Saturday, 28 May 2016

The sacrifice of Life for 'power'.

Nurses, Physicians and Parents React to the Documentary VAXXED

Commented to the larger issue of which this subject is a symptom:

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In fairy stories or mythically encoded information, the innocence of youth would be sacrificed to appease some monster that had taken over a locality - not unlike a minotaur - seeming part human and part beast. The labyrinth of lies that SEEM to protect FROM the monster actually protects it from being seen as the hateful and life-denying force that it is, when we give it obeisance and allegiance, for it seems like power that works through hidden terror.

The mind that forms against terror is designed to KEEP it hidden and yet perpetuates its patterning in the modes of defence employed. Though I refer to this in mythic terms it is the underlying foundational pattern of limited and fragmented consciousness that characterises a dissociative human psychopathology, operating in replacement of a truly Felt Conscious Experience, or presence of Life.

Because the impulse to hide and protect a separative 'mind' is so deep-seated, communication cannot be regained for more than moments before the 'survival' mode interjects itself to subvert or disrupt communication - at any cost.

That there is manipulative intent involved in maintaining reputations, status, funding, career and narrative control or 'power' is a collective of individual allegiances that are choices being renewed daily, moment by moment. Division and apportioning blame is a way to persist in labyrinthine fear and guilt-leveraging entanglements, instead of dealing with the underlying responsibility at cause.

When the masks are stripped away, the core issues are revealed to be separation trauma that we hate to meet or feel or own up to our participation in - and so we do not move through such conditioning to a greater insight or healing but merely hide in ever more complex ways that present themselves as progress by means of a false accounting.

Such insanity is consensual - but not freely so when the true nature of the choices being made is kept from awareness and discussion, and penalties of pain, loss and social invalidation are levied on those who move to open communication for a truly sane outcome.

Loss of Consciousness on Earth is such that there is hardly enough awareness left to notice and recognize the fact. It is nearly all sacrificed to fragmenting and conflicted 'defence' against Sanity, for a lie is only given power when it is allowed to replace or substitute for true.

The core qualification for recognizing falsehood is not dependent on complex initiatory expertise by which an elite class of people invalidate our true voice and our trust in our own listening. There are simplicities hidden by complex and clever obfuscations, loaded with guilting that are often compared to the Emperor's new clothes - which is anoth reminder that a mythically encoded message can simply reach where verbal-mental 'rationality' cannot - because one has to have a shared receptivity in willingness to 'get it' - where the attempt to gain more personal control can only see and hear 'better defences and weapons' by which to persist in conflicted being - as if survival WITHIN conflict and by conflict is the ONLY 'choice' available. In other words, from such a lack of perspective, there is no choice but an illusion of choice - and power is the only 'truth'.

While we can experience life this way - we do so by sacrificing our true nature and freedom for a set of ideas that are emotionally charged to trigger our allegiance and self-limiting obedience. Choosing NOT to enact such a 'consciousness' inevitable meets both the joy of freedom and the 'invalidations and blocks' to embracing and sharing such freedom. In the former we can be seduced by form and lose the true context, and in the latter we can be trapped in form that is guilt and fear inducing - as reinforcement to a core sense of failure of love; or breakdown in Communication.

Abiding in willingness for communication - or healing - rather than knee-jerk reaction to hide, fix or escape such a conflicted sense of self and life - is opening an innate capacity for receptivity to information that was disregarded by the 'command and control' mentality - but which is resonant and relevant to the need to know that has now replaced a false sense of controlling Life - for Presence is not coercive, and to re-learn what we originally and truly are is an unlearning of deep seated habits that served in their timing the goals we had then from our best understanding.

How can evil come from a perfect love?

By giving priority and preference to an imperfect love that has strings or demands attached. It is by recognizing and releasing the demand Life be our slave, that we are re-Minded and re-Member a balanced willingness in stead of persisting in hating and fighting our Life as we believe we have made our self to be - for such is relational breakdown and psychological 'defence'.

If true Consciousness is NOT your heart's desire then of course you will persist in 'escaping' the Call of true Desire and all the 'messy' human involvement that is part of its coming through to Conscious fulfilment. And in doing so you will exemplify and reveal - for those who choose to embrace Life - the residual investments in hate, blame and loveless behaviour, that work in secret within us all until they are  brought to light and undone in a deer honesty of being. False desires can attract real support. We need to awaken to feel the true of what we are thinking and feeling, by persisting in self-valuing Presence over the mind-in-presentation. One can only start from where one is - with what is here to feel and know. All other starting places are clever ways to falsely frame our experience in the lens of a 'past' or projected 'past' into future that is not true of us now.

If I am moved to write this then at least one other is moved to read or receive it and I am grateful to you to share in this communication.