Thursday, 31 January 2013

Look to the Foundations!

I cant help feeling that those who are most privy and powerful with regard to the true nature of the system, set in motion an exploitative shift towards false promise and deceptive protection rackets such as to milk the many - then bleed the many - to maintain their appetites.
Then when the complexity and vacuousness of the whole structure begins to topple, surf or manipulate the crash in such a way as to feed on the carcass.
I have the mental image of the herding of herring by predators such as killer whales. I'm sure you've seen this on tv.
No one will blow the whistle who is themselves part of the same mindset. Honesty costs too much - and real solutions cannot be imagined or countenanced from the perspective of power over and 'getting from'.
And if anyone does, will it not fall on stony ground or be choked by weeds? Unless of course the desire for honesty is realised to be the foundation of true and just relationship, and communication in which trust and worth are to be extended, as discernment guides and uncovers.
But if our personal mind is the same a pattern of  manipulative control, we do not have it to share.
When things fall apart. Look to the foundation. When true foundations are substituted for with mutually agreed derivatives, there IS no foundation.
A house built on sand.
Withdraw investment of attention, energy and faith in that which undermines well being and give it into what you appreciate. For what you appreciate, appreciates. A true appreciation is tangibly felt - and shared. It isn't a private mind but a cultural event. 
There IS reality beneath the distortions and the spin and we have forgotten what it is and what is its true expression and fulfilment. Because we wanted something else. False promises don't only lead astray, they lay waste.
Trust is NOT a confidence trick. It is the most fundamental expression of being - because our being is not the commodity as is packaged and sold  to a disconnected thinking.
Give what is due to the demands under which we are working within - but no more. And give the recognition and loyalty of your heart to the source and nature of a tangible and shared appreciation of the presence of Life in expression.
We cant untangle this mess - but we can be open to a different perspective from which and entirely different appreciation brings renewal and support for a more integrated way of life.

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Advertising, propaganda and addictive consumption

What has advertising become? What does it give and what does it cost?

Is it not a propaganda war of coercive corporate intent in fighting for 'mindshare', and branding  and yet united in broadcasting a culture of consumption to a population that is incessantly implanted with false associations, in order to condition and trigger reactions deemed favourable to private interests?

This tool for Corporate intent upon a passive population is yet a kind of protection racket upon smaller independent business, who must pay dearly for minimal visibility. It also corrupts our media such that it becomes an extension of such intent rather than a true service of information.

'The century of the self' by Adam Curtis (freely available on youtube)  gives an overview of the growth of an insidious intent in our cultural development.

The nature and role of advertising, like so much else that undermines a the true wealth and health must be seen for what it is - and in the context of what life truly is and how it works.

The mindset of prevailing upon each other, in identification with an exploitive GETTING mode - no matter how 'balanced' the 'free market' is supposed to be, (look at the balance of competing interests!!!), can never serve anything but to hollow us out and strip our assets for a short term cash that evaporates.

There is a lawful mode of communication that honours the worth of the other and thereby keeps it for oneself and shares value. As long as we consent and subscribe to be treated as targets for a blatant manipulative disregard - so will such behaviour - and the mindset beneath it, violate and undermine the peace. For it does.

A true balance of interest is of a shared purpose in common. Divide and rule has ever been the mindset of deception, using false promise and instilling or promoting fear as a means to gain entry and become your 'guide and protector'.

Those who effectively own the financial system are advertising their guidance and protection to governments and nations, leading them into slavery and impotence of debt and ever deeper entanglement in a web that cannot be escaped while deception passes as true.

The call is for the honesty of heart that first acknowledges the disease of addiction and seeks above all else to uncover the discernment of true relation.This is not the result of ingenious thinking or problem solving, but of insight, wisdom and true dedication and commitment to a greater purpose than private self interest. As long as we look to others for this - we are deceived.
We must look to others as an opportunity for extending worth, growing trust and in a shared appreciation.

No juggling or conjuring of billions or trillions of money can buy a true foundation, but only serves to delay acknowledging the false.
The voice for fear is very loud now - but only proportionate to the desire and attention with which we feed it.

Thank You, for your attention

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Making sense of of pre-sense prior to pre-tense

We are one sense; feeling.
Awareness feels tones, qualities and textures of thought.
Awareness is not directly aware of anything but its own objects and is in no way separate from its objects.
Self awareness is a movement of recognition by which awareness knows itself aware amidst the knowing of its object. When such knowing identifies with an image or thoughtform of itself, it creates an interference pattern in the reflection of Mind, which is never static though what Mind is never changes.
This sense of a self identification has no sense of itself differentiated excepting that while identification occurs the totality 'collapses' as an ideational event of specificity and yet dissolves to totality. This collapse is experience of limitation and yet not exclusively identified. and so is concurrent with infinite or unbounded communication (Totality).
The apparent separation of consciousness as exclusively identified with limited experience is a matter of focussing of desire as attention, and interpretation of resulting experience via attraction and repulsion.
The duality of such interpretive comparisons of values reflect the active identification, and comparison of states - memory - provides the building blocks for the evolution of interpretive identifications to interact as story or process of becoming. The assumption of personal responsibility or guilt, for the sense of disconnect that this process engenders brings with it density, and opacity of experience in which a 'body' of light is covered by a symbol of separated and separating consciousness. This proxy or virtual self attempts to deny the Mind in order to maintain its mind. Yet all of the power of creating its experience is directly coming from Mind - because the separation is not actual - it is not possible to be separate from Mind and exist - even in virtual identifications of an interpreted reality.
The fulfilment of function is in reopening mind to Mind as an integral wholeness of being. To be 'in the world but not of it. Mind is invisible only because it is all pervading. Its in our face - it is our face. It is invisible to the egocentric identification. But it remains true, that awareness feels or knows its object and recognizes itself in the extension of itself.
In a conventional sense we can realize in all honesty that we do not know what we are or what anything is for. This allows native being to reintegrate and transform the interpretive sense to become porous or transparent instead of self conflicting and opaque. This may be experienced as insight, inspiration, integrative answers or prompts of guidance and direction.
It comes  from beyond the capacity of control and it comes to an at least temporary suspension of control and is recognized by the desire that called it forth. Which is already moving before you knew you wanted it.

This is sketching - for feeling into. It is not an intent to define or defend as a 'body of knowledge' or point of view. It starts with the presumption of awareness. Not self, not world - but awareness or Mind.

Scientism misses the point with its body of knowledge

I read the Guardian article "20 amazing facts about the human body"
And wrote:

Ha! We don't experience molecules! Our experience is a mental construct - including the virtual identity that is called consciousness (but is not so conscious as we presume). The article hints at this by acknowledging that we are not as in control as we believe. I sense this fact is vastly understated.

Science reveals man to be a mechanism - albeit an organic one in which a mind, or awareness of existence somehow occurs as an effect of chemical and electrical impulses! But this perception is simply the result of LOOKING with a mechanism - or through a distorting and filtering lens darkly.

There are facts about the body that are directly observable to awareness but completely beyond the capacity of thinking. As said above the mind sees thinking and thinks it is seeing, but true seeing is more akin to letting vision be than the complex process we have learned and called seeing.

Experience is not just a personal construct, but a cultural or relational construct, and the image and experience of body - and indeed of self and world - is not as fixed as we have come to believe. But our beliefs often are.

The nature of awareness could be called light. The objects by which awareness knows itself being, are qualities of being.
That which identifies the individuality of you is the tangible and visible signature of qualities that simply are.

The mind that we think we think with is tiny but has grandiose pretensions.
The Mind in which all of this is actually in, and of, is the realm of true grandeur.
Such intuitive sense may stir from looking at the stars. It isn't that Mind made or created it as stuff - but that Mind is the Totality of  Unified relation and communication, of which our tiny mind is almost completely hidden from, within its walled off body, and in its thinking perpetually distracted.

The article is good for saying, "nothing is what you think!" But to replace what we think with disconnected mappings is still what we think about rather than intimately know. Intimacy is undefended and not inhibited or withheld or 'separated'.

Science does not reveal Life - nor guidance in life - and is unconscious of its own mind of participation - even though it focusses on the very lowest common denominators of materiality in order to find a consensual reality.
That said, the scientific willingness to challenge and enquire and uncover is excellent - but each of us is moved to uncover the context such that our mind opens to receive the More of all that Life Is - rather than focus on the content or forms of experience as if to define them all ever more minutely and here's a give-away, gain CONTROL over one's experience.

The so called Unconscious is equally lumped with Superconscious for both are considered 'threat' by the defence mechanism of a separative consciousness.

It will become apparent that the complexities uncovered in expanding the edges of scientific discovery will reveal further complexities. Life itself cannot be reverse engineered - even if some of its processes can be taken from the whole and then replicated or manipulated.

And that is the offspring that reveals its father; 'replicated from the whole and then manipulated'. But our true Father is not a 'getting' via a process of divide and rule - but accepting in true receipt and sharing or extending as we have received.
This is gratitude and joy - Life.
Religions may have become devalued with superstition and rigidities of belief, but at least pertained to offer some service in waking up to Life!
Dissociating from presumptions and beliefs in order to enquire more radically or directly into the true nature of life is healthy - excepting we then dissociated from the Living Universe in order to study its body dissected. Dissociating from real relationship is a defence mechanism - not a basis for revealing truth.

Holocaust Memorial Day

When I was a boy and first heard about the Holocaust, as an extremely shocking example of a capacity to treat fellow human beings without a shred of humanity, and of suffering such an industrial scale and mentality - I couldn't begin to understand it - and on some level of my being an answer came of a silent recognition… It all grows out from the capacity to blank another human being.

That was the boy. The realisation is the same but I can articulate more now.

The capacity to BLANK another human being is the fruit of a mutual agreement to deny true presence. This becomes the cultural environment in which a mentality justifies itself at the expense and sacrifice of the reality of the other.

No matter what arises from this in terms of form and magnitude, it will express its seed idea. The mind in its role as justifier MOSTLY keeps the true cost hidden. But it cannot Be hidden excepting that the mind hides in its own 'realities' and becomes victim to its own thinking as if it was Reality itself.

To be possessed of loveless thinking is to be manipulated by a tyrannous will - believing one is free and justified in exercising power upon Life Itself. This is the sacrifice of Innocence to a god of self-image and its justification is in the projection of hatred onto OTHERS.

The reaction to this mentality replicates it - to hate and invalidate and BLANK the perpetrators who are but the puppets of their thinking - even those who think they control their thoughts or the thought of others.

The action of denying our mind is BLANKING. This is a way in which we sacrifice our true presence in order to posture a false one. As long as false presentations can be backed up, authorised or justified by the belief in the power of guilt, so will the BLANKING mind be hidden or protected.

The crucifixion of Innocence is the picture of the exercise of a personal power upon Life.

It seems inevitable or inherent to our nature and our perception of the Universe as a machine of death - in which man thinks to make his mark or prevail in fantasy.

But the simple Fact is, that love's presence is here to be accepted - or it could not be denied!

To use suffering as sacred has two aspects. We are cut through to the very Soul of Feeling. And the association of such with the event makes it Holy. But what is truly holy is not the wounds, but the Life.

The shadow of wound is not intended to be eternal. But is a cutting that offers a deeper or more integrated healing.

The mind that uses wounds as weapons is a mind seeking power for itself.

Only the powerless seek power - who have denied their presence in another and now seek to 'regain' what they feel they lack or have had taken.

I still cant understand suffering. Whether of millions or of one. When I 'let the dead bury the dead' it is not a disregard to the Life in anyone or anything - but of setting no mental image of self or life or God, in place of love's presence now. For such is the capacity to BLANK G-d.

To attempt ideas for conveying what is felt in the heart's intuition is fraught with the likelihood of confusion, because the mind that thinks it thinks alone IS confusion.

BLANKING is so 'normal' to a culture that worships power over Life that we don't realize we do it. And the defences against uncovering such a fact are the forces that murder on a global industrial scale as well as BLANK anything that registers as threat to the thought system that we associate with our power to live. But it is a false association and the foundations of our thinking not only can - but must - be questioned, if we are to become free of a tyrannous will, and restored to love's presence as true power shared.

Thank you for your attention

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Sixty-eight years after Auschwitz: Why we still remember