Friday, 11 July 2014

A negatively defined self-sense, 'conspiracy'

Mike Adams has started dissing the 'Free Energy' Movement on

One doesn't need science to be able to 'smell a rat' - that is, to discern a coercive intent within the form of a communication.

There is a vested interest in the 'status quo' by those who prefer the devil they know. It is a kind of habitual momentum. We should all be able to pause a moment and see that we also have this tendency in our own mind.

The way a negatively oriented consciousness works is to direct focus on what is wrong with others, or with the world or with anything, in order for one's core presentation and propagation to be cast in a positive or acceptable light. One may cloak such coercive intent in positive terms but the payload is not really hidden to anyone who actually discerns.

The 'conspiracy' of such elites as are becoming ever more apparent in the exposure of trusted guardian institutions as working against sanity and health is one of a negatively defined self. A sense of self that segregates from the whole and then operates within a sense of being 'over and against'.

Beneath all evils of illegitimate denial and suppression of Life, is a negatively defined self . Nothing else CAN come from such a foundation but negative effects - no matter how positive their promise or how protective they seem to a worse scenario.

Science is a tool that can be used to illuminate. One can become so focussed in using a device that it becomes one's personal identity. But true Identity is not limited or defined by the tools it makes and uses.

The suppression of consciousness also known as the Human Condition - is a conditionING, that we ALL participate in via a negatively directed focus of thought.

Much of what is active in our true consciousness is hidden BENEATH the focus of our attention - and this is because at some level we have WANTED IT SO.

The 'expansion' of our conscious appreciation of Reality is reflected in our science and technology but not caused there. The cause for the restoring of a wholeness of conscious integrity is the releasing of the negatively defined self-sense.

Even this is not the root cause - for in focussing upon the true desire of wholeness of being, the darkness of a fragmented self and world is undone, step by step by step.

When we meet the momentum of an old habit - we might recognize that fighting it; feeds it. We are experts at attracting and magnifying WHAT WE DONT WANT in our lives and so I suggest that it is because actually we DO want it - for our own reasons.

When we see what we believe we GET out of such a choice and what core beliefs drive such actions, we can see if we still want them - if they have ANY belonging in our heart.

What we choose to focus on will be what we receive and act out from and share. Choosing to be powerless seems to protect against the unlimited power of Consciousness Itself - so as to keep a little bit exclusively for a private self agenda.

Choosing to seek power over others seems to cover over the powerlessness that accompanies such a sense of private personal agenda.

The physics of action and reaction is a very very limited playpen - for its perspective represents a density of polarised and segregated consciousness. A Shift of Consciousness does not violate the playpen - but locates it within a Wholeness Perspective. If one is ready and willing to put childish things behind, then one does so by demonstrating an adult consciousness - which in this context I might call 'Consciousness Responsibility'. It doesn't matter what anyone calls it - what matters is the shifting to a positively integrated consciousness that coincides with the LIVING it. 

But LIFE - your Being - the True God of your freedom to choose - is not coercive upon you - and that is one of the trustworthy signatures of true wholeness of being.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Forgive and know yourself forgiven - Papal BS?

This post was into a page about the Pope begging forgiveness for the Church for its part in sexual misconduct regarding children in its care.

My comment:
One cannot apologise for what one has not first already at least believed to have done wrong. Apology from an institution is like a welcome sign in a supermarket - neither is a personal communication. 

The Pope may deeply be sorry that suffering has occurred - as may anyone else - but this is not correction.

There is a sense in which we can ALL repent of the mind that uses others for personal gratifications in any regard whatsoever - for in our engaging of such lovelessness do we in some sense support a loveless world.

The church holds the value of forgiveness. My sense of forgiveness is a gift to our self that comes from fully owning and facing our fears, hurts and hates - and all the choices that rise out of such ignorance.

It does not work to wish for forgiveness anymore than wishing something hadn't happened, for wishing is not a wholeness of will. Wishing is of a mind unchanged and unwilling to change. A true change of heart wills action from that fresh presence that can be felt as a shifted perspective rather than attempting different presentations of the same thing.

Institutional self protection is about reputation or image perceived. Perhaps the church that Jesus built on Peter was not an institution - but a real relationship.

Genuinely relating, is love's recognition - not a personal fantasy gratification.

In love's fulfilment one is not inclined to invite, accept or indulge in hateful deceits. The Church could be a voice for love in a world that forgets - but to have any authority it must embody love's presence - and not a wishful presentation of piety or good intentions.

There is hatred in the human heart. It cannot be healed if it is not owned. The excommunication of self-hatred denies love's presence - but love's awareness is for all. None are to be left out. The Pope can speak for the institution he represents, he cannot speak for God nor change the Nature of God's All Embracing Love. But it is true that if we act out of accord with our true nature, we will not know it, share it and recognize it - so in this sense we excommunicate ourselves.

There is much more to the mind than the tiny part that we tend to acknowledge. Unless we can awaken from the persona or surface personality, we will not have a basis to uncover what is at work in our lives when we embody the victim or the victimiser. The issue of child abuse is mostly about power - and wherever there is power over others, there is corruption in one form or another.

Who seeks power over others but those who believe or fear they are powerless? Likewise those who call to external powers to save them will give their power to those who assume the right to manage their lives!

The children inherit the world we pass on in all that we communicate. But they may come to decide what to discard and what to keep from their own sense of the truth of their being. Victimhood is part of our human conditioning - but we can rise above it and thus recondition our minds. It is a matter of perspective.

May the mind that was in Christ Jesus be also in yours - for such was his ministry to uncover and awaken - was it not?

I have lost the link for but in the comments the theme of  a page about Rolf Harris, the theme of forgiveness came up and was aggressively rejected - and the passage from the Lord's Payer was paraphrased: "Forgive as you would be forgiven"

Here is what I wrote in on forgiveness:

This is more radically appreciated as a recognition within one's own consciousness rather than applied as a social coercion or entreaty. As I release you of what I hate in myself but SEE in you - I will experience that release. (You may or may not use the gift according to your own willingness to accept).

The attempt to use religion as a social behavioural coercion hides the practical immediate effective correction in exchange for otherworldly magical beliefs and wishes.

No one can be coerced into releasing their judgement upon their self or upon others - but they can be served with a reflection of their choice - as they are willing to receive it - so as to choose anew. "Judge not, lest ye be judged" is a timeless fact - and not a time space consequence. Judgement of the tree of good and evil is before the world we now take to be Creation - yet is Creation through a lens darkly.

The power of thought is rendered as appearance of weakness in wishing - yet "Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven" signifies an aligned Will - of unified purpose. One of the ways that a separate, opposing, weak or failing and conflicted will is maintained in our mind is via the appeal of victimhood as a method to justify hate and the withdrawal of love. Because we are love and know love its by extending through us, the worship of hate covers the altar of our true devotions.

Far from being used to establish your guilt, this is the error of taking your own self image  or definition in preference to that of your true Created being - which remains un-coverable to your willingness to receive.

The psychology of guilt is the psychology of coercion. If one does not use guilt as a measuring stick - one can see the insanity arising from ignorances that are a result OF belief in guilt. Sin is contagion in the mind unless and until it is put behind - unused - disregarded - unwanted - meaningless to a love of loving.

The pretence that guilt is merely a personal surface or a social disincentive is part of a rationalisation that is called upon to hide it beneath a surface world in which one seems to have the job of either overcoming, fixing or in some way prevailing over adversity. But we do not renew our foundation by covering lies with wishes - no matter how forcefully we assert those wishes.

The crucifixion is a symbol for what we each do unto our Self - while not knowing what we do - at our foundation in the 'world'.
It does not seem we have chosen such a script but that we are unjustly violated, Compassionate embrace for such suffering is needed as a lifeline in a darkness. For a wholly justified hate denies all light. Whatever our lives unfold, we may come to open other perspectives that deepen our own capacity for compassion. The alternative is a religion that worships victimhood as the 'holy truth' of Life. 
We may not find our full willingness immediately, but unless we lean consistently toward a willingness to receive and give truly, we drift as an ever recycling lovelessness in a script of pain, confusion and struggle.

"Who is without sin, let them throw the first stone" is not only calling one to look within and see that one is not without sin - but a call to the sinless honesty that does not need to ex 'communicate' in such terms.

Don't be fooled by the hidden conflict in your own mind

Don't Be Fooled by Transcontinental Rivalries

Assertive or coercive power centralises itself and operates through appearances of division. Regions can operate under any system that suits as long as their money supply is controlled - and capacity to threaten that political act, neutered.
When there is no more 'game' to win, it will not be success but failure. Assertive power HAS to have enemy to seem to exist over and against.
Willingness is a different foundational living entirely. The willing inherit and share a Living Earth. The wilful only see their own shadows. Even their victories and plunder are full of shadows. These are not differences in reality but different ways of defining reality. Where we focus our attention feeds and propagates what we focus upon. The idea of conflict is a distraction device that can be released or energised. It's up to you. Once involved, invested and identified, I cant reach you to let you know your choice even exists - for you will only see within the frame of reference your own investments set up.
Intelligentsia know this and try to use it within the framework of 'ordering the world'. 
True power has the lightest touch as to be without any sense of self-agenda.
Only the Unified Will is uncoercive and this is NOT a sum of separate parts assembled from a separate perspective - no matter how true some facets of such thinking might seem. It is just another mind-trap.
To the mental, the heart is just another weak dream of wishful ungrounded emotionality. And thus are they defended from and thus denied power to transform and heal their perceptions and then no longer NEED to 'order the world - or those in it to satisfy their 'self'.

I might add that every negative act or event can be used to generate a positive outcome. If that IS what you want. If acts and events are generating negative effects then it is feeding back what you WANT. At some level - beneath the 'appearances' of your thought, this must be true or you would no HAVE the experience you are having.
In this wise SEE that the world's capacity to illustrate appearances as deceptive mirrors that of what we take as our one consciousness or self-definitions.

It is progress to see through deceptions of the world, but to stop there is to remain defined by the world.

Better the devil you know is killing you?

Real global warming could be unleashed by a hidden technology most people don't even know exists

The article linked above from Natural News - a day after being rammed by a truck - elicited a surge of critical comment.

My comment: (see also below as part of other responses)

The Universe: Life Itself: is Free Energy - but the way we define ourself in relation to Life: to Existence determines how we experience and access that energy.
The Wake Up is first to truly OWN a self-defginition that DOES NOT SERVE our living desire and second to release it so as to invite and allow a more unified self-definition to replace it. This is called personal transformation - but is not becoming a better adaptation to an insane basis of identification. To become aligned with unified purpose is to put aside the fearful script of a self and live within and as your willingness for love.
This has never been a popular choice - excepting perhaps for those who are releasing their 'egoic attachments' at time of transition.
There is a midwifery as well as a process of birthing going on - but there simply is no belonging in this process for what DOESNT belong.
To be an instrument of peace must be to yield self-will to the Will that is already Moving - but reveals itself to us when we are at peace - if only in a moment of true willingness amidst the confusions of our day.
Ram Reddy: (commenting to someone espousing the merits of the Free Enery Movement):
"All your thinking are possible when man becomes human". 

My comment to Ram Reddy:
When a masked mentality gives way to a true presence…
You don't have to become what you are Created to Be - but only to release that which you are NOT (but which masquerades as if it speaks for You).
Be wary of 'waiting for everyone else to change first'. Everyone else will gladly play out the roles you assign them within your virtual reality - for we do project our own mind onto others and make up what they are thinking…. but it is really what we are thinking.

Focussing on what is 'wrong' with everyone is a way to not own our own dissonance - perhaps because we fear it condemns us…

Another commenter (333/half-evil) says of the main article:
"Mike Adams reasoning makes sense - humans were never ready to play God".
My reply to 333/half-evil:
Excepting they usurp or play god by asserting and demanding limits that deny their true nature and abundant freedom so as to require 'controllers' to run the jail.
Wherever fear thinks - scarcity and a false sense of power to limit Life will result if one accepts it as one's own.
The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it is a natural abundant freedom.
We are actually living and working with and within Consciousness - but use fear-thinking to maintain a separated sense of consciousness that sees 'the world' as if it were NOT Consciousness.
To 'escape' a prison of self limiting deception, one has to wake up to the fear-thinking that is populating your experience - which in a sense is to go INTO the experience of limitation, but with an open curiosity to enquire anew of what is going on right here - where you Are.
Once we are aware of what we do, we have awakened enough to choose differently or at least grow in the willingness to release the choices that bring us pain and conflict.
The growing of willingness in our mind is the opening through which Spirit Lives Through Us. Putting our focus in the thoughts of the world will distract us from our willingness. Be willing in living the life that love Lives Through you whenever you align with your joy in integrity.
New technology is withheld the self-harming in love, but the baby will insist it is being deprived. But it cannot NOT come back into the mind that itself releases false limits.
Limits are very useful and can serve a positive or a negative agenda. But limitations that serve only to maintain a negatively defined self are a choice to deny our own joy in Life.
Awakened responsibility comes from the NEED to operate AS it. An honest owning or accounting of one's experience, relations and life uncover much that is hidden or denied awareness. The self negative agenda is firstly within and THEN manifests as a collective experience.
When we cannot see the way we can simply be honest, be still and listen in trust of finding steps in the direction our heart knows is our true desire.
Fear (and hate) is not the guide of our Homing Beacon. It is the way to keep yourself in the dark - though Light is Literally All Around You.

Note: God is not coercive upon Creation, but in trying to LORD it over Life we have substituted a false foundation that we are understandably afraid of. Only letting truth in and through us heals the mad-mindedness and only shifting allegiance or faith from fear to love-willingness will let it in. The more we identify in resistance the more fearful and painful it gets and the more limited our sense of self - and the more desperate we become… until we stop! Let the thinking go and listen in the heart's honesty. Be still and know (God) is like saying be still and be restored to a true connection. It is our thinking that operates as 'the deceiver' and on an individual level it is our thought that tunes us to the frequency of our perspective and perception. At a more unified level there is no protective limit because there is no longer the attempt to hurt one's Self.
When we act out of integrity rather than out from an integrity, we hurt our Self. Jesus described something of our Self in the two Commandments. God, Neighbour and self are all One. To him this was an observation not a theory. If we 'split from God' we have a split self and a split world. But who says that we split from God? The same voice that presumes a vengeful jealous god to punish a terrible guilt!
While we try to atone for or magically escape presumed guilt 'all by ourselves' we perpetuate a splitting off from our true Source. If one were actually split off from Existence - no existence would be. So any experience is possible only within and because of True Existence or Consciousness. No matter how tiny the link may seem back to Source, it has all the power of God in it and to focus there is all that is required. Our willingness for love's awareness.
A whole world arises out of the attempt to make our self-judgements stick - while we identify them as our self or salvation. But none of it is real - so much as a fragmented lens or mind through which Reality isn't recognised.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Creativity from embracing differences

The principle "love thine enemy" is the willingness to open or abide in a relationship with that which your mind is conditioned to reject. Living amidst this apparently conflicted mind but NOT choosing to react to the temptations of fight or flight allows the reintegration of the 'More' of what your consciousness is - not so much expanding the polarised and segregated identity but widening and deepening the perspective that embrace it AND the previously rejected or judged against.

The expressions of a reintegrated being are creative whether they make pop songs or simply relate in calmer, clearer ways.

Inspiration is freely available - but the mind gets in the way when trying to 'go it alone' . Yet often people have to effort hard as a symbol of willingness in order to then let go and let in. A willingness to abide through the personally difficult with an active receptivity.

Everyone has particular themes that attract and energise them and by committing to their passion or excitement they attract alignments within themselves as well as around themselves.

When a fresh expression is brought into manifestation it speaks a 'language' relative to the need or yearning that is as it were the forerunner and preparation for reception. But the Life is communicates is presence beyond definition.

As the form is focussed on the original is covered over and its patterning is absorbed into the 'established order' and milked dry with followers and clones. But where creative freedom communicates.

Written into The Creative Climate

Mistaken identity and cold hard struggle

Said Dave to one of my posts:
one can look at it through rose colored glasses but it doesn't change the cold hard truth, which is found by stripping the self down to the naked core facts grounded in reality and supported even mathematically. Only then can the conscious decide how one 'feels' about it and decide how one will operate as a best course. By doing this work, one then discovers the how and why of integration with others for mutual benefit as viable. The "me" can not be crushed or separated from "self", or fly only on "feelings" and exist for very long.

My Reply:
One can look through a glass darkly and see only cold hard truth. I invite you to consider that when you have looked upon the feared or the terror or the guilt and refused it, it no longer has power to direct your mind and so you can now follow the movement of your true desire. Nothing else is truly conscious.
Nothing else but is an imposter taken as one's 'self'.
Mindcontrol practitioners know well that applying trauma splits the self and enables access to substitute coercive commands into the mind - and so do the 'war on terror' brigade.

I don't demean whatever awareness you have gained or your perspective therefrom. Everyone entering the human conditioning unfolds their experience through their own choices. While the world is seen as cause - one's own self-definition in relation to that world is hidden. Now I am not saying that negative experience cannot or does not occur - but I am saying that can have a positive outcome if you decide it will.
The 'self' is fundamental to all else. A phishing scam at this level renders all above it captive to a false basis. The 'i thought', or 'me', is not Self.

I am completely at one with that mathematical structure is innate to the structure of our manifest experience of reality.

The higher mind is not emotions. Discernment and insight and inspiration are not 'feelings'.

Feelings are that which arise as a result of a self definition. Discernment most clearly shines through the neglecting to define oneself.
That you are is Fact. What you define yourself to be is fiction - or rather the imaginative exploration of experience in reflection.
There is no separate 'self' anywhere to be found. It is a kind of currency of shorthand that has drifted and divorced from what it originally signified.

Operating in the 'zone' is an expression sometimes used for the spontaneity that simply knows how to be in any given situation. There is no way to bring the "me" into this quality of Life - and yet in such transparency, one is not absent - so much as a pure awareness that is one with and not apart from.

The "me" wants to regain this true power, but is the only thing getting in the way. But it sees everyone and everything else as getting in the way.
That which Is Awake is not the personality. One does not have to be awake to be willing to open to the prompts and guidances of that which is. But one does have to wake enough to recognize one is in a sense dreaming. This is often when one's personality construct has been in some sense broken or deconstructed by whatever life-experience brought the gift. It may not have seemed a gift. It may seem cold and hard indeed. But have you unwrapped it yet?

The larger thread of comments can be viewed here:

Gross Domestic Prostitution? - GDP

What does it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his (awareness of) Soul?
What world is it that is had in exchange for a truly felt and shared presence?
Materialism is not merely a lifestyle choice or consciously held identity preference - so much as the return on a current investment - albeit running as a default mentality below the level of so called consciousness.
Moneylenders in the Template. Nothing new here. Perhaps what can be more widely understood today is that the template is the level of idea that dictates or determines the structure of our experience.
To go forth and multiply is simply the Nature of Consciousness. If one replaces a Soul-integrated consciousness with a segregated and conflicted sense of disconnected consciousness, then one receives the experience one has in a sense asked for.
But to go forth from and multiply or propagate a sense of lack, or dissonance, or scarcity, unworthiness, inadequacy, and  disconnection, then such will be the pattern of its growth.
Regardless of how anyone approaches it, there is something in getting priorities the right way round. When first things are first - all else follows. But to maintain a false premise acquires a huge burden of exhausting struggle and deception.
The nature of Consciousness is closer than our face - and yet we look away from it to a world that distracts us with its endlessly mutating problems - but we have not in a sense 'gone anywhere' because everything we see and feel and experience is being experienced in Consciousness - although our personal filters may not recognize this and define it otherwise.
When one is 'painted into a corner' and used up any remaining wiggle room from re-brandings, PR  spin or changing the furniture around, there is an un-masking or exposure of that which was presumed real but turns out to be ideas that do not have currency.
This is a real opportunity to accept an 'adjustment' of not just markets - but of consciousness itself. To come back into true relation from a bubble of forgetful distraction.
Curiosity and discovery is innate to our very presence. But the thinking inside the box is designed to ensure that we keep thinking inside the box. As long as we listen to such thinking, we are not actually paying close attention to what we are in effect choosing.
Only by owning our choices can we release them and allow in and embody new choices - from a fresh perspective and as a current relevance. The Call for a fresh perspective is a call for inspiration but if we are invested in old structures of identity, the Call is unheard and so is its Answer.
Common sense may be defined negatively - but it is of course a native intelligence of the heart within the strictures and limitations of the mind- which substitutes its own thinking and fails to actually check in.

Has GDP outgrown its use?

By David Pilling
Governments and the media obsess about it while statisticians endlessly fiddle – but what is the real point of GDP and can it ever be accurately measured?

Giving sweets to suckers
I also wrote the following to a comment on the page:

There are those who encourage booms and profit from the bust. In popular terms it was a crash - but it was actually a consolidation of power. Giving out sweets of whatever nature, pulls in the suckers. Once the crop is sown or the parlour filled, it is simply a matter of harvesting or milking.

I suggest that the big brains were fooled as to the timing - as well as by their addictions.

There are those who are willing to act out the roles of STUPIDITY on the big stage to maintain the popular perceptions. Do ruthless corporates mellow into public servants on taking office?

The term that comes to mind is 'wolves in sheep's clothing'.

The idea of stealing a living inheritance to indulge one's self-specialness divorces from the true source and identifies within a prodigal script or indeed a Faustian pact.

I must be considered an illiterate in economic terms - but I can still feel the nature of a coercive scam from a real relationship. A debt tree fruits more debt - but there are those who use access to cheap 'money' to exert leverage and strip out assets or dominate emerging markets.

One way of looking at behaviour that fruits negative experience is to ask "what would one have to believe in order to have such experience?". These beliefs, definitions and currency of accepted idea are the template - regardless of the persona who happen to embody them.

The standard of living of the developed world has been very largely at the expense of the undeveloped world - enforced by many kinds of coercion and deception. Once production and services have been automated and outsourced, the population at large no longer has any function - nor the power to threaten the established order.

"Standard of living" has been very much materially defined - not least by pulling the working classes into a consumer culture of corporate design and feeding illusions of freedom and self-specialness.

Any renewal of culture has to embody a clear presence that communicates an integrity. The old world order is deeply committed to the dark arts of manipulating perceptions - perhaps seeking to place themselves in a material advantage in hope of continuity of power through a portal of fundamental change.

I don't write to refute anything you say - it was some of your points that stirred my additional comment. There are many perspectives on the same thing, perhaps all of them are valid as a basis for having an experience. If we shift our perspective we may open our experience to new possibilities.  Grievance and vengeance refuse to shift. But are these a prison others condemn us to - or are we in fact free to feel it, release it and move on?


Leadership is servership. In any given situation people take initiatives that serve the need of the situation rather than just their own gratifications. This quality is lost when leadership is equated with personal status.

Leadership embodies qualities of a true willingness to listen and stands clear in the decisions and actions that arise from a genuine communication.

Leaders get out of the way as much as possible so as not to interfere with the free movement of initiative within their respective influence.

Leaders know they are not a power unto themselves. They are learners on an equal basis - operating temporarily in a particular role.

That was just some ideas of what qualifies true leadership in my view.

In such times as we live there is much fear and polarised reaction, and consequently little willingness for genuine communication. So many are defined by what they believe is wrong and must be fought.

There are two directions that serve humanity truly. One is a process of education by which we become aware of choices we make that undermine, sabotage or deny our own good and the other is to wholly embrace the beloved - the Good that is tangibly and obviously Good. Fear distracts from joy in life and the mind is activated in reaction so as to put 'Life' on hold until the emergency is passed. In a state of perpetual emergency, Life does not get a word in edgeways.

Life has everything to say if we let it in and listen - but all the devices by which we think we can 'go it alone' - operating on our own thinking - without really checking in at the heart - is exactly the kind of 'leadership' that goes nowhere and costs everything!

The child is paternally protected and guided until it can begin to also hold the values of the culture. It is not free to be a child forever but must grow responsibility. This principle is Life-affirming. If the parent loses the cultural values that enliven it - they drift into patterns that distort their guardianship so as to become guards. If the same distortions affect the adolescent, they interpret love as coercive and redefine their freedom in reaction. The 'parent' that manages, feeds and protects a distorted culture of perpetual adolescence and childish irresponsibility may see itself in a world that would become even more chaotic if it were to withdraw its control - or if any other parenting idea was to usurp it from its sense of power.

That was a quick sketch - but the principle of restating and embodying the true and tangible values that enliven our culture is one of truing up and coming out of the closet as an example of the culture rather than an attacker of what is perceived to be the evil in another. From a true integrity, one can communicate issues without becoming baited in the personality level of mask, deceits and addiction to false presentation. ANYONE of any station who extends such an active willingness is answering the NEED of our situation and embodying leadership.

Every idealism becomes subverted to deceit because Life is not a system - so much as a dance. One has to move with the music - and this means listening. Belief systems will tend to replace listening and seeing. Belief systems tend to be coercive upon the consciousness that gives trust and power to them. This is the politic of freedom I invite; of responsibility as consciousness for what we choose to accept as true of our own self - and thus to act only from that - whilst extending the same trust to others in their own choices and being willing to communicate honestly where we meet or share purpose.

Reflecting the choices that ARE being made is different from attacking them. It allows joining with the one who is making a poor choice so as to serve their ability to make a better one - once the issue is opened to the light. Those who freely deny their freedom do not realise such a choice while they see their limitation arising from their failed expectations of others or of the world 'out there'.

This was written into an article:
Misguided Beliefs in Political Leaders

Monday, 7 July 2014

What's in it for "me"?

"What's in it for me?" is the disruptor of honesty. Its coercive assertion re-frames all meaning within the terms of a private separate competitive interest - essentially at war with all other presumed to be 'private agendas'. Real communication is impossible in such a framework - but the form of communication is utilized as a mask both in dealings with others - and as a validating reflector of 'self-will'.

Those who seek to be honest WITHIN the phishing attack of a thought-based identity are those who are willing to break their mask in order to align with power as it seems to operate within the mask. Such are those whose behaviour reveals the corrupting influence of power - writ large. But they are manifesting the original thrust of such a script in raw terms - which as it is unmasked, becomes a reflection from which others (and themselves) may awaken.

There are two ways of looking at things and two ways of hearing. One is from the perspective of "me", apart from them, with an interest in the "me". The other is from the perspective of whole, a body of one which is a totality of Self. In this, there is no "me".

The script seems to thus have two faces. One serves guilt, fear and coercion. The other serves healing and reintegration.

It is all a matter of choice. The nature of a coercive deception is a trick in which a real choice is hidden by a counterfeit suggestion which frames issues in terms that suggest a special personal power or gain - or indeed in terms of threat and loss to such a special personal sense.

Coming back to choice. We invest our energy of attention and intent non-stop - but what are the choices we are habitually making as a sort of subconscious default? For these ARE determining the meanings and values by which we perceive.

Giving love (what else is your energy and attention but the love that you are?) to that which does not know you, see you or communicate with you, is to take on board a composite of self definitions that adulterate and undermine and deny your nature as love - replacing it with a masked mind of guilt and fear and a sense of aggrieved self-specialness - aka rage.

Material accounting is a dalek's eye view of even the manifest Universe. Discernment of 'spirits' is of PURPOSE. A true purpose is not manipulative or coercive on Life, others or self. But to the masked mentality EVERYTHING is perceived as coercive upon it - because it does not look within to see that it is merely getting back the echo of its own shouting into a cave. Instead it looks to the mask that justifies itself to itself - and if that fails, to the mask of such hatred upon self. life and other as to be intolerable. (Hence the call for the mask).

One way or another (as you will) the masks are being exposed - laid bare as devices and stratagems of defence and diversionary distraction.

How one looks upon anything is a choice - but self-judgement is a choice to deny choice because it is too fearful - hence a control mentality imposes or interjects itself into the flowing flowering being that you are - and makes shadows of the Light.

To suffer mental and emotional conflict without investment in the appearances is to let it rise up and fade. To rest the mentality of self-will in an honest willingness of communication allows Life's Presence to rise as your native awareness - free of coercion - and that is one of the signature vibrations of your truth. Within this LIVING context, self-will or the personal sense has become an instrument of a greater communication and participance - for it is not 'going it alone' on a covert operation as if to 'become' something special in its own right for others to worship, adulate or applaud.

Everyone operates the Script - but those who lack awareness of their innate and integral worth and power will seek it and thus prove they do not have it - no matter how powerful they seem to become in their zenith.

The ideas of a 'hidden hand' are symbols of the two ways of looking. I also call them the wheat and the tares.

When the harvest is called in, all that is without true foundation is in a sense 'nothing-ed'.

A book I have enjoyed summarized itself thus:

"Nothing real is threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God".

Identifying with the imagined and the expected and the personified opinion, seeks and applies endless answers to endless convolving and mutating problems - but the actual problem is closer than the world and is a breakdown in communication that operates through a lens darkly.

While one is tuned to 'radio self-wilful struggle' one cannot receive 'Radio wholeness'. Therefore challenge everything that upsets or provokes conflict and discern directly as to whether it is a 'phishing attack' or truly is addressed to You.

Symbols are part of the way that Consciousness communicates within the dream of an unsinkable separateness. But as we all know, symbols can be associated with meanings as things in themselves. That their is a voice for deception in our mind need no longer be pretended away so as to operate unchecked beneath our mask of rationality.

Where we turn for our source will dictate where we invest - and the fruits thereof.

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Attacks on the persona

Let there be no special case of ad hominem that has to be legally held outside of all else as if one has to be afraid of an idea.
When ad hominem occurs identify it as such without feeding its contagion.

But the thing is - that one has to have the courage of one's convictions to call out bully, bluff and bluster. If one has to get a law to protect one's feelings, then one's weakness and vulnerability have been enshrined in law!

Let it be clear that those who resort to making attack on others so as to invalidate and dishonour their humanity are invalidating and dishonouring themselves. It is up to each of us to be responsible for what comes out of our mouth as it is for what we choose to accept into our mind.

Context is everything.  Proportionate and considered response is appropriate to best serve to correct or realign with integrity.

Persecution is an expected part of Christ -ian unfolding. To live the truth of one's convictions is bound to not fit the expectations and demands of others, if one persists in one's faith in Life (God/Consciousness, Brother and self) notwithstanding, then fearful limitations will be purified or moved beyond.

Rather than protect feelings, we need to initiate compassionate education. I do feel to honour THAT we feel - but not to indulge them as if they are facts. There is always a deeper level of self-definition that gives rise to feelings.

Blame culture is simply destructive to the Human Spirit. Who loves to hate, is afraid of love. Without love we do not extend a clear presence into relationships and society. In a hollow world, fear feeds on the conflicted.

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Free of manipulative agenda

Any form of meaning, concept or symbol can indeed serve a manipulative agenda. Context is everything - and the context is Consciousness - but a manipulative intent seeks to frame reality in its own meanings - its own agenda.
I like to remember to note that there are no fake 11 dollar bills - because a fake - to operate its ruse - must substitute for something actual or real.
All the meanings that we construct our identity and world with, (experience), can be discerned as to their original rather than derivative nature. This will shift perspective.
What is freedom? and what is a relational communication without coercive interference (free market)?
If we merely go to the constructs of the past - to our database mentality - we do not have a real question - or have squelched a real curiosity within a pigeon-holed mechanism of reaction.
I am not seeking to replace one set of coercions for a 'better' version in which one is given a more validated identity. I am seeking to be an instrument of consciousness responsibility - in act and not merely in concept. The subtlety of the mind in deception is beyond fighting, untangling or outsmarting - but one can put down the weapon or shield that no longer serves true purpose.
Over what seems like millennia human collective 'thinking' has separated consciousness out and limited it. Yet this habit-pattern is re-enacted now. A moment's reflection can reveal the absurdity of separating consciousness from anything 'real or imagined'. It is a story. Don't let facts get in the way of a good story…
Though it can seem absurd to attempt to articulate to the issues of the world in ways that seek to reintegrate to a native unified - and un-coercive - consciousness, I feel the movement of it as part of my own acceptance OF such - embracing the 'ordinary' of the world as I meet and relate in my day - such as this moment with you.
When we are truly free in the movement of our being - of our interest, passion, excitement or joy - we know it. We truly know it as a wholeness in which the 'me' has not interjected itself but in a sense has become transparent as a musical instrument becomes conductive to what is coming through it.
Our concepts can only illuminate facets of what is undivided. When we 'get it', we are getting it as a wholeness-moment of intuitive connectedness. Then we can - if we choose - use concepts because we are in a communication within ourselves. Without this inner willingness or receptivity, anything can and will mean anything - or indeed nothing at all.
Attachment to concept-meanings is mistaking the reflected facet for the living Movement - and such false idol demands sacrifice of the Movement to defend its 'point of view' - which is necessarily manipulative energy (M.E). One may explore the experience arising within such a point of view, which is like a 'prodigal trip'. One may become addictively identified within it so as not to recognise the reversal or inversion of consciousness to its object. But one cannot become unfree to choose to give attention elsewhere and release the 'ME' and thus restore a full awareness of the Movement of Being - as it uniquely expresses itself in this and every moment.
Remembering not only that one has choice - but that one IS the choosing that is embodying this reflection of experience, is a Call to awaken. Because so much of our thought and intent is rendered 'unconscious' or rejected, feared, hidden and 'forgotten', we encounter our fears, guilts and self-judging unworthinesses or invalidities as soon as we turn about in willingness to know (rather than hide what we know). This works as 'demons guarding the treasure' or a boundary through which the ego-centric intent cannot pass. Though some believe thy can do so by consciously sacrificing all they hold dear in alignment to a purity of self-will. However I see this act of deliberate forgetting as the 'birthing' of a sense of self DIFFERENT in kind from Oneness rather than the realisation of embrace within the unique expressions of an Infinite reflection AS consciousness.
As always, I write as a framework in which one may resonate or find relevance for one's own movement of being and not to 'establish or determine' points of view to be 'more true' or even 'true'.
I hold that fear and coercive will has painted humanity into a corner from which no escape is possible - hence the Call to awaken from the mind thus painted. Anything one attempts to escape can only reinforce the trap. Believing and fatalistically or passively accepting or adapting to the trap as if to 'run the prison', also reinforces the trap.
Freedom to believe oneself trapped is also an expression of freedom - but it is not a pure reflection of the nature of freedom. False foundations can only reflect a distorted image. When confusion seems to enter or violate one's being, look to a true foundation. Living by the sword of division knows not what it does. Put down the weapon-mind and reconnect with (receive or yield to) a Current Appreciation. What other context can embrace all that is present and know how to be or flow or navigate and communicate within it - as an expression of the integrity of your true desire.

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