Saturday, 30 June 2012

We think, therefore we are

The mind has ever tried to map an experience of its own existence - and so becomes distracted from this living mystery of which the true nature of mind is concurrent; That it simply Is. Thus engaged in identifications with its thought and belief as its own self illusion, it thinks it exists, by its thought - and that all is as it thinks it is.
This is an incredible accomplishment - not unlike a virtual reality in which to explore the experience of one's own thought. The capacity to be bored amidst Infinite Being, is no mean feat - whatever anyone thinks about it! It is not, however, joyful.
Never underestimate the power of the mind!

The human bubble is one of a sense of separation and control. We call it our life, we locate it as our thoughts within a body, we identify with conflicted and conflicting interests (of our thoughts) as if they were outside us - (as our world). Yet every experience is only experienced within a current awareness. A quality of awareness that is never actually the result of - or actually affected by - our thought. Though our thought filters and distorts our awareness of being such as to create an overlay of experience we identify as our life.

In our own 'meanings' we lose awareness of Meaning. If that is noticed, then we naturally release identification with our own thinking and welcome the restoration of Meaning as our direct and shared experience.

For the nature of our own thinking is private or withheld from the nature love's sharing as like our first-born son is withheld from the true Source or Nature of being. We fear to 'die' in loss of self-will. The thoughts of loving are wholly shared and express unified will. This uses what we made in a dream of separation as tools of awakening

Philosophy may serve such a movement as the heart (honesty) guided enquiry that dissolves the presumptions on which our identity and thinking rest (and all actions proceed inevitably from such belief). But not merely to existential vacuum in which disillusion masquerades as if it were real.
The movement of being is Itself - and knows Itself as all in all. One can say it knows how to be in all its relation. This is not available to the mind of division and selection, but is available to a willingness to question and release a self-assertive mind.

I wrote this on spec as a willingness to share ideas that may … give rise to an intuitive opening of the heart's knowing. But all forms may also be used to fuel a conflicted struggling self. The purpose that governs all life is not ours to create, but is ours to accept. In non acceptance is struggle and mask - and many feel this as their identity and their safety.
Know Thyself! - is not a directive to separate out from life and map it all by yourself - but the innate movement of being to know and share all that it is - as it is.

Thank you for your attention

Friday, 29 June 2012

(The system is rigged) Ex Barclays executive warns Libor system still not fixed four years after warning

The underlying pattern I see is that of a lobby of separative self serving interest, (that believes its own voice), convinces you, the government of service and representation for the whole, that its voice is your own and you must do what it says or else terrible consequences will result. One step buys into a lie, in which you are 'owned' by a thinking and a will that has made of you a puppet of a self serving interest. But only while you accept and validate the voice as your own guidance and protection.

I am attempting to point to the roots here, not just of this single issue, but of something endemic to our habit of consciousness.

We humanly tend to mythologise everything. Mr Diamond - or even the banks or 'rogue' financial sector are not themselves the cause - but are effects of a deeper cause.

If we pull off the tops of the weeds, we may feel a momentary satisfaction, but unless we go to the roots, the weeds will be back soon enough.

Our public thinking and our political acts are expressing a superficial and self seeking mask.

The desire to scapegoat is not the correction (of awakened Reason), but the indulgence and manipulation of emotional mythological derivatives - that if truly accounted, would reveal a lack of true presence. (The same voice of separate self serving, lobbying our mind for the maintaining of the mask by which we think to protect our separate interest).

Unless one awakens to the nature - and from the thrall - of such thinking, then the scam is not truly exposed, but has merely sacrificed a part of itself for the hidden seeding in the new growth.

That which hollows out and lays to waste, and turns all things to misery and war, is in our thought.

When thought substitutes for trueliving, an error occurs by which a false identification seeks to get itself free. It calls forth a voice of a separative self interest. If you can feel that, then you can also leave it unused and listen with a fresh curiosity for that of your very being that knows you and therefore knows the guidance of restoring a true harmony of being to a self that seems to be at war within itself and without!

Home truths are not manipulations, but tend to be humbling for the self we imagined to be. This is good news - though it comes as heartbreak. A true foundation is Priceless.

Thank you for your attention.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cancer awareness campaign 'had little impact'

There are many factors beneath the seemingly simple effort to get more people to check themselves against a risk of illness.

Information overload, lack of faith in government, lack of faith in modern approaches in medicine, busy lives in which little time is available to get off the treadmill of events and pause to consider anything, a natural defence against being persuaded, manipulated, sold or convinced of anything (relates to information overload).
A disposition not to worry and so a reluctance to start suspecting everyone and everything of being a threat unless more of a prompt is felt to do so, fatigue relating to the risk averse (fearful) attempt to control (manage) life from a scientific (alienated) perspective.

And of course there are some who - for their own reasons or for no 'good' reason - attempt to hide or deny their fears and need more than a government campaign to begin to acknowledge and pass through such fears. (I don't see human beings who are not in one way or another suffering limitation as a result of denial of guilts and fears - but it takes different forms for different people).

But is it the government's responsibility to present itself as an authority on health and spend large sums on futile attempts to manage those who need to awaken and grow responsibility for their health on a greater basis than a dependency on system that tends to substitute for it.

Where there is need, there is a call for attention and to discern the true nature of the need so as to meet it.
But the mindset of what could in modern terms be called the 'war on sickness' is not itself rooted in Life so much as in an ideology that ultimately cannot work.

I am in no way intimating that love cannot or does not operate through the relationships available in serving to heal and encourage us amidst difficulty.

But the basis of our thinking is not only questionable - but must be re evaluated, because there simply isn't the financial capacity to provide the kind of health service that has evolved as our current expectations of entitlement.

There are many aspects of our 'lifestyle' or culture, that are unhealthy - starting with the way we think - how we relate to ourselves, each other and  life itself, to all the inevitable expressions that spring forth from that.

The wish to live on the surface and not have to grow through our fears and move beyond our grievances looks for technology (external means) to protect and support it's self-assertion.
Life is forever breaking down our defences; not because it is hostile or malignant - but because the attempt to defend our 'self' against Life, is in error.

We tacitly collude in mutual agreements by which to justify ourselves to ourselves and each other - but if in fact we are presenting a mask, then the energetics of what is really going on are not being honoured or given true expression.

The attempt to mask over our true being has led to identifying almost completely with the mask - and not be in intimate relationship with our very Life. It is a wonder that our minds and bodies function as well as they do under the circumstances to which we put them.

There are all these rules as to what is and isn't the way it works - and then there is Life that gives rise to wonder - and in all sorts of ways, fulfilment beyond a rulebound and fearbound existence. I suggest to you that this is relevant to health!

Thank you for your attention.

'Panic has become all too rational'

I recall at school 'resolving' apparently complex equations into simpler and clearer terms, so I also wonder that if a large part of this debt is effectively non existent in real terms.

The revelations occurring are such as to expose self delusion - and our most fundamental understanding of the self(be it a personal or corporate entity) is not actually of truly an independent power - but is ALWAY an expression of a mutuality or interdependence.

Democracy has lost out to surface desires and manipulation of hidden fears - (hidden by distraction with surface desires) - but what I feel to be of true value in its spirit, is a willingness and a capacity for communication to occur.

Communication has lost out to a war of deceit, persuasion and manipulation. To actually communicate requires a basis for trust. Without trust, defence is governing all transactions and that effectively asserts power over rather than shares power with - albeit in ways that seem perfectly justifiable to the mind its its withholding of communication.

The 'system' could be a system that aligns and reflects with the way things work.
Or it can be a system that grows out of mutual self delusion in order to protect the right to self delusion unto its limits - of collapse, war, death.

The nature of self delusion is often associated with evil and not surprisingly in terms of the inherent disregard for truth that is necessarily part of the deal. But guilt and fear block or distort our capacity to discern and blame is a self-delusory ritual that does not awaken true responsibility.

The opportunity to look upon the false - without recoil into opinionated judgement - is the opportunity to rewaken from a different basis. A basis that is not the result of self illusion, coercive intent or a mask of fairness over a fear of coercive intent.

Individuals suffer a 'breakdown' when they can no longer maintain their 'self' identity - but this may offer a breakthrough of a deeper rootedness of being. The depth, as it were, wakes up and sheds the surface, as a soil in which the old patterns do not work - and are painful to attempt.

"Don't know mind" is the highest state of human  knowledge possible - but far from being helpless, it opens as the only true receptivity. To listen in trust from 'dont know mind', will yield a tangible result for the wholeness of which the part is an expression - and not a prodigal power in its own right.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sex in prisons?

Rehabilitation is not just for the one who is harming themself or others via inappropriate and unnacceptable behaviour. Nor is it just for the society that needs to be protected from such. Rehabilitation needs to express and hold true values of an integrity of being.

A disintegrated mentality wants revenge. It wants to indulge in the enactment of blame as a ritual that reinforces and nurtures victimhood.

Rehabilitation and revenge are mutually exclusive.

Our prisons are specialized examples of human limitation. We all need rehabilitating to release a false self-sense that usurps and undermines all our relationships, and awaken responsibility at a level that honours life.

In a sick society, who is to heal?
The principle is of accepting our own part. When we live this, we are no longer trying to displace our issues onto others - where they can never be resolved.

Insofar as we demonstrate capacity for communicating honorably, let us have opportunity to grow in its expression.

What I am trying to point to are the underlying cultural aspects that - if not addressed, will persist as behaviours of 'power over another' - whether via state or fellow inmate. To share the power of life with another is a process of communication and trust.

This is not just a methodological behaviour to assign to individuals and expect them to comply with, but an expression of a cultural movement that sees our self in the other and the other in our self.

Sex can be anything. Context is everything.
Good ideas can be foolishly applied at terrible cost - so ideas are not to be mistaken for wisdom but are to be tested in the heart.

To reevaluate what is currently in place needs to be able to report on the mindset that is currently in place or it is simply conforming to what is already in place and finding what it is 'allowed' or set out to find.

Love is not truly of the person, but of the process and integrity of relationship itself. It is active through us - and if trusted, will express appropriately in restoring conditions in which a blind and selfish wilfullness is restrained and a process of education and rehabilitation is enacted.

We all need this and our culture needs to be its embodiment.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cuts, what cuts?

We are seemingly trapped in an insane loop.
I call it insane because it is founded in a wishful thinking, that became a default manipulation, that became a substitute for genuine growth.

The narratives of human thinking - be they governments, corporations or individuals, are wishful thinking - that is 'stories' we tell ourselves for our own reasons.

Trying to 'fit' reality to our story can never work - but for a while it can seem to work - with a bit of force and a sleight of mind. What a HIT one gets from a sense of being in control, from being righteous and from being superior to an adversary or indeed adversity!

I feel that this way of thinking is a hidden selfishness in disguise - and in a tacit presumption that everyone else is the same as 'me'.

This is a state of war - not only between entities - but within the mind of ourself.

The overheads and costs of engaging war are like having the brake and accelerator on at once - energy is effectively wasted, life is effectively denied - and channelled into fearful attempts to bolster control - which creates the conditions of instability and further escalates conflict.

Because our cleverest minds have worked on patching and remodelling this system to sort of cope to the nth degree, we have a critical collapse at hand - that is of a global nature.

Surrender when defeated is honesty, and honesty is the basis of trust, communication and the sharing in value.
To say one cannot afford honesty is to be deceived into protecting a lie at expense of truth.

A fundamental re evaluation and account is called for - in fact it is unavoidable. But the mainstream financiers and politicians do not have a perspective or a vocabulary to communicate from or with.

The switch is not from spending to austerity. The switch is from that which undermines a wholeness of being to that which promotes it.

Wholeness of being cannot be manipulated, but can be revealed and extended in practice. Without the EXPERIENCE of what this phrase means - one is left with words amidst a mind accustomed to manipulation. But everyone knows this experience in some aspect or moment of their lives - for it is signified by an absence of coercion, and a natural generosity of willingness and trust in a grounded discernment. IE: It is practical because it is the Way Things Work (when not distorted by machinations of fear and deception).

We teach ourselves a lesson by which we may be humbled of outrageous - and absurd - arrogances. But the light of a true humility is clear and uncovers a practical pathway where hubris finds none.

Thanks for your attention.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Do not put your faith in the false deities of economists

If the basis or predicate is false, then all else that follows - or is built upon it - shall likewise be false. An ideal may originally have been rooted in the heart's discernment and realisation - but ideologies are derivative attempts to cling to the wreckage that inevitably associates a war of mind and heart.
In the war of mind over heart, the heart is 'rebranded' as emotionalism and the (wishfully but not actually separated) mind 'crowns itself' as Protector and Guide unto what shows itself finally as a prodigal waste of a Commonwealth.
Feeling is the expression and discernment of connection. A true accounting must FEEL to predicate itself on a true or actual foundation. A sense of disconnect is associated with emotional states - including the attempt to control emotional states.
The Prodigal Son is a tiny story-image that nonetheless speaks of a fundamental truth. To take off with 'one's inheritance' before the Father is dead is a symbol of the agreement to eat of the apple of conflicted mind. Immediately upon such enterprise, is FELT-God seemingly rendered absent, dead, external to both space and time and effectively irrelevant excepting insofar as each claims it in his own fragmenting and fragmented image.
When the primary asset is the 'possession' of one's own self-image - along with all the thinking and experience as arises within such a foundation, then the true Basis and Condition of Wealth has been sold out for a scam.
A fundamental breakdown IS the opportunity for a fundamental reevaluation. When one's own thinking can no longer be trusted, one must listen in a silence that FEELS or discerns - and observe the mind that once was employed as one's own.

I am addressing underlying fundamentals beneath and beyond the radar of our thinking mind - but not beyond the capacity of the heart to recognize Itself. The practical application of ideas is a mode of control, but the natural expression and extension of a true basis in Life is discernment and trust extended.
The nature of investment needs to be not merely of a short term private self-gain - or it continues to undermine a true Appreciation. To invest in what is truly alive will profit all - including oneself, but our notion of wealth is so materially measured and blinkered that we blindly tend to trade our very Soul, (Feeling being) - for the 'world'.
Never underestimate the power of the mind - of intent and belief - for such makes the world we each experience - while the truth the world reveals and reflects, awaits recognition at heart.

Whatever the cultural packaging, the human mind enacts the same essential stories - unless and until it wakes to its stories AS stories. Then there is a basis to see the scam for what it is and refuse it so as to be found within a clear perspective; free of coercive intent.

Thankyou for your attention

Reflections on the polarisation of (Greek) politics

 The sophisticated and articulate can enact violence  - the imposition of a coercive will upon others - with the pen, with the law and with the very political, economic and financial systems upon which everyone depends. When these are clever enough, they milk the cow without bleeding it to death, but a fearful and manipulative selfishness is the boom and bust mentality, where fear and lust overrule a more balanced strategy.

So those who have been encouraged to accept passive roles in unjust relationships get pissed off and start to express it without sophisticated articulation - and often in blind or fearful reaction - and there is a blame reaction to make them specially wrong rather that symptomatic of a body politic.

The thinking that makes self-specialness is the thinking of the will to power, whatever paths of expression it takes. Divide and rule begins within one's own mind and then proceeds to dance a bloody and tragic farce.

When special love is mutually engaged - whether in alliance or opposition, the true nature of love is denied, forgot and protected from ... by the persistence of a self-specialness.

The process of honestly acknowledging our fears is utterly essential to our becoming free of the mentality that usurps or sabotages our love, our shared living, our joy in life. Blame and its hidden progenitor; self righteousness, utterly deny any process of awareness that would enable a communication from a shared appreciation to replace a mutuality of shadow-fears.

Loving to hate is NOT love, but a morbid fascination. Those who deal in toxic assets will harvest a reward! But it is never too late to begin.
(Of a mind renewed).

Fatal mistakes are the ones that have no remedy of healing. Isn't this the love of hate? (an inverted form of special love).
I cherish the mistakes by which we realize we are utterly mistaken and find ourselves free to live out from Life anew - for that is the basis from which we do not re-enact the past over and over and yet over again...

Thanks for your attention