Thursday, 23 January 2014

Revolution or disengagement?

In an article on titled Revolution or disengagement,
I commented toward the engagement of awakened Consciousness responsibility as an essential living presence amidst the disengagement from corporate consumerism:

The 'problem' in its various threads rises from a split mind that looks 'outside'  while neglecting or disregarding 'inside'.

The nature of Consciousness itself is largely lost or forgotten within the specific use of a portion of consciousness for the exercise of a personal or private sense of power over.

My essential point is that awakening responsibility as Consciousness cannot merely redistribute, rebrand or repackage 'problem' as if to keep it from coming home, and expect a true foundation to bring forth fruit in our lives.

One has to own that which is our own consciousness and let go the tricky mentality of acting out from what one is NOT - from a disconnected coercive mentality that disguises itself ingeniously to suit its needs and not your own good.

It is like a parasite - excepting it is fundamentally an aspect of self-definition that automatically distorts and replaces the fundamentally felt quality of shared existence, with a sense of fearful disconnection and powerlessness. Such is the seed of the psychological drive to power that each calls 'myself'.

If (amidst one's commons sense responsibilities) one uses the world as a mirror instead of a dumping ground, it reflects such as to illuminate negative self-definitions that resonate, attract, reinforce and propagate through actions rising from them.

Materialism is blind to the cause facet of the event facet - where both are two sides of a coin. It completely overlooks and is blind to the current cause/event in its obsession with solving the past in the future - which is the denial of the living present - where Consciousness is - and within which is everything that is - including current models of past and future.

I attempt to re-mind readers here of a perspective upon our construct of consciousness, for which we each have so much identification and attachment, that it is utterly defended against exposure yet locked into self-definitions that are destructive or self defeating.

This mentality is writ large on the screen of our world, where instead of role-playing within it, we can use it to awaken, if we choose.

Shifting from a fear-driven linear mentality back to a reintegrated conscious freedom of being is not understandable in terms of the old paradigm. One has to - in a sense - abandon the coercive or fearful guide as one opens to the embracing inclusive guide. Such communication occurs within us in ways that guide and support and illuminate our consciousness to ourselves in ways we each recognize and accept. There is no call to push or coerce anyone into any patterning just because it has been helpful to our self. The truly connected do not need to reinforce self-belief by 'selling it', but can serve that process of willingness to reopen such connection in others.

The presence that is non-coercive communicates a tangible quality of knowing and being known - by doing nothing that would interrupt such a natural fulfilment of being. The attempt to puff up or magnify presence as a coercion upon life costs us our Soul-connecting awareness - and all the perspective, guidance and support that is integral to such awareness.

So in a sense, the message is initially stark and to the point:

"PUT THE GUN DOWN!". This shout is whispered within us from the gentlest peace of our being - that would take nothing from us nor deny us anything we choose. But if we begin to discern such an inner calling to abandon coercive will, so will a perspective be revealed in which we see we did not want it, nor does it give us what we want, but is blocking or destructive to our peace and our capacity for love and life shared. In THIS we have chosen differently, not as a mentality, but choosing to abandon a mentality as a frame of reference.

Words  - all forms - can be used to deceive - while the desire to be deceived is active. Yet all forms are a carrier or vehicle for a quality of presence. learning to trust discernment is learning to abide in the heart, in the presence of  a 'not knowing' that is open  - and into which a wholeness of perception arises. Anything coercive can be felt from the innocence of such un-claimed presence - and can also be penetrated as to what is really moving through it.

When we hate the hater, we perpetrate a self-hatred yet know not what we do.

It has to stop somewhere, that all comes home and is healed of loveless intent. Now is always a good time to come home to a wholeness that one could never truly leave, but self-attack so asserts.

Gratitude to the article above - and to the willingness of others here for a the life that shares, communicates, knows and trusts its movement as equally unique with All That Is. A believed lack of true worth deprives us all of such presence - and searches in darkness for what cannot be found - because You Are It - but not specially, exclusively or separatingly so.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beneath the personality, beneath the event, are the ideas being embodied

"I'm not a spy' says Snowden

It might be becoming obvious that nothing can be taken on face value. Deception is part of the armoury of 'foreign relations' and this state of war is perpetual though varying in nature and intensity - and is waged on any populations by those who no longer have any sense of serving except in self-justifying fantasy.

Yet there is the competition as to which version of 'reality' is more 'real' and which is to be invalidated - increasingly with disregard for facts or Reason, as an attempt to dictate reality rather than discover and share it. Power corrupts and hollows out.

Any attempt to control Reality is absurd - yet the attempt to coerce and control the perceptions of reality operates a mentality of fear and division that runs as an undercurrent of our human conditioning.

The complexity of propaganda and disinformation includes leaks that are true, false, or selective of both, and responses to such events that are themselves part of the ruse. Perhaps there is also a feeling to protect people from what they are believed not to be capable of understanding or accepting. But it all works to undermine trust in authorities and institutions - which then fuels the reaction of such entities and futher escalates war-management in place of communication.

War is what occurs when communication and relationships break down. War waged upon communication and relationship is another matter, for it seeks to undermine all obstructions to its goal. Nothing true can be allowed.

The illusionist distracts attention from what is really going on. To be distracted by the personal is to miss the actual events in play, to be distracted by the events in play is to fail to appreciate the ideas they embody.

The hand that wields the USA like a puppet is also undermining its institutions and inciting dissension. Some may genuinely believe the New World Order as the solution to the disintegrating 'old world', but it dis-integrates as a result of the same mentality it presumes to rescue it with. Coercion is deceptive to its operator as well as to its subjects.

If Snowden is acting on behalf of hidden interests, it might be the desire to inhibit or deny the free flow of information through fear of every act being overseen by an all powerful dictatorship. It also unveils the 'coming out' of this power-politic from behind its presentations of freedom and democracy - which must then act more blatantly against its perceived 'threats', and thus polarize rejection and opposition to its 'notional interest' that has no basis in nationhood but only in those interests that use such terms as a mask for their own agenda.

Corporatism is associated with corruption and destruction that reaches globally, as well as making inroads into our minds and our biology. It's is an embodiment of ideas that are commonly held but running unchecked, as it effectively owns governments and media. The ego-centricity that is thus writ large is within us each and all, and I feel that we support and subscribe to such a world in choosing to use the same fearful mask-mentality as a 'self' that shares no real presence. Fear is not the only perspective available - but it wont believe this nor accept the way to be free to use it constructively - as a sense of alarm by which to uncover an illegitimacy or mis-alignment within our consciousness.

We are not the machine that Consciousness operates through, but are the Consciousness that made the mechanism within Itself. This is what we have forgotten. Opening to Consciousness is reclaiming natural authority - that lords it over no one nor hides from itself in self-specialness. Mind your own business - wholeheartedly. But to steal another's is to lose your own heart - and even the belief of having such embrace from within. Love's rejection is 'sold to us' in every kind of way. Why not tune into a different channel?

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Consciousness, Neuroscience, Theory of Everything

49 minutes of science and self-awareness: Athene's Theory of Everything

A documentary presents new developments in neuroscience and a solution to the many current unsolved problems in physics. While it keeps clear of metaphysical correlations and is solely focused on scientifically verifiable data it also has philosophical repercussions pertaining to life, death and the origin of the universe.

This presents a neuro-scientific perspective on Consciousness. It compliments a neurosurgeon's testament after being in coma that had aspects of brain death - but not of consciousness.

I offered the comment below to the first mentioned video.

An abundance of recognizable consciousness reflection here, but a curious scientism-identity that then validates itself via uncovering the illusion or non existence of self - and yet describes psycho-physical processes in terms of such 'self' in order to create the reflection idea of Infinite Instant - as a point of view - although all point of view (experience) is such Instant.

The creation of infinite experience within such Instant, simply is... the reflective or 'self'-awareness - and contains within it all apparent limitations and distortions or modifications of itself.

Because there is nothing 'outside it' and no-when and no where - where it is not, it is the Source Condition of all names that cannot itself be named - and so is reflected in every name.

Creating experience as a rich reflection, is the giving/receiving communication within Consciousness that is the transcendent context of the extending consciousness as multiple nodes of creation.

The 'self' of such node is free to extend and reflect the lines of its own creation - but it may never leave its own Source Node of Infinite Consciousness. But any Idea conceivable can be experienced - including the idea of an exclusive or separate or private creation. But such experience is a filtered overlay of mind - of intention, thought, desire. The density and continuity of such experience uses an apparent contra force of action and reaction as a framework within which also to explore, uncover and reflect or share facets of All That Is to All That Is.

"Know Thyself", applies on any apparent level, for it is the 'motion' within timeless Instant whereby Existence Communicates Itself to Itself - the All in One and the One in All.

Giving/receiving is inescapable - all thought is creative at some level. But the surface thinking of the personality construct is simply forms of distortion filtering that masks and prisms Infinity or non-local synchronicity in focus of the self-segregating intent.

The shift to the reintegrating movement operates as a unifying presence rather than the attempt to unify around a point of coercive force or reaction.

All motivation is Universal - but the definition of self in relation to any relation determines the feeling and meaning and belief and action that follows. Such inherency places awakened responsibility as the heart of knowing true alignment. For each extension of Infinite Consciousness is unique and has its own core signature vibration. To align with one's core being is to resolve to joy, to move in, with and as the interest, engagement, excitement or enlivening appreciation of existence itself.

Much of the negative human conditioning is a conceptual misidentification as a result of exploring coercive will. The urge to control or understand in terms of private self interest is a vanity of a limited duration, because it cuts off awareness of source and overloads the mind with a task it is not designed nor capable of performing. The usurping of the creative impulse is a self-possessive loop that is no less self depleting and so, leads to the end-time or shift to Inclusive Perspective.

Whatever serves the reintegration within the resonance of the step being engaged, is naturally attracted. The attempt to control this process is part of the uncovering of such modality through its breakdown - despite and because of ingenuity.

Using mind to understand mind must always be free of self-seriousness and yet can serve the re-membering of presence as a participance and joy that extends qualities of unified existence or Life - rather than seek to get it or seek self-validation.

It isn't that core religion is wrong - but that the idea of separation of God and Consciousness, segregated a mind. A segregative mind MUST limit itself within a body of unconsciousness or Communication would dissolve the intent. The power to forget is inherent to creation and irrelevant to Infinity. Focusing within true-for-you-now alignment

is a simple self honesty/ Love the existence that is in truth loving you into existence and be the flow of choice that expresses and extends such value.