Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The boy cries wolf!

Alt med 'news'

My comment into the above:

According to ‘official narrative control - there is no cure for cancer - except as PR for the carrot of future research.

How much of anything published - including ‘studies’ is PR?

Follow the money.

If you believe there is no cure - the nocebo effect kicks in.

Currently the internet opens research that would have been almost impossible - along with a flood of disinfo - by error, by wishful thinking and by design. As a man thinketh in his/her heart - so is he/she. The belief that is hidden is what you take to be reality - but PR knows it can get into the Template via carrot and stick inducements to phish and farm the fearful.

Pause and connect to the highest authority for recognizing truth (heartfelt honesty) before making or accepting ‘meanings’, decision and outcomes. This is always true for everything - so why wait for threats or calamities to practice true alignment in being - which may save from having to wait for a life and death crisis to address what is out of true and generating dissonance, stress and fears beneath the ‘keep calm and carry on’ conformity.

Comet comment

Large Comets are more common than previously thought

Commented into the above page - and below into the site 'quote of the day'

Large Thoughts more common than comets - but little minds cannot tune into them.
Please DO adjust your set!

Regardless the 'truth' - notice when it becomes a part of the 'narrative weaving' of media focus. Fear funds the military industrial complex. It may seem that blowing up comets may be better than humans - but the kind of weaponry that develops can easily bring a re-enactment of the Atlantean fate.

But also note that 'Mankind in amnesia' is the result of buried terror - and yet is amygdala capture conducive to reality testing - or a looping re-enactment of feared outcomes covered over with assertive fantasies of power and protection?

"For no one walks the world in armature but has terror stalking at his heart".

The 'more than previously thought' line is very common and illuminates that whatever is 'thought to be so' is revised, rejected, turned on its head or forgotten. Do we 'think' the world in terms of what we WANT to believe? Or do we mask our thinking so as to seem to want something desirable and true while actually wanting to manipulate thoughts of others - and reality outcomes to a private advantage?

Quote of the Day: There are people whose job it is to just be sweet, loving and caring and it is the job of warriors to look after them. It's that simple. - Laura Knight-Jadczyk

There are people who war to control the means to tell other people what their job is and there are people who live the true of their own calling - regardless what anyone else says or does. If this resonates for you - it is already part of you or you would not recognize it.

War is the realm where truth has 'died' as its first casualty and so truth is the realm in which war is translated back into terms of correctable error from deceit and terror that make perpetual war in place of unified purpose. It remains a Choice - but under fear-believed guilt there is no choice but as fear frames in symptom management while raising the 'War On ' as its renewal of mythic identity.

Standing in integrity may look like war - but is not succumbed to vengeance upon the hated and feared while claiming the banner of the holy crusade. If you have a job - it is to be yourself. If you run off with a baited phishing identity ruse - nothing has changed; it remains your responsibility to align in the true as you are able and willing to receive it.

Identity in labels

Carter urges restraint: N Korea

Illusionoffreedom said:
There are liberals, then there are the insane, mind-controlled liberals. The kind we see at SJW protests. I wonder how many of them we really got..?

I don't believe that any labels exist outside of the mind(s) that want to believe in them. Some want to be subsumed to an 'identity' and others take theirs by being against or oppositional to something that they associate with hate.
What is here to meet without all the labels but a unique situation calling for presence now - and another unique situation calling for presence now - and this presence being our primary responsibility - lost or covered over by the shames and blames of attempt to hide them in others.

But within what the label 'liberal' points to may be a variety of ideas, ideals or idiocies - depending very much on the definitions and core beliefs of the interpreter/judge.

Who is not mind-controlled is awake as presence in which the mind can be watched and who has no calling to demonize others so much as extend the call to joy - because those who are subsumed in hate agenda are yet the innate capacity to behold a unified appreciation in place of denied and outsourced conflict and pain.

Collapse of the breath of Life

Lung Cancer among non smokers...

Posted to comments of above linked article:

Whilst radioactive particles are definitely in a range of their own once taken INTO the body - I note that a fairly recent study of Hiroshima/Nagasaki survivors compared to a control group showed about a year or less difference in life expectancy as a result of their exposure. This suggests either that something in their living offset the toxic effects or that in fact these events were NOT what the official narrative imprinted on the world's consciousness. (Firebombing of Japanese towns was 'normal'.

While it may be true - I am wary of ANY narrative device seeking to instil or reinforce terror and guilt upon consciousness. Whether it uses human sacrifice or dress rehearsals. For this I hold to be the undermining of Consciousness from within - by division that opts for the 'lesser of evils' and is thus guided to give its life-power away to denial-agenda.

I would say it is the reason why no cure for cancer can be allowed to be acknowledged and shared publicly. The mind-capture/revenue stream is 'Too big to fail'.

It could be reasonably hypothesized that an agenda to exterminate or severely degrade Life on Earth /Consciousness of true being operates by false-flagging deceits of a Faustian nature such that by the time the full extent reveals itself - it is game over.

Awakening to such agenda as part of our own 'mind-framing' is the responsibility for releasing what does not belong. But the ruse to attack or 'wake' others keeps most of us too busy to take the full course and sweep out the Template - though my preferred symbol for this is more like Heracles/Hercules cleaning of the Augean stables - ie opening the way for a natural flow to clear the crap.

The Battle of Charlottesville?

The Battle of Charlottesville?

I posted into comments under the above linked article:

Fascism is become useless currency as a label in general parlance as a hate term - or something 'good' people have to condemn and refuse to communicate with.
Likewise racism as a label for evil - when it is fear and self-doubt that project forth in offensive hate or defensive denial.
The underlying issue that 'fascism' might refer to - in my opinion - is of corporate cartel power projecting through a political front that uses manipulative deceits to nurture, subvert and co-opt the emotional issues of the day or cultural moment while cowing or suppressing or infiltrating and using any 'resistance' or opposition.
Basically the use of fear of 'evil' (justified hate or jihad) - operates shadow power of deceit in the minds of all who want it - for what they believe they get from it - or get away from as a result of allegiance within its framing.
Its framing is guilt, fear and division - and calls forth punishment, denial and sacrifice of joy in being. It is the seduction under the guise and guile of a sense of personal power over life, self, other and world. And within its 'framing' there is no other life or world - and power is the nature of struggle between enemies who may find temporary shifting alliances. In the belief the world is 'My Struggle' there is only the subordination of everything and everyone to 'power's dictate'.

Power through combination operates a corporate collective that becomes a consolidation of power in ever fewer 'hands'. Under ever more starkly loveless and lifeless conditions - for its world is the managing and processing people under 'incentives' of the carrot and stick.  Devoid of living will. Enslaved to terror. Believing what it is programmed to think it thinks - while set against the 'evils' of its day.

I haven't more than peripherally noted Charlottesville as an ongoing 'battle' for narrative control.
Some hate openly and feel better about themselves. Other mask their hate in guile and feel better about themselves. I hold that what we hate in others we hate in ourself - in principle if not in the self-same form.

Hate and its underlying fears, and the even deeper underlying conflict and pain that seeks blind escape in dissociation and denial - all operate a network of entanglement as beliefs and identity in defence that is constantly being triggered by its own shadow projections and constantly being managed or processed by the reaction of suppression and coercion operating as protection. As mind-control. As the demand for unconsciousness and masking alignment within terror that can never be recognized and released - because it is always 'outsourced' to the other whose sacrifice is required - for dissociative illusion is maintained by giving allegiance and priority to false over true - as if defending truth.

Water bearer

Human Thought and Water

I posted into comments for the above link:

There is false thinking that is 'jamming signal' to true. It is self-conflicted rather than self-extending.
The thinking in the heart is not done from the outside upon the 'inside' - but is the alignment of thought in abiding and aligning within the true movement of unfolding desire in the heart.

Your water is part of your 'receiver' and when you are willing to truly receive, you have stopped asserting and imposing as if to enslave the heart to the dictate of a mind of 'disconnection'. A disconnection never truly enacted - but re-enacted over and over again in thought believed, perceived and experienced real.

The thought in your heart is creative to the unfolding sense of a creation within Consciousness - that can no more be killed by its thought than our mind can be trapped in ours.

When the mind exhibits the symptoms of conflicting in its own thought - drop into the heart and be renewed. The movement of true being is not engaged in war or reparations - so much as extending and embodying the true of wholeness - in which we recognize our self - in the presence of our being instead of conceptual imagery. To try to love over the top of a hate is to further conflict the already conflicted - but willingness for love is NOT USING hate or conflicted self-sense as a basis from which to react and thus strengthen identify in. Awareness rises naturally to the release of suppression and you will be given what is resonant and relevant to who you are in whatever situation, context or relationship you are the being of.


Power is who gets to define reality - and who gets to accept it. (I read that recently from Dorothy Rowe - is it not true?)

Power is therefore given to definitions and beliefs in exchange for what we (believe) we get back. Narrative continuity is such a core sense of self - that perhaps few realize it operates all the time as the maintainer of subjective persistence in time over and against a world of objects and others.

In pure presence terms you get to experience reality in terms of the definitions and core beliefs you currently are accepting true for you. The law - as you sow so shall you reap applies within Consciousness - such that reaping conflict is a faithful feedback to conflicting self-definition - which as an infant or child had to be adapted within but as an awakening being becomes the basis for curiosity and enquiry as to what definitions are active to bring such a result.

It is not the framing of conflicts that is valid feedback - but the acceptance of a fear or dominance narrative in place of a genuine relationship that indicates the loss of true relations to

In human identification in personality terms we are all in some sense operating under terror - for the masking off - along with masking as - is a dissociation of evasion of hated and feared experience so as never to relive it. This takes different forms but is the core separation trauma of abandonment, rejection, betrayal, pain and loss, rage and powerlessness, dissociation and investment in the masking persona as psychic-emotional survival.

If others are perceived in this or that light or lack of light - I ask what lens are you using to see through? What sets of judgements are held unquestioningly as 'true' that bring back the reports that 'prove' you right?

What narrative beliefs and agreements do we then 'share' and strengthen in the currency of thought that shapes the 'collective' reality - allowing for that 'official reality' gets given a masking conformity so as to persist in the 'freedoms' still available within the masked sense of self and life.

It may be true to say that reality is not at all as our models assert and that periodic renewals operate to refresh or realign the willingness to live from wholeness that is denied and suppressed by the mask - which is both a personal AND a collective vehicle for the experiencing of life in the 'physical' - allowing that the experiencing is always a consciousness of beholding - regardless what is beheld and how it is defined.

The lock-down of consciousness as a result of trauma runs as if real - in place of re-opening to arenas of mapped out past fears. But denial breeds reflections that deny and the entanglement of personality fragments reaches to a state of paralysis over negativity reinforced by all the force of will brought to deny it. But it is not true will so much as the perversion or distortion of true desire under false self-definition... running as if true.

Painted into a corner has no where 'else' to go - its the end of time at least for the time being - and yet the loss of ability to conceive a shared future prisms to the 'reality' of your acceptance. That is to say, there may be a choice to dissociate ever more deeply at cost of residual consciousness - such as may yet stir within its alignment to check it is indeed on the right bus.

We perceive everything in terms of our past and a past made in anger went forth and multiplied at cost of a true appreciation of presence. But presence is not a concept, or a fleeting moment betwixt a past and a future like itself - but the very power upon which the denial of 'oppositional consciousness' seems to exist.

We are in some sense rationalizing minds running on the blocking and masking of intuitive being. But we are not 'rational beings' so much as under the guidance and protection of self-justifying rationalisations in place of an extending and embracing presence.

Beneath the mask is shadow power or fear and guilt operating a masked agenda - made of every kind of self-illusion. The game is on and the stakes are high which affords maximal immersive reality experience - of exploration within its idea. For without idea of self invested definition is no experience.

If the game is no longer worth the candle then allegiance to its precepts weakens and its disintegration opens the reintegration to who you now recognize and accept yourself to be. But expecting or guilting others to come out from their defences so as to fit anyone else's idea of harmony is still the idea of coercion and manipulative deceit trying on some new clothes.

I can only 'reach' a like willingness - in whatever moment or degree - and the nature of what I share is the 'wavelength' or frequency of communication. Fear agenda seems more impactful because that is where many are already attuned to listen for their identity. But is 'impact' what is really desired or is it coming back into a true focus of aligned Consciousness - that meets its own 'reflections' of communication and synchronicity as does the focus in what you say you DO NOT want - but persist in giving energy to while playing out roles of control, defence and protection.