Thursday, 15 April 2010

Why can't we trust what we see? (BBC article comment)

I would like to add that the interpretations that give us the experience we call perception and the belief in what we remember, are a fundamental aspect of what we accept and share as reality, and base our entire life on. The conditioned mind makes stories of the past and sees reenactments.

Just how much of what we accept as reality is distorted and coloured by mental construct may be much more staggering. This is not news - but few WANT to look at the workings of their own mind - because they are so sure they already know!

Why should I WANT to share this? Because the innocence of the life that can be discovered in a fresh or healed perception is shackled and denied by the presently selecting interpretations of the past.

Is this too deep to understand or is there a running desire NOT to understand?

I don't wonder that human consciousness is in many ways in denial and acts as self seeking defence mechanisms. The experience of hurt and hate and loss is a terrible one. But I do share a willingness to find a better way and have come to recognise that experience and reality are quite different, though to be still of thought can allow a directness of reality to register, prior to the mechanisms of interpretation.

Curiously, this quality of consciousness 'knows its next step' and I am quite sure that some aspect of such intuition also plays a large part of Police work, though there isn't an accepted theoretical framework for 'gut feeling' hunch or intuition. (I accept that we can falsely call our personal bias by such names if our desire for a specific outcome gets in the way of listening).