psyops or deceits that induce predictable and harvestable reaction.

To vested interests, any 'rival' technology or information that cannot be subverted, captured and controlled is denied (The Herod syndrome). Personal power is thus given worth over the Good in which all share. This is the power that corrupts by taking unto a private agenda what is given us to share in.

The Universe of tangibility and visibility (physical reality) to our self-sense is energy as it is also informational resonance. A self-set apart sees 'things' in themselves because such is the lens of self-definition.

Energy of informational flow can be blocked by conflicted dissociation and fragmentation - which has its cause in the attempt to possess and control rather than receive to share in. Our prodigal wasteland is a logical outcome to its predicate. The intent to persist in what does not work and can not work seeks sustainability of the lie - packaged and presented as your salvation.

Detecting the signature of the lie is innate to our being - but we learn to live in a mask and in a sense become the investment in the mask that becomes blind to its own exposure as self-protection. The global warming or climate change story has all the hallmarks of a propaganda campaign by which to induce the population to war - only in this sense as a complex war by which to limit our consciousness and freedom to systemic energy and thought control. If you can see that we can limit and deny ourselves and our awareness by such means - why not be open to that this is an ongoing signature pattern of self-limiting denial? And bringing curiosity to our relational experience rather than being framed in acquired or conditioned 'certainties'?

There is certainty of being - but not within the attempt to possess and control it. We get in our own way.

Telling the truth what to be

For what purpose and whose agenda?
It isn't science that blinds - but masking in forms of science.
Corruption is systemic and pervasive and hence a 'culture' of lies to run the cover story. 
The hate is the cover story masking in self-righteousness - not in those who reject it.

Corporate-politics works the post-truth agenda of marketisation and weaponisation of science as technologism.
Once framed by fear, the target can be harvested as an asset or used as a proxy. PR works the presentation.

The devices of manipulation of weaponised language works a protection racket.
Doublethink masks over contradiction as a narrative control.
Everyone knows the 'Ministry of Health' is the Ministry of Sickness - but few want to know what they know and so they use zealotry to deny their doubts.

No need to identify as 'anti vax' - simply call for a just and true transparency and accountability.
'Too big to fail' means 'PRIVATE KEEP OUT!' along with  redistribution of loss of health and wealth to serve the dominant private agenda.

When 'science is settled' because you say so!' is the intent to rule out science - along with freedom to challenge and uncover the already true. Fake science TELLS what to think. This undermines whatever truths may be selected or woven into support for the edict. R Kennedy Jr offers a sane voice in an extremely polarised issue.

But there is no room for truth in a lie - and so truth must be conformed to the demands or conditions of the lie.
To the investment in the lie - truth is heresy. 
There is a choice here - and if fear would coerce then choose not to listen there or give blind allegiance.
Fear (of pain of loss) works to divide and rule out. Everyone protects their investments as they see it, but not everyone knows what they do.

The headline of this article either tells the reader what they need to believe, or tells them what to believe and so alerts the reader to the ruse. How to spot fake news? It works to frame the narrative in terms that work a hidden agenda.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Aligning in True Sustenance

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Unsustainable practice is simply a destructive agenda masking as self inflated power and protection. Destruction can arise from natural agencies and events that are generally interpreted in terms of guilt or sin and punishment. This proclivity to guilted fear of further pain of loss is the effect of separation trauma that our consciousness is predicated upon AS a split levelled and masking mind. The emergence of a priesthood and aristocracy class as the intermediary between destructive power and survival, protection and mitigation of pain of loss became systemic capture and control device that reenactment or usurps the archetypes  of trauma and grievance as the basis for sustaining powerlessness of willingness to sacrifice life and truth for conformity and compliance to external gods or narratives that set and frame us in terms of feared evils- which IS the split division of a sense of sel separateness and self lack under false thinking, clung to as power or protection.
To the 'ruling' elitism any outcome in which it loses its seeming power is resisted as threat of a greater evil than managing, packaging and presenting the conflict or toxic debt in forms of social credit under framing of outsourced guilt and pain of loss.
Sustainability is a vaccinated term that carries and spreads the disease it purportedly sets out to overcome. This pattern of double think uses the mind to undermine its true or natural function so as to remain dependent and captured under an alien thought system. At this level, fear and control call upon and embody an alien or unnatural will that usurps and destroys in the name or form of life, freedom and protection. Giving power to the mask takes away from where true power shares.
As the technologism enabled weaponisation and marketisation of every vector or agency of influence, so do cartels of private interest corrupt and subvert all thought, feeling and action therefrom.
Waking to the nightmare is sill within the dreaming of a false sense of self, power and relationship. The desecration of life, relationships and world needs be recognised as a true need for Sanity of a peace of unconflicted being as the basis from which to live a reintegrative healing and awakening purpose in place of feeding truth and life to private or hidden agenda under masking of our own conflict denials.
Uncovering and realigning  in a biodiversity of relational endeavour in place of top down toxic canopy for monocultured sterility in self denialism and death is part of a reawakening of true communication, outside the false frame of the 'psyop'.

A mind under the spell of its own spin is fortunately unsustainable - but its ingenuity in evading or delaying the inevitable (truth) is a world of lies.

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Good comment above - hearkens to my reading of Victor Schauberger - but the demonisation of CO2 is a signature of corporate deceit - as was butter, sat fats &etc. It works by guilt and fear to undermine Life.
Oxygen and CO2 play reciprocal and complimentary parts of a cycle at our cellular level - even as do plants and animals.
There is nothing 'junk' in food plants that grow in CO2 rich environments as a result of that factor. More likely the revers is true.
NASA report the greening of the Planet as a result of (what I see as a restoring of) CO2 levels.
Humans are being induced to retard, deny and destroy themselves in the name of a seeming crusade to 'save ourselves' but it delivers us unto a global technocratic energy (and thought) control that would be unimaginable without the Internment of Things (IoT),

There is a self-destructive agenda that runs beneath surface reality - in our mind as in our world (collective mind).
Core definitions and beliefs are unmindfully lived FROM by those who know not what they do.
But if you are not 'conforming and compliant' with the official narrative then you are 'voiceless' in the official sector - but ANH - they are denying you a voice ANYWAY!

Healed minds can discern the ways by which to stop toxifying or desecrating and degrading our Living World (and relational being) so as to serve the healing that Life of Itself embodies as the gift of wholeness. Unhealed minds seek to play out fantasy upon the body of others and world so as to 'become' worthy, powerful, successful or whatever forms of fulfilment speak to the unhealed sense of self-conflicted lack that drives and demands unconsciousness as 'narrative controls' set over unrecognized psychic-emotional conflict.

Nothing real or true can be 'afforded' by a system that is based on scarcity as a weapon of control, capture and dominion. It is 'too big to fail'. Some FORMS of new insight will be adopted but always to weaponise and marketise an existing power base.
Loving Life, each other and world is not a system - but a willingness for intimacy - which is no private fantasy gratification set in image and form - but the very power that sustains Life - because even a denial culture depends completely on what it denies as a means of seeming to live apart and over it.

As far as my research goes - CO2 is a red herring - as is the presentation of polarised competition by members of the same club.
The real toxicities of mind, feeling and physical expression are given cover so as to sustain a global death wish - that still sees itself as moving to victory. Simply the way seemingly scientific outputs are USED tells everyone that it is coercive power at work and that it is therefore in their interest to align in its assertions and demands - or 'incentives'.

But that the birds are singing now - there is no other guarantee, that singing will, ever be.
the call to joy is NOT the call to fear, division, projected guilt and hate or war. But the wish to be righteous or feel less bad about ourself drives in place of a true and free willingness. Allowing fear and guilt to frame our thinking and emotional response is succumbing TO evil in the displaced fantasy of a crusade against it as a masked or hidden hate - justified and vindicated at last!

Trees are part of providing needful cover and drawing and holding rain in the soil - but if a canopy denies life to all that is beneath - then it calls the fungus, parasite or forest fire as a way of yielding to a greater wholeness.

The arrogance is not really hidden. Our thinking is to lord it over and abuse or exploit for private or personal agenda and when the consequence of that cannot be ignored, operate the same mindset as if to manage the conflict sickness or war. the mindset is the 'sickness' from which hateful consequence comes back as valid feedback (symptoms) that are then marketised and weaponised to the sustainability of the 'mindset'.

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Political power is with the Corporate and higher financial sectors and they don't care who screams or how loudly while they can contain and direct the narrative. Vast resources persistently push big lies regardless of truth or consequence. A post truth politic/society is whatever a 'top down' astroturfing decides to push. By the time the errors are admitted, new and similar or worse deceits will be sown.
What we give unto systemic corporate tyranny (even running a 'soft' PR or mind capture) we take from the Living.
Give unto a blind systemic order what is due unto it - and give unto the Living its due. Your heart's allegiance can be tricked by a mind in its own confusion. And a mind in polarised identity conflict can be effectively denied its true power and freedom. That's how it 'works'.

If the mainstream channels persist in lies whether for pieces of silver or the save themselves under fear of threat - give them no allegiance. It is extremely difficult to persist in hateful and destructive acts when its narrative justifications are no longer supported. In fact I would call it unsustainable - and this btw includes hating attacking and deriding them. Don't FEED the 'troll' of a negatively self-reinforcing habit or identity - in self or other. And in self as in other. Making 'enemies' so as to have a target for the hateful to express is not just bogeymen - but also Natural fats - initially perhaps to destroy the rival to the new BigAg mineral (marge) and seed oils.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Getting to the heart of the problem at Universal level

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(an ongoing blog on the causes of heart disease).

As readers may already know I stand in some awareness of the human mind running itself 'backwards' - indeed in a world where “Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality".                     Michael Ellner.

So when I see IHD (lack of blood supply related heart failure posited as CAUSE of death - I read it as an EFFECT of systemic breakdown - of imbalance or disorder, that we assign as causing death - and then further seek 'causality' along the chain of observable or measurable or indeed hypothetical linkages of causation - such as 'fat or calcium blocked arteries' that themselves are effects of 'lifestyle choices' or indeed socially engineered hysteria (which is its own kind of systemic system of action and reaction).

I came to this post in my email after dipping into some introductory 'education' in the frame of an electromagnetic Universe operating (fractally) at all orders of magnitude. Our official or should I say invested and defended 'model' is supposed to be 'scientific. but as a human endeavour is necessarily expressing the human condition - or as I prefer to call it - the human conditioning.

The mind - in its psychic-emotional-physical totality - is not only a systemic or self-organising feedback loop - but has its whole existence or perhaps I should say expression, within a larger field of Communication or energetic/informational interaction and exchange.

Cosmic 'weather' is starting to be somewhat officially recognised as having some effect on Earth in terms of Earthquakes, cyclones, magnetospheric protection from Cosmic radiation, to scratch the surface. But there is also a correspondence in biology - and as I see it  - in evolutionary 'shifts' rather than the 'steady state' fantasy of gradualism. Growth spurts or even the discarding of an old form for a new as a result of frequency shifts (cymatics).

I see cause and effect as the very foundation of our life in space, time or physical expression and the lawful recognition of consequence as a true feedback to the current order of thought and felt meaning - or 'model' by which we maintain identity. Yet at its foundation, is a synchronicity where cause and event are one - and thi in human terms is an intimacy of being most often associated with truth, as transcendent embrace - rather than the mind's attempt to define and determine. And yet this quality of an embracing and flowing balance corrects or realigns our model, image or thinking - IF we are willing to release our defences against it.

It is very challenging to find words to express the nature of an invested identity operating AS IF true at expense of true - but its effects, result or 'reward' is a dissonance set in conflict, struggle and guilt - that both undermines the will to love while casting the will to live in terms of the call to war. I hold it that we kill ourselves (over and over again) in collective entanglements of (relational or psychic-emotional) conflict and defence. Not least of which is the mind itself - when employed as a censor set against any threat to its 'business model' of bolstering 'survival' against a likewise bolstered set of fears and denials.

Everyone has their own version of whatever, and part of this is that we can for example use eating as a substitute for connection and layer ourself in hiding from emotional conflicts that are not really OUT THERE so much as projected and reinforced from an current unreadiness or incapacity to face, own and release our fear-distorted identifications to a true and just account or 'rebalancing recognition.

I sense that the blood moves 'electrically' and that the heart is a 'regulator' or conductor - in the orchestral sense - but also in the sense of a wholeness reflected to all its parts AS unified function (health). I don't write to undermine the mind in cause and effect - but to more deeply - or intimately - reestablish it. Reintegration is another word for healing or indeed awakening. Storms serve a function in the clearing of charge in the 'air' to a re-cognition of relational wholeness.
Movement is the nature of embodied energetic expression, surfing or embracing the flow of change is challenging to any fixed position.

I recall reading that the only way to feel better is to FEEL - better. The mind can and will spin off in its own whorl, without anchoring of persistent re-founding in the heart. Crisis are also the CALL to reconnect and not a call to war that acts before a true pause lets the direction of the heart's knowing guide and support the focus of awareness and attention or noticing.

I may seem to be saying we are 'victims' of space weather but that is a reversal of what I am saying to fit the old wine bottle thinking. Resonance is a quality of recognition at a level prior to the mind of self-justification. After all our detective work we still come to an intuited decision to extend trust to what we modelled out - and commit to it. It may be that standing with both feet in a chosen or accepted act of thought, word and deed is more important than the form it takes - because a unified purpose is healing - and one cannot FORCE this upon our being or upon each other. Though we can of course die (and kill each other) in the trying.
Regardless any 'understanding about' I still meet my own patterns of conflicts, denials and judgements and hidden hates and fears, as do we each and all together. Fear can stop the heart as it can paralyze or block and deny the expression of life by which we know ourselves in the truly living rather than take a conceptual system of thinking as a substitute as the masking or defending against fear of pain of loss.

If we give power to something outside ourself, we then suffer subjection - or lost sovereignty of will. (Freedom). I see a many layered development of a sense of such unconsciousness over millennia - and yet a habit is a persistent choice running subconsciously. Rather than struggle within a habit as if it has to be overcome, or eradicated, why not grow a new one by choosing from a genuinely felt connection in every now of free awareness or noticing?
Polarised struggle is different from unified integrity of being - even if some behaviours look the same. How many who are shocked or in a sense undone by mortal fear set themselves to even more deeply defend against change rather than reopen the capacity to feel where we are within its currents or constellation - and BE only that?
Possession and control operate a sense of self-centric isolation and division even if collectively aligned with all the king's horse and all the king's men.
Object continuity is essential to learning or entering the human world, but joy is of a different order - even within our world. The call to joy is a way of releasing grievance that doesn't make a globally destructive Corps out of managing and directing its repackaging in forms that seek to hide it while seeming to align in 'righteous crusade' against perceivedevil.

When I was younger I tried adopting spiritual practices including diets - that rendered me 'skinless' or exposed to what I was unable to integrate at that time and became sacrificially self righteous in noticing all the slouch, toxicity and 'unconsciousness' in OTHERS. Growing a conscious capacity to integrate our experience is living this day well, and this moment well - in terms of aligning in the wellspring of life rather than a reactive entanglement that costs us our shared appreciation for being and therefore for each other. Growing willingness for life is anything but victimhood or subjective determinism. Life Is as it Is - but what we make of it is what we allow expression of. I suggest we have arrived at a 'Prodigal' wasteland from which to awaken FROM as a qualitative shift of perspective that replaces quantitative easing or manually directed system control as a process of transitional steps that we can accept and embrace - despite periods of unsettling (disturbance). Science has a role in this but is also set free of its shackles of weaponisation and marketisation to serve the revealing of the already true - in place of patented determinations of 'discovered' truths.

On the same page in reply to a
 video link on Measles in the context of vaccination induced mutations:

Thanks for the link. I tend to associate cleverness with disconnected thinking - which needs it to manage a blindness brought about by ...disconnected thinking. Wisdom is a matter of listening or feeling for when to act, whether to act and how to act - with an ongoing willingness to question our presumptions. Self-gratifying roles or results such as recognition, status, privilege and profit all invite disconnected thinking - in terms of maintaining or defending the model that feeds them.

In reference to Pasteur's attitude as 'the thinking of the time' I feel that could be clarified. The good v evil narrative didn't go away with the subduction of Religion to the Brave New World of Science - but rather offered a new canvas to act out the same archetypes by acting out the belief that Religion itself was an evil tyranny of deceit and superstition - to be vanquished by the Forces of Light. But in all such times there were always alternative paths NOT taken - such as Bechamp and others of his view. In fact Pasteur - who sought fame and favour and found it, is reported to have recanted on his deathbed in saying; “Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout.” (The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything). This chimes with what I am always seeking to draw attention to - in that we have it backwards and as a result, our best intentions deliver us unto evils.

The underlying mindset or belief structure being operated FROM is the primary 'cause' of disease, conflict and war. Disconnected thinking in search of reinforcement and validation that binds and blinds to a 'self-survival' set against fears that of course include the loss of a self-inflated illusion of power and possession. Total humiliation is a kind of 'death' too. But one from which a natural or unaffected humility rises. Connected and Life-connecting thinking.

I know that psychic-emotional conflict can and does have physical expression - directly from observation and experience. I also know there are some areas of denied self that are dangerous to open in awareness without some readiness or preparation. But no less dangerous are denials that operate as shadow power running beneath the wishful thinking that becomes a world of lies.

Context is everything - and separating any thing or one from its living context is the lie and the father of it. This is the 'prodigal error' from which illegitimate progeny must ensue.
It is increasing accepted currency to self-hate as human beings - in the sense of humans being a 'virus' (sic) on a deified Planet. This does generate a context for self-destructive thought and deed to find hosting through which to undermine the health or natural function that remains.

Joy in life is an unselfconscious intimacy of being - and not a private gratifiction played out upon the body of self, others or world. 'Connected' is not the resut of 'all the king's men' but an already or prior quality of being that the mind has in a sense trained itself to overlook or rule out - as if to rule over a private domain. Power and possession as an acute self-consciousness seeking 'sustainability' against the Natural Order of relational being.