Saturday, 10 March 2012

Titanic Loss

A symbol that seems to be embodied in the collective psyche, regarding the loss of the Titanic, is of pride coming before a fall.
Man becomes arrogant when he feels his powers extended and his technology makes him unsinkable.
He proceeds in blind self assurance, to a rude awakening!

Financial madness : The scale of ramping up risky lending was simply staggering

For all that the consequences are global, the underlying issues are nothing new. The mind spins off on its own in a disconnected bubble of its own in a mutually validated delusion. It grasps at the false promise of a special self-validation and control, only to wake up to the horror of its own error and uncover a deep and true need to reconnect with a True Sanity; of a mind in service to the Heart.
Love has been 'made in man's image' for the purposes of control - but that is not and has never been love.
Love's qualities are the inherent structure and Meaning of our existence.
Deception is the means by which we seem to spin off in our own bubble and use all things awry. But deception can be unmasked by those unwilling to subscribe to its demands.
I feel that the unmasking of a loveless meaninglessness is a difficult but honest acceptance - in which a clearer view of the next step can arise.
Man made systems will never substitute for the Living Presence of true discernment. Toxic debt is like blame. Just expose it and accept it is nothing - or it will continue to poison and undermine all trust and real communication.

Bankers pay themselves millions - over and over again. What's going on?

What is the basis of this movement of transfer of great wealth? From what does it come?
Silly money is the inflation of money based on money based on money - where reselling financial 'instruments' makes a sort of ponzi scheme that is fed with and supported by .... the actual transfer of real wealth from poor to rich - and of the turning of assets - both cultural and material - into short term cash - for the purpose of private gain and control.
Rather than vilifying persons who are possessed by such a mentality, I invite taking some time to look at the mind of private gain and control in our own life.
What has writ itself large on the stage of the world is a nature that is unnatural to our truth whose cost is the eclipse or FORGETTING of our truth and seems to deliver us a world (of conflict) at cost of our Soul - which IS the Presence of tangible Life and therefore the root context of all true wealth.
The mind of clever thinking isn't limited to global corporate financial control.

Friday, 9 March 2012

LSD could treat alcoholism because 'trips' make you reassess addiction

LSD and similar drugs may open the so called conscious mind to MIND - but often in a context of new wine into old bottles.
The results of attempting to exploit and manipulate Mind -  ARE - the consciousness and its reflection that we call the world.

The realm of direct and true INSIGHT is not at rest in LSD like it is in a truly present Relationship.

There is GREAT fear of opening the mind to its True Nature - because fear IS the mind of control and control IS the begetter of self-guilt - which then becomes a false basis of identity from which all addiction arises (both socially invisible or acceptable  and the tip of the iceberg of what is visibly and destructively known as addictive behaviour).

The crisis of individual and collective disintegration or breakdown of even the forms of trusting relationship becomes a willingness to re evaluate that which was previously NON-negotiable.

The 'getting' movement of thought and desire, is not our true nature. It COSTS us our true nature. The term true may be applied to an honest appraisal of the current state of thought and intent - and experience - but Truth is Awake and unspeakably free, glorious, wondrous. But the epithets are not to attract the 'getter' so much as to stir the awareness of that in you which DOES KNOW - but has been usurped, eclipsed or covered over by 'the mind of perception'.

In essence I am saying that the direction that these treatments indicate has value - but the real context of anything HELPFUL is a real relationship.

The sophistication of our addictive mind includes all the ingenuity of self deception and denial, and humanity as a whole is asleep in such intent. The blind cannot lead the blind. Real relationship with each other is one with real relationship (honest receptivity) within ourselves. The Spirit and Nature of what is received in honesty and trust can be articulated in all kinds of symbols or terms - but its tangibility is felt as unifying, integrating peace, freedom of feeling in joy and of thought in sharing  love's recognition.

When there is a true desire to know, these things are revealed, because they are only hidden by the desire to know the 'getting' mind of private addiction to one's own thought and experience above all else.

Thanks for the opportunity to share this here.

Second comment:

I was prompted to return here to say that willingness is the key. One cannot force good - or insight - upon the unwilling. One has to work with willingness - submit to and  discern willingness.

But where one recognizes that one's power has been given away and one is victim to one's own thought. Then despite the momentum of habit, a willingness can invite a process of healing, regardless of the apparent intensity of one's own resistance to such change.

A culture of support may be hard to find - but to hold true to willingness - regardless of how often one seems to slip, will cultivate and attract a culture of support.

Wilfulness also attracts a 'culture of support' in seeking to perceive and manage all things so as to validate and justify the separate self sense.

If that is what we want, that is what we get. But because it can never truly fulfil and disrupts our peace, we WILL realize that we do NOT want it. Being able to want what we in fact do not truly desire, is a capacity to impose an imaginitive will upon Life and identify with that as our own life. This is a mistake.

You don't need support for your ego - but for willingness for truth. This is not a head thing at all. We don't determine or make truth. It Is. Peace is the inevitable result of acceptance of what is  - as it is - and that is anything BUT passive!

Live passionately - in a fullness of presence!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Pervasive risks to health and well being in our midst

Fear is also unhealthy and can give a blank cheque to any kind of nonsense as a seeming or suggested solution or 'protection'.

Because everyone does it, doesn't make it safe.
Discernment is both art and science.

The mind that 'runs away' from the (wholeness of the) heart can make its own 'meanings', play them out in mutual validation and suffers them as real.

Health is associated with wholeness, joy or innate happiness and well being, a generosity of spirit and radiant disposition - and a living relationship that is FELT both within and without.

Reclaiming health is also reclaiming a true discernment.

Our capacity to toxify and deplete our minds and our world is evident - and provides and ongoing lesson in what doesn't and cannot work. The mind-in-act cannot hear this but the heart CAN.

Power tends to corrupt - and the power to mould and model our world to serve our own image or ego - is no less corrupting than dictatorship - because it cuts us off from our true nature and condition.

Generally, it makes sense to minimize or move away from processed food and services, in a way that expresses a genuine and wholesome desire for life as it truly is - in place of trying to manipulate life to serve our private agenda.

While the dominant 'culture' is of controlling life, there will be the attempt to manage and control EVERYTHING manually - as if life cant otherwise Be. This leads us into ever more untenable dependencies that necessitate such control!

Underneath this issue - of pervasive chemicals in our food and environment that have risks to health - is the issue of what and who we are - what Life really is FOR - and a capacity to read our own experience as feedback for awakening at a greater honesty of being than is our habitual identification within a  collective norm.

The problem of error at the level of the mind will go forth and multiply as our experience of the world.
So while there may be cautions to adopt and a greater awareness brought to bear in relation to specific risks - it is better by far to do so in a renewed culture of health and wholeness.

One can study the 'enemy' in order to defeat it - but actually one merely becomes the very thing one hates. Embracing health has a foundation NOT of our own making - but not beyond our own acceptance.

The human world at large is increasingly disconnected from anything directly real and its disintegration is a Call for disconnecting from the herd mentality and waking up to an intimate capacity to live out from being, rather than from thinking.

We CANNOT really protect our bodies from risk and change - but in the presence of being - we naturally discern a living pathway - even through situations that seem to involve difficulty, loss or even death.

A Way of Life holds a culture of positive value shared and tangibly witnessed. The corporate economy is a disconnected private self interest writ large - and is undermining health at its roots.

Uncovering this mentality within our self is necessary to our freedom to choose from a fresh perspective. There is much that is pervasively affecting us unawares, but rather than promote fear, I would invite waking at the heart.

We all have different trigger points, sensitivities and energetic patterns seeking a pathway of release. Get intimate with your own life, in mind, body and feeling. Don't give all your power to external authorities or beliefs. Be a life.