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Moneylenders in the Template

Though I wrote this into:
It is simply an essay sketching in the realm of the financial aspect of our consciousness and thus of our cultures, locally and in many senses globally.

i appreciate the commenters here for whatever they feel moved to share. I don't write to compete with or assert but simply to  share in what can be used for reflection or passed by. Culture is not a rational construct and does not conform to rational ideologies or systems of rational mapping out because despite lower levels of our mind being just like a computer in certain respects, there is a creative level that is in and of the heart - which is symbolic of the wholeness or unified consciousness and which resonance is felt in the heart as a whole body sense of Life, connection, joy. Culture is a collective consciousness structure but its forms tend to lose their original connection with the sense of value that gave rise to them and become disconnected derivatives that are then mixed up in unrelated ways with other derivatives and conflicted meanings render the structure unstable and without integrity.

The transactional aspect of our living reflects deeply held ideas in consciousness and culture - or collective currency of ideas, not least because we associate money and wealth, with our most fundamental ability to access and perpetuate our security and survival - but also with the power to store it and use it to serve and embody the purposes of growing or becoming along the lines of our desires.

The 'moneylenders in the template' are not merely external agencies in the world, but embodiments of an attempt to coercively own or control the system itself - whilst in the guise of serving the common good or indeed the 'economic recovery'. To address the outer without the inner is the attempt to bypass one's own transformational healing or correction; which is to reseed the same tares in the new field of endeavour.

A qualitative discernment has little voice in a conflict framed in quantitative terms, as if all is equally reducible to flat data analysis. But the only real correction to error is to align with what is found to serve unified purpose - and an active willingness in this direction will illuminate anything that is out of alignment. An unwillingness to accept correction operates as a kind of refusal to communicate backed by a host of highly charged emotionally backed non-negotiable fears. (That come into play when conditions are not met). Hence communication is weaponised as propaganda and the arts of asserting a 'winning hand' or a competency by deceit.

All things align and serve the purpose of their foundation. I don't pretend or try to understand complex financial instruments, but I can sense a coercive intent as can anyone else who isn't distracted by fear or perhaps baited by the deeper fear of greed - and ignorantly and arrogantly think they can use it AND control its effect. 

Correction isn't so much a choice of whether, as of when, and in what manner. That which undermines even its own stability and integrity cannot be held to 'work' and be given allegiance indefinitely however it shape-shifts and rebrands itself.

A coercive mentality is always associated with a fearful mentality - though perhaps most expertly self-disguised in those whose urge is in wielding power rather than sharing it. Nothing so blind as an addiction and the addict sometimes the last to own it.

Sharing power isn't giving power away, but is sharing purpose in principled and open communication. In desire for a truly helpful outcome, one operates out from a different foundation, in place of defending a fragmented and conflicted distortion that seeks to preserve itself at the expense of the whole - and of others - because it identifies itself as a whole - over and against others and is blind to wholeness thereby.

All props and symbols in our world that have currency in our culture are founded in Consciousness either directly or as derivatives of derivatives of derivatives… and these become the template of our cultures, at the collective and local and personal level that are acted out FROM. When the template no longer serves a true channel of connection, it is time to be restored, refreshed, realigned so as to regain creative relationship.

The accounting for toxic debt is done in each and every consciousness. Or it recycles in a sort of reverse 'pass the parcel' game that operates in worldy terms as a consolidation of the power of coercive intent and effect. Our personal accounting is not merely to write off the valueless and redeem the truly valuable, but to identify the devices and practices of intent whereby we adulterated or diluted and undermined our truly valuable with 'Trojan money'.

Don't just teach a man to not be phished, teach him/her to learn how to not be phished again.

Fear operates as a false currency. The so called war on terror is a device among many, for the consolidation of power as an expression OF terror although coercion can use persuasion in most cases - once the essential power has revealed itself. However when it does is when its lack of validity can be seen clearly and allegiance withdrawn.

Computers are restored or reset to factory defaults to undo corruptions, when they cannot be identified and fixed otherwise. Insofar as we are 'programmes' we are also resetable by a willingness to force-quit destructive or futile and therefore valueless reaction, and await the reboot of the movement of Consciousness. This may take active willingness against past programming routines, but to release a coercively conflicted mentality is to calm into a subtler awareness and corresponding perspective. There is no way to yield to one's being strategically, yet the phrase is simply a self-honesty that no longer animates strategies of defence against one's own fear or indeed one's own inner knowings that are often hidden within fears.

In a sense everything is a matter of perspective, but when we lose it, we lock ourselves into very tight and dense compulsive knots. I have every confidence in our innate capacity to imagine and create a world in which we can uncover and explore what really impassions and enthuses us in ways that actually enrich each other rather than fight ourselves and therefore each other.

The key is what truly moves us. If we are moving from what does not in fact resonate with our life, we are following the wrong urge. A key in this is to recognize the difference between aspiring to a goal and trying not to fail. Abundance does not grow from the attempt to not lose - excepting of course an abundance of fear and lack!

Deception, power-seeking, corruption and hurtred

This article was linked in Google News. I found it refreshing to see a perspective that mainstream western media dare not or are are not allowed to publish.

My comment to the article:

If you doubt this could be so simply look at the anti-comments below it. They assert hatred, ridicule and deception. The power behind political puppets is never in the puppets - power makes everyone (who is tempted to use it) a hollow puppet to a false god. 

The deceiving mentality embodies a coercive multi generational consolidation of such power through the 'smartest' arts of deception and bluster. 
Seeking power in the world is a kind of 'Great Game' that usurps the native communication of our cooperative willingness. To its suckers, it promises victory - but its victory is simply utter ruin - for true power is not in a lie - no matter how much terror is wielded to force life to conform to the forms and condition called 'victory'.

The end that justifies any means is itself a deception and corruption. It is not power at all, but slavery. The power of truth is not a weapon or a shield so much as an Is. That which is NOT cannot be - however it asserts itself in form, and yet everyone complicit will see the Emperor clothed, because such power-gaming is part of the consciousness we have taken unto ourselves.
There is no victor in a battle of wills. Only a fearful addiction to a false sense of self.

There is a saying; 'if you cant beat them, join them'. But one can refuse to play the game at all. Give it not your identity and allegiance.

Releasing an addiction is first recognising and owning one's powerlessness. Only such a sense of loss and lack seeks power outside itself in a world of 'others' whom it uses. The essential trick is of distraction in such a way as to reframe one's perception along directed lines. Look within, always and in all ways. Don't give distractions the power to divert you from your true desire. Focus there and be guided therefrom. Release terror and hate from your armoury. You hate and hurt but your self unrecognised.

Fear cannot afford honesty. If fear is your god then let it be out in the open as a clear choice. The power that operates only in darkness hates and fears the light. For it has NO existence in the Light. But the truth of you Is in light and of light no matter the lies that have been believed and acted out. Look to the choices you are making and bring them to the heart. You are not powerless as an expression of true being. Coercion costs awareness of true being and can never deliver on its promises.

The script of the segregated forgetting, and the script of a reintegrative remembering are both available to choose between while darkness remains un-rooted from our mind. All things serve the purpose you hold true for you. Choose then awake to your true desire and not as baited reaction dictates.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Baiting reaction in the guise of covering a popular celebrity death

This page features various comments including my own to an article I felt to be inciting of hatred and provoking reaction:

Robin Williams: Westboro Baptist Church could picket actor's funeral after saying he was 'hated by God' and is 'in hell'

My first comment:

What is the agenda for any media giving coverage to absurd hatemongers?
It isn't that these people speak to an issue while honouring the right of another to choose differently than them - it is that they preach hate - albeit in a way most will find absurd - excepting anyone (such as the Independent) takes it seriously.
Alas that responsibility is not valued as a cultural foundation. If everyone leans even a little from their integrity, one soon sees a world just like ours.

Celebrities are often valued for the role they play in our consciousness - for we do not know the man. In death as in life they are used for infotainment - yet that says more about those who share in such than the individual concerned.

I feel inclined to say 'God' knows you as you are and never for a moment is fooled by what you think you have become - far less what others think about you. And to those who need a hateful god I say everyone - but everyone goes to Heaven. (Implicit in what I said about 'God').

Those who love to hate are those who fear to love. No wonder! 
Independent, please desist from using hate for clickbait - or allowing it to use you as deadbait. Thankyou.

My follow up comment:

On further reflection I feel an agenda that sets brother against brother, is using your 'news service'.
The article is incitement to attack or invalidate the 'religious' by the device of choosing to give focus to a particularly absurd example who may or may not be what you say they are (taking into account the 'false flag' tactics of unscrupulous manipulators of perceptions and thus of reaction). Whenever there is baiting such as this going on, there is a hidden agenda, that seeks to benefit from sowing dissension and inciting (hateful) reaction.
I look forward to some News instead of the 'same old same old' endlessly regurgitated from the belly of the beast.

- - -
To two commenters who said:
"You have no right to judge others. The judgement is God's alone. Even Jesus did not judge"
"He did in the stories in your Bible, he was always on his high horse"

I added:
"Judge not lest ye be judged" - is a most profound truth. If you recognize it in your heart it is no longer confused with 'your Bible' or any other reminder.
Jesus, upon being greeted as a worldly messiah, chose an ass. (Entering Jerusalem)
A particularly apt reflection perhaps!
What Christianity makes of Jesus tends to make the same error but if you read the stories you can discern for yourself, if you have ears to hear.
Those who 'already know' cannot receive anything but it supports their own script. They 'have their reward'. But sooner or later everyone comes to need to call on something greater than their little bubble of a self-concept, because it never was in control so much as an illusion of control they clung to.
As you give out so do you set the measure of your receiving, this is a 'law of Mind itself'. What Jesus gave is yet given now, waiting only on welcome. Love is not coercive upon you - why then would you choose to be different?

Another poster said:
"God hates judgmental people! He is the only Judge".
My reply:

To say Love hates is to say nothing as if it could mean something. Such is the nature of the mind of judgement; it can seem to divide the indivisible and then assign and associate its own meanings and assert them in place of a true discernment of the Living.
If one thus 'turns away' from love's meaning, one will experience disconnection and self-dissonance and then assign such sense of struggle and isolation to 'God' - who has taken no part in any of it save to extend Life to you to go forth and multiply the extension of the Gift.
If we choose to extend ideas that are alien or unworthy of the love that Gifts Experience of All That Is, then we have our reflection. That is, we can wake to learn to notice and abandon that in our own mind which blocks the appreciation of true presence/Creation - which is not the result of the lens of separation through which we see darkly.
To take the Name and Nature of God in vain is to use it casually without heartfelt connection. This dilutes the channel of reception and gives false witness that teaches a sense of personal assertion rather than an impersonal love.
To use the truth as a 'weapon' is not to have any sense of the true. Abide in the true and let it choose whether or what to say and then what you give out will also bless you with freedom from such personal conflicts as are 'worked out on others'.
Let the last judgement be a restatement of the First - for God does not change His Mind about His Son - and if you have awareness in any degree you have it in and of the Creator - no matter how ingeniously it may be hidden in stories of judgement, division and rejection!
"This Is My Son in Whom is My Delight". Such is the fruit of the Tree of Life. Look again at your brother and sister and be willing to see even a spark of light in place of 'seeing' what is wrong with them…. but only if it is your will to release your judgemental mind for the discernment of true will… of free willingness.

Another poster commented:
brainwashed offensive lunatics. maybe they just want attention? silly freaks anyway. even their family leave them. they should just be forgotten about and less media attention. i hope they get locked up for inciting hate!
I said:

What about those that propagate their 'message'?
What about those that rigged the 'news'?

Brainwashed indeed!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Defining one's power away

I responded to a not untypical discoverer of elite evil agendas whose posting I put below mine for reference.

- - -

The reptilian brain is simply the fight of flight aspect particular to physical survival. The negatively defined self is at war within itself and 'sees' enemies and threat everywhere - and so has ever contracted deeper into a perpetual state of threat and fight mentality.

Whether in fact their are species of beings who are 'reptilian' masking as human I leave to your discovery, but be wary of the symbol-triggers of a past made in anger, fear and hatred.

Everyone acts out of self interest AS THEY DEFINE THEIR SELF TO BE.

When you call people 'evil' they perceive you as the enemy. The use of the enemy is subtle - for one has to be AGAINST something to operate within a mask of justified existence.

When you define the world in the way you do, you give your power away. There are always those that are attracted to such gifts of energy - just as there are those who look for ways into your computer (or mind) in order to use it for their own purposes.

So I challenge some of what you say because to 'do' something from an un-healed heart will only feed the fire. If you want to be more powerful stop trying to have any and release outcomes and the 'failures' that such efforting brings into pseudo existence.

Evil is a primary device for justified hatred. The ones you are hating are those who feel justified in hatred. Where will it stop? You can wait for the world or you can reclaim your life without having to wait on anyone or anything.

It may be a life with great challenge - but if you embrace it fully, it will embrace you - or rather You Life will embrace you and you will know 100% you are living without fear - even if fear rises to tempt you will use it rather than be used by it.

One can only work with the willingness at hand. Therefore pay attention to the moment at hand and abide actively in your willingness. Its ok that we forget; noticing we have forgot is remembering if we don't use it to damn ourselves.

Hope is always appropriate in a realm of ever-changing change. Despair is also a self-fulfilling prophecy. But there is a deeper root to hope than wishful thinking; there is the knowledge that it does not have to be this way and that you don't have to choose the thinking that sets it up this way and so can engage the willingness to find a better way.

Don't let the problem define you. be willing to have no idea as to what and who you are or what life is for - and see whether a movement of your being doesn't speak to you in a language you had forgotten - though the child in you knew well enough.

Hitler has been weaponised as a deep propagandistic symbol of 'evil'. There is history available that does not comply with the version that has been drip-fed the masses. It is still very active as a script of duplicity that hides the persistence of what you would call 'evil' acts. When one starts to see the mind's complexity in deception, one can recognize that the mind is NOT the tool to unravel it. You can't solve the problem within the problem - you have to yield or let go into a greater perspective in which one sees without the framework of the problem.

One might very simply summarise the pain of the world as a Call for healing - as a Call for awakening - but it doesn't yet know itself thus because it believes it is a call for vengeance or a call for self-validation. We are expert at looking everywhere BUT where the answer is. Gameover is seen as loss or death but actually it is a renewal and refreshment.

Without the fear of death, people would live very differently. One might think they would behave abominably - but actually the reverse is true. Psychic-emotional death is humiliating to the ego. It is not the same as physical death, unless of course you insist…

Be assured that circumstances helpful to the transitional shift will be provided but it is up to you where you shift to. Not your mouth - but your thought, focus and core beliefs. Live this day well and love those who share life with you in whatever way is honouring of you and them both. And when it gets hard, don't forget to breathe and centre - that the mind doesn't take your attention on a spin.

(Internet: while it works, use it wisely. If powers that want to mess it up seriously apply their will, it may become in every way deceptive). Gratitude for your hope!

Praetor said:Dennis Kucinich, on NewsMax, TV, CIA behind ISIS.
I have posted on this great website there are no more "Conspiracy Theories" anymore, unless you are still trying to prove there are ( Lizard People ) running around in human skin, can not get my mind around that. This website and others are in the process of telling the truth of the history of our world and how the evil Leviathan is trying to shape the future, so as to dominate the human race. The evil plan moves forward but is exposed by the "INTERNET REFORMATION" and more people are beginning to see the BIG picture, just because its the big picture does not mean it will not effect you. This evil plan will effect every human living on this planet, that's a given, no one will go unaffected by this. If you chose to live in denial you will not survive, you are a part of the USELESS who stand by and do nothing. Hitler only succeeded because the "so called" good people stood by and did nothing, because he promised them wealth and prosperity, so they did nothing and Millions died. Now they are preparing to destroy Billions. The Elites do not see America, Russia, China, they do not see Countries they only see the Earth and they what to Control and Dominate the planet for their evil purposes. 

The American people have a small window to prepare themselves for this evil future the Elites have planned. Let the "INTERNET REFORMATION" keep on rolling. I am Hopeful, preparing for the Hopeless, trying to wake up the Useless.

Beliefs, Reality and the one true fact

(This was just a response to a line that prompted me to respond from an alternate perspective than 'taking sides').
Max Gross sandra chitayat  posted:
"Religious belief is simply that: a belief. It has no factual basis in reality except that which its believers enforce"

Factual basis in reality?

Their are beliefs that are worn on the outside - like a set of clothes. One can identify with one's mask so as to forget it is a mask.

The beliefs that are actually held ARE one's experience OF reality.

And are re-enforced by the physically focussing mind so as to be experienced in its moment as if no other 'reality' was possible.

But there is a kind of belief which holds open the possibility that one is wrong about the world, and wrong about one's self. It is this belief or intuitive sense that allows new inspiration-information as insight.

Perspectives have their corresponding experience. If you are enjoying a rationalist materialist self-definition - then by all means live it to the full. Your freedom to do so is the same freedom everyone chooses to use along the lines of their own discovery - which is an unfolding experience of exploration and illumination not properly able to be discerned within the limitations of a separative judging 'mentality' based reality. Infinitely rich and dynamically reflective expression does not appear within the framework of dead models.

As for the flux in the Middle East - it has much of fear and hate under cover of self-righteousness about it. As if fear and hate can be eradicated by fear and hate.

If religious belief is a term for substitution for a true embrace of a divine humanity - then it is a case of the wolf in sheep's clothing - seeming to be justified by externals rather than extending a true presence of an interior yielding to That which heals and aligns and corrects error compassionately.

Those who believe their reality is the factual basis, invalidate others who hold different but equally unique perspectives.

Housekeeping can set up house rules as to what is and is not acceptable as well as ways to communicate and deal with issues as they arise. This is cultural responsibility and is a collective of consciousness responsibility. In the materialist belief, consciousness is negated as the field of awareness in and of which all else is experienced, Responsibility is given to external symbols, definitions, beliefs, concepts and facts. Thus we become 'powerlessly' subject to our own mechanism.

The dark ages did not give way to Light. They simply redistributed the same energetic patterns into new forms of 'freedom'.

Shifting to a recognition within Consciousness changes everything by ceasing to change anything coercively

Sowing seeds of conflict so as to reap the harvest of others' diminishment and indebtedness is part of the mind of war. Indeed it needs not make war overtly in order to lay all its 'enemies' low.

The mask of PR is a propaganda machine whose expertise is to shift in ways that distract, deflect and deny any other narrative by invalidation or pervasive assertions of key speakers.

Although this can be seen to be winding itself up in an increasingly exposed way in our world. My motivation is to invite us all to look at this pattern and recognize it in our own consciousness. Unless consciousness itself is recognised or known again as a wholeness that extends and expresses through its parts, there is no liberty to be had - for one's own thinking is an example of the divide and rule of a segregative - as opposed to an integrative - purpose.

The truth shows you you ARE free. Then one acts from that as an embodiment of freedom. The paradigm of the segregated self was one of becoming free or becoming whole or becoming fulfilled. The paradigm of awakening is of an already freedom, an already wholeness, an already fulfilment - that one grows awareness of and becomes self-aware as - by living out from it's realisation.

The whole purpose of the defences of the negatively defined self-sense is to prevent such realisation, but it has only the power you gave it - and give it still.

Mindfulness, watching the mind, looking within, or aligning with an active willingness to notice the presence of the present - is the perspective from which one sees the devices one employs to obfuscate and coerce life as a result of fears and guilts that can now be accessed and re-evaluated - BECAUSE they are no longer hidden by reactive 'necessities'.

Even apparently small shifts in our perspective can have significant effects - because a host of opportunities formerly discarded and filtered out, now become available.

The negatively defined self is ultimately a choice to segregate, split off - at least in perception - and have the experience of a world of conflicting powers -as a power in one's own right. The positively defined self is also a choice to reintegrate to a unified perspective in which all polarities are resolved within consciousness.

Choice is inherently free - but it is not free of consequence. What we choose to invest in, we identify with and defend. The Unified Self is both timeless and reflected in the experience of time - to a willing discernment.

When we look at the world we are looking at effect or reflection without realising the template level of mutual definitions and beliefs that inevitably give rise to our experience. One reason we do not know what we do is that we have made so much 'unconscious'. The hidden that must be kept hidden to purvey a 'waking conscious life as an 'independent actor in an experience that seems in its moment the only conceivable reality.

The choices within the negatively defined self are all the same for they all support and reinforce the separate, segregated, and disconnected self-sense. Even the choices to ally or join with others are in order to validate one's self to one's self.

True choice is not coercively framed - and this is where discernment can leave bait dangling, that otherwise would take us for a sucker.

To open to news of events in the world without a groundedness of discernment that goes hand in hand with the integrity of self-honesty - is to be triggered into reaction in which one is deluded into thinking one has expressed free choice. Such is the art of deception.

Consciousness responsibility notices when one is baited, triggered or emotionally reactive and brings willingness to pause and  reconnect as a wholeness of being - within which the nature of what is going on is revealed in terms that are resonant and relevant to your own life choices or theme. In other words all things become supportive and reinforcing of your awakening or restorative to creative relationship in the signature pattern that is your own gift to share in.

Materialism posits a frail and limited consciousness of little effect. Be aware that victim-consciousness is the basis of asserting power while appearing to be weak or wounded. We each are communicating our thoughts, our frequency, our focus and purpose within a collective and receiving in like kind.

Traditional religion used fear of negative outcomes as a goad to choose. This is the same as holding what we fear in focus so as to coerce a behaviour. Life does not work that way - but just for its moment its seems to - then the reflections and reactions to a coercive intent witness to what was actually enacted or chosen - but are generally misperceived as 'enemy'.

Consider the investment you have in 'evil' or 'enemy' or hatred as a foil from which to draw power and in simple honesty ask yourself - "Is this what I want?". For what we hold as our desire and intention sets the foundation upon which all else aligns. You are free to uncover your true desire and you are free to interpret all things and events in terms of your decision. But in the choice to want what you do not truly want and assert and defend it as your life - you follow the same law unknowing - for you Do align all perception thus and have your choice as you have asked - for you chose to have an experience different and thus inherently conflicting, with what you truly are. You cannot escape a choice you do not own or know you are making. Therefore the call that I feel to share is to remind anyone who has willingness to listen - that they are free and are using that freedom now and can thus choose to use it in a truer alignment with who you know yourself to be - rather than what your thinking tells you.

When a choice is clearly defined - there is no choice - because one flows naturally along the lines of one's nature.

When choice itself has been redefined as a least worse scenario, there is no choice - because fear has already made it along the lines of self negative belief and conditioning.

Choiceless choosing is available to the releasing of the false - because life is already moving and within its movement is that which resonates and is relevant to your unique signature vibration. No one in a negatively define consciousness can read me because they 'already know'. The willingness to beginner's mind is a not-knowing that is willing to be shown. This is indicative of a joined or unified consciousness. One is not struggling to be a someone or a something all by themself. The strain of such futility is what gives rise to the negatively defined self. Using what is not designed for nor capable of directing and managing existence to perform a task it simply cannot achieve.

If you start to understand some of this you will start to understand the illusions that your brothers labour under and are compelled into ever more insane complexities by. The consummate perfection of your brothers freedom is your own. You cannot have it without him or her. But we do not have to join in choices that find no belonging in our hearts - nor accept what is not true of us. One cannot speak truth to power while contesting power - but one can yield into the power of one's true presence and give witness as one is moved. The response is always a matter of willingness. But when a gift is truly given, it waits the timing of its recognition. There is much we have received that we have yet to recognize.

Waking up to our part in a tacit conspiracy of hate may be painful and deeply unsettling - but a different life proceeds from an unmasked hatred. Only those who refuse to wake embody it in such naked form. They need your hatred as much as your compliance in fear of the hated. But you don't have to give them either.

I wrote this into
The Daily Bell - Unsurprising Conspiracy theories circulating in Lebanon


The imaginary but painfully experienced divorce from the 'Father' - from our Native and Unified Consciousness substitutes a 'father' that is different from our true being regardless of any form that might take. What is different from love is hate - again regardless of the forms that might take.

This alloy of love-hate characterises all the 'children' or expressions of the false foundation. This is also why identifying as such 'children' fears authority, the world and indeed our Consciousness Itself.

While embodying the 'original mistake' we do not expect support, embrace, or compassion - and our strategies and masks against lovelessness become our own loveless communication - or rather a withdrawal from communication that takes various forms.

Thus we feed and become complicit in the very thing we thought to protect against.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tin-foil hats

Comment to a article 

Keeping Up with the Snoops 6: A Game of Chairs

The article purports to be serious and then brings in the tin foil hat (link doesn't work for me). The tin foil hat has a place for imaginary threats taken seriously - but has been misused as an invalidator to the uncovering of clear evidence of a lack of integrity and of corruption of service, duty or office. As coercion usurps communication and the lie usurps truth it becomes clear there are 'moneylenders' in the template. Those who would intervene between you and your true Life in order to have power over others for themselves alone.
This template definition is ubiquitous as a contagion of fear in personal and collective consciousness (culture) which operates a 'botnet' of directed perceived reality and hence our reaction.

I recommend clearing out corruption in our own thinking templates - our own self-definition and core self-beliefs, so as to regain consciousness of true choice and indeed to live such life as consciousness responsibility rather than as a conditioned persona.

PS: have since watched the linked video at the foot of the article. When is satire part of the infotainment industry? When one focusses on being distracted and entertained rather than engaging in bringing attention present to a true honesty? 

Depression as a healing movement

(I wrote this into a reply to a comment on the page article- shown at the bottom of this post).

Your Spirit is naturally and innately free. What depresses is a dis-spiriting self-definition. Much that we do in thought is hidden or made unconscious. Forgive that which knows not what it does in order to come fully into the realm of true choice. In other words abide in an active willingness to be shown what it is one is already engaged in that sets up or reinforces self-negative conclusions.

Periods of depression can therefore be seen as a process of releasing the outer in order to uncover a fresh inner movement of being.

Healing can be resisted as if it is disease when we identify exclusively with the negative self definitions of the personality structure. But fighting one's self is simply an absurdity given gravitas.

To be aligned with your true desire is to be single in purpose and whole in desire. Imposed wishing cannot substitute for your true desire - nor can it ever deliver a true happiness. An insane society reflects the frequency of our focus. It is up to us what we choose to give focus to... not the media... not advertisers... not those who are conditioned by corporate agendas.

For sure there are all sorts of ways to help ourselves and each other in a true alignment and that is what is actually going on the instant we attune to that frequency. A mind deeply conditioned to its subjection cannot suddenly accept its power, and so there are stepping stones that enable a shift from a fearfully asserted grip on what seems to be alone and threatened to a capacity to flow with and feel one's way as part of the whole.

Thoughts cannot trap the mind that thinks them... unless somewhere we are wanting that experience to be true. The territory one opens to in the willingness to awaken is indeed at times very hard to abide through - but understand that the structures by which one covered over, hid or ran away from one's self-as-believed-negative power were called upon to hide or mitigate these feelings. Coming out of anaesthesia in order to choose from a different foundation, is itself guided and supported BY that foundation.

As we live and grow from whole thinking, the susceptibility to old triggers fades.

Honesty is open minded. If we honestly get in touch with our feelings, why then force them into the thoughts that brought those feelings into experience? Owning the feeling fully releases the need to fight it. Humour can be employed as a manically driven attempt to overcome darkness within. It isn't then free to be loose and happy in the belly. To look at something that seems in its moment to be seriously threatening or seriously something it is not - and then to suddenly see what it is from awakened perspective is to laugh at what is not in the flow of what is.

And yes many tend to idolize externals as if to use them for proxy symbol of power in a fantasy life. This reinforces the belief we are powerless in the herd of personae seeking to make the mask real. The persona operates as a communication device for Life to communicate through. Worshipping one's self in such a limited reflection takes one's eye off the Ball. It is what lives and gives through us that re-minds us of what we truly are. Trying to be what we are not is much ado about nothing. We all come Home to recognizing we never truly left. (Backstage sounds of laughter and warm conversation).

In reply to
jodid I think there are a couple reasons for depression. One - we live in an insane society, a prison for our minds. Where up is down and down is up. We worship people like gods and poison people's minds with lower consciousness and fake spirituality. It brings sadness and un-fulfillment.
Second reason for depression: ....I think that depression is caused by chemicals in the brain. I think a lot of people have ammonia on the brain. I think this because when people die of cancer, they usually die not of cancer, but ammonia poisoning according to Dr. Hulda Clark. Ammonia causes the brain to fire continually due to cholinesterase inhibition. This causes depression, and continues repetitive thoughts over and over. Sadness, fatigue etc. To test for this I have purchased ammonia testers that are used for fish tanks. Above .5 is high..i tested off the charts The remedy for this is to take ornithine/arginine and egg lecithin to coat the nerves..

PS: I have no comment on an event in which conjecture enters before a communication of the facts has been given.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Gaza, Israel and the company we keep

Beneath one's society are the thoughts one keeps. The thoughts one presents to society as the mask cover a deeper mask one makes to look OUT and away from what is feared within.

Mistaken identity could sound like a funny plot line for a movie - but what is held and treasured as one's self - as one's grasp upon - and power within - life itself… And hiding such fear is the engine of assertion that holds the masks as true no matter the cost.

A segregating self must displace its hate and fear and loathing on the 'other' - so that the hateful 'dies', is driven out and does not 'come home'.

I tell you it never left home. That which you hate is within you unrecognised. But the mistake is the belief that by it you are damned or condemned. This mistake says sin is ultimate and The Embrace of your own Existence must be forever denied. The lie is held sacred by its duty to preserve the separation at all costs - at any cost. For the separate one is the power to deny, to disconnect, to fragment and conflict and grow thereby.

The lie and the father of the lie, is a wish held precious in hearts of the separate ones. Actual disconnection would be non-existence. The lie is but a deceit whereby the form of denial is used to replace communication - as an idol in place of the Living.

In the symbol of the name Israel is a consciousness that believed its love was barren and so took a slave to comfort and thus begat an expression within a world of barren disconnection; Ishmael. But Love was not barren and love's child was called Israel. Love's child is not of the 'slave' or coercive mentality.

In the disconnected world, no one looks within to the true father of all that is beheld, but assert ever shifting definitions that conflict except in one thing - that the true Father is denied. The Chosen are those who have accepted the Authority that does not 'Lord it over slaves' and are the children of a true willingness that love bear's fruit.

To enter the lie as if to lighten it, to fight the lie as if to eradicate or weaken it, to attend the lie and study its devices so as to 'gain power' - all these are the mind that does not or will not pause, be still of its own assertions - and listen. How simple is the denial of one's integral Communication link to true Presence.

How expertly we attend the changing of the mind of 'others' while ever turned away from our own thought - as if it were invisible.

The nature of the lie is rising to awareness - it's all coming home. In resistance to this is all futility of struggle. One lives with oneself as a conscious extension of the Gift Life - or uses the Gift to make barren by loveless thinking. I Am, conceives you love-worthy - and looks through every covering of the persona in its identity-confusion and knows no 'difference'.

"You are my Beloved in whom is my delight".

Where we turn to listen for guidance, direction and support is not dictated by terror born of hate and fear in deceit. We choose - knowingly or as one who knows not what they do.

The Script of the world becomes the Script of awakening - when we let ourselves come home now, now in this experience, in this perception, this interpretation, this collection of thoughts, beliefs and definitions, this deep yearning to be free of pain and restored to a truly  joyous Self. Many find this on their deathbed - but releasing the world of barren disconnection is not death - but Life. No matter how it seems to the mind that looks back in loss. Life unspeakable to a mind of concepts that would 'translate' love into mechanism.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Using the trick of the ego to speak beneath its radar

I wrote this replying to a comment of no substance. Not so much for jfelfin - who clearly is not open to communication, but to others reading the page it was on :
jfelfin:OMG! You sound just like Neale Donald Walsh and that ain't good!
Folks, go to the Bible and read, then come back and see what kind of gibberish this is, just like all the other new-age, double-speak gibberish.
Who would buy this? And they say the Bible is nonsense. Give me a break!

The mind of judgement gives rise to the world seen through the lens of fear. The Bible can open this observation to a willingness to listen.
Another Idea of the Bible, is the Holy Spirit, as that discernment through which truth is illuminated, recognised, lived and shared.
Indeed the Idea of the Holy Spirit is That Mind which was in Christ Jesus - for to such a clear appreciation EVERYTHING and EVERYONE becomes a clear communication of One Truth.
Another way to say this is; "Listen in the Heart". When I read you, I let you in - for I have nothing to defend and a willingness to learn.
Having let you in I do not pigeon-hole you into what or who you are 'like' but become altogether present with the communication that shares You - regardless of the presentation and packaging. All of the forms fall away and there is a moment of recognition - within myself, and I have cause to be grateful for a part of me that reintegrates, rather than be separated out by judgement and self-rejection - and projected out onto a world of 'others'.

I feel to celebrate that when people need inspiration, clarity, or a greater perspective upon their life, they are guided and find  - or are found - by something that works for them in that moment or time of their life. By our self we are nothing - and when we drift into fearing or believing we are 'all by ourself alone' we are so trapped in our own (self) judgment that we have no perspective upon what our own mind is making of itself.

New age thought has all the ingredients of any movement. But pause a while and see if at the root a new age is not what the Bible prophesies. 

When you attack instead of communicate - you  associate your cause with weakness and lack of substance. Look at all communications to see what remains when you ignore the attacks - and blatant or coded insinuations. My feeling is that when the form of something inspirational is used for purpose of attack, it is devalued and degraded by such usage.

Your true Authority comes from an intimate relation with your Author - and not with external agencies, books or teachers intent on facilitating that Intimacy. Be yourself, honestly, unmasked and without apology or pretence. What then comes through you will speak of Humanity as it will of God - regardless whether the term 'God' is in one's usage as a pointer to the Consciousness the Bible refers to as "I Am That I Am".

Unless our motive is pure or single, we will make nonsense of everything - including the Bible. This is all a matter of self-honesty. The mind that knows not what it does is a mind in hiding from itself.
Jesus - while being killed by such mentality - said, "forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do". He let Source Consciousness Show him what is really going on when the human mind sees division, conflict, hate and death. 

In our world we have every temptation to become embroiled and entangled in division, conflict, hate and death - and to act out the roles of the ancient ritual by which God is killed that Man may live… alone and apart, as if a power unto himself in a world to seek to prevail over as  if a god.

I write this because there is a willingness in every heart to be uncovered - and because extending the fruits of my willingness is an invitation for others to find their own - and in their own way.

the Second Coming - like the Bridegroom in the Bible - "cometh when ye thinketh NOT!". This is not saying only that it is not anything your current thinking EXPECTS - but that it comes into Its Own as you lay down YOUR thinking and abide in the Movement of Life that is already Moving but otherwise un recognized to a mind-in-hiding. Jesus called it "The Father's Will" - and claimed NO powers for himself alone - for what was revealed to him is true of all.

I am grateful for your expression of freedom. Freedom is the Signature of God in our heart. No matter WHAT we use it FOR - it remains forever freely Given us to share - for that IS our Creation in the Image of our Source or Father… not the physical birth.

The end of the globalisation lie?

A Telegraph article asks "Is this the end of the line for globalisation?"

- - -

Global domination has run as a hidden agenda within the inevitable globalising influence of extended technological ability.

One might say the new wine has been subverted to serve old wine-bottle ideology - namely the so called 'law of the jungle' or 'kill or be killed'. Our 'thinking' is unwilling to yield to the Greater Communication and Participation in Life that is implicit in the scientific implications of Energy Physics to our Consciousness of Existence Itself. Such is the nature of 'Dark Ages'. Egotism writ large.

The propaganda is that the financial systems of the corporates which have arisen as the hidden state within so called 'developed' nations, is neutral or free or 'democratic' - when it is a coercive instrument of domination, enslavement and predation.

An image that comes to mind is of a forest canopy that denies light and sustenance to anything below - and precipitates toxins on anything that does manage to grow below.

Before presuming that wars of any kind (open or proxy, trade or ideology) are a block to global domination, take a look at history in terms of the consolidations of power and wealth and see that they are the modus operandi of setting brother against brother so as to fragment, lay low and render bankrupt or neutered as any kind of threat to the power that grows at such expense.

Democracy (on any level or kind) or indeed any kind of communication of vested interests, will not bring forth the global centralisation of power - unless it can be tricked into choosing this as the lesser of evils.

Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy... while it is engaged and employed as a basis for defining experience and consequent action and reaction.

Power-Gamers are no less specialised in the development of subtler invention and discovery than musicians, scientists or any other 'calling in the world'. Are not the 'leaders' acting within the roles given them by the power they aspire to add to their selves? - and propagating such a mentality to their various populations?

The Golden Rule offers a kind of globalisation without coercion. But we can no longer understand it without adding a proviso: Do unto others as you would have IN LOVE done unto you. Because we THINK we understand power, we are corrupted of a living within the simple appreciation of the nature of love. Such 'power' THINKS it understands 'love' is weak, while it THINKS victory in its terms is feasible, meaningful and desirable. Like bot-nets of computers, coercive-power does not in fact reside in any individual or group - but in the infection of corrupted idea. That which destroys in order to 'create' in its own image, is blind and knows not what it does. Look within and see this at work in our own mind. All conditioning reinforces its original impulse. Therefore look at the root fears that are not really hidden by the disguises of 'power' and find a different way than coercive will. If you will.

Truly we are not 'in' the world as we think - but are in and of Consciousness that elects to follow a calling 'in the world' rather than live consciousness responsibility while embracing the richness of experience that we have generally limited and filtered down to a set of mutual definitions that block more than they communicate.

Power is addictive until it is seen truly from a consciousness perspective. Though seemingly irrelevant to the arena in which such addiction is equated with Life Itself, I feel to offer perspective for consciousness to stir and thus recognize that it is closer to you than your persona.

When self-honesty no longer tolerates hiding pain of self-betrayal

The headline for this article ("I wont be able to live with myself after politics") caught my notice - as does the current media and political incapacity to communicate ABOUT anything Jewish or related to Jewishness, in the same freedom that it might communicate about any other group identity. I was also aware of the opinionated personal attack comments that illustrate how successfully consciousness fragments and denies its own nature AS communication. All are Expressions of Communication without exception. A special form of communication above or outside all others is a mistaken identity that never can rest within and as the unique Expression that it actually Is.
 - - -

One way that the mindset of obfuscation triumphs over clarity of vision is in focussing on personalities so as to distract from issues.
For the record - one not only has to live with one's self - but IS ONE self! This reveals that the self-construct - or mask-persona is a mental layer of asserted or justified ideas with which one has invested and become identified.
The answer to a self-conflicted SENSE/experience of self is to LOOK directly AT it - that is to notice THAT it is occurring rather than to struggle in ever shifting, futile and deluding attempts to make the un-real real. When we can own our own conflicted ideas and purposes, we can let them go in focussing wholly on what aligns and expresses us truly.
Repentance is immediate, self-forgiveness may take seventy times seven - but that doesn't matter. That is simply the discipline of persisting in a true sense of value for oneself and others.
Israel's mentality symbolizes Ishmael curiously enough... The nature of the blind urge to power in the world is to usurp the legitimate heir and inheritance.
The movement of being with which one aligns wholly is the movement of Wholeness that comes of itself to a receptive willingness. This is the power to share the Gift of Life rather than the wish to steal it from others in the fear that one's own will be stolen back or used as a basis for scourging or punishment.
Unless we begin to uncover and acknowledge the fears beneath our so-called rational mind, we will be dictated over by hidden power that neither knows us nor loves us. This is writ large in the world - yet is uncoverable in each consciousness. Notice the obfuscating tendencies of a mind-in-hiding and become more discerning as to whose voice or purpose speaks for you.
The wish to hide from fear and to hide fear from awareness is the basis by which we 'give our power away'. But it remains OURS to re-cognize as our primary act of choosing where to give our attention.
Fear tempts, persuades, coerces and compels. Simply NOT accepting such a basis to act out from INVITES or makes welcome a movement of wholeness.
One more thing... Fear tells you it will make you safe (and special and powerful). Look up and take account of the fruits of your choosing - and if they are NOT in alignment with the true desire of your heart, then CHOOSE ANEW!
Fear sets the framework for choices, none of which allow a true choice to be recognized, felt, embraced, embodied, given witness, extended in gratitude.
The poor in Spirit deprive themselves and know not the blessedness of their true inheritance. Unless we are in the extension of the love that we ARE - we are misperceiving everyone and everything from the basis of a negatively defined self.
Fighting evil, feeds its basis. If we do not identify and discard the self-hatred that is implicit in a negatively defined and segregated self-sense, we operate within its dissociated and deluded dictate.
It dreams of victory - yet its victory is YOUR utter defeat. Such an experience can be had - but it can never be true - for it is by your Word that your perception is delivered as YOUR experience. As you define yourself in relation to all things - so will they be unto you. Materialism denies Consciousness in a 'living death' or conditioned sleep. When what Matters to you is peace of wholeness, the true relation of all things will be restored to your acceptance.