Monday, 5 May 2014

Alarms going off

I've lost track of the comment that my reply below responded to - but in a vernacular style it expressed incredulity that 'sheeple' or 'the conditioned' do not recognize the signs everywhere and are impervious to warnings.

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A mentality of denial asserts a 'consensus reality'. So it wont listen to what would crack its 'reality' unless that reality is already cracking.

Then there might be someone listening.

Until then their reality is one in which no one REALLY listens to them - that is beneath the presentations to their true presence.

So we may serve others more in listening to them and discerning what they ARE willing to share and not trying to force our mind on theirs. They are powerful and can block you just like that!

We get a hit off of any role in which we get to be with the 'good guys' and save the world from the 'bad guys' - and it distorts our conscious appreciation of Life.

The urgency we feel has to first effect our own healing or else we run around as unhealed healers spreading alarm like a headless Chicken Licken.

The last place most of us want to look is within. But it is our dissonance that is alarming us and it is our calling to discern what exactly is going on where it IS and not try to solve it 'out there'.

I say this in appreciation of your desire to be helpful.

Others are expert in tuning in to our disturbance and using that to justify their defence. Let nothing then disturb you and they will listen to the witness that you are prompted to share. They still might not like it! But that's ok. It wasn't totally blanked.

What we use our consciousness for right now has its wages or fruits right now.

Sickness is not proof there is something wrong with our being - but that we are out of alignment with the truth of our being. Our world is undergoing a big shift or re-alignment now and deep fears and guilts are coming up to be healed.

A part of us is struggling to hang onto control  - especially that in which might equates with right. But we are not really happy being right - we are happy in the radiance of our joy. Aligning with joy is reclaiming our Life from external gods - be they nations, companies, ideologies, religions, whatever.

Would you WANT to be able to get deeply out of sync with your true joy without having alarms going off?

- - -

Are we to embody our awakened presence or blindly serve as a propagation and amplification of a sense of alarm?

Shock Titles!

Study reveals that antibacterial soap causes breast cancer

A recent headline at: News dot com
gives news of a study that indicates links between antibacterial products and cancers.

I appreciate the site for a willingness to investigate issues that mainstream media with its vested interests does not - and so I also feel it worthy of critical feedback.
- - -

For the sake of accuracy - please use the term 'promotes' cancer rather than causes it.
To give 100% cause to any material influence is to propagate materialism - (the denial of Consciousness as our source, nature and true condition of existence). Materialism is also like a cancer in disconnecting cells from the embrace of the whole and thus setting their survival and growth at the expense of the whole.

There is a Consciousness responsibility without which material aspects will support the embrace and extension of health or wholeness of being.

You are aware that toxic or dysfunctional stresses are part of the scenario and not the whole.

Using shock headlines is like any other shock tactic - momentary gain for long term pain.

It undermines what else you seek to support.

There are those who live long and well and don't succumb to malign influences.

Propagating fear and then providing apparent answers to fear is a way to get a certain kind of attention and following.

The undoing of fear is in reclaiming our Consciousness - in unified resolve instead of conflicting struggle.

We are liable to become the thing we hate - so rather than hate the agencies of distorted and corrupted thought, why not recognize such seeds within our own mind and stop nurturing them?

This automatically aligns our acts with a more integrated and harmonious expression - and outcome.

Cosmology, mythic consciousness and self-justifiction

Things That Were,Things That Are, And Things That Must Soon Come To Pass

I've scanned most of this (article). There are many narratives that point in similar directions from received historical/mythological sources as well as channelled material.
What if everything is true but your own resonant pathways of acceptance and sharing constituted your unique thread within a rich reflected infinity of All That Is?

Original sin is a concept of Christianity - but not from Jesus - who regards sin as something to awaken from and engage or identify no more. Jesus does talk of the lie and the father of the lie and this is a clue to the error from which and within which only further error can issue. To sin is to persist in unrecognized error because it seems to give something more precious than truth's acceptance.

It is all a matter of foundation - and indeed of true context.Our true foundation and context is Consciousness, and yet what we have mostly come to identify with as our consciousness is a mentality operating within and as, a walled off, separated and therefore disconnected self that equates itself with a body in a world of bodies or material reality. Be aware that actual separation is impossible. This is a journey within perception only. Thoughts do not leave their source. So to believe impossible thoughts is to experience the impossible as if it were true. It is all a matter of choosing - although the true spontaneous expression of what we have called choosing is creating - for Creation is out of Itself and not the 'choosing between' of a split mind.

Cosmologically, the separation/disconnection from the Non Physical aspect of our consciousness and its truly unified integral resonance is in past and our present is experienced within it framework. It operates as a reenactment loop and perhaps one way to look at it is to observe the traumatized split consciousness that dislocates from what it cannot tolerate in its own mythological creations - its own fearfully self-asserting story. Which is shrouded in 'mysteries' such as to be protected as subconscious necessity upon which a superstructure of self-justifiction is constructed as a personality construct that holds focus of continuity within the physical reality experience.
The identity that grows within the world is not at root in a consciousness in any way separate from Consciousness itself - yet is structured so as to 'flesh out' an individual focus within a collective 'agreement' that in truth is always a Unified Will and only seems to be many competing or conflicting wills. The mind can be used to disguise and in a sense deceive itself while it so desires - including the hiding of its desire in order to call forth and engage its experience - which is infinitely more than anything the filters of our mythic narrative and self justifiction allow.
The shock that collapses and fragments the mind so as to seem to turn it inside out upon itself, is unconscious to our justifiction or surface reality, it becomes symbolically communicative to our archetypal or mythic sensitivity - and yet can be interpreted as a reinforcement of the identity in denial that segregates and rejects in judgement against its wholeness, OR one can open to the interpretations that guide and reintegrate the seemingly segregated focus of attention to its source nature and consciousness.
The first is coercive and the second is receptive. The first is self-protective in terms of fear, the second is self embracing as willingness to love's awareness - although to desist from engaging fearful reactive thinking is to diminish the 're-enactment' of separation within the mind and allow love's awareness to rise to a conscious moment of appreciation.

Cosmology prior to a mono-religious assertion and its mono-Universe materialism, was fluid and yet all thought is creative and so holds the qualities of its creatorship integral to its creation.
The reawakening to the Consciousness that Lives us - That Lives All Things - is not inflating or adding to our identity so much as replacing and aligning a structure relevant to previous growth, with an expanded purpose.
The 'purposes' of fear are distraction, reaction, contraction and forgetting. As this purpose wears thin the movement of reintegration reinterprets it.
Each has their own timing and yet we are all part of each other because the One is in All and the All is in the One. But this is not Coercive upon you - ever.
What you put out is what you get back. The wages of 'sin' - of acting out of alignment with your joy is death of the awareness of your Soul Expressing. But only while you engage it!
Though the symptoms may persist as echoes - the immediacy of the turnabout of consciousness to alignment with its Source Code - is tangible, recognisable and restoring of peace of heart even if the mind yet persists in reflecting old habit choices. This is where one has to want alignment over and above the self-protective illusions of fear in order to demonstrate to yourself that your true will is free of all coercive intent, and so 'come home' to your natural creative belonging as one with the movement of being that you cannot not be; unfolding the ever New.