Monday, 14 October 2013


Happiness at its root is a core function of being - of our being.
Happiness always expands and gives permission for being - but tends to then be associated with the forms of the situation or event.
Egocentricity, is the sense of identifying with the persona and its mental chatter - which runs like a virtual layer of interpretive imaginations on top of what actually is simply present. It is conditionally happy - that is it defines itself such as to define happiness in specific conditions and by defining it negatively as unhappy conditions. This conditioning of nurture and nature - is founded on a sense of there being something fundamentally lacking, invalid or wrong with our self. This is a psychic divorce from our true nature upon which we construct a mask or persona - and attempt to make it valid, solid, respectable, powerful or loved. No supply of which actually satisfies more than momentarily - such that unhappiness is defined as the 'standard' where each seeks there consolations or distractions of choice from a dissonance of being that does not go away but must be kept at bay.
This is of course a crude and general sketch - but those who have opened within also recognize the territory, even if they have become more aware of the basis out from which they live.
Happiness paradoxically comes from giving it away or releasing the desire to get it. Abiding with and through boredom, doubt and discomfort is the releasing of the surface mentality that is not generally directly connected to anything real - being a mentality of conditioned reaction that believes itself free.
Freedom - to be what you are is happy - or rather the full acceptance of what is actually present always connects to a quality of being that is free of unhappiness. It also re-establishes a perspective for choosing or discerning that aligns with your joy.
Yet to wake from the dream of a life that is trying to become something in its own right - one has to become aware of the definitions that actively create our experience of any given situation - including the opportunities that are present within it.
Decide to be happy and then everything that arises can be used to serve your decision. Disappointment is the result of appointed expectations being unmet - and so one uses it to own the thoughts and feelings.
Most do not want responsibility of mind and so choose to protect unconsciousness by giving power to external agencies to supply them with substitutes or justifications.
Guilt or blame - self invalidation - is the undermining of well being. It is easy to see in act - and releasing it a Gift of Life to oneself and others. The attempt to coerce and control via guilt is never going to result in happiness, because self-betrayal is a poison that can only be healed by 'going straight', and honouring yourself and others with honesty of being. There is apparently no market to exploit in such wisdom apart from writing books perhaps - and so it has no relevance to a 'marketized and weaponized society'.
For fear can be spread in ways that 'create' dis-ease which then can be sold 'protection'. There is a global trillion dollar market for this and it has our definition of profit and value - running cancerous with a parasitic intent that has corrupted our body politic. Happiness is the antidote. True and free and joyful happiness as our ordinary now.