Monday, 31 October 2011

Climate change, sanity and staying open.

The issue for me isn't about whether fundamental change is occurring on many levels - including climate - but of being aligned with the creative energies of this change.

Distraction is delay. I saw two male pigeons fighting in the road. So intent on each other in their refusal to back down. A moment later an explosion of feathers as a truck hit them both.

Controversy and conflict are not where we find inspiration and connection with Life - but amidst controversy or conflict, we can pause our personal reactions and seek a communication that in some way serves a larger purpose.

I don't see fear as the basis for loving life or our world and each other - though it can set off the alarm to seek a true accounting of what the real values and priorities in life are.

For myself, I stand Maslow on his head - Seek a true sanity of being first - and in that context find what aligns with and expresses life. Such doesn't stop me doing whatever is needed - but does give a basis of living out from a sanity that grows and strengthens trust, patience, listening, and tolerance.

Fear, blame and coercion are not sane or healthy, no matter how cleverly we may conceal them. The real threat to our well being and our environment is a mentality that must be challenged in ourselves, shaken off and left unused. Not someone else's mentality - but our own. We each are responsible for our own part and only in fulfilling our own can we serve others by example.

The denial most deeply held is not about human guilt for climate as such - but about human guilt per se as the justification for unworthiness - which will pervade any practical issue and render it unsolvable. Trading in unworthiness is a contagion that becomes a 'way of coping' with what cannot be faced. But all that ever needs facing now is a practical step arising from a true accounting. Joylessness calls for correction - not for blame and a covering over with surrogate 'pleasures' or self assigned validations.

So much 'saving the world' is really working on an inner wound that we see reflected in our world. A split of heart and mind in which a sense of guilt or wrongness of being arises.

If we are honest we might find that what we thought to atone for or put right is not out there but in our own identification with guilt and judgement of our own mind. And if we deal with a problem where it really is - then we can become more present, focused and inspired in all that we are moved to accomplish - including personal, social, and cultural projects or initiatives that embody wholeness and well being as a basis for a life honouring way of living with each other and with our planet.

But without the awakening shift from personal investment to a unified willingness - what is there except an ego struggling to prevail by whatever seems to be its strategy.

It wasn't the truck that killed the pigeons - it was what they chose to make their focus of attention which prevented their natural capacity to get out the way.Technically the cause of death was collision with truck - but the data doesn't tell the truth. Keeping a full and present conscious awareness is a way of being in the willingness for truth that isn't so much defined and determined, but discerned and trusted.

Without trust, there is no society, no structure or basis of communication. Data doesn't do trust and true communication. Instead of gathering or interpreting data in fearful attempt to control life, we can share life's blessing. (Of course we can do science in such a spirit. Everything has its place).

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