Sunday, 14 November 2010

Unwinnable wars and the mentality of self illusion

The infectious mentality is on all sides of a conflict - when that conflict is engaged in terms of war against an unholy or un-sane enemy. War against terror/Jihad = the same blind call to eradicate an unowned shadow.
Practical wisdom has to look within with deep honesty amidst urgent need - whilst also bringing step by step practical response to the ACTUAL need or call  - and not becoming a mindless mechanism of perceptual 'needs'.
Our opportunity as a western culture is to engage in 'readjustment' with reality - because the world at large - incl some Islamic nations and individuals - are not fitting into OUR way of life nor our economically driven political charade.
In this sense the WAKE UP CALL for renewing and extending the REAL values within our own culture is an unrecognized gift.
The mindset or modality of thought that needs reexamining is not merely in 'leaders' or 'others' - but is in our own minds. Communication Works when truly engaged rather than using war to EXcommunicate.