Monday, 1 September 2014

Bad smell rising to awareness?

An interesting site - as I find interesting - is:
After reading 'widespread methane gas seepage observed on the...
I noticed this comment from 'Mike':
I read where it was a giant methane gas bubble that lifted the Atlantic floor; what became the continent that was once Atlantis. And when the inhabitants learned to exploit that deposit as an energy resource, that was what lead to the collapse of it into the sea in a single night. Will we ever learn not to upset the balance of nature?
Which prompted this response:

Supposing that in essence what you describe is at least symbolically true - that of undermining our own 'Good' by the appetite/drive for 'control over' our life systems, relationships, and indeed our own consciousness - then what is occurring is a cycle (indeed a re-cycle) of a patterning of an exercise and exploration of identity.

The 'balance of nature' is un-upsetable - EXCEPTING relative to an asserted, accepted and identified focus of consciousness.

The 'guilt' that then arises from the believed experience one has actually betrayed, hurt, despoiled, LIFE ITSELF - is the basis of the segregated, separate or disconnected self-sense that then recycles/re-enacts the script of a fear and guilt distorted persona… associated with a particular set of props and casting.

Choices have consequences. Coercion operates a choice to choose as if from a separated self-sense - yet immediately becomes associated with an experience of victimhood and limitation… the loss of awareness of the  unified field of which one cannot ever actually separate from - even an instant.

Willingness, receptivity, and a trust that extends as a communication of deep self-honesty are not the result of time passing, (of a when), but of the release of apparent rationalisations of delay that operate as avoidances of a present and presence-ing awareness that knows itself in beholding and acknowledging its own 'Good', in all its relations and communications.

The game of 'guilting' others into behaving better or of convincing oneself others are worthless because they  do not obey such dictate or demand, is only one particular and peculiar way of 'using' consciousness.

Ultimately or indeed actually, consciousness is reflective unto itself and thus is a teaching-learning device that unfolds itself unto itself in infinite reflection.

Will I ever learn to allow and accept and share in a unified appreciation of Life's unfolding wonder and recognition?

'Practice makes perfect' comes to mind. Why not start now? But also in the recognition that it is only our acceptance and understanding of an already perfection, that 'grows' as an ever new sense of becoming rather than an attempt to become a something or a power unto itself. Direct connections/expressions of an already moving power are denied by the mistaken attempt to usurp Life with manually controlled systems. Coercion births fear, births coercion. It's a negatively defined loop of 'self'. The positive or reintegrating movement is no less self-perpetuating and reinforcing; it's a matter of awakened consciousness responsibility.

Getting 'power' from the negatively defined fearful guilt-driven denial of a self is addiction. Yet a choice - no matter how much momentum might be associated with it, is still a choice. It is not the 'past's choice, or tyrant's choice, or corporatocracy's choice… it is each our own acceptance of a self-honesty of noticing - and acting from an honest appreciation of such noticing. Denying the Live makes a veil and in the distortion an evil seems to live.

When the reversal suddenly flips, the bad smell may alarm, but what is meant to rise up and evaporate is no longer being forced down under pressure.

As for living systems; they are much richer than a'getting' consciousness can uncover.

We always find in essence the reinforcement of where we are coming FROM. Beneath the veil of mind is a prior innocence. Many who love the Spirit in and through the Natural World feel this - but do not let it into their OWN heart's acceptance. Why NOT? Why human, art thou so arrogantly certain of thine own judgement upon thyself?

"Divide and rule" is NOT the dire necessity of balancing the irreconcilable - but the perpetuation of a vanity and a futility.