Sunday, 14 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher - joining in hatred? hating to love?

The following comment arose from an article that was itself commenting on an edition of the TV program 'Question Time' that had been devoted to the passing and the legacy of Margaret Thatcher.

Opinions - even if finding agreement - do not become true.
Willingness to truly listen to that which opposes or undermines one's own pet theories, opens the mind to be more receptive to a wholeness of life that cannot be divided up and fought over.

The personalising of such contest, makes sport of  what could actually allow communication to occur. The market feeds the appetites that seek personal and private gratifications over shared well-being, and the mentality that manipulates the mind to presume to be a determiner of 'truth' rather than a beholder of truth, seeds war and division in all that it does.

Corrections occur when they must - because even a deluded self interest cannot maintain itself amidst actual collapse. But the way in which they occur can seed the mentality of hatred and division, so as to infect the new.

Ultimately, the change is occurring through us all, as one, yet is accepted in some before others and is interpreted and therefore experienced differently according to our identifications.

The individual is not independently authoritative, but such a dream 'lives on' while we wish it were true and interpret and react accordingly.

We do what we can with what we have. And the fears and guilts that obstruct true vision are not something we have control over while we experience them outside ourselves as the 'hated enemy'  indeed the 'saviour'.

Confusion about what we are and what life is, will continue to manifest split minded decisions and solutions that seed problems.
Loving to hate is hating to love - and this is the hatefulness that is unconsciously nurtured in self righteous or self gratifying delusion.
Who is without sin - let them cast the first stone.

Who really IS the being that we called Margaret Thatcher (or by any other name?). She is identical to all of us - not in form - but in essence. There ARE no exceptions.