Sunday, 10 October 2010

Speaking out in Courage

The shining of spirit through those who do not succumb to fear is inspirational if we recognize the same discernment and willingness in our selves.
But if we make others too 'special' then 'we are not like them' and are relieved of responsibility.

Fear and guilt are deeply embedded at a fundamental level of human consciousness, and manifest as conflicted identity. In civilised society, behaviors are managed or regulated to inhibit the acting out of the fear, anger and hatred that is the expression of guilt - (used to refer to a self-justified sense of unworthiness for love. But it does break out in actions in seemingly small ways - and in ways and places that become self-fuelling conflicts.
For hate breeds hate - unless something other than reacting from judgement awakens and acts.
Heartlessness is not always visibly barbaric but expresses a mentality that is quite disconnected from reality. A mentality all too normal in our world and which we tend to use as our guide and protector amidst the very conflicts that it itself creates. As long as we put our own hate on others - by whatever form of spin - then we give power to a disconnected 'reality' - and true value is masked and forgot.